Mutti, Like Mohammed, Is Without Error

In the following brief video clip, German Chancellor Angela Merkel responds to a question about what she would do differently, given that her party just had its worst showing at in a national election since 1949. Her answer? Nothing. Nothing at all. I dindu nuffin wrong.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating the video and the accompanying text. Here’s the introduction from Politikversagen, where the video was posted:

Pigheaded obstinacy. All that’s left is stubbornness.

Not even after her historic electoral dysfunction can the grandest Chancellor of all times see any mistakes in her decision-making. Any resemblances to the Führer bunker or the ZK of the SED [Central Committee of the Communist Party of the DDR] are certainly totally coincidental.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Translator’s remarks:

Merkel is giving her best Hillary impression, minus all the blame, because she hasn’t lost yet. If Merkel had lost the election, she and Hillary could join together and go on a world blame tour. Beware of the wrath of misunderstood and rejected feminazis when all they want to do is destroy civilization. Why can’t we understand them better?

Video transcript:

0:00   I… I can’t recognize what we should do
0:03   differently now,
0:06   I thought through this election campaign very thoroughly,
0:09   I did it the way I did it,
0:12   and even the day after I am not of the opinion
0:15   that I… see it differently now
0:18   than yesterday, or the day before that, or two weeks ago…

31 thoughts on “Mutti, Like Mohammed, Is Without Error

  1. Her answer? Nothing. Nothing at all. I dindu nuffin wrong.

    Ah, yes. The all-too-famous Dindu Defense™.

    Let’s see how that plays out before a courtroom audience of German families whose daughters (and young sons) were raped and murdered by the same predatory, “economic tourists” that Merkel has invited in-country for all of these years.

    True justice would make the Spanish Inquisitors blush with shameful inadequacy.

    I doubt that nobody managed to anticipate that!!!

  2. ‘By their actions ye shall know them’. Does anyone who can tell the difference between doing good and doing great harm to one’s own people require any more confirmation of Merkel’s psychopathic tendency turned into action that has now caused great harm to many of her own people?

    By her own words, she has admitted to her treachery!

  3. I just want to take a moment to salute Madame Merkel properly….



    SIEG HEIL!!!!!

  4. Most obviously would have done so. She only laments that pesky Macedonia stemmed the tide of some 20 million Africans on the move. I knew, it was obvious. And Germans were stupid enough to vote her.

    • If that is what she truly believes after the last two years of murders, rapes, sexual assaults, muggings, armed and non-armed robberies and just everyday in your face aggression from those she has championed as ‘New Germans’ then there is no criminality in anything that Merkel or her backers in government are doing.

      The real question should be – do you believe that?

      • No.

        I believe she truly thinks we deserve what’s coming. I can read it in her expressions.

        I also believe that she thinks she and ilk will also get away with it.

      • I don’t think so. I think she’s a narcissist psychopath who looks to self-advancement with no concern whatsoever for the medium or long term consequences of her actions. It’s not that she doesn’t know. She doesn’t care.

        • I think she’s a narcissist psychopath who looks to self-advancement with no concern whatsoever for the medium or long term consequences of her actions. It’s not that she doesn’t know. She doesn’t care.

          Precisely! Merkel’s pro-immigration virtue signaling has brought her to the pinnacle of goodwhite status. What more could she possibly want?!? That said, I would contend that, subconsciously, there may be a bit of ex-STASI self-loathing at play in some dark corner of her last few lonely neurons.

          Nothing else is of concern to her as there is no imaginable substitute course-of-action which could establish Liberal credentials of even remotely equal value.

          After all, what greater sacrifice could a leader make than immolating their entire nation in the name of Multiculturalism (Mutticulturalism™)?

          Any downstream consequences are filed under, “après moi, le déluge”. From all appearances, the vast majority of global Liberal political leadership has this, “après nous, le déluge” attitude and it is going to get millions of people killed. The only question is, “Which millions?”

          The clock is rapidly running down for native Europeans to decide which group makes it through this bottleneck. I predict a weirdly sanitized redux of WWII (i.e., no trench warfare or dambusters).

    • Whether she truly believes she is doing good is now irrelevant – damage already done. Messianism is a serious mental disorder and she is a telltale exemplar of it. Why this messianism is so contagious for about 40-50 millions of Germans is another question …

      The problem for the the Visegrad 4 countries is now the redistribution quota.

      • Visegrad 4 countries will have to choose sooner or later to retain their identities by exiting EU and any European organization. They can’t be coherent nations and remain in the EU. It won’t work. If they stay in the EU, they will end up giving in to it.

  5. When, in the history of ever, has a male politician ever been called “Vati”, and how come a childless traitorous cee you next tuesday destroying not just her own country, but large parts of Europe due to her reckless tyranny, gets the title of Mutti? Does Trudeau get the privilege of being called Dada? Do the French call Macron Papa? If anything, Macron calls his wife Mutti.

    On a side note, I have begun to think Mutti is autistic. Her stubborn stoicism has simply turned to autism to escape accountability. I have no other explanation for the existence for the existence of this more eviler version of Slappy the Dummy.

    • The closest to “daddy” any politician has ever come was American Democrats calling Stalin “Uncle Joe” …
      We also have Papa Doc, one of the more murderous Caribbean dictators.

    • Asperger’s Syndrome would be a more apt description for someone like Merkel than autistic. You could, in theory, have an Asperger’s person completely dissociated from feelings or empathy or social skills, but intellectually able to appreciate a social situation.

      • The problem is that even intellectually her deeds are flawed. Emotionally one can perhaps invite undocumented foreigners hostile to one’s own land – based on some kind of empathy or compassion for their (arguable) plight; intellectually – no, unless you are intellectually dishonest.

        Looking at the whole shebang she has caused, only one explanation seems to me to be plausible: done willfully with a forethought, better say: premeditated.

        Why? – I haven’t the foggiest idea.

      • Children and adults with Asperger syndrome are usually isolated because of poor social skills and narrow fields of interest, unlike the severe withdrawal from the world that is characteristic of autism.

        Aspergians will gather enormous amounts of factual information about their favorite subject. They will talk incessantly about it, but the conversation may seem like a random collection of facts or statistics, with little or no point or conclusion. Aspergians may attempt to befriend or socialize with other people, but make normal conversation difficult by eccentric behaviours or by wanting only to talk about their singular interest.

        They enhance their isolation by a lack of interest in the thoughts, opinions or discussion from those they’ve befriended.

    • Perhaps a lengthy stretch behind bars for sedition and
      Treason would enable her to come up with a more
      Considered response?

      German senior Constitutional Judges declared her
      Actions in throwing open her country’s borders
      (And be definition the rest of the EU’s too, destroying
      Greece and Italy in the process) as ILLEGAL and yet
      She is still free!

      Cannot the suppine German populace get off their
      Knees and crowd fund an up and coming prosecutor
      To put this evil failed communist hag in prison?

      • There are several petitions calling for that, and thousands of legal complaints were filed against her. The problem is, in German law, to sue someone, you need proof that his actions directly damaged you. The only people who could do that are the survivors, or their families, of refugee violence and terror. I am amazed that nobody did this, but maybe some do and it is kept under the blanket.

  6. Offhand, I do not recall a lot of historical evildoers who have shown remorse or acknowledged any error. Others may feel immunized from guilt by their record of virtue signalling.

    I suspect that if Angela Merkel and her followers entirely destroy Germany, they will never ever admit to error.

  7. She is just like Hillary Clinton who said ” I don’t believe that I have ever told a lie.”
    ( I think that is a highly accurate if not exact quote)

  8. From the school of Alinsky progressivism, honor graduate Angela Merkel foments in her success while silently condemning the misunderstanding and ignorance of the voters who didn’t vote for her. It isn’t she who is wrong, it is the voters who were wrong by voting for someone other than her. Obama was an amateur and nearly destroyed America with a similar policy. Hillary would have “progressed” the cause terminally. Merkel is just being a good Marxist leader, in fact she is much better at it than Obama ever could have dreamed of being.

  9. This translation doesn’t really do the original poem by B. Brecht justice but it’s good enough to translate the underlying sentiment. It strikes me that the solution proposed in this poem is being implemented in the EU as we speak. Btw, BB was a lifelong commie – go figure … looks like he had a few bright moments.

    After the uprising of the 17th June
    The Secretary of the Writers Union
    Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
    Stating that the people
    Had forfeited the confidence of the government
    And could win it back only
    By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
    In that case for the government
    To dissolve the people
    And elect another?
    (Bertolt Brecht)

  10. Mutti in Albanian means “the s**t”. There was a delegation from DDR in Albania during communism, some 5 km away from my home. The German guy used to call the older lady in the house “mutti”, and that did not go down very well.

  11. Merkel is a despicable, amoral wretch. I would like to see her STASI file and also would like to know which agencies are blackmailing her with it. That Germans could be so stupid both at the top and bottom of their society to allow a dictator to ruin their country after Onkel Adolf’s mindless destruction beggars belief.

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