Katie Hopkins: “Resist the Narrative”

Katie Hopkins is a British journalist and opinion writer who is well-known in the United Kingdom. She’s also very controversial, since she has strong conservative opinions. Real, non-PC conservatism, not the gelded deracinated pabulum peddled by the “Conservative” Party.

Until very recently Ms. Hopkins was a columnist for MailOnline, the internet arm of The Daily Mail. The other day her contract was not renewed, “by mutual consent”, and she left the Mail. You can read about the controversy in this article from the Grauniad.

It must have been a refreshing change for Ms. Hopkins to come to America and speak at David Horowitz’ annual Restoration Weekend a few weeks ago. A friendly audience, and no risk of being arrested for “racial incitement” — what a difference!

Katie Hopkins is impassioned, witty, vulgar, profound, and inspiring by turns, and sometimes all at once. Here’s her excellent speech from the Restoration Weekend:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

8 thoughts on “Katie Hopkins: “Resist the Narrative”

    • from the article:

      There are 177 Muslim schools in England, of which 148 are independent, and the rest state-funded.

      Why not save time? Why not build neighborhood euthanasia clinics and mail the White families coupons for free priority processing? Payroll costs can be maintained as before, as I feel certain the school faculties and staffs can operate the equipment and maintain continuous throughput guaranteeing minimized costs for each extirpated pale face.

      No need to wait for the vissitudes of aging to accomplish what the vacuum chamber delivers in minutes.

  1. This is exactly what I love about Gates of Vienna. These Wonderful, warriors from Britain, Hungary, Poland, Austria etc. that I have never heard before speaking with passion and fierce truth.. People who let me know I am not alone.

  2. She’s funny as hell but scary as hell. No wonder the Muslims hate her. The males have to reach under the body bags they wear and check that everything is still there.

    She’s also a real journalist. She actually traveled to the places she talked about. You don’t need a masters or PhD in journalism to spend a few days in the jungle or travel in a truck. But, the journalists of today are highly-paid shallow entertainers, and the real journalists are trying to make ends meet and persecuted by the state.

    It’s actually not too difficult to explain the actions of the police and bureaucrats, who harass law-abiding white Brits and ignore the Somali gangs. Peter Bauer, a developmental economist, explained it 30 or 40 years ago. The government agencies such as the police in developing countries focus their attentions on productive citizens and ignore the gangs. Why? The citizens are far safer to mess with. The gangs will kill you without hesitation.

    Once a country passes into third-world status, the normal constraints on corruption and accountability go out the window, and it’s every man for himself. Sweden, Britain, France etc are passing, or have passed, the boundary.

  3. What a brave women , Europe wake up , We need more people like Her : Not afraid to tell the truth, what is really happening all over Europe,

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