Why European Preservationists Should Join the Military Reserves

Most European countries make it difficult (if not impossible) for ordinary citizens to acquire firearms legally. Unlike their American counterparts, European patriots are generally unable to gather and train together as part of an armed militia.

In a recent post at the blog European Civil War, Michael Gladius makes an argument for European patriots to join the reserves or National Guards of their respective countries in order to prepare for the next phase of the Counterjihad.

Below are excerpts from his excellent article:

Why Preservationists Should Join the Military Reserves

by Michael Gladius

Not everybody can be an activist, especially on the right. The left-wing activists have more sponsors and wealthier sponsors than the right has, and they have been doing this for far longer. Right-wingers need to ask permission from the state to do anything, whereas left-wingers can act with impunity, protected by the police power of the government. Right-wingers need months to plan a rally, whereas leftist thrall-masters can summon a riot within hours. When it comes to virtually all conventional methods of power, the left holds a near-monopoly.

So what can the right do? There are already several successful activist groups, particularly Generation Identitaire and its various iterations, but for various reasons many patriots cannot get involved with these activist groups on a regular basis.

The answer lies in the army reserves. If European patriots joined the reserves en masse, the balance of power would shift dramatically in our favor.

What are the reserves?

War is expensive, and standing armies are a massive drain on a nation’s resources. For peaceful nations, small nations, or poor nations these costs are prohibitive. Even bigger and wealthier countries would prefer to spend as little as possible on their militaries, unless they are at war. The reserves are a way to balance out the need for a large body of trained soldiers with the desire for a small, inexpensive army. When a man joins the reserves, he goes through basic training, same as a full-time soldier. When he finishes training, he returns to civilian life and is required to drill once a month. In time of war, he may be re-activated, and called up for duty. When this happens, he normally undergoes a period of a few months to refresh his skills before being deployed.

Switzerland is famous for mandating military training for its entire population (which I personally think should be copied across the West). Being a small, peaceful country, it has maintained a policy of iron neutrality for 500 years through this system. Other examples throughout history include the Spartans, Romans, Germans, Israelis, and Boers. The Israelis in 1948 and the Boers in 1899 are the most suitable for our scenario today. This will be the subject of a future article.

Advantages of joining the reserves

In a military, there are combat units, auxiliary units, and a chain of command to ensure these are coordinated and organized. Basic training varies from country to country, but is generally no shorter than three months. Compare this to gun clubs and tactical schools in the United States and Europe, which normally only offer classes on weekends (many of them will, however, offer courses for law enforcement personnel on weekdays… hint hint). These basic skills are highly perishable, and require time and qualified teachers in order to be effectively ingrained.

The first advantage of joining the reserves is that patriots do not have to quit their jobs to join. Once training is complete, reservists will return home, and pick up where they left off. It would be impractical for every European patriot to join the army full-time, but this is not the case with the reserves.

The second advantage of joining the reserves is legitimacy. It may seem odd to join the armies of the nation-states conspiring to replace us and our way of life, but the left has no qualms about milking the state for money and wielding its conventional power. Neither should we. If the right breaks away from the nation state, then we are only another gang in a lawless landscape. If the nation-state collapses, the gangs will survive, but so long as the state remains, the left will ensure that it hunts us down first. By joining the reserves, we will show our loyalty to our nations (if not the politicians running them), and be able to claim legitimate use of force against lawless Islamo-leftists. If we are reservists, then the state cannot declare war on itself without consuming itself and rendering itself irrelevant.

The third advantage of joining the reserves is the need for effective leadership. The right currently lacks a unified command structure, outside of activist groups. Contrary to common perception, the many activist groups on the left are not centrally controlled. Each is capable of independent action, while simultaneously having an efficient and effective communication network that allows collaboration and co-conspiracy. If one leftist group throws a protest, the others join in, even if their goals are only tangentially related.

By joining the reserves, the right can organically develop command structures on a regional basis (i.e., among fellow reservists and police/fire volunteers in our hometowns). Having a decentralized, localized command structure like this will enhance our own legitimacy, while also allowing the scattered groups to come together for larger actions. These small, scattered groups will need to maintain connections to right-wing activist groups, in order to both inform and be informed of changes as they occur.

The fourth advantage of joining the reserves is that the state pays for it, not us. The left is bankrolled and sponsored by banks, the merchant class, large financial institutions, and taxpayer dollars.

The right is not. By joining the reserves, we will be able to train and prepare at the state’s expense, and save our private funds for other projects. Plus, reservists’ pay/stipend can supplement the patriot’s income handsomely.

The last advantage of joining the reserves is that it can serve as a tool for cultural revival. From the beginning of time, men have always been the warriors. Womanhood happens automatically, manhood does not. Young men are usually more enthusiastic about fighting than the elders, and need rites of passage into manhood. The modern state of affairs does not offer anything to satisfy this need. We on the right must fill it in, day by day.

Read the rest at European Civil War.

Also see the reply by Mason-Dixon Tactical.

26 thoughts on “Why European Preservationists Should Join the Military Reserves

  1. Consider too the connections this would give to like-minded patriots who want to resist and kill Islamo-leftists when the time comes.

    It’s clear that Trump has betrayed his base. He’s surrounded himself in the WH with family and leftists. He’s morphing into far-left idiots like Trudeau or Macron. Islamo-leftist subversion will accelerate now, so it’s a good time to get free training and weaponry.

    • ‘It’s clear that Trump has betrayed his base.’ Care to expand on that allegation as I have no evidence that would suggest Trump has abandoned anyone?

      • ‘It’s clear that Trump has betrayed his base.’ Care to expand on that allegation as I have no evidence that would suggest Trump has abandoned anyone?

        I think I’ll take up that point.

        When trump was campaigning he declared several reasonable things to do: no more adventures like those in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya… No more helping Muslim Brotherhood around the world. No more inviting invaders.

        Have you heard about “some criminals are the product of the society” and I should another reality and their governments.

        In the ’50’s, ’60’s, and ’70’s Western / USA hatred towards The Soviet Union was so intense, the Soviets always sided with Palestinians and muslims to find some friends. USA wants allies and friends to sell arms things, so Russia must have the same right.

        All Russia’s allies Iraq, Syria, Libya . . . are destroyed by the west and USA. In desperation they must find a friend, so they turned to Iran. In other words USA and EU are driving Russia mad so Russia finds no other choice but befriend Iran.

        Pres. Trump did not abandon his principles, which he campaigned for. Deep State ( FBI, State Dept. CIA) force him to do so. They force him to fire anyone who has the same attitudes towards invaders.

        They want to oust him but cannot base their move on something lawful. Their lies and scandals did not fly. So they are depriving him of his wings and anyone who can assist him in his noble and correct policies.

        Heaping dirt on him, smearing him hoping some will stick. Very dirty politics: Not even found in the worst so-called dictatorships since eternity:


        He is working for his people and nation. He did not receive any “gift petro dollars ” from any foreign countries, so he is not obliged to serve their interests. That’s what he means “make America great again “or sovereign” free to make decisions to serve Americans, not Humas Abedins.

        • Murad, but show me where Trump has ‘betrayed’ any of his base – what you have put up is what Trump inherited and is fighting against, and what he is fighting against is very formidable indeed.

          So, please point out his alleged act or acts of ‘betrayal’.

          • “Trump inherited and is fighting against, and what he is fighting against is very formidable indeed.”

            You diagnosed it quite correctly. My statements and yours are congruent: Why is he having a “formidable fight” . . . because he is being prevented from fulfilling his logical, and reasonable policies.

            No, he has not betrayed anyone. He cannot do it alone. So many enemies. Hi enemies are also the nation’s enemies. What can the foes get when they surrender the nation to invaders.

            What’s Malmo gaining from falling into the hands of the invaders? Why is it so difficult nowadays to do the right thing? Why loyalty to the nation and fellow citizens is considered betrayal nowadays? Why surrendering one’s country to invaders is considered the most virtuous act that should never be doubted?

            The pres. inherited a mess of betrayal. He promised to “dry the swamp” but is prevented. It hurts when I sense how sincere he is to serve his nation but is hindered.

          • I think we all need to remember that ‘the swamp’ is a pretty big place when it comes to the number of grubs who inhabit it. It has taken the Globalists since the American Civil War to get America to the place it now has been brought to – and draining that swamp will take a little more time than what Trump has available to him, even if he completes two terms.

            So, we should be looking at who will take his place at some point in the future, and if that person has the same commitment to draining that swamp.

    • I think that Trump is being somewhat neutered by “the swamp”, but hasn’t betrayed anyone.

      Give him time – he hasn’t even had a full year yet – and he may succeed in delivering a lot of his agenda. But the swamp is definitely appearing more pervasive than he had bargained for.

      • I’ve been perplexed at times by the media hysterics as displayed over some of Trump’s manoeuvres. Take DACA for instance – Trump has accumulated many critics both of the Left and Right for his suggestions. Yet, those suggestions are just suggestions, nothing has been agreed to at this time, so the deal on which he is working is yet to be done as far as he is concerned, but to both Left and Right, Trump is either being too ‘Conservative’ or not ‘radical’ enough.

        As Bill O’Reilly stated; ‘Stand back a little to see what comes of it.’ Or words to that effect.

  2. The article, which is quite good in many ways, confounds being in a state-sponsored militia or national guard with being an organized nationalist group. The reply to the article by Mason-Dixon Tactical makes the distinction explicit: nationalists in the reserves to be effective would have to maintain their own sub rosa group identity. The operation would be equivalent, it seems, to the Crips or Bloods infiltrating the police (or military) for the training and prestige, but maintaining their own identity and discipline.

    However, the Crips and Bloods already have a group identity and group organization, while nationalists don’t. If nationalists started joining the reserves in masses, would they be able to pick up on one another, and form informal groupings able to act on their own objectives? I don’t know, having no experience whatsoever in the matter myself.

    Let me make some observations, which I cannot claim are backed by experience. If I’m being unrealistic or stupid, I hope there are no impediments to someone more knowledgeable pointing that out. But, it seems to me to be just as important, if not more so, to form groups and organizations actually focused on the survival of civilians, as well as military prowess. For example, a question which occurs to me is what is the best means of stockpiling protection against a breakdown in law? The solution would not necessarily be the same as the best means of equipping a military force for the battlefield.

    The best example I can think of is the Suidlanders of South Africa, who are planning and organizing to mitigate the effects of an anticipated breakdown of the remaining government in South Africa, and the initiation of widespread genocide attacks against whites (among others).

    The question to me is, can you depend on nationalists in the reserve covertly picking up on one another and developing a parallel community, or is it better to develop an organization and consciousness independently? And are you better off with more military capability but less organization, or more organization but less military capability?

    • bigger question for me is – what if I am not “Nationalist” and not “Right”.
      as well as not “Christian”, not “Conservative” and – oh horror, – even, maybe, not “White”.
      however, even such weirdos, like me, can and do have reservations about Islam, Archaic backtrack etc.
      so if I’m not ready to support all thoughts of Patriots in Resistance, only because I prefer to remain “patriot of common sense”, – can I still count on place in your trench, spare ammo clip, etc., all these future luxuries of rat life? 🙂

      then, – in Europe, there is no big Reservist service.
      also, the TA enlist young people only, but many of those who would like to participate in such prepping activities, aren’t young.
      Europe is society of, and to a degree for, older people.

      so could we please have another article on the subject, addressing all that.

      • Older men can still contribute to the fight, up until age 60. Heck, there are 45-year olds fighting ISIS right now. You won’t be on the front lines, but you’ll be able to work in the rear areas.

        Keep in mind, war isn’t just combat. An army needs cooks, medics, administrators, chaplains, truck drivers, mechanics,… you get the idea. So even the elders can effectively help the war without firing a shot.

        As for openings/slots, the reservists work in civilian jobs when there’s no war to fight. You’re not in the national guard, where you’re a full-time soldier. You’re the backup bodies. You train, then go home and drill once a month.

        If the elders join, the young will follow. Lead by example, Lead from the front. Not online. And have 3+ children, darn it!

    • You raise a very good point Ronald that the author of this article has not considered. Having been a regular soldier at one time in my life, I can state that soldiers do tend to gravitate toward those who have similar interests or outlooks on life, but this ‘socializing’ does take time, so the aspiring patriotic reservist would also need to be a patient reservist. The other aspect to joining any military reserve is that there are only a limited number of ‘vacant’ positions to be filled at any one time, and any large numbers of enthusiastic citizens suddenly wishing to join the Army Reserve would certainly raise a few eyebrows among the gatekeepers of the status quo.

      I don’t put that forward as a means to cause disinterest in what the article promotes, but only to be aware that certain actions can have unforseen consequences.

      Too, when joining any part of the military, a series of acceptance tests must be passed, and that also includes a psyche test as to suitability for military training. So, aspiring patriotic reservists would also need to be vetted as to their suitability through some kind of system before applying to join any part of the status quo’s military reserve.

      • It absolutely takes time, and that’s why we need to start now. If the war starts in 8 months, we can’t wait for 7.75 and then suddenly be ready. Patience and persistence are the keys.

        Marine le Pen’s daughter famously announced that she would join when her mother lost the election earlier this year. The state can’t turn us away, either, without just cause. And since we’re not full-time troops, they’re only paying us a stipend.

          • The ‘state’ will turn those away they consider as not suitable recruits.

            Turn “away” enough patriots and watch what happens when excrement hits the twirling blades.

    • The patriots would need to get involved with activism in order to identify friend from foe. This can be done, but it will take time. Which is why we need to start now. Not next month. Not next year. Ideally, small activist groups ranging from 10-30 men could join and try to get into the same squads and platoons together.

      Much of the skills necessary for survival can be practiced in the military, but civilian classes are usually better. The key difference is, one of them pays you to learn it, and you can’t get fired for doing it. So drill once a month, and practice once a month privately. Do that for 8 months and see what happens. 🙂

      • Friends join the NG together all the time, so doing it with a couple buddies is not unusual, and won’t stand out as long as you keep your politics and organizational ideas to yourselves. Another good option for some friends to do if you’re not sure if you want to commit is the “Guardsman for a Day” program. Depending on what training is scheduled for a given weekend, the trainee might get to shoot a qualification run with an M4 or SAW, and might even go through a shoot house with a rifle.

        • Thanks! I definitely agree that the saying: ‘never miss a good opportunity to keep one’s mouth shut’ applies here.

          I’m not sure if Europe has ‘guardsman for a day’ programs, though… Any Europeans here who know?

  3. Sorry son. That option is ‘Muslims Only’ Better to go for martial arts. Real discipline first. We are dealing with emotional lowlife savages from the very bottom tier of life on the planet.

    • You can learn hand-to-hand combat in the military, and get paid to do it. I would also prefer to know who has the keys to the armory. If we’re going to fight back using force against the Muslims, then we should not be using our hands. The rule is: bring a gun to a fist fight. Bring all your friends with guns, too. And do it in uniform, not white nationalist clothing. The latter marks you as an illegal combatant. No private armies and no private wars.

      • In Europe the Ummah will be well-armed with all the leftovers from the Balkans conflict that are stored in the mosques.

    • We are dealing with emotional lowlife savages from the very bottom tier of life on the planet.

      And your point is?!?

      (Fear not, we are in cataclysmic agreement.)

  4. I only partially read the article, but I have had similar ideas forever. Conservatives should join all kinds of lunatic groups, including BLM and whatnot. The goal is to leak informations to the other side, commit excesses that are easily blamed on left lunatics, induce them in compromising mistakes.

  5. Ah, what a romantic idea!

    Let me consider this. You join the enemy’s army reserves. Then comes the day where the caca hits the fan and you will be sent to a country that’s not your own, where you have no connections, might not speak the language and your task will be to FOLLOW ORDERS to restore the status quo ante. What do you do? Refuse to obey? Cool! You’re dead or in a camp. Desertion? Yeah, man, brilliant!

    But go, join the reserves, learn to cook and darn socks, by all means!

    Have an adventure.

    This ain’t no Huckleberry Finn sequel … /rant

    Train where it makes sense and where you meet the right people and where the tactics taught correspond to the true future needs. Read up on the history of the IRA. You might understand what I’m talking about. A conventional military approach to what’s coming is totally useless.

    • OK, where to start?

      1) If we join the reserves, they can’t activate us at a moment’s notice. As the article points out, there is a refresher period before sending us anywhere. And considering NATO’s half-hearted, non-committal attitude towards the wars against islam, I can’t foresee them suddenly growing a spine and demanding thousands of trained troops. Only a war against Russia would be big enough to justify this.

      And if you’re still worried, then join Poland/Hungary’s reserves. They’re in our camp, aren’t they?

      But on the other hand… what if the riots in the cities grow out of control, and the state has to deploy the military to suppress them? If they don’t, the state loses power, and becomes irrelevant. Then the gangs survive, and will seek out trained soldiers to survive. If that happens, then we’ll still have our training to protect ourselves on our own (if the state can’t suppress the 24/7 rioting, then they sure aren’t going to have the resources to go after all of us). If they do crack down on fuzzy wuzzy, then they’ll be forced to admit that Islam is actually a problem.

      2) We can’t privately fund a revolution once it goes kinetic. The left controls the banks, and all the institutions of power. If everything went mad max tomorrow, guess who’s better-organized and has the time and money to act within hours? Hint: not the right.
      By joining the reserves, we get trained at the state’s expense, and get access to its resources. If they want to crack down on us, who’s going to do it? I’m not denigrating or downplaying the need for activism, but I will argue that both are necessary.

      3) The IRA wasn’t dealing with a genocidal foe. The globalists/socialists try to maintain a facade of legitimacy, but Islam doesn’t care. They won’t hesitate to massacre unarmed people, and enslave the clueless bystanders. Playing guerrilla tactics without actual training rarely ends well against a subculture that actually knows what they’re doing, and will gladly wipe out your family when you return home that night, or the next day.

      Conventional tactics are still relevant. Guerrilla warfare is what people who don’t have conventional power do. Every successful guerrilla war ends with conventional victories and becoming the status quo. Mao did it. Garibaldi did it. The American revolutionaries did it. The North Vietnamese did it. You get the picture.

      4) And yes, as shocking as it may sound, in war people do follow orders. When the peasants of the Vendee were drafted en masse, but then turned their arms against the revolution and defected, who led them? That’s right: the royalist nobility. The nobility led them, and had the power to punish those who did not obey orders. In the Spanish Civil War and the American Civil Wars, both sides had conventional armies. The former didn’t win with guerrilla warfare, they won by taking away their enemies’ cities. The latter lost because they lost their cities.

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