Winners and Losers in the Diversity Lottery

As mentioned in last night’s news feed, Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, the Murdering Mujahid of Manhattan, was given residence in the United States through the Diversity Visa Lottery, a venerable mainstay of multicultural inclusion. Needless to say, that WAYCIST Donald Trump wants to put an end to the program.

Mark Steyn has written an excellent essay on the topic. His concluding paragraphs:

So now eight grieving families and dozens more who’ll be living with horrific injuries for the rest of their lives are told by Cuomo and De Blasio and the rest of the gutless political class behind their security details that there’s nothing to do except to get used to it.

I don’t want to get used to it — and I reiterate my minimum demand of western politicians that I last made after the London Bridge attacks: How many more corpses need to pile up on our streets before you guys decide to stop importing more of it?

If your congressman or senator says that’s not on his agenda, what he means is he’s willing to sacrifice you and your loved ones in the suicide lottery of diversity.

Read the whole thing.

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25 thoughts on “Winners and Losers in the Diversity Lottery

  1. When someone says that a terrorist attack “won’t change us,” I silently change the language to read “won’t educate us.” These morons are uneducable.

  2. My favorite Cuomo quote is when he said that there was no “evidence of an ongoing threat or any additional threat”, and that now was not the time to use this tragedy for political purposes. Really, so the guy yelling “Allah Ackbar” doesn’t tell you that there is not some sort of connection in all this. It was hilarious watching De Blasio and his cronies bending over backward trying to avoid mentioning jihad or islam. Five letter words are banned in NYC. Every time one of these events happens, the left just looks more pathetic, out of touch, and useless, and they know it.

    • I wonder if they really do know it. They may be so marinated in PC and know that their constituents are as well that maybe they don’t know it. Besides, the mantra of most public officials everywhere is “don’t upset the public.”

  3. Incidents like this illustrate why we need a parallel system of collective, capital punishment for this type of individual.

    The reason is that savages are only ever prompted to modify their behavior by savagery inflicted upon them.

    RIP to the poor victims.

    • I’m having trouble navigating the website – love the image, though. For one, my French is rudimentary, self-taught when I tried to read Yves Congar on ecclesiology…

      For another, we can’t leave a “like” since we don’t – and won’t – have a Facebook account.

      I don’t understand how to leave a comment nor is the music identified.

      All those caveats aside, I wish you well in this endeavor. Especially in Muslim France.

      • Thank you Dymphna, the site is in both french and english (except for the categories), you should be able to listen to the video by clicking on the image where the date is in english ;). Music is Beethoven the 9th Symphony.

  4. Americans need to come together and demand the closure of mosques and deportation of Imams who preach from the unholy Qu’ran. This
    piece of garbage needs to be outlawed in every Western nation. It contains satanic passages calling for the beheading & killing of unbelievers. Islam now hides its ugly, brutal face behind lone wolf attacks. Who are feeding the young wolves radical meat? The mosques & Imams. Rip out the root of the problem which will not integrate or magically disappear as Muslims leave poverty and move West. They bring Islam & the unholy Qu’ran with them.

    • In the UK, there are a number of very religious taxi drivers like this Uzbek guy – goes on many thousands if not dozens of thousands. “Very religious” means every one of them knows where suitable soft target is. It may be church, pub, Christian or girls’ school, concert hall, discotheque, – any place not attended by Muslims.

      if all these thousands attack simultaneously, it will bring disaster that will end the country as we know it.

      Such coordinated attacks may be triggered as a “response” to any attempt of Government to close mosques, deport imams, or in some other way try to reduce concessions to Islam.

      We are held hostages, to a considerable degree. It will need caution and well-thought-out tactics, to roll back this threat.

      In the end, there should be Separation, but hastily direct steps won’t work.

      There should be a campaign of clandestine, undeclared, gradual sabotage when everything stops going as Muslims would like it to go, combined with preemptive pinpoint kinetic actions on identified targets.

      It will take years..

      • Everyone must stop ‘using’ Muslim – even at the expense of inconvenience. Don’t buy from them don’t use them – freeze them out.

        • I consciously avoid everything “Muslim” wherever/whenever possible for about 10 years.
          That includes restaurants like “Andalusia” and “Indian Ocean”, cafe “Last Words” (white letters, black background), services like “AA taxis”, and similar crypto stuff.

    • Won’t happen when at least 50% of the population have been completely brainwashed by cultural Marxism to make REEEEEEE noises about the ‘backlash’ and ‘Islamophobia’.

      Over on the Washington Post, aka Bezos’ Blog they are trying to equate jihadis with right-wing Americans.

      • You got that right that Bozo DeBlasio is running for reelection in NYC on November 7 this year and the progressive drones who live in this city out number clear thinking people will re-elect him. The bumbling mumbling governor of New York State Cuomo who cannot say three sentence in a row making a fool of himself . Cuomo and Deblasio both think they have a shot at running for president in 2020. Who knows we elected an America hating{Obama} traitor twice who did his best to important these Islamic time bombs into this country.

  5. Saipov was very lucky to win in the Diversity Visa Lottery but he showed no gratitude to his new country for the amazing opportunity it put in his lap. Instead – well, we know what he did – he plotted to kill random individuals to show his hatred of the West. His thought processes are not what we Westerners would expect, nor are they rare aberrations. As Mark Steyn asks, how many corpses must pile up before would-be jihadis like Saipov are denied entry to Western nations? What really will it take for law-makers to change their open-door policies: the killing of a family member, or some other dire close-to-home threat, a monumental multi-victim atrocity that echoes 9-11, or an accelerating spate of murderous attacks across the land?

    As for the “Diversity Visa Lottery” – how perfect a name; Orwell would have loved it. The winners were supposed to be both the would-be immigrant, with a rare life chance in the offing, and the host nation, America, with its resulting increase in diversity. But the lottery winner was simply lucky: America overlooked the need for merit in its immigrants. It seems that diversity alone was the goal, and as a sole driver of immigration admissions is a seriously flawed policy. Sadly, the victims yesterday show just how high the price is for this vaunted “diversity.”

    • I think they will never close off immigration from muslim countries, even after 3 more 9/11’s.

      What I don’t get is how conservatives keep calling for “extreme vetting” as if those source countries are willing or even have all the correct personal info we need on the applying incomers. Extreme vetting is not possible from
      extreme islamic/ Boko Haram (spelling?) infested countries, especially for people who are leaving their home countries
      for the West for the first time.

      • Stop all immigration now. America needs no immigrants from anywhere. That is fair.

    • ” His thought processes are not what we Westerners would expect, nor are they rare aberrations. ”

      I’m going to expand on Greta’s thesis.

      The immigrants from exotic regions share no values with us. More, they do not see the world in the same way. Their very view of time and space are different. They do not see linearity or cause and effect or moral imperatives, as we do. It is not simply a matter of re-educating them to our customs. It is literally changing the world in which they see themselves.

      Moral outrage towards the perpetrator is inappropriate and useless. They see nothing wrong in their actions, and see any punishment as part of their ticket for entering their whorehouse heaven. Even the non-Muslims from remote regions have a completely different view of the world.

      So, we know we are killing ourselves with the diversity lottery, just as we are with other uncontrolled immigration, legal and illegal.

      The correct focus is on the leaders and elected officials. But, the immigrants are able to band together for political influence. So, the more immigrants, the more difficult any remedial action to close immigration. I heard a representative from the Center for Immigration Studies say a strong pro-diversity lottery group is the blacks and the black political representatives. Apparently, the possibility of bringing in multiple unqualified sub-Saharans triggers a racial identity response.

      • This is exactly it.

        The Ummah start and develop from a point completely outside our Western traditions.

        This is why, despite what lib ‘blank-slatists’ claim, they have no intention of ever assimilating.

      • All immigration from now on should be case-by-case, individual, and based on how the American people will benefit from that individual’s presence here, without reference to “diversity” or “multiculturalism”. This policy would begin to solve the problem.

    • Anerica’s thought processes concern me far more than Saipov’s. If we had a proper thought process we would not need to worry about Saipov’s. End immigration. Now.

  6. Mark Steyn = one of the best writers in the Anglosphere… if he was on the other side of the fence, the snowflakes and MSM would be citing him incessantly, so it is a great gift to have writers such as him on our side.

  7. Lets go a little further. Let’s look for the culprits who supported Schumer’s candidacy and election. Let’s see who funded him – all of those who funded him, including Trump – and save a little blame for them. Without them Schumer would have to get a regular job and would not be in the Senate, where he does all this damage. Trump loves to point the finger at others. Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton. But HE FUNDED ALL OF THOSE CRIMINALS. Just remember that. This is why I voted for McMullen. And I would again. Trump has done absolutely NOTHING to halt or even slow immigration. The proper course would be to be non-discriminatory with respect to immigration. Just stop it ALL. We do not need immigration in America today. If, someday, we deem it vital to our national survival, then, and only then, should we allow it again. Otherwise, immigration should be a rare thing, happening only on a case-by-case basis and with good cause – for America.

    • Trump has attempted several times to prevent immigration from those countries who support and foment terrorism. Each time, a judge has invalidated his executive directive.

      As for his support of those pols, remember he did that when he was a private citizen in NYC. EVERYONE gave to them. He gave to their campaigns because he was a businessman doing business in NY. Microsoft learned this lesson well – don’t give to pols and you get handed an anti-trust suit.

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