Israeli Interview With Alice Weidel

Alice Weidel is one of the leaders of AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), and will most likely take a seat in the Bundestag after next Sunday’s elections.

When you see the translation of the Hebrew voice-over in this Israeli interview with Alice Weidel, it becomes clear that Ms. Weidel was set up by a disingenuous Israeli interviewer. The woman asking the questions did not give any indication of how the interview would be treated post-production, with its sneering voice-over and tendentious choices of accompanying archival clips.

It’s important to realize that this is a leftist take on Alice Weidel, and would be much the same if it were produced by leftist Gentiles. This Israeli version might lean a little more heavily on the “anti-Semitic” charges, but maybe not — leftists of all (or no) religions just love to play that good ol’ Nazi card against conservatives.

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends these observations of the lefty media world in Israel, of which this interviewer is but one example:

Israel was an extreme socialist country until the first Netanyahu government in the nineties, when he made some reforms that have worked wonders.

However, the ‘Tel Aviv bubble’ remains irrationally leftist, but it is the leftism of a sort of semi-national socialism. It also glories in Nazi-bashing in a true ‘critical theory’ fashion, especially because, to these socialistas, anybody who disagrees with them is a Nazi anyway.

The rest of the country outside the TA bubble is much more conservative. It has learnt the lessons of many years of socialism and the self-hatred of those who have turned away from their Hebrew roots, and who would happily give Yah’s own country away to pagans. The hostility of this interview is characteristic of the Israeli left, but could also be typical of any left political establishment. It is such a pity that people still do not understand the close political ties which bind National Socialism to the political Left.

It is an interview by an Israeli who has gone to live in Germany, back to a socialist utopia, and yet it is Israel that is the economic hothouse. Just maybe this video says more about the crypto-Nazism of the interviewer than the obviously well-balanced conservatism of the interviewee.

Many thanks to D@rLin|{ for translating the Hebrew, and Oz-Rita for translating the German and uploading the video:

Video transcript:

00:04   First, thank you very much for this interview. I will begin
00:08   like this: I am Israeli, but am also German, as are many
00:12   Israelis who live in Berlin. Why should we
00:16   vote for the AfD? It’s really simple;
00:20   it is, as the name says, the Alternative for Germany.
00:25   Alternative to what? you are asking. Weidel gives you the answer you were waiting for:
00:30   Alternative to terror, alternative to Islam.
00:33   To state the facts:
00:37   In Germany there is, in the media culture and in public opinion,
00:41   such a trivialisation and downplaying of the obvious terror,
00:45   you have to imagine that knife-stabbers walk around here, daily,
00:49   and the “lone wolves” and “mentally confused”.
00:53   You as an Israeli know exactly what we are talking about here:
00:57   about Islamic terror.
01:00   Weidel’s arsenal includes an example that is painful for Germans:
01:03   The terror attack on Christmas market just eight months ago in Berlin.
01:06   The Tunisian Anis Amri
01:10   drove through the Christmas Market here with a truck,
01:14   killing twelve people and severely injuring many others. And what happened?
01:18   Not even State mourning. The victims have remained nameless in the Federal Republic of Germany,
01:23   and this man had been classified as a threat,
01:27   he had thirteen identities because he came here without valid papers,
01:31   and what has our state done? Nothing at all, the man ran around free here.
01:36   The AFD party was created four years ago.
01:39   At first it concentrated on resisting the EU, which did not have wide support with voters.
01:44   In 2015, when the European refugee crisis began, the party’s popularity grew.
01:50   According to the latest polls, AFD is expected to be the third largest party in German parliament.
01:55   For the first time since 1945 an extreme right-wing party will sit in the Bundestag.
02:00   That Muslims, for example, are starting to pray publicly
02:04   on our streets: I am absolutely against it,
02:08   I am in favour of a ban on this, and that
02:12   it incur high financial penalties. I do not want to have this here.
02:16   Islam, under these prospects, does not belong in Germany.
02:21   You mean that Islam has no place in Germany?
02:25   Does Judaism have a place in Germany? Of course! It always did.
02:29   We, or I, personally mourn the
02:33   time when we,
02:37   through history of those unspeakable twelve years,
02:41   destroyed the civil backbone of Germany,
02:45   which was also significantly augmented by Jews.
02:49   This is beyond question, and therefore
02:53   I do not understand at all the criticism and the distance from the
02:58   Central Council of Jews in Germany, and against me and against the AfD.
03:02   I cannot understand this, because
03:05   we actually have the same goals.
03:08   Weidel is a relatively new candidate.
03:11   She became the leading candidate after the AFD’s most famous face, Frauke Petry, was asked
03:15   to tone down party’s positions, especially the anti-Semitic stands of some of the party’s members.
03:18   …because
03:22   Political Correctness belongs on the garbage heap of history.
03:27   She has only had the job for four months, and from the beginning it was not easy.
03:30   Yes! Stop Political Correctness, let’s all be incorrect, because
03:35   this Nazi Slut is right. Was that incorrect enough? I hope.
03:39   But what could be better for the party accused of racism than a candidate in a lesbian relationship?
03:43   There is no conflict. One does not exclude the other.
03:47   The AfD says it clearly. We say
03:51   everyone can be happy after his private fashion. Privately I have
03:55   decided otherwise, and that is perfectly fine, but as a politician
03:59   I have to take into account the majority, that is, marriage and family,
04:03   as part of the foundation of our society.
04:07   So, Weidel will not be the bearer of exciting news to the LGBT community.
04:11   What will she bring? The will to remove religious symbols from public spaces.
04:16   You have spoken against the burka and the (Islamic) headscarf.
04:20   what do you think about a Kippa? A Kippa on the head
04:24   or a cross on the neck are fundamentally different from
04:28   women walking around here fully veiled or with (Islamic) headscarf because it
04:32   symbolises an apartheid, an inequality between man and woman, which is not compatible
04:35   with our basic law. I do not want this here.
04:39   Weidel also does not want people with dual citizenship in Germany. —But it cannot be
04:43   that we have dual citizenship, for example, for our Turkish population
04:48   who have the right to vote here (they are a total of 1.3 million),
04:52   but also at the same time vote for Erdogan in Turkey.
04:56   What about all the Israelis that came here, to Berlin,
04:59   with a German passport just a few years ago,
05:02   because of better economic opportunities or for any other reason?
05:05   So… the point is simply that achievers
05:09   who join this society constructively,
05:13   who do not linger in the social system, who work and
05:17   who make a positive contribution to society, who speak German —
05:20   these can have a double pass.
05:23   It appears that we got a promise to spare those with Israel citizenship, kind of.
05:27   Weidel extends hand of friendship to Jewish community, which did not really accept it.
05:34   What about the strengthening of the neo-Nazi movement in Germany, which is attracted to her party?
05:38   A few weeks ago, a demonstration
05:42   of neo-Nazis took place here in Berlin: 500 people
05:46   marched, a remembrance at the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Rudolf Hess, the deputy
05:50   of Adolf Hitler. Do you think that something
05:54   like this should happen in Germany in 2017?
05:58   Frankly, you will get crazy people everywhere — I don’t know anything about this demonstration,
06:03   and look at the USA, Charlottesville,
06:07   and things like the KKK.
06:11   I mean, nutters and radicals exist everywhere,
06:15   in every country. We are absolutely
06:19   against left-extreme currents, against right-wing extreme currents and
06:23   against Islamist currents.
06:26   Weidel is a confusing personality. This impressive woman sounds good
06:29   to a Zionist ear, and toward the end of the interview
06:32   even compliments all Israeli women. — I have just never met
06:36   an Israeli woman who does not
06:40   have very strong positions, which she also defends, and that
06:44   in turn, I would wish for, let’s say, German women.
06:49   On the other hand, one should remember that AFD is a party
06:53   that knows exactly how to push the right buttons. Fear drives a lot of people, and ironically,
06:57   the very thing that may move the party up in the polls,
07:01   is the thing that Weidel swore to fight against:
07:05   terror attacks. —Well, I think
07:09   that is speculation, so you have to be very careful,
07:13   if that were to bring something, I do not like to
07:17   speculate about it because it is just simply terrible.
07:21   Also the picture of the Barcelona attack, the
07:25   little 3-year-old who was run over, I simply cannot erase it from my mind.
07:29   Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Israeli Interview With Alice Weidel

  1. The smugness of the Hebrew (Israeli) voice-over is palpable! Much better to have political opinions and political positions based upon fear (justifiable) than upon fantasy!

    MC is certainly correct that Tel Aviv is the heart of the leftist “bubble” in Israel, the home of the country’s media, cultural and economic elites. But, the political (and religious) capital is, of course, Jerusalem (Yerushalayim)–a much more conservative place!

    There is a comedy-media group called Latma, sponsored by leading conservative journalist Caroline Glick, which mercilessly parodies the absurd leftist agenda of the Israeli and international media and gutmenschen. Their skits and programs are often hilarious!!! They, I believe, reflect the general attitudes of the majority of Israel’s 6.5 million Jews.

    I will share a few short skits here (w/english subtitles), but encourage all to explore the dozens of such productions available online. I hope you will be able to view them in your country! (No access problem in the U.S.)

    “All about the facts”

    “We con the world”. This one went ‘viral’ in 2010 after the Gaza Flotilla incident.

    “The three terrors”

    “Christmas in Eurabia”

    • Latma: for me the most intelligent and hilarious humour – and that is saying something in a field with such enormous competition (Jewish Humor).
      I’m sad that they have stopped producing.

      I also am always reminded of Golda Meir when I see/hear Caroline Glick and see in her a future Prime Minister of Israel !

    • The difference between Israel and Germany is that, as you point out, leftists are a minority outside the TA bubble. Imagine is the whole country were TA – that’s Germany, from what I can figure out.

      I suspect that more Israeli *Arabs* vote for Zionist parties than Germans vote for self-preservation (i.e., AfD). Now that really says something (a surprising number of Israeli Arabs are – quietly – pro-Israel).

  2. Nazis! Nazis! Has any political party in Germany advocated rounding up all the Muslims and murdering them? Have they said that all Muslims nations have to be eradicated? Stopping immigration is the same as murdering 11 million people? How insane is the left in Europe? Do they want to be overtaken and murdered?

    • How insane is the left in Europe? Do they want to be overtaken and murdered?

      Not really. But the EU apparatchiks ever-so-desperately want the electorate to ignore that smelly, sweating, pachyderm in the parlor.

    • From memory: Dr. Weidel went to Court for being called a “Nazi Slut”, but what do you expect from a “Justice” system that condemns a conservative, islam-critic Journalist of 35 Year standing to 6 months in prison +++, for having illustrated an Article on similarities between Nazism and Islam with a historical, publicly available photo !!!

      Moral of the story: In Merkel’s Germany: do not criticise Islam, but throw as much mud at conservatives (even individuals) as you like. Merkel’s Mafia have learned well during their Stasi-time.

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