Grenade Attack on Police in Uppsala

A “youth” detonates an explosive in a parking garage. The police nab him and bring him in. In response, some of his buddies throw a hand grenade at a police car.

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Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this article from 24Uppsala:

EXTRA: A hand grenade was thrown against a police car — exploded on the road

This is how the event occurred yesterday evening. “There is panic throughout the organization”.

Tuesday morning 24Uppsala reported on an explosion that occurred on Monday evening. Some sort of explosive charge was detonated in a parking garage near the police station, damaging several nearby cars.

Earlier this morning, the police announced that a 20-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of involvement in attempted murder and general mayhem.

At 11:10pm last night a loud explosion could be heard in the area of the Uppsala police station. According to sources for, a grenade was thrown against a police car that was driving in the vicinity at the time.

The grenade, however, must have missed the police car and instead detonated on the road, resulting in a pressure wave in the direction of a residential area.

“There is panic throughout the organization right now. We already have several murders and shootings, and now this,” says a police officer who wishes to remain anonymous.

Follow-up summarized by Tania from

In this article, the police spokeswoman Lisa Sandervik mentions that it likely is a result of recent events. “Last week we had an action in Gottsunda / Valsätra district (no-go zone), where we now have a situation we must assume is an action in retribution for the police operation in the area,” says Sannervik.

7 thoughts on “Grenade Attack on Police in Uppsala

  1. It is already some progress that the police identified a motive. Now there will be an investigation if the police mishandled the youth, and whether his gang might have been traumatized by the event.

  2. Does Sweden possess an army of any use …. in readiness for when it will become necessary to call upon it?

    • Not sure if I have the full picture, but the Swedish government pledged to increase the size and budget for the military – to deter Russian aggression. 🙂

      Now, the picture is outright scary in France. It is under continuing state of emergency, and the military is doing it’s bit. There are also some French soldiers in west Africa propping up the shaky government there.
      And… because of this, the French couldn’t take part in NATO operations to deter the mad Russians.
      You can’t make this up. Some countries are already losing control. There future is in the Far East, but they don’t accept immigrants.

      • When in doubt, blame the Russians. After all, you have to have a boogyman when the truth is to be hidden.

  3. The Swedes invited these youth into their world; we still live in a physical world where there are consequences for bad decisions. Their choice is continue or stop – nothing else.

  4. If the use of hand granades among random people on the street won’t ring any bells with Swedes, nothing will.

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