Maxime Lépante: “The Mortal Danger That Islam Represents for All Non-Muslims”

The following speech by Maxime Lépante a was given by video on September 2 to mark the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Riposte Laïque.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   My struggles against Islam: Maxime Lépante at the tenth anniversary of Riposte Laïque
00:08   Hello, friends, my name is Maxime Lépante.
00:12   Apparently I was predestined to fight against Islam,
00:16   since my name is that of the celebrated battle of Lepanto
00:20   which took place in 1571, a battle in which
00:24   the Christian navy, consisting of the fleets of the Vatican, Venice, Genoa and Spain
00:28   annihilated the Ottoman navy, sinking or capturing
00:32   more than 180 ships, killing more than 20,000 Muslim Turks,
00:36   liberating more than 12,000 Christian slaves
00:41   and putting an end to the attempts of the Muslims to conquer Rome and destroy the West
00:45   — at least until the present day! I am currently hidden
00:49   in a top secret place, being sought after by all the cops of Macron, Collomb and other rogues.
00:53   But, as you can see, I am not alone.
00:57   On my left is my faithful companion, the Auvergne sausage
01:01   and to my right an excellent red wine,
01:05   in this case a Banyuls Grand Cru 2007,
01:09   of the “Cellier des Templiers” — in homage, of course, to those
01:14   great fighters of the Crusades who took Jerusalem back from the barbarian Muslim invaders.
01:18   And as I really feel very thirsty,
01:22   I also brought a good beer “732”,
01:26   a tribute to our national hero
01:30   Charles Martel, to whom we will sooner or later build a monument.
01:38   But, before starting my meal, I am supposed to present to you my career
01:43   and my achievements, since I joined Riposte Laïque. So let’s go.
01:47   I met Pierre Cassen, the founder of Riposte Laïque
01:51   in June 2009. On August 24, 2009, I published
01:55   my first article on the site of Riposte Laïque, dedicated to my visit
01:59   to Trappes, which was at that time already a remarkably multicultural city,
02:03   with Arabs … Muslims, Blacks … Muslims,
02:07   Turks … Muslims, Chechens … Muslims, Asians … Muslims,
02:11   slaughterhouses … Muslims and bookstores … Muslims!
02:15   Superb multiculturalism, is it not?
02:19   On October 12, 2009, I uploaded my first video
02:23   to the YouTube channel of Riposte Laïque, shot three days before, in the 18th district of Paris
02:27   Myrha Street, with a hidden camera. It had been
02:32   fifteen years since, on Friday, hundreds of Muslims illegally occupied
02:36   the pavement and sidewalks of this street, as well as the adjacent streets,
02:40   Léon Street, rue Polonceau and rue des Poissonniers, for over an hour,
02:44   at noon. In the absence of any reaction from the mayor of this district
02:48   — the socialist Daniel Vaillant — and the media,
02:52   hundreds of Muslims had become thousands, and every Friday Islamists
02:56   illegally prohibited the French from entering these streets during these illegal prayers,
03:00   with stolen metal barriers, which they placed across these
03:05   streets to bar them.
04:02   Here are images that are to remain
04:06   in the anus, forgiveness, in the annals … images that,
04:11   if we go to the foundation of things, can only please the Islamo-leftists, whose true tastes
04:15   in this field are well known … Finally, I will say no more!
04:19   In three years, with my hidden camera, I made
04:23   fifty videos about the illegal Muslim prayers in France. These videos
04:27   have been seen more than three million times. Since 2009, I have been running the YouTube channel
04:31   of Riposte Laïque, which now has 322 videos
04:35   that have been seen more than 12,700,000 times. In order to have
04:39   backup solutions, if we removed our main channel, I created
04:44   channels 2 and 3 for Riposte Laïque, which offer 18 more videos.
04:48   I also created 6 foreign channels,
04:52   still on YouTube, to put my videos on illegal prayers,
04:56   subtitled in foreign languages: an English channel with 10 videos;
05:00   a Spanish channel with 2 videos, and one in Italian, one in German,
05:04   one in Portuguese and one in Greek. Following the uploading of my videos
05:08   on Riposte Laïque’s YouTube Channel, the reading rate of the articles on the Riposte Laïque site,
05:12   which was about 10,000 a day on my arrival, within in a few months rose to 20,000 a day,
05:17   and a year later was 25,000 per day.
05:21   Thanks to my videos, which I put on line, week after week,
05:25   the French media finally began to talk about these illegal Muslim prayers,
05:29   even though they had hitherto carefully concealed this scandal.
05:33   On May 17, 2010, in an article entitled
05:37   “Government rages against giant aperitifs [cocktail parties], but tolerates illegal Muslim prayers!”
05:41   I publicly called for the organization of a giant cocktail party
05:45   in Myrha Street on Friday afternoon at the time of the illegal Muslim prayers
05:49   n order to reconquer this French territory abandoned to Islamic [butt]-lifters
05:54   by the authorities. Following the refusal of the prefect, Riposte Laïque,
05:58   the Republican Resistance and the Bloc Identitaire organized their famous aperitif sausage-pinard
06:02   [pork sausage]-[pinard: red wine; also love of wine] in front of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris
06:06   on 18 June 2010 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the appeal [to resist] by General de Gaulle
06:10   and officially launch the resistance to the Islamization of France.
06:14   On Friday, December 10, 2010,
06:18   I was uploading a new video entitled “A year later, the scandal continues in Myrha Street”.
06:22   That same evening, during a political meeting in Lyon, Marine Le Pen,
06:26   who had just watched my latest video, denounced Muslim prayers
06:30   in the streets of France as being, I quote, “an occupation, without tanks
06:35   or soldiers, but an occupation all the same.”
06:39   Thanks to the Internet, my videos were circulated around the world, and I was contacted
06:43   by Dale Hurd, the resident broadcaster in Europe for the CBN,
06:47   (Christian Broadcasting Network)
06:51   who conducted an interview with me and Radu Stoenescu, another editor
06:55   of Riposte Laïque at the time, on the Islamization of France.
07:03   In September 2011 this report, containing excerpts from my videos,
07:07   was aired in the United States on CBN’s network of partners,
07:12   which includes more than 200 local television channels.
07:16   This report was also mentioned by several conservative radio stations on the same network
07:20   The same month, invited by American allies, including Tom Trento,
07:24   a very active anti-Islamization activist, I delivered a lecture
07:28   in Palm Beach, Florida, followed by a second in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
07:32   in front of auditoriums of evangelical Christians; pastors came in their Maserati
07:36   and rabbis came in their Lamborghini — I’m not kidding!
07:40   — warm-hearted people who are very aware of the dangers of Islam, who work in the United States
07:44   to warn their compatriots that they must not follow the suicidal path followed by Europe.
07:48   Shortly afterwards,
07:53   along with Radu Stoenescu, I was interviewed by journalists
07:57   from [South] Korea’s largest television station, KBS,
08:01   (Korean Broadcasting System), on illegal Muslim prayers
08:05   and the Islamization of France. South Korean journalists took the opportunity
08:09   to reveal to me that they were shocked to see so many Arab and black immigrants in Paris,
08:13   and so few Frenchmen, and that they did not understand how the leaders of our country
08:18   could allow such an invasion to take place. Finally,
08:22   two years after the start of my campaign against illegal prayers in September 2011,
08:26   the then-Minister of the Interior, Claude Guéant, courageously decided…
08:30   to apply the law and to inform those responsible for the mosques
08:34   in front of which Muslims prayed illegally that this should stop.
08:38   What do you think he did? Well, without rioting, without attacks
08:42   on the police, the Muslims obeyed and submitted
08:46   — after all, Islam means “submission”! I guess, by applying our laws,
08:51   we have the means to oppose the Islamization of our country.
08:55   Of course, this struggle is still not definitively won because,
08:59   even today Muslims begin to pray illegally in the streets
09:03   as soon as a mayor does not accept their demands for a new mosque or a new Koranic school
09:07   as in Clichy-la-Garenne where for more than five months Muslims
09:11   have occupied the center of the city every Friday to protest against the closure
09:15   of one of their barracks, pardon me, of one of their mosques.
09:19   My most successful video is not devoted to illegal Muslim prayers
09:23   It is a video made with a hidden camera, in May 2015,
09:27   at the congress of the Muslims of Auvergne, entitled
09:32   “Invasion: An Islamist congress in the heart of Auvergne!”, which has already been seen
09:36   more than 930,000 times. In addition to my videos, I have written
09:40   more than 350 articles for Riposte Laïque, under my name and under various pseudonyms.
09:44   My most-read article, which is the third most-read in the history of Riposte Laïque,
09:48   is my article on Muslim decapitations entitled
09:52   “Decapitations: The Bloody History of Islam, from Mohammed to Today”
09:56   published in June 2013, already read by more than 530,000 people,
10:00   that is to say twice the circulation of the newspaper of the leftist
10:04   Islamophilic right-wing Le Monde.
10:09   In this article, after quoting the verses of the Quran that advocate
10:13   the beheading of non-Muslims, I gave links to ten videos of beheadings
10:17   carried out by Muslim terrorists, warning that
10:21   these decapitations and slaughterings would multiply, abroad and in France.
10:25   Two years later, the terrorists of the Islamic state
10:29   beheaded thousands of Christians and Yazidis in Iraq and Syria,
10:33   then our compatriot Hervé Gourdel was beheaded in Algeria, and then our compatriot Hervé Cornara
10:37   was decapitated in France at Saint-Quentin-Falavier, June 26, 2015
10:41   — then the priest Jacques Hamel was murdered in his church at Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray,
10:46   on July 26, 2016 — without the French authorities
10:50   taking any action against Islam!
10:54   My second most-read article is titled “Muslim attacks: The worst is yet to come!”
10:58   Published in November 2015, it is currently the 20th most-read
11:02   in the history of Riposte Laïque, with over 130,000 readers…
11:06   and its subject is more than ever topical, because the worst is still before us indeed,
11:10   because of the anti-French pro-Islam, pro-immigration
11:15   uncultivated whippersnapper that is squatting the Elysee at this moment!
11:19   About that: Some of you probably watched one or another of my six videos
11:23   against Macron, with my friends Maxime Martel and Maxime Sobieski
11:27   during the presidential campaign in April and May 2017,
11:31   viewed over 490,000 times
11:35   Here is an excerpt. “Let’s all vote April 23 to put Macron in the trash!”
11:47   We didn’t succeed this year in throwing
11:51   this little illiterate brat in the trash, but we now
11:55   have five years to do it and save our country from the genocidal Islamic invasion!
12:00   I also pride myself on being
12:04   the first in Riposte Laïque, and probably in France, to publicly write
12:08   that the only solution to Muslim terrorism is to expel
12:12   all Muslims from France, in my article entitled
12:16   “Attacks: Risk zero exists, it is enough to expel all the followers of Islam!”,
12:20   published on January 9, 2015, after the attack on Charlie Hebdo
12:24   This article and several similar ones that followed, which took as an example
12:28   the expulsion of 14 million Germans, expelled from Eastern Europe and relocated to Germany
12:33   by the Allies after the Second World War, brought me several lawsuits,
12:37   which oblige me to hide in a secret place, under a borrowed name, as the Resistants did
12:42   to escape the Nazis and the collaborators of the Macronian regime, ah, sorry, Vichy.
12:45   Ah, one last thing:
12:49   a month ago I published a “Chronology of jihad in France since 2015”,
12:53   made up of a very long list and a detailed account of the crimes
12:57   committed by Muslims in France since the beginning 2015 in the name of their criminal religion.
13:01   This list, which quotes the verses of the Quran on which
13:06   Muslim terrorists use as a basis to commit their attacks and their crimes,
13:10   currently contains 189 cases, for a terrifying report
13:14   of 244 dead and 997 wounded.
13:18   It will soon be updated, with more than 90 new cases.
13:22   I ask you to spread it widely to all your contacts, because it is essential
13:26   to open our eyes to our compatriots to this daily jihad
13:30   that Muslims wage against us, and to the mortal danger that Islam represents for all non-Muslims!
13:34   Well, now, friends, now
13:38   you know everything, or almost …I can finally eat my Auvergne sausage
13:42   while drinking my 732 beer,
13:47   and then I will enjoy
13:51   on the terrace my Banyuls of the “Cellier des Templiers”!
13:55   Bon appétit!
13:59   Maxime Lépante

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