Matt Bracken: Chuck Schumer’s Diversity Lottery

Matthew Bracken sent the following meme today with this note:

I think it’s helpful to tie particular Quisling traitors to particular acts of jihad terror. Hang these terror attacks around their necks like rotting albatrosses, and hammer away every day. Make the other Quislings afraid to do the same. In that spirit I just put together this quick meme.

11 thoughts on “Matt Bracken: Chuck Schumer’s Diversity Lottery

  1. Anyone with a beard like that & wearing manjammies showing up at the American embassy for a visa interview should have been given the boot so hard that he bounced. Any embassy official who didn’t do so should be fired for incompetence.

    • Moon, it would not surprise that those working at embassies in those Muslim lands that take in scum like this piece of (please insert expletive descriptive here) are in fact, Muslim themselves.

      I know that Australian Embassies employ ‘locals’ as ‘interpreters’ and ‘vetting agents’ I just wonder about the American Embassies?

      • Nemesis-

        US Embassies are privatized and employ locals for security and front office duty and for many positions in the back offices.

        The scene of an oppressed US citizen running up and flashing their passport to the Marine guard at the embassy gate to gain immediate access is a Hollyweird fantasy.

        I know this because I was repeatedly treated like human scum on several occasions at the embassy in Algiers.

        Diplomats are only interested in staying within the diplomatic bubble. The welfare of expats are irrelevant to them.

        • The US Embassy in Romania is funding articles to promote taking in “refugees” (they even put the acknowledgements at the end of the text in Romanian and English). I wish Trump would replace the Obama plant, Klemm has managed to attract quite a lot of antipathy in a short time.

          Anyway, the point is that Embassies may employ locals or send over muslim-Americans because supposedly they’d fit in better, but sometimes it’s the ambassadors and the politics that nominated them that are to blame.

          Btw, the Uzbekistan US Ambassador is also an Obama plant. I just had a look at , first topic “Global Undergraduate Exchange Program”, followed shortly by info on Diversity Visas. (shudder)

      • Also, the locals that work security wear uniforms with US flag patches on the taxpayers’ dime.

        I find this practice as offensive as the kneeling, and it occurs daily at embassies around the world.

  2. Is it just me but just one look at his dead eyes, scrawny face and luxuriantly idiotic beard and I want to drive over HIM with a monster truck.

  3. Another potential source of immigrants under Schumer’s diversity visa program. “Too much is never enough”.

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    November 2, 2017


    THE deadly plague outbreak currently devastating Madagascar is the “worst to strike the country in 50 years”, experts have revealed.

    The disease has struck the island nation with a vengeance, infecting at least 1,800 people – three times the expected amount – and killing 128 so far in 2017.

    And officials are warning that the annual All Saints Day, taking place today could trigger a spike in cases as people gather to honour the dead.

    Professor Jimmy Whitworth, an international public health scientist at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, says the outbreak could continue to worsen as the disease has exploded in capital Antananarivo and is now spreading to coastal cities.

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    The airborne pneumonic plague, which has been responsible for the most of the deaths this year, is spread through coughing and sneezing.

  4. it is truly evident at this time in mankind’s sordid and degenerate history that we are truly incapable of governing ourselves at any level , what the hell was god thinking when he created us ?

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