Judean Spongiform Encephalopathy

I’ve written many times about a mental ailment I call the Screaming Nazi Heeber-Jeebers. In the wake of last Sunday’s election in Germany, the leftist media — which means almost all media west of the Iron Curtain, on both sides of the Atlantic — have developed a severe case of the SNHJ, all because of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

Take a look at the Israeli press, and you’ll see how alarmed the op-ed writers are. Yes, it’s understandable that they might be nervous about the rebirth of German nationalism. And it’s not just leftist Jews; I noticed the same alarmist rhetoric from people who are otherwise on the same side, some of my favorite writers.

However, it’s a good idea to take a deep breath, step back from the yammering screen, and consider what’s actually happening in Europe. If you’ve been watching German politics for the past few years, you will have noticed that Jew-hatred is not a platform plank for the AfD. Jew-hatred comes primarily from the Left, just as it did in the 20th century. Only this time the Left has sub-contracted the hate-work to the “New Germans”, the Muslim immigrants that they have willingly — eagerly, with malice aforethought — imported into their country by the millions.

Then, when the inevitable happens, and attacks on Jews by Muslims become commonplace — as they already are in France — the Gutmenschen can throw up their hands in fastidious surprise and exclaim, “I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you! I have no idea where all this anti-Semitism came from!”

Egri Nök and I had a brief conversation about all this on skype earlier today:

Baron:   What bugs me about Jews, even Jews in Israel, is this: They are freaking out over the AfD results, and there is ZERO evidence that AfD would be harmful to Jews at all. Yet there are mountains of evidence, both statistical and anecdotal, that the policies of Merkel, Schulz, etc. are extremely harmful to Jews, especially in the long term. Once the country gets fully Islamized, the Jews in Germany can either move to Israel, or kiss their a** goodbye.
    That’s what bugs me.
    I read an op-ed yesterday in an Israeli outlet, some [less than intelligent person] freaking out over AfD.
    Jews are supposed to be SMART, for crying out loud!
Egri:   I know, I had to unfollow an Israeli military guy who is totally pro-nationalist, pro-military, but was freaking out over AfD.
Baron:   It’s a brain disease of some sort — Mad Jew Disease, probably spread by eating contaminated matzo.
Egri:   The Chinese — who are supposed to be really really smart, too, and I can kind of confirm that — are having a meeting at their 19th Communist Party Congress about the AfD, too.

Days of Awe

An Afterword by Dymphna

Given the heated hysteria emanating from Israel’s MSM about the purported anti-Semitism of Germany’s new right-wing party, it would be a good idea to step back for a moment to look at the larger picture from within the framework of Judaism itself.

Is it irony or synchronicity that this media-driven fear comes at precisely the time of year for observant Jews to participate in and celebrate the most solemn High Holy Days? Those ten days from Rosh Hashanah (the eve of September 20th just past) to Yom Kippur (the eve of September 29th) are designed to draw one to reflect on reality and one’s personal behavior in the larger community during the last year. Rather than being distracted by the hobgoblin shadows the Left throws up to keep one chained in fear, a wise Jew incorporates what he knows into the larger scheme of things.

Thus, when dealing with Jewish history vis-à-vis Germany, a wise Jew knows the real history of genocidal anti-Semitism in Germany. It came from the socialist Left, not the conservatives. Hitler was a Socialist, i.e. the head of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Jews were the special target, but Catholic priests and nuns died by the thousands. That is the real history of the Nazis: they goose-stepped from the Left.

The interregnum between Rosh Hashanah (September 21st) and Yom Kippur (September 30th) is supposed to be a time for deep personal reflection on the year just past. A ten-day period which Catholics would call an extended “Examination of Conscience” (and a darn shame that the Church didn’t take the borry of the High Holy Days while it was also borrowing Passover and Pentecost for its liturgical cycle. Having a New Year that begins in September makes far more sense psychologically and spiritually than the bacchanalian blow-out at the bottom of the year when it’s cold and dark).

The High Holy Days are crucial to observant Jews. That they come during this time, when fear abounds, should be taken into consideration by wise Jews. Those who can remain calm in spite of calls by the Left to be fearful will find their peace in the Ancient of Days, not in this modern manifestation of an old evil that seeks to divide and conquer.

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  1. Yk, I often find myself wondering the SNHJ isn’t just a huge propaganda coup for the Left aka Commies/socialists and now the Muslim invaders. Why are the Nazis so alive in pop culture, yet it often takes herculean effort to get ppl to understand that Communism killed many more ppl; Mao and Stalin were very evil and murderous, but where is the outrage and multiple movies about them?

    • Here is why it may be so as you say, Caroline: communist atrocities took place largely within their respective communist Utopias: USSR, Hungary, China, North Korea nowadays.

      There was no direct, mass export of all this evil into other countries. It is a “domestic” issue of those individual countries (sarcasm intended). Cultural revolution in China was a Chinese problem. Korean Fat Boy is (or has been until now) a problem for N. Korea only.

      In the case of German Nazism – they exported their genocide of Jews and other nations outside of Germany, exported it en-mass via their military expansion and systematically killed millions of people – citizens of other countries, on the territories of those countries. In our subconscious comparison – this is far worse than internal class warfare of communism, isn’t it?

      Actually, it is equally bad – the intentional outward spread of such evil is what in my eyes may be the reason Nazis are “so alive in the pop culture”.

      • [quote]There was no direct, mass export of all this evil into other countries[quote]
        What??!! Fins, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles, West Ukrainians, Romanians and whomever else I’ve forgot to mention would have to disagree with you here, if we are talking about the same period as NSDAP was active.
        If we include post-war period, then even more countries would have to be included albeit at arguably “lesser” level of evil.

        • I respectfully disagree with your view of these countries’ comparison to the Nazi Germany’s “Drang nach Osten” and “Final Solution” strategies – they WERE different than quiet opportunism of pro-Soviet collaborators in the post-WWII Eastern Europe.

          Yes – occasional military “fix” (Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland in the 80’s was internal suppression) was needed to curb any freedom aspirations of these nations: concentration camps, genocide against a group of people etc. was not happening: the red Revolution had already eaten its children in USSR and late 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s were just a terminal, and rather farcical phase of these communist regimes.

          • Read The Gulag Archipelago (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn). Entire towns were packed up and moved to Siberia, and dumped in the tundra to die. Any attempting to return were shot. Stalin was a true monster till the day he died in 52.

      • Another view would hold that ethnic genocide followed the inability to deport an ethnic group ( no excuse ). That ethnic group had profited greatly from the hyperinflationary episode that occurred previously ( sorry I don’t have the link to the study, but Jews were @ 10% of the population and by their ingenuity came to control a vastly greater portion of national wealth in that period…at ground level business too). Price setting, Socialism, Keynesian monetary policy are state political choices. Banking and business are relatively private affairs…it is possible even that socialist policy actually was backwards enough in monetary terms to be taken advantage of by those savy enough, giving them control. I am sure there is theory that this whole was conspired, but I have not seen proof of that yet.
        So you end up with a Socialist Nationalist political theme being contested in practice by effective mastery at private level of the circumstance by a minority. So the power conflict, easily reinforced at street level due to the perception of unfairness by the majority, with some purity of origin theme mixed in.

        For whatever reason, the true base political and policy errors have become ignored ( to the general public), and the ethnic extremist view of the tragedy given so much coverage as to obscure further reasoning.


        Well possibly because the financial/monetary framework and method used then is still in place, as well as social policy and political ability of power. It is adapted and reformed, constrained ( not so much recently), but still essentially the same tool, being used in a slightly different way to suit the new, or a new, script.

        Maybe we are being distracted in a perverse way, escaping forwards while allowing similar powers control behind us.

        So Nazi is also possibly being used as a kind
        of weapon held to people’s backs… you cannot return to that, face forwards. If there was any sense though, I think misuse of the term would be understood to be as bad as subscription to it.

          • I vote for the latter. Don’t want to work that hard to comprehend a comment.

            Keep if brief or keep it simple. This one fails on both.

          • Both tasteless and incomprehensible. My wrong on the 10% (herb) and I should know better than to quote offhand, but the point was disproportionate accumulation of wealth and financial control. Oops, conspiracy… but there are serious unbiased economic studies that leave questions and pointers… and frankly the whole topic disgusts me one way or the other, which is why I prefer bland data. I’ll throw in a “conspiracy” counterview as link from quick search that seemed presentable, even if true/not true, with some figures just to stir trouble because I am tired of both sides before I start even.

        • sorry, but last time I checked, Jews were about less than 1% of the german population. That may have been different in eastern european countries.

          • Whatever the percentage, Jews were always a minority in Europe. A persecuted minority, for whatever ostensible reason.

            Having studied a bit the rising science of epigenetics, one could say that the constant pressure of persecution has left epigenetic damage on Jewish DNA. That’s the simple summary of a complex subject. The fact of increased intelligence in Ashkenazi Jews via epigenetics isn’t enough ‘benignity’ to make up for the deleterious effects of persecution.

            There are examples of DNA damage in other groups -e.g., the effects on the Dutch following the starvation winter…

            There must also be a kind of good effect (eugenics would be a good choice had not the word been so misused) from a series of serendipitous events in a given population which could cause benevolent epigenetic changes…but since ancient Greece was destroyed, there’s not much evidence of culture-wide benign effects.

      • “Here is why it may be so as you say, Caroline: communist atrocities took place largely within their respective communist Utopias…”

        Sorry. This reflects a profound weakness in history.

        Communism is by its nature expansionist and globalist. Communist theory assumes a common interest in the working class across national boundaries. It was this global appeal that pulled so many ideologically-motivated spies and agents into KGB discipline. See, for instance, Kim Philby, Rosenbergs, etc.

        The USSR, as a nexus of Russian nationalism and communism, was extremely expansionist under Stalin. It was the joint occupation of Poland, that touched off World War II, although the allies ignored the Russian half of the action. Before the war was finished, the USSR (Stalin) had concrete plans for the occupation and domination of Poland, Hungary, Germany, and Yugoslavia. The USSR had already invaded Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia under no real pretext at the beginning of the war, and held onto them until the USSR broke up. I don’t even mention the invasion and occupation of Finland, which was probably more a territorial grab than an ideological move.

        But, it is totally misleading and inaccurate to portray Naziism as expansionist and communism as local. Communism has a global appeal (not an intelligent appeal, but it has no limitations). You have communist parties in virtually every country where it is not outright outlawed, but very few Nazi parties.

  2. Israel’s liberals are in the same brain fuzz that the liberals in Western nations find them selves. They vocally support migration of peoples who oppose those same liberal values through their religion of Islam.

    • Yes, but Israeli conservatives are saying similar things. That’s what dismayed me — it wasn’t just the lefties.

      • What happens when Germany starts taking its own point of view, instead of soft participation in global affairs. Other nations – nationalists, conservatives – will naturally underline their own distinction from those they may find themselves more excluded from, and will look to underscore their own national advantage. In short, we cannot always have things both ways, and sometimes people are not prepared for making a choice, so they stay with what has been familiar to them up to that point as something acceptable, rather than a change whose results are unknown, even if ideologically they may make more sense, even if the familiar might not be quite so should there be no change in direction.

        • I have the feeling there are some people soft stepping their ideas, which might be unacceptable in polite conversation. For example, the is the idea that Jews are rich moneylenders, or that eugenics in a non-coercive milieu might be beneficial.

          But, not wanting to name these ideas, one makes generalizations which are not very comprehensible.

          I know the Baron before has expressed the desire to deal not with a debate on Jewish influence, which always brings in odd assortments of intelligent anti-Semites, knee-jerk anti-Semites who can’t comprehend an argument that doesn’t follow their point of view, and down-and-dirty Nazis, who by denying the Holocaust actually are validating it.

          I’m assuming that by this article, Baron is relaxing his strictures against debating the Jewish question (or questions). It’s a field with many, many rabbit holes, but still has some fertile patches.

          • I’m determined not to allow any further Jew fights in the comments section on this blog; I think that’s what you’re referring to. By “Jew fight”, I mean a thread where one or more commenters steer the topic into variations on “the Jewish-controlled globalist NWO”, “Zionist-controlled U.S. foreign policy”, “the Jew-run liberal media”, etc., etc. The mention of Barbara Lerner Spectre or the name Rothschild is often a sign that the thread is moving in that direction. When you hear about “the Jew Trotsky” or “the Jew-dominated Bolshevik Party”, you know it’s going to be downhill from there.

            I’m not having any more of those. I’ve seen dozens of them over the past thirteen years, and I’m sick and tired of them. I know exactly what will be said — heck, I could write it all out myself.

            Some readers who are preoccupied with Jews know my policy, and attempt to avoid having their comments deleted by using elliptical references and indirect approaches. Which is often fine by me — if they are elliptical enough to get by me, no one can understand what they’re referring to, anyway. And I don’t mean the (((triple parentheses))); everyone knows what those signify by now.

            Sometimes I get what the indirect references mean, but other times they are so nebulous and vague that I can’t even tell.

            In this case, the topic is relevant, because it’s about Jews reacting to the news from Europe, writing as Jews, expressing concerns over issues that they believe are crucial for Jews. There’s plenty of room for valid, reasoned criticism of Jews on this topic.

            But when it starts moving to the “Holohoax” and “Zionist banksters”, that’s when I cut it off. I’ve had my fill of that sort of thing. Been there, done that.

      • I’ve come across the same thing Baron.
        Although it concerned Mme Le Pen and the FN, who were being damned by the sins of her father.

        I pointed out attacks against Jews in France, according to S.Pollard in the Daily Telegraph, “have risen sevenfold since the 1990s… …..almost of all these attacks have been carried out by Muslims.”

        Half the French army is on duty in France and half of them, are guarding Jewish schools and synagogues.
        And it’s not from the FN.

        It is profoundly ironic so many Jewish and Christian organisations are pro-mass Muslim immigration into Europe and along with the EUlites, are embracing a population and ideology which, along with many ‘anti-Zionist’ leftists are well on their way, to making it impossible for the Jewish communities of Europe, to remain there, (while many Christians seem little more than dhimmis-in-waiting).
        That more and more Jews feel unsafe, see no future in Europe or have already left, while Israel is increasingly de-legitimised, (one of the consequences of Eurabia, as Bat Ye’or foretold), seems not to be of consequence and the connection between Eurabia and anti-Jewish behaviors goes barely remarked upon, ignored or outright denied altogether.

        Mark Steyn’s excellent, lacerating observations were added to the debate.
        ‘Hath Not a Jew Eyes?’
        In ‘A Judenrein Europe’

        All this and more, yet the responses from (some) right-wing Israelis were along the lines of: “well we have to watch them both (Islamists and the FN”.
        It would appear some Jews are so haunted by the ghosts of the 20th century, they fail to see the very real flesh and blood monsters of the 21st.

    • I think D’Souza and others overstate the leftist element of Nazism, despite the word socialism appearing in the party name. Does not the racism come from the right? The hyper-nationalism? I would like to read an historian’s explanation of this issue. D’Souza is not an historian but a partisan.

      • From Wikipedia:

        When asked whether he supported the “bourgeois right-wing”, Hitler claimed that Nazism was not exclusively for any class, and he also indicated that it favoured neither the left nor the right, but preserved “pure” elements from both “camps”, stating: “From the camp of bourgeois tradition, it takes national resolve, and from the materialism of the Marxist dogma, living, creative Socialism”.

        • Racism is really a Western concept.

          In Africa putting people of your tribe first ,furthering their interests above all else is called solidarity ,and it is regarded as noble ,honourable and supremely just .

          The African leader who does not put his own tribe’s interests above everything else is regarded as deeply immoral.

          In Africa there is a hierarchy of obligationand solidarity.
          Your first and highest obligation is to your direct blood relations .Your second order obligation is to your tribe ,your third order obligation is to your race.The black man who does not put his own race first is regarded as a despicable race traitor ,lacking in the spirit of solidarity.

          Look at China ,your first order obligation is officially to the Communist party ,your second order obligation is to your family ,your 3rd order obligation is to the ethnic subgroup that speaks your dialect , your 4 th order obligation is to all people of Chinese decent.

          There is an interesting Chinese story told to children about Chinese superiority.

          When God made people he put them in the oven to bake them.

          White people came out underdone pasty and sickly .Black people came out overdone ,burnt – just good for the rubbish bin .

          But the Chinese people came out just right perfect in every way and a beautiful golden colour.

          It’s only the white man ,the European who lacks a belief in loyalty to his own race ,his own language group ,his own nation.

          And in fact he castigates anyone who shows a tendency to protect his own race ,his own family ,his own nation from predators and invaders and criminals.

          For the white man , it is more noble to let your own people starve, to let them go homeless ,and instead to feed and house the stranger who hates you,has no loyalty , no obligation to you – who comes to squat in your country and live at your expense and prey on your children.

          It is more noble to put other races first ,other nations first ,other languages first ,other creeds first .Anyone who does not is a racist letting down the side by displaying his intolerance and backwardness.

          And in the end it is a self -defeating and self- destructive spiral which weakens the white man, leads to the inevitable collapse of law and order and threatens his continued existence. .

          • Putting one’s own race first is, ipso facto, racism. And there is nothing wrong with doing so. It is only since cultural Marxism became so entrenched that cultural identity has become forbidden territory.

            In flyover country here in the U.S., the virtues re family, extended kin, community, etc, which you delineate are taken for granted without any need to discuss them; it’s just how things *are*, including church membership. A common expression I hear my neighbors say is, “I can’t remember how I’m kin to her…” followed by a long pause, which may or may not be further explained, depending on whether the kinship is central to the conversation.

            It is only in large urban areas that those qualities become less useful.

          • Yes, I wrote about this at length (9 years ago!) in “Taking Care of Your Own”.

            One clarification: the white man castigates anyone who shows a tendency to protect his own race…, but ONLY if that person is white. It’s perfectly acceptable for non-whites to protect their own race. Except for the Jews, of course — who are honorary “whites” in this scheme. They must clutch the “Palestinians” to their bosom, just as Europeans must do with Africans and Pakistanis.

          • Let me give two instances of racism.

            1) You create a charity group that is focused solely on helping whites. You solicit private monies with that explicit assumption, and do not focus on non-whites at all.

            2) You have a business, and choose to hire all black employees, even if there is a white applicant with better qualifications.

            3) You deny a commercial license (say, electrician) to a black, even though the black is fully qualified for the license.

            4) You deny the opportunity for a woman to join a special forces team in the US Army, although the woman is at the far end of the bell curve, such that she actually meets the unmodified strength and stamina qualifications for a position.

            There is a continuum of actions which are based on race, some of them acceptable and defensible through reason, and some of them not acceptable. To me, the only really unacceptable situation under any circumstance is 3), where an official certification is denied for reasons not related to competence or performance.

            My own opinion is that there is a physical change in the population, such that logic and reasoning is progressively less manifest in the genotypes of the population. You can see a semi-technical development of this thesis in
            The Genius Famine which is actually one of the most pessimistic books I have ever read.

      • Please.

        In the great white rush to escape the diversity so beloved of leftists, there you will find the ardent lefties as well. To find “good schools” for their kids, of course

  3. Dear Baron,

    Let me fix this for you.

    “In the wake of last Sunday’s election in Germany, the leftist Sinister media…”

    Where html doesn’t work, this is my current practice.

    “In the wake of last Sunday’s election in Germany, the [scratch] leftist [insert] Sinister media….”

    I’ve requested colleagues, should I ever again use the radicals’ preferred mild label rather than it more appropriate and stronger synonym, sinister that they should presume that I had forgotten.


  4. Much of what I understand the reaction to the now entrenched mantra of ‘the far right, the hard right, the right wing’, when turned into an epithet and hurled at any who dare to call out the extremist Left, is the almost complete naivety of the majority, regardless of them being classed as of the Left, Liberal or Conservative, and their complete lack in understanding how the political spectrum is laid out.

    • Bravo. I need only mention the fatuous but popular idea that the extremes of left and right meet each other if they go far enough. Also, it is is vitally (!!!) important to the left to locate National Socialism on the “right” to discredit liberty and to obscure the left’s crimes, i.e., the crimes committed by communists and National Socialists.

      The same deliberate obfuscation is seen with “nationalism.” Like liberty, it is healthy as globalism is diseased. However, the E.U. is premised on the “dangers” of “nationalism,” as though a Frenchman’s love of France necessarily entails a determination to build concentration camps and to execute millions of Spaniards for Lebensraum. Yes, nationalism. To avoid this horror an authoritarian joke is imposed on Europe.


  5. A few Israelis have figured it out:


    Even some in the Israeli mainstream media:
    Despite justified fears of the AfD, not all nationalism is Nazism

    But seriously, you have to be a fool to be sitting in Israel and to be thinking any party in Germany OTHER than the AfD is better for you!

    In my opinion, an Islamised Europe *is* a huge danger to Israel, and for Israelis not to realise this is foolishness of the highest degree.

    • Recently I have read something which – initially discarded as lunacy and fully belonging to conspiracy theories – did make me to remember it. Here is the gist of that “theory”:

      Israel understands that its conflict with 100% hostile neighbors cannot be won – the country is too small and the enemies around will prevail eventually – unless they are dealt with in a slightly different way …

      The different way is as follows: let’s export the “Muslim problem” outside of the Middle East, namely to Europe, and let 500 millions of Europeans to deal with it; better chance for success than leaving it to 8 millions of Israelis.

      Hence, mass Muslim immigration into Europe is what transposes the problem to the European soil. In very vaguely terms: the epicenter of the conflict between Dar-al-Islam and Dar-al-Harb is becoming Europe, not Judea (any more).

      I found the above view quite phantasmagorical and I basically mock it. However, if we want to see any logic behind the said fears of AfD, here you go: AfD in Europe might be a factor marring the plan I put in simple terms above.

      One more time – I just read it somewhere, and still consider it beyond pathetic. It is tantamount to inventing a fictional reality or just fantasizing.

      • That fantasy – and I remember reading it, too – would mean that Israel is so powerful it could cause the huge exodus out of North Africa into Europe. Sick.

          • Allusion (“proof”) among such people who believe the Islamization of Europe is a Jewish-Zionist conspiracy is made to Barbara Lerner Spectre, the delusional ex-American and ex-Israeli founder/director of the Paideia European Institute of Jewish Studies in Stockholm, Sweden. She advocates Jewish leadership in the “multicultural” transformation of Europe, which she asserts is necessary for Europe’s survival.

            She is a real leftist lunatic!

          • Sorry, after looking at Lu’s provided link, it’s clear that I am being redundant. Coals to Newcastle!

            Btw, “the Spectre’s” efforts at Paideia are being financed by the Swedish government NOT the Israeli government. Obvious enough. But, the tautological nature of antisemitism (the Jewish-Zionist domination conspiracy strain) assimilates all counter-evidence to fortify its claims. An Insatiable Beast!!

        • I don’t think, when theorising, that anything can be just dismissed out of taste. That means though that you should not propose a theory without making it clear it is only one, not a suggestion to any kind of veracity.

          Without doubt Israel, Israeli policy, is mixed into the whole somehow. To suggest Western policy is fully controlled by Israel, which is what that theory would suggest, is a very severe accusation. People should not state things like that without some real tangible evidence – they are basically saying their own nations are run by outsiders… maybe that is where they should start with their investigation and accusation, with their own policy and government, their own selves.

    • But, as Barbara Lerner Specter has said, Jews will be resented for their leading role in making Europe multicultural, without which it cannot survive. Why has this stupid, vicious woman not been taken to the woodshed by European, never mind Israeli, Jews? I don’t get it.

  6. To add another “dimension” to this discussion: a flavor of the Czech mass media reactions in the aftermath of AfD’s gains on Sept. 24th.

    As Baron pointed out, media east of the Iron Curtain (which term slowly re-acquires very distinct and novel significance) are different. The Czech ones largely nod to AfD and its realism and anti-Merkelism, and literally 99% of the commenters online basically are anti-Merkel and even more anti-Juncker (sic!). So far so good, on par with the Poles and Hungarians.

    What surprised me a bit in the spade of post-election comments were references to some statements coming from AfD’s prominent figures (Gauland) – “we need to be proud of German soldiers in both world wars for what they did”, and references to the years 1933-45 as “People no longer need to reproach us with these 12 years. They don’t relate to our identity nowadays” – statements that are basically reflecting a loss of the “German guilt” and attempts to speak for Germans who are “proud of their history”.

    To my surprise, these statements initially struck a chord with some my own preconceived sentiments about our “big neighbor”. I tried hard to find anything anti-democratic or Nazi-approving in the rhetoric of AfD’s politicians – and I must say to no avail: plus, I have not found specifically anything anti-Semitic either …

    AfD is enjoying support of all sane people who have not been brainwashed by genderism, cultural Marxism and social engineering experiments of last 30-40 years in the West. Educated public in the Czech Republic simply rejoice AfD’s election gains, understanding that for Germans in particular, AfD is the same voice as that of MAGA for us in the US.

    • “we need to be proud of German soldiers in both world wars for what they did”

      one thing is not to have guilt for what you didn’t do (right).
      another – is to be proud of something you didn’t do (wrong).
      especially if the matter is of questionable quality.

      if the guy said that, he is really close to Nazi.
      “German soldiers” wouldn’t do what they did without ideological indoctrination.
      then what, to be proud of Goebbels, too? he stood for his troops, full stop.
      maybe, concentration camp’s guards, as well?
      they were all Fuhrer’s “soldiers”.

      AfD isn’t easy subject, and I understand those, in particular Israelis, who smell rat poison around this guy.

      • It’s quite possible to be proud of your forebears for serving their country honorably, even if their cause was wrong.

        I’m justly proud of my great great grandfather for serving in the Civil War under the command of Gen. Robert E. Lee. That doesn’t mean I support slavery or think it was right. It means my ancestor served honorably and courageously in defense of his country.

        • for Third Reich, it wasn’t about defense at all.
          it was about grabbing land and exterminating unter-mensch.

          it is maybe terminology issue but I’m stronly convicted that honour and pride you earn yourself, or maximum together with your peers.

          ancestors may give leading example, skill, noble tradition but it is up to you to actualize that properly.

    • Most folk don’t think to look past the individual actions of those who have been bundled up into the Nazi category. If they are labelled as Nazi then that is as far into the history of some brave soldiers they will wish to venture.

      What those folk fail to realize is that not all Germans, in fact the majority of the population, were card carrying Nazis, especially in the Wermacht.

      • I want to put in a word for the Wermacht .They certainly weren’t Nazis and were brave and honourable men.

        My grandfathers and great -uncles fought for Britain and against Germany,in the First World War.

        My father and my uncles fought for Britain and against Germany in the Second World War.

        My father was one of 4 brothers.By the end of the war one brother died in action ,one brother had bailed out after his bomber was hit and the flames burned away the nerves on the soles of his feet .He was a big man( 6 ft 7′) in height and ever afterwards he was always falling over because he had lost his sense of balance.

        One brother emerged completely uninjured and my father emerged with one leg 2 inches shorter than the other , after not noticing a steamroller parked on the runway and taxiing straight into it.

        The army surgeons put Dad’s leg back together as well as they were able and Dad went back to flying spitfires.

        He was shelling the German lines when they shot back and he bailed out landing in a field nearby.

        The German soldiers who captured him found him trying to bury his parachute .(He had hoped to sneak back across the line and evade capture)..He was taken prisoner and well treated.

        Two soldiers were assigned to guard him and take him back to the prisoner of war camp.

        They went by train and at one of the train stations the crowd saw my father’s uniform and with angry shouts surged towards him .
        The German guards reversed their rifle butts and made it clear that no-one could approach and harm their prisoner.Dad said the crowds were furious because the RAF had been bombing the German cities reducing them to fireballs.But the guards were honour bound to protect their prisoner .The crowds kept their distance with angry muttering.

        But two Italians came up.One wanted his leather gauntlets ,the other wanted his silk scarf.

        The leather gauntlets were fur lined leather gloves because it got rather cold flying spitfires.The silk scarves were because fighters had to constantly turn their heads to check for enemy planes coming from all directions.The scarves were meant to stop chafing.

        The Italian men took the scarf and gauntlets from my father.Dad’s guards said “We will not let you steal from our prisoner,give his things back to him “.The Italians tried to argue that as an enemy he had no rights but the guards forced them to return my father’s gloves and scarf .They apologized to my father for the Italians and ventured their personal opinion that the Italians were bad men.

        At the prisoner of war camp Dad said the men were told the rules.Stay in your huts from seven at night till 7 in the morning .Do not try to escape.If you make an escape attempt you will be shot.

        At first the food was adequate .But as the war war went on rations became shorter and shorter.

        The guards who were by and large middle- aged and older men scrupulously shared the rations with their prisoners.Guards and prisoners got thinner and thinner.My father noticed that the guards had to put new notches in their belts to hold their uniforms up as they were on the rations as the prisoners.

        SS officers came whenever new prisoners were brought to
        the camp.The SS officers were hated ,feared and despised by the guards.They would come to ask the new prisoners if there were any Jews among them.

        And these prisoners who had been sharing trenches mere hours before with Jewish soldiers would point them out to the SS, who would take them away and put them in concentration camps.

        All the Allied soldiers ,of every nationality gave up their Jewish comrades immediately to the SS, with the honourable exception of the Americans.

        Dad said that the Americans would always refuse.They would say “We are all Americans .If you take one of us ,you must take all of us.”And then the SS would back down and go away ,until the next group of prisoners arrived.

        The Americans came in their big thundering transport planes and rescued the prisoners at the end of the war.

        And my father said that the whole time they were prisoners every week the Germans had handed out red Cross parcels to the prisoners.The Red Cross parcels were never appropriated by the German guards.But they contained food as well as cigarettes.
        When Americans arrived to relive the camp the guards took them to the storeroom where the parcels were kept waiting to be distributed to the prisoners.”Here are the prisoners Red Cross parcels” they said.” We give them each one a week”

        My father felt that as a young man he was better able to endure the short rations (one potato and one loaf of bread between 20 men per day )than the middle aged and elderly guards and he felt sorry for them.

        Dad admired the sense of honour which required them to starve alongside their prisoners and treat them with that simple respect that one honourable soldier has for another.

        And Dad said that the Allies were guilty of many war crimes as the Germans.But as the Allies won the war their war criminals got medals and as the Germans lost they were punished for their crimes.

        Dad was furious about the instructions from Allied Command to bomb the wooden workers’ houses of the Ruhr with incendiary bombs.Whole families were roasted to death for the crime of possibly having one family member working in German armaments factories -babies, children ,fathers ,mothers grandparents paid the price in a ghastly immolation.

        So let’s not pretend that all the Allies were saints and all the Germans were Nazis and devils.

        • Well said. My Father fought with the Eight Army, I too heard honest tales that were not going to be made into Hollywood Movies.

        • Thank you Shelagh. Your story is a personal one and there are many stories out there of similar nature that portray the worst in humanity alongside of the best in humanity that have survived whatever the powers to be at the time decided to throw at the world.

          The SS were feared by everyone, even by the simple German soldier. The Soviets too, had their own feared system in the NKVD, who like the SS, would be put to work ridding the ideological world of its ‘dissidents’ and untermenschen.

          Wars are the worst kind of destruction that humanity can do to each other. Let us all hope and pray that we can all avoid the next one.

  7. While the “Screeming Nazi Heeber Jeeber” symptom is understandable from the Jewish people, it also often blinds them to a suicidal point. The fear is, as Dymphna says, “media-driven” – somebody should tell the SNHJ-ists, that the Media has long since morphed into the 5th Column.

    And so they “fear” the wrong folk, I’m thinking of Marine Le Pen:

    She tried everything, including rejecting her father (who is no more anti-semitic than your average French anti-semite) in a very public and humiliating way, to appease the Sreeming Nazi Heeber Jeeberists.

    She travelled to New York, where the representatives (perhaps self-appointed?) of the Jewish Community would not even shake hands with her, and only met her in semi-secret.

    She was also the ONLY French Politician who condemned, publicly and loudly the “Defenestration” of Sarah Halimi (the Jewish Lady, tortured and then, still alive, thrown out of the window by a Muslim neighbour who called her a “dirty Jew”) while the whole French Media were completely silent about it, just in case it may damage the election campaign of the Muslim Brotherhood darling, E. Macron, yet the “jewish community” as a whole went happily on with the Front National & Le Pen bashing and voted for the best friend the Arabs ever had in France.

    AdF’s Frau von Storch spoke out against the BDS in the EU Parliament, while Merkel schmused Abbass and talked about “Occupied Territories”.


    The Baron gave me an AHA moment with this formulation, which I will borrow often:

    “….Jew-hatred comes primarily from the Left, just as it did in the 20th century. Only this time “”””””””the Left has sub-contracted the hate-work””””””””” to the “New Germans”, the Muslim immigrants that they have willingly — eagerly, with malice aforethought — imported into their country by the millions….”

    A live example here:


  8. no problem with ethno-nationalism when its character and practice
    – free from protectionist and/or supremacist and/or victimization mythology
    – non-aggressive
    – not linked to social scum – corrupt/nihilist/tribal/criminal elements
    – not linked to/represented by tyrannical regime(s)

    that is actually applicable to any political movement/person, so here is devil score on 5 grade scale

    Trump 2 2 2 2
    ISIS 5 5 5 5
    Saudi Arabia/Qatar 5 3 5 5
    Iran 5 5 5 5
    NKorea 5 5 5 5
    Putin 5 5 5 5
    Antifa and establishment Left 4 3 5 3
    Israel 2 1 0 0
    AfD 2 1 0 3
    Wilders 2 1 0 0
    Le Pen 2 1 1 3
    Jobbik/Golden Dawn – ? (not sure; would be interesting to know)

    AfD and Le Pen score more due to their links to Putin.

      • my key word was “mythology”, i.e. intentionally misleading narrative.
        some degree of protectionism is necessary.
        when based on/mixed with lies, it becomes toxic.

  9. Nothing could be more anti-Semitic than Jeremy Corbyn’s far left Labour party.


    Besides which every let wing party thoroughly endorses mass Muslim migration to Europe and the U.S.

    The result of more Islam is more anti-Semitism and more attacks on Jews ,Synagogues .,Jewish businesses and Jewishschools..And it’s only the nationalist parties which would to close the borders to mass Muslim immigration.and start expelling jihadis.

    This does not make them racists ,bigots or anti Jewish people.
    But it makes their Jewish populations much safer.

    Also here in Ozz the Labor party is the creature of the pro- Muslim ,pro- Palestine anti -Israel and anti-Semitic movement.

    Sydney University ,which is in thrall to Labor and the Greens supports the BDS (Boycott ,Disinvestment and sanctions) campaign against Israel and against Jewish and Israeli intellectuals , researchers,universities and businesses.

    • Sorry, but the idea that the political Left is “antisemitic” is nonsense. (I say this as a right-winger BTW) Anti-racism is the most sacred of Left dogmas.

      What the Left often is is anti-Judaic (as it is against most religions, except those of designated victim classes e.g. Muslims) , and/or anti Zionist (as it is against all nationalisms, given its internationalist dogmas). That is, it welcomes Jews into its movements, but just don’t expect to have any rights to distinctive Jewish political or religious expression!

      Deracinated, irreligious Jews have historically played a major part in many Left Wing political movements (noticeably, but not exclusively, the early decades of Communism), something that continues today, especially in the US. This couldn’t have occurred if the Left was antisemitic as is often claimed.

  10. Jewishness is very much an ‘Identity’ thing and thus being ‘scared’ of anything with the miasma of Nazism is part of the accepted culture. For many Jews, the holocaust defines their victimhood, so, in the face of the hackenkreuz they will do a pavlovian performance irrespective of political caste.

    Only those who think things through for themselves get to see the truths, like the non-right affinity of the Nazis. The real right is about small government and one law for all, the racism-ism (sic) of the left is a political construct built upon the anti-semitic core of the holocaust, but forgetting that the holocaust victims were not just ethnic, but political, religious and sexual orientation centred as well.

    Racism-ism has been a brilliant political move, and has stopped western culture in its tracks, destroyed its self-confidence and made it, to a large extent, self-hating.

    And Jews are not the only dupes, maybe just the most deluded. But here in Sderot we have bigger issues to face, I have not heard a word about the Afd!

    • Racism-ism. That’s a fine neologism. Too bad it has become necessary to create such words. Just a reflection of the current moral morass into which the West has fallen.

  11. Dymphna,
    I thoroughly studied the electoral statistics and memberships of the Nazi party before 1933 and opposed to the parties naming, it was not a workers party at all. That were the social democrats and the communists.
    The social strategems were totally different then in Germany and probably elsewhere in those days. Even though industrialzed, the majority of the population were self employed ( craftsmen, grocers, bakers and butchers on every corner, most of all small hardscrabble farmers- farming in those days employed 8 million people, in a population of 65 million) civil servants and office clerks. In the party membership and electorate, the lower middle classes were heavily overrepresented, most of all civil servants, the ” upcoming folks ” of that period,because they were the most deprived by the 1923 inflation and had so lost nearly all of their savings and assets, let alone real estate. Teachers were twice overrepresented compared to their proportion in the entire population.

    • Do you have a source for your statistics? I’d be interested in reading further.

      There was an underground in Germany but I’ve not seen much information on it. Not that the info isn’t out there but I haven’t run across it.

      • I pick up some research in my books and mail it to you.But I am absolutely positive about my knowledge that workers were by far underrepresented in the party, though important in absolute numbers. Wait and see.

      • The Wikipedia entry on Nazism generally supports herb’s contention


        The social democrats were the party of unionised/employed workers – the Communists and the Nazis probably had the most support amongst the unemployed. Understandably, those folks were looking for something more radical.

        Again, I think it is nonsense to describe the Nazis as “Left wing” (although they were revolutionary, but it was a racial revolution, not a Marxist one).

        It is impossible to imagine, say a Left wing group allying itself with German conservatives, as the Nazis did prior to the seizure of power. It’s also impossible imagine a left wing politician winning the support of a conservative institution like the 1930s Wehrmacht, or driving a nationalist expansion program of uniting German people in other lands – the Saar, the Sudentenland, and even the Germans in Poland.

        Fortunately for Germans in the 1930s, Hitler was not much interested in economics, so they were spared a lot of the lunacy of Communist economic experiments/disasters that, say, Russians, Chinese, Cambodians, East Europeans etc etc experienced.

        What Hitler did do was institute a massive govt spending program (mainly on rearmanent) to eliminate unemployment in Germany – so he was a big spending politician in this sense. If that makes him a ‘leftist’, well, you are ignoring a lot of other evidence to the contrary…

        And for all those who argue that the ‘true Right’ is the party of small government, classical liberalism was not a hugely credible ideology in the early 1930s Depression. You could have hardly picked a time in modern history when support for laissez faire capitalism would have been lower that this period, given the obvious economic disasters that were unfolding at the time in most countries.

  12. Not me. I had this letter in the Jerusalem Post (9/7):
    Dear Editor,

    Shmuley Boteach (“The disappearing kippot”) wants to maintain a thriving Jewish presence in Europe, but that will require an unsentimental look at the factors which could derail that worthy goal.

    There is, of course, the anti-Semitism of native Europeans, which is seldom expressed as outright violence, but is often sublimated as sympathy for the Palestinians. In addition, add in the flood of Muslim migrants, many of whom hail from cultures which have social attitudes about women, gays, free speech, and religious minorities that are far to the right of what would be acceptable in the West. Should their numbers exceed a certain threshold, it would be logical to assume that Jews, and others, would come under similar pressures that were experienced by minorities in the Muslim countries from which they fled.

    Despite these dangers, most Jews have not turned to the anti-immigrant parties. Some reasons are moral: Judaism teaches to love the stranger, or experiential: Jews identify with refugees. The net effect is that Jews are undermining their well-being in order to appease their consciences.

    It would be one thing if the European governments were taking the time to vet the refugees for extremism, selecting only the truly decent and persecuted, but they are not. Instead, they have thrown their doors open to any and all from some of the worst places on earth. It is a kind of cultural suicide driven by the best road-to-Hell intentions, and let’s face it, George Soros is a major enabler.

    Many of the Eastern European governments, like Hungary, want none of it, and neither do savvy Israelis like Netanyahu. It’s time to get real and look out for ourselves.

    Sincerely, Jewdog

  13. As an American Jew, I’m pretty dismayed by the hysterical reaction of most establishment Jewish organizations and media to the anti-immigrant parties in Europe. Yes, I understand that EU economic mismanagement is another factor. Too many of us are driving with our eyes focused on the rear view mirror of history.

  14. I think the lesson for European nationalists is: no matter how much they bned over backwards to demonstrate their pro-Israeli sentiments (as many parties have), they will be smeared with the Nazi allegation. There are reasonable grounds for being pro-Israel (Israel is a more admirable society than most of its neighbors, for instance), but winning the sympathy of Jews for nationalist parties is not one of them, as it has demonstrably failed to achieve that objective.

    It seems most Jews see any resurgence of European nationalism as a threat, and perhaps always will. At least until some other disaster – such as one inspired by Islamic fundamentalism – eclipses the memory of WW2 in their collective memories

    It’s a truism that generals always fight the last war, not the present one. Arguably this is what Jews are doing now. Alas, they are unlikely to become friends of European nationalists

    • And yet Israel is a prime example of an ethno-nationalist state. Want to marry a Christian in Israel? Forget it. African or Muslim immigration to Israel? Hell no.

      • I agree – Israel is an ethno-nationalist state.

        We should learn from them, and not be distracted by hypocrites who would deny Europeans the same political opportunities Israelis enjoy.

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