OSCE: A Warning About M-103 in Canada

The following video shows the intervention read by Debbie Anderson, representing ACT! For America, at OSCE Warsaw on September 14, 2017, during Session 7, “Tolerance and non-discrimination”.

Ms. Anderson’s intervention presents a warning about M-103 (Motion 103), the legal push to effectively implement Islamic anti-blasphemy laws and criminalize criticism of Islam in Canada.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

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2 thoughts on “OSCE: A Warning About M-103 in Canada

  1. A motion is not a bill, and people who have been in the thick of the Abrahamic quarrel for centuries do not have a right to impugn what is effectively a nation sized “grey zone”.

    Isamophobia IS a thing, it is the irrational social hysteria regarding Islam and all Muslims as opposed to being able to observe the very real dangers posed by fundamentalist and militant Islam, and it serves to push otherwise moderate Muslims of any national identity towards greater identification with their own “far Right” factions.

    This is accepted in analyst circles as being the primary motive behind the January 2016 attacks on Paris (and those that have followed), to create pressures that consolidate Islam around a center formed by their extremists rather than diffused through a broad and generally more tractable spectrum of adherents to that cultural matrix.

    Ask any security guard who has had to deal with a bar fight that has progressed past shoving if their immediate concern is who started it, or in stopping the fight before it spreads.

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