Are We Approaching the End Game?

Emmet Scott’s latest is a provisional historical overview of Western Europe’s current Decline and Fall.

Are We Approaching the End Game?

by Emmet Scott

It is becoming more apparent by the day that the end game, in Europe at least, is now imminent. Things cannot go on like this much longer. Something has to give, and soon. To all appearances, what we have come to know as “European Civilization” is doomed. The proximate cause of this, however, is not the mass colonization of Western Europe which has stepped up several gears in the past two years. Not is it primarily the chaos, lawlessness and terrorism which these colonists have brought with them. These things are effects, not causes. The primary cause is the wholesale rejection by the ruling elites of the values upon which Western Civilization was founded and built. Since at least the 1960s these same elites, which include the political, intellectual and judicial classes, have worked untiringly to excise these values — those of Christianity and Hellenic rationalism – from the public sphere.

Whole volumes could be written (and have been) on the reason for this historic development; and I have no intention of adding to the literature here. What is important is that it has happened. Western (i.e. Christian) Civilization has been replaced by what might be termed Social Marxism — a creed (for that is what it is) which rejects in its entirety virtually every institution and cultural norm upon which Western Civilization was based. This includes everything from the traditional family and the very idea of gender norms to the whole concept of patriotism and public duty.

In accordance with this new creed, the Western elites have been quietly working to abolish Western Civilization since the middle of the 1960s. This program has included, among other things, the actual replacement of Europe’s native populations with immigrants from various parts of the world — especially from Africa and Asia. Europeans were encouraged in every way possible not to have children, then immigration was foisted upon them as necessary because of Europe’s low birth-rate.

The stresses caused by this mass immigration never affected the elites who engineered it, so they ignored the spiralling crime-rates which the working classes — the lucky recipients of this ‘cultural enrichment’ — had to endure. The rise of widespread Islamic terrorism in the past couple of decades has pushed those stresses more into the public eye, but has had little or no impact upon the belief-systems of the politically correct elite. The replacement of Europe’s native population will continue unabated. And this is something that needs to be emphasized. In the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ debate the ruling elites are NOT neutral; they are firmly on the side on the Islamists. Indeed, every tool that can be employed to crush all opposition to the Islamization of Europe is being employed: Everything from the crude power of state compulsion to the more subtle and insidious power of blanket media propaganda. As long as the present elites remain in control, the Islamization of Europe will proceed — irrespective of how many atrocities the Islamists commit.

The situation thus looks extremely bleak. Those who hold all the power are Europe’s most insistent and dangerous enemies — and this includes all of the mainstream political parties, whether of the “right” or the “left”. (Angela Merkel, it should not be forgotten, is the leader of Germany’s supposed “center right” party). The elites have the great majority of the state-employed professionals — whether in education, medicine, social welfare or the civil service. They have the mainstream media in its entirety. (And it must not be forgotten that there is no equivalent of Fox News in any Western European country. All that exists are wall-to-wall copies of CNN, NBC, etc.) This leaves the opposition — such as it is — in a very bleak place. The ‘opposition’ is composed in general of the most powerless and despised members of modern Western society. There are the small groups of traditional Christians — those that have not followed the politically correct lead of the mainstream churches (including now the Catholic Church); there are a few professionals (usually working in the private sector), and there are the remnants of what used to be the urban working classes (now sadly debased through habitual welfarism and unemployment). How are such marginalized groups to save the West?

The answer to that is that they cannot. If things continue the way they are going, Western Europe (everything west of Germany) will be more or less completely Islamized by 2030. The dead hand of politically correct control will ensure that nothing is allowed to interfere with this process. However, we need not abandon hope. No one can predict the future with certainty. What is needed, above all else, is the removal of the political and intellectual elites who are at present destroying the West. Only one thing can possibly bring this about, and that is a total economic collapse. The supreme irony is that the very Marxism which the European elites have embraced may bring about their demise. Due to decades of utterly unsustainable welfarism, combined with the insane globalist project of the European Union and the euro, Europe now stands on the brink of an economic abyss. Mountains of debt have accumulated over the past decade in a futile attempt to prop up the disintegrating system, and clearly this situation cannot continue much longer. All that it will take for the whole edifice to collapse is a trigger; perhaps a particularly severe terrorist attack, such as, for example, a ‘dirty bomb’; perhaps a crisis in some other part of the world, such as China or America (both likely); or perhaps some form of political crisis within Europe (Spain stands on the brink of such with a threatened secession by Catalonia this October).

More than one commentator has argued that the entire global economy, and not just that of Europe, stands on the brink. Increasingly incessant voices (almost completely ignored in the establishment media) have warned of an imminent and approaching crisis. There are real signs of a situation equivalent to the Great Depression of the 1930s (or even worse) developing. In practical terms, such a situation would probably result in major social unrest — perhaps even civil war or civil anarchy in many countries. In the 1930s the percentage of urban dwellers as a proportion of the overall population was much smaller than now. Country dwellers could survive with their chickens and vegetable gardens, etc. Very few modern Westerners have access to such things. An economic collapse would quickly result in extreme hardship, perhaps even starvation. Serious intercommunal strife would then be almost inevitable. There could, however, be one positive result: The elites who engineered the whole sorry state of things could be swept aside. However, they would not go voluntarily or quietly. On the contrary, it is possible to envisage a situation where Marxist elites in European countries formally ally themselves with the Islamists to crush any patriotic or nationalist opposition.

We could all be in for some very interesting times indeed.

Emmet Scott is the author of Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited: The History of a Controversy and The Impact of Islam. For his previous essays, see the Emmet Scott Archives.

101 thoughts on “Are We Approaching the End Game?

  1. Geopolitical struggles like this always, but always end up with anarchy, war, economic collapse, social collapse, Communism, Islamism or some other hideous manifestation of man’s most basic instincts.

    Post ww2 we were sitting pretty, now look.

    • The U.S. is engaged in a war against Syria that is beyond stupid while Europe collapses. Get Assad!

      NATO, the supposed shield and spear of W. Europe is oblivious to the internal threat of islam and opportunistic and destructive primitives. Nothing going on INSIDE Europe. No! Get Putin! Bleeping, conniving Ruskies. The nerve of those bastards. Why, they’re modernizing their military. Don’t they trust us?

      The mind reels at the total failure to grasp the simplest details. Poisonous, fiery winds sweep through the West like the breeze through a Nevada test sight but erstwhile intelligent people perseverate about homohappiness, penguins, polar bears, feminist mind spasms, blood diamonds, Syrian crematoria (remember that one?), BLM, wedding cakes, Megan Kelly’s career, Whoopi Goldberg’s political opinions, and the literal freak show that is modern culture.

      Not to mention that the U.S. has declared itself above international law so that the latest eructations from the Department of State and the WH are to be holy writ for Lapps, Waziris, jhadi scum, and Faroe Islanders. We indispensable, yo!

      It’s the perfect storm of arrogance, stupidity, and sleep walking through mine fields and rivers of lava. We voluntarily threw away what we had and it’s now guaranteed that there will be mass killing everywhere in the helpless, servile, stupid West. Each and every institution an utter failure unless the captains and platoon sergeants come out of the barracks and forget to go back.

      • The elites absolutely intend this – they are not stupid, just suffer from acute hubris. They think they can unleash the rabid dog of Islam, and pervert society without it affecting them. Silly elites.

        Unfortunately, the rest of us also pay the price for their hubris.

      • Blood diamonds (and rare earth minerals), and in particular the wars fought over them, are the cause of much misery.

        • I know of no wars underway over REMs.

          Killing over diamonds is in the category of snipe hunts. Why diamonds (and contests to acquire them) are possessed of unique properties of evil escapes me. S. Africa is (or was) a source of large amounts of diamonds but there was never a hint of anyone getting killed over them in any kind of war. I’m thinking the killing has everything to do with the scene of the crime and nothing to do with the product itself. If peanut butter was hugely profitable, the locals would kill over that I suspect. Blood peanut butter!

          Narcotics, oil, a reckless U.S. foreign policy, and ANC-instigated murder of Afrikaner farmers entail industrial-scale killing not penny ante perfidy with a sexy name.

          We heard a lot about “blood for oil” during the Iraq war and I’m still waiting for the dollars to pour into our coffers after that exercise in mindless nation-building. Sooner the Second Coming than dollar one from that dealy. In the meantime, the contracts went to China it was reported.

          Another victory for the Foggy Bottom and WH geniuses.

      • The US is not yet, and may never be, in a War against Assad or Syria. They are engaged in a war against ISIS in Northern Syria and are supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces composed, mainly, of Kurds the commander of whom is a female named Rojda Falat. The SDF has carefully liberated thousands of square miles once dominated by ISIS, and currently have surrounded and attacked the Capitol of the islamic state in Syria, Raqqa.

        They also train anti-ISIS forces in Southern Syria at al Tanf, but it is at Raqqa that ISIS will be crushed with, hopefully, no survivors.

        I just thought this information might be of interest to Col. Bunny whose agitated state and rhetoric seems to have overlooked these facts on the ground.

        • The US is in a coalition with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey.

          SA and Qatar recruit troops to fight against the SAA, namely, al-Nusra and ISIS. They finance and supply those same scum. As I said, our allies.

          Turkey has shot down a plane of one of the allies of Syria, looted Syrian factories, sent troops into Syria, shelled the SAA, supplied weapons to the jihadis, and provided treatment to and shelter for them. Again, one of our allies.

          The US attacked the SAA in Deir ez-Zor. Deliberately, which attack was followed by an ISIS ground assault in eight minutes. A coincidence, of course.

          The US has invaded sovereign Syrian territory on the ground and three times attacked SAA and allied troops near al-Tanf on the pretext that they threatened the US forces there illegally. We provide weapons, including ATGMs to the enemies of Syria, including ISIS. US planes daily patrol Syrian skies without authorization from Syria.

          The US recently shot down a Syrian air force jet over Syria. The US has also attacked a Syrian air base with some 60 cruise missiles on the pretextual claim of a chemical weapon attack on civilians, which claim was as contrived as the 2013 one respecting Ghouta. And without basis in international law. But Her Nikkiness said it as ok, so there you are.

          But you’re correct. The US is not at war with Syria.

          Felat appears to command the YPJ not the SDF.

          I did not realize the SDF were involved in the training of the jihadi scum underway in al-Tanf. I understood that is being provided by US, UK, and Norwegian troops all present on Syrian territory with no legal authority under international law.

          Let’s all pray for the ISIS animals to die horrible and pointless deaths. However, SDF interests are opposed to those of Syria. The US appears to want to use them as cannon fodder to fight ISIS, which is our firm objective on alternate weekdays with time off for good behavior. The ultimate US plan appears to be to break off eastern Syria with Kurds doing the dirty work, thereby breaking up Syria and pleasing Israel a bunch. All US efforts being resolute, if not constitutional.

          Personally, I think Assad’s a decent man and is widely supported by Syrians. All of Syria’s better off under his hand and it’s not clear to me now that a Kurdish something would be better. Now is the time for every last Western know-it-all to stop telling Syrians what to do. If that isn’t crazy talk I don’t know what is.

          I regret having overlooked any facts on the ground. Let’s chalk it up to my agitated state these days which is pretty much a chronic condition. Alcohol helps.

          • The Syrian Christians support Assad and many priests (and I believe the bishop) are stunned by US actions. I totally agree with your assessment. Trump is being played by the globalist military establishment and the consequences will be ugly.

          • Thank you, J cos.

            Assad is head and shoulders above the Iraq of Hussein and the Libya of Gaddafi. Even the latter were superior to what has transpired there. Assad is a dream come true by any reasonable political standard yet the U.S. — again — wants to turn Syria into a head choppers’ wasteland.

            In fact, anywhere in the world I’ll take “pretty good” for a political solution. What virus infects the U.S. policy makers’ brains is a mystery.

            I ran across an article by Robert Parry last night that I think is excellent: “Spoiling for a Wider War in Syria.” Recommended reading for the beach or while awaiting the arrival of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police manhunt for hate speech.

      • What a great post! Part flame thrower, part cruise missile. I checked out your profile. “The Gods Must Be Crazy” – what a great movie! Hadn’t thought about that in years.

        • Thank you, Sir.

          Yes, one of the greats. I haven’t updated my profile for an age. I just added the film “The Man Without a Past” by Kaurismaki. It’s an absolute delight, droll and touching. Don’t doubt me on this!

  2. This is one of the best, if not the best, analysis I have read about the current situation in Europe. But not all of European ruling class is rotten to the core. Not all of Europe is ready to fall. Eastern Europe, which has known the horror of Islamic occupation,colonisation and terror in the past, remains vigilant. Counties like Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary will not fall easily. In the future, after Western Europe becomes a Caliphate, these countries might become the staging area of a second Reconquista.

    • One thing the V4 countries must do (and they doing it so far) is manouver around their existing position, tolerate the farce indictments on refusing mandatory quotas, play the game of the “slow cousin”, who just do not want to understand what is good for her (multicultural enrichment)… Right now the dying states like Germany and France are still too strong and if they decide to use military force to occupy the Visegrad Four countries, they could not muster enough force to resist. They have to wait like Leo in Titanic, to the last minute before they jump off the ship.

      • I think the V4 should leave the EU and throw their lot in with Russia. What is occurring now in Europe can only end in violence, and lots of it.

        The V4 now need a strong country behind them before the EU is able to get their fascist army operable against them.

        • Agree, agree and agree!

          B-b-b-but the Russians are the enemy? Aren’t they? Well, according to the democrats, the MSM, and not a few Republicans, shame to say.

          • Hopefully we (and quite a few others) do.
            But in the above case, there might be a certain reluctance from the V-4 to get chummy with Vlad for obvious reasons.

            Yet, looking at where Europe seems to be headed, it would make a lot of sense, as virtually all of western Europe is NOT moving right, and the rumours of a European army are not exactly inspiring.

            To Bela: No doubt whatsoever. Why otherwise? All countries are falling into line–even U.K., which disappoints me hugely.

        • Can there be any doubt that the formation of an EU army is only to enforce the will of Brussels on ‘recalcitrant’/’reactionary’ members?

  3. Are we approaching the endgame in Europe? The Muslims are now acting as if they have already taken over.

    • Considering they get a free ride, and are protected by government and police who come down hard on anyone who objects, they have!

      And don’t they know it!

    • My Aunt lives in a very small town that borders a very typical English village. There are about 17 or so small shops that are typical to any English town. Where she lives is certainly not a place you just happen upon, and it is not a place where any motorways lead close to. Of those 17 shops there are 4 that are run by Muslims. The odd thing is is that what they sell are items you would find in any $/£ shop. They do not seem to do much business in any of them and there are a lot of comings and goings by their friends. We all kind wondered just what it is that is going on as no shop can survive without customers. Not sure if this is repeated in any other very small places in England, but it is strange to say the least. My Nephew bought a car that was advertised online and when he went to pick it up he lost count of how many double-takes there were from Muslims at the white men. Both he and his friend were the only two non-Muslims and this was in a pretty big City in England. Many of our big Cities in England are completely dominated by Muslims, with the ever-present women-clad burkhas with at least 3 kids in-tow, and it is now being duplicated in many European cities. There are just way too many places where it is us who are the foreigners within our own countries.

      • The term, ‘A stranger in your own land’ – and this only applies to Western countries – is a feeling that millions of native white people throughout the West now feel, especially in those big cities, either subconsciously or openly admit to, as you have done.

        There really is only one solution that will alleviate that feeling.

  4. I fear you’re right – unless of course an effective resistance movement can be put together before the inevitable collapse. The main problem with that is, any potential leaders have their credibility destroyed before they can begin to gain any traction. See Tommy Robinson in Engalnd, Wilders in Holland, etc. I’m off to buy some books on self-sustinence!!

    • Well, with all due respect to Tommy Robinson, he is not the leader of the 21 century. But then again, nobody is.

      • We should not look for THE leader but welcome the vigorous and the brave wherever they appear.

        Apparently this is to be a captain’s and sergeant’s show. In the U.S. the generals are worried that Muslim terror on our military installations will harm our “diversity” and top political leaders who are psychopaths (We came. We saw. He died.) can come within a whisker of being president.

        I am not making this up.

      • They are the leaders of 21st century of some people. Those leaders and their people may survive, however small they are. Better be supportive of some that have been leader for some group of people, rather than just whining.

  5. Yes…The main problem with the Roman Empire was the uncontroled migratio across its Northern borders. We look very much like the Romans in the fairly early stage of decay-around 250 C.E..

    Remember the whold process took about 150 or so years. So it wasn’t apperant to those actuallyliving through it. Look at some of the symptoms we have in common.
    –uncontroled immigration
    –over use of public benefits/handouts
    –more militarism on the fringe of empire.
    –cynical lack of patriotism
    –the top 2% getting very rich compared to the mass of people.

    • I think the process will faster this time. Life accelerated due to technology and communication. Overtaking Rome was slow because transportation and news were slow…

  6. His book Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited is very informative and I plan to teach a class based on this book. My degree was Ancient Greece not the late Roman period, so I am researching that period so at least I can appear like I know what I’m talking about. Currently, studying The Fall of Rome by Dr. Peter Heather and watching his YouTube videos. I cannot find YouTubes by Emmet Scott but that would also be helpful, if he has any lectures on video for the internet someone please provide a link.

  7. Excellent analogy; However, I do not believe financial hardship, or even collapse will bring about the required “end game” scenario. Look at most of the rest of the world, particularly Venezuela. Many of the imported “replacement workers” have known hardship much deeper than anything they are likely to find in Europe, in fact many in Eastern, and Southern Europeans already are living in dire straights, and have been for some time.
    I use Venezuela as a particular due to the fact that they are not being over-run with immigrants, and their Marxism is still holding the key to the candy box, and Islam is nowhere in sight – yet.
    Something that is primary in my thinking is the idea that a Euro has a value higher than a US Dollar, this absolutely baffles me beyond compare. Europe is virtually devoid of all natural resources, and has completely ruined it’s infrastructure to create any product, or service, that is new, unique, or groundbreaking.
    Safety standards for vehicles in Europe is practically stone age compared to the USA, not to mention the Environmental issues.
    Add to the fact that most Europeans are without suitable weapons with which to attempt to “reconstruct” the government/elite, and I think we will be seeing new levels of depravity all across Europe unimagined even today.
    Could there be civil war? Yes, I just can’t imagine it having anything to do with poverty. Humans are just too capable of living dirt poor generation after generation.

    • An insightful comment. Perhaps the key element is the one you mark as absent from Venezuela. Islam. People can endure privation, even draw strength from it and find fellowship in it. Some of the best times I had were when I was away from the barracks and PX and just had the company of my fellow soldiers. Not an equivalent situation perhaps as we were well fed.

      However, an arrogant, contemptible foreigner being part of my daily life is something that is simply intolerable.

  8. “…threatened secession by Catalonia…”

    I am positive that all hope lies in shattering the map of Europe. And of America, for that matter. Hope for what? For the return of the human. For surely the shattering will not bring prosperity. Quite the contrary. But “man does not live by bread alone.” Yes, it is right to speak in cliches at a time when only cliches remind us of what is true. What is true, eternally true, is that we are not material units in a material world. That way lies death…of the soul. And the soul MUST return. The materialists will lose. And MAN will return. If we are reduced to small bands…bands of brothers…then so be it. We will start from there. And we WILL return.

    • “For the return of the human.”

      Perhaps C.S. Lewis’ “men with chests”.

  9. The Afro-Arab invasion of Italy continues. During the first five months of this year 60.000 so called “refugees” – mostly young men – arrived in that country and Greece. Since at least five years Italian cities are experiencing crime and violence. These immigrants are from Nigeria, Mali, Morocco, Algeria, Pakistan and Bangla Desh. They hoped to continue to France or Northern Europe, but borders are closed, and they must stay. Watch the railway stations in Bologna and Milano! Here is multiculturalism! Recent polls show that half of the Italians want the government to stop these arrivals. But what about the other half? How many “guests” will they recieve?

  10. For what it’s worth:
    There may be similarities to the Great Depression of the 1930s but the planners have become much more sophisticated since then.

    The EU is living through an agenda via UN strategy with all its different agendas going on at once, 10 year plans and 100 year plans and the public has been, and is being, set up psychologically years ahead to accept them; they have accepted multiculturalism, politicians telling them the terrorist attacks will now be normal, etc.

    The majority of the public, as far as I can see over here, are too busy struggling through their lives to do much about or care much about what is going on. The cultural engineering continues, works on people without their knowing and brings them to their conclusions and opinions on many things and they become politically correct, while being lied to by politicians with simple explanations.

    One generation of ordinary citizen comes and another generation follows, few living to one hundred, thus forgetting their history, their memory. The agenda of the elite continues to be pushed forward by dumbing down the public, where conversations become vacuous – more superficial thought, more control over people. This is why Emmett Scott is so right on this. Reading about the super-elite, as a loosely organized group, it is clear to see that their ideas and plans, last beyond the life span of the average person, and they can push their agendas on with the help of useful idiots, achieving goals 150 years or 300 years later.

    There is no viable opposition in Europe. None of them are talking about a real revolution like 1776, which is what is needed to get rid of the Brussels EU, the first step, and the politicians of member states betraying their people. And that kind of opposition, if you really want to get down to business, requires a huge underground organization with professional military planning and sophisticated logistics and some luck.

  11. OK.So, this article brings nothing new to the game.We all know this data and we all go ahead with our lives.Till the time is coming.

    However the missing link is the fact the the “elites” as we always call those nasty [epithets] in power have a lots of money.

    My experience said that those that will be again in power will be those that have money now. So, the chanses to have a major change will be unlikely just because history repeats itself.

    The only success that I see, will probably be a complete separation of muslims people from jews and christians with very known and well delimitated boundaries.

    Through blood, the christians will again understand what muslim is and what muslims does.And that is again history repeat itself. If people in west would read their books and mind their predecessors we would not have come here.

    In Balkans, especially in the Bosnia there are cities bought by saudi money, there are ISIS fighters there and that is their foothold over eastern europe. The story is that island of muslim garbage will not spread because of many man in the east that know to fight and even if the saudi dream is to create a caliphate in balkans it will be almost impossible.

    Bulgaria has already battalions of men train to catch and throw away the muslims back in Turkey;I know many bulgarians, they are rough and powerful and do not miss…as pose to [milquetoasts] in west that have no [manly generative equipment].

    Then Serbia is greek-orthodox and had hundreds of years of islamist fighting. Romania, oh those traitors I have doubts about them…

    Hungary, Check, Poland,Slovakia,Ukraine.Those are catholic countries with nerve.

    So, the mighty caliphate in east is looking very [foul] and non probable.

    You know what the problem is in germany and in general the nordic countries?

    I tell you: those people are so cold that they do not even speak neighbor to neighbor .So they don;’t care about each other.

    Their collective care is not there.This is why they feel they have nothing to defend.

    Ok, I ranted enough for today.

    Thanks for reading 🙂

    • Yours is the best comment because you understand. Humanity is a crock. Only your own people. And only if you love them enough to KILL the enemy. Then you can have a future. Your tribe. TRIBE. Everything else is dreck.

    • Myfreeeurope, thanks. I like your piece. I understand and go with your ideas.

    • “However the missing link is the fact the the “elites” as we always call those nasty [epithets] in power have a lots of money.”

      Yes, it is important to note the rise of non-state players, such as Mr. Soros, that have enormous wealth, wealth larger than many nations. And their weapons are not traditional armies.

      “The only success that I see, will probably be a complete separation of muslims people from jews and christians with very known and well delimitated boundaries.”

      This necessity is often ignored, even by those who recognize the war we are in with Islam. Islam won’t disappear, and while there might be a faint hope of Islamic reform, the West cannot endure more Islamic intrusion while they sort themselves out. One of my long-espoused arguments against unfettered immigration from any dysfunctional state is that it prevents the reform needed in those states.

    • Great comment! I’ll go one step further than you, myfreeeurope, in identifying what has befallen mankind ever since Adam was a boy and what needs to be corrected if we are to no longer repeat the same mistakes that history can show us should not be repeated and in just three simple words – money (wealth) power (authority) and greed (rapacious desire)

      Once the dust has settled over the West, and if the West has survived in some semblance as to what it once was, the leading civilization, then those who survive with it must take up the mantle to invest in a system of authority that no longer resembles what has been used to bring the downfall and coming catastrophe to us all.

      Humanity has to wean itself off the abysmal failure that is central authority and disperse political decisions to the masses that in an electronic age would be fairly simple to administer – look at how Trump is now able to inform millions of Americans instantaneously of things that would never see the light of day under the old way of controlling the masses.

      But, it has been the ease with which central authority is able to be coerced into directions that have had dire consequences on humanity ever since history began to be recorded that we are now witness to, and becoming part of, without any effective non-violent recourse to address.

      Even the Founding Fathers of the United States Constitution – the greatest human rights document ever created – knew the system of government that they devised would eventually become corrupted, as we now bear witness to. But, even those enlightened Men could not devise a system of authority that would be incorruptible and impervious to human interference.

      Maybe if communication systems were more like what we have today those clever Founding Fathers could have come up with something better than what is now so obviously falling apart?

      There has to be a better system devised than the current failed ‘democracy’ two party one horse system model that was a dud even before the first votes were cast.

    • Right on there, myfreeeurope! You’re very observant about the different countries, and right imho.

  12. The suicide of the West. The West that is built largely, but not entirely, on the teachings of a man who said: “Judge not”; “Love your enemies”; “Turn the other cheek”. How can a civilization built on such teachings endure? The answer is, it cannot. The core of Christianity is not pro-life, or traditional marriage. It is kenosis: self-emptying. A Christian preacher in North Carolina recently stated, “I’m perfectly willing for people who are hostile to us, to be in our country, because that’s what loving your enemy is all about.”

    If the West does not adopt the Noahide covenant soon, we will not have the will to live.

    • surak, if a city or a nation follows God’s laws, God defends them. that’s the plain and simple understanding of the scriptures including both the old and new covenants (Jesus). Its called obediance due to faith and trust. As for the preacher in NC, he is seriously misunderstands the bible and sounds like he does not read the old covenant books where its clear that defense of nation is very important.

      • Most of Gods’ teaching in New Testaments (spoken mostly by God Jesus) is for the relationships of individuals. If a city follows it, the city will die; Gods will NOT defend them. For relationships among groups of people, laws of war apply. Those laws are specified by Gods too. Will Gods defend USA from Japan by following the law of ‘turn other cheek’ and do thing? No. Gods ‘defend’ (or more precisely, ‘allowed USA to win’) because USA applied law of war in Old Testament, and fought; not turning other cheek.

    • Surak, according to my favorite Biblical scholar and all around wise-man Dennis Prager, those three teachings you cited by Jesus were intended to quell the in fighting between the famously argueable Jews, not as a prescription to present your neck to your enemies!

  13. But still, the elephant in the room. European Whites and American Whites forgot to breed. Is it too late? I hope not.

    • Yes, as Mark Steyn has noted for years now, demography might be our destiny. He recently had a SteynPost video about the population explosion in Africa … an uneducated and unskilled population that simply cannot be supported in its native land and will inexorably head to Europe.

      “Tomorrow By The Numbers”

  14. The Left has finally achieved absolute intellectual bankruptcy, which is why their last gasp is now violence. They put all their eggs in the Victim basket, as they depended on the Victim Vote. So all they have to offer is a larger and larger, economically unsustainable Welfare State which will morph into a One World Government and can only be kept alive by forced transfers of wealth from A to B, which the globalists will be more than happy to organize.
    In other words, the worst is not the collapse of the West, but the One World Government of the Barbarians which may follow!

    However the fact that Trump was elected is a good sign. It means there are more of us than the Left bargained for and of course in the USA we are also armed. But that won’t help Europe, already terrorized by Muslim barbarians on their city streets, and as the young man said on London Bridge – ‘I couldn’t help because I wasn’t armed!’

    So number 1: Arm yourself

    Number 2: We need to have a united public campaign of push-back against Political Correctness. I don’t know how this can be achieved. Fortunately more and more people are realizing that the mainstream media and the educational institutions are propaganda machines for the Left. By their blatant bias they are hanging themselves!

    Number 3: Understand that the Western elites are too weak to fight us. Basically they are Peter Pans and Wendys – limp-wristed cowards, hiding behind their weak grip on power. It is only the Muslims who will not give up until they have a MOAB dropped on towelled heads. So far the Antifas have been given a free run, and we have not exerted ourselves, but a tipping point is fast approaching when we will.

    Number 4: Right and Left are dead as there are globalists in both camps. We are a third path, a new covenant, and we have to get our intellectual ducks in a row asap.

  15. Citing:
    “.. rejects in its entirety virtually every institution and cultural norm upon which Western Civilization was based. This includes everything from the traditional family and the very idea of gender norms to the whole concept of patriotism and public duty.”

    this is good example of lazy, untidy writing.

    Alexander the Great’s army was comprised of gay warriors, they somehow did well without “traditional family”.

    the whole bunch of 20th century Western scientists were “patriots” only in the last turn (e.g. Jewish immigrants), von Braun’s team, von Ardenne’s team. but, these very people have defined le visage of the modern world.

    to the question of “public duty” and its utility in retrograde systems, please refer to Siegfried Lenz’s “Deutschstunde”.

    the rest of article is as unconvincing as that sentence.

    author doesn’t take into account science, as i t doesn’t exist; in particular Biomed.
    what if Europeans will stop aging and dying?
    what if they find replacement to fossil fuels, aka Islamic oil?
    what will be the role of China and other Arctics in all that?
    what if European resistance will trigger mass apostasy from Islam?

    very feeble scarecrow, this article.
    it’s too early to celebrate defeat together with author, honestly.

    • Alexander’s gay warriors were warriors, not family men at home raising their kids. We all know that homosexuality was part of Greco-Roman culture, but families were not denigrated.

      Science, as we can see from von Braun’s and von Ardenne’s work does not necessarily promote humanitarian values, but those are what a civilization needs if it is not to deteriorate into barbarism. Prostituting one’s talent to rogue regimes is a good example of moral bankruptcy.

      Public duty depends on its cultural context. In a long standing democracy it means something entirely different from what it implies in a nation with limited experience of democracy and long experience in Prussian-style reverence for the authority of the State.

      Biomed and genetic engineering cannot save us if they are not guided by ethics. Stop aging and dying? Are you serious? China is riddled with the disease of corruption in every nook and cranny of its life, so it has a rocky road ahead. Energy won’t be a problem, I’m sure. What is a problem is the population explosion in the Third World and their leaders catastrophic mismanagement of Third World economies.

      Mass apostasy is what I dream about. The historical record has no such previous example and it will not take place unless Muslims are scared for their very lives – an event I would welcome.

      Churchill was ridiculed for his war-mongering, but it turned out he was correct. The ground has been prepared. Our institutions have been fatally weakened.

      • can someone be a good man without being a “patriot”?
        can someone be a good man while being gay?
        can someone be a good man while contesting quorum opinion with radical humanist idea (like emancipation of women, equality of Jews, etc.)?

        is science capable of initiating abrupt social transformation?

        are Muslims capable of understanding science?
        are Muslims capable of empathy?
        (that means, – good part of them, say more than 50%).

        are Arctics, strategically, rather allies of the West?

        if you answer yes to these questions, then you would agree that author’s analysis is one-sided.
        it is fixated on demography and “economics”.
        in my opinion, the former is important but not primary issue, and the later is utter fiction. there is no “economics”, there is politics and logistics.

        West isn’t without problems, one of them is post-Modern recoil and related crisis of elites and leadership.
        but it is far from apocalypsis.

        • Does an unpatriotic man deserve the protection of his state?

          Does being part of a minority (gay) make one a majority?

          Quorum = legal minimum. not majority.

          Is this the Radical Humanism you are referring to – an Indian movement?
          ‘The concept of radical humanism was conceived by M. N. Roy in his Basic principles of Radical Democracy which he shared with a few comrades including Sibnarayan Ray. One of the assumption was that party-politics was inconsistent with his ideal of organized democracy. It was ‘radical’ because] is rejected many of the traditional political and philosophical assumptions underlying the society of early twentieth century India; and it was ‘humanism’ because it focused entirely on the needs and situation of human beings.’

          I think you will agree that the humanism of the political elites today already is radical!

          The imams of Islam rejected science centuries ago because they said that Allah cannot be known by man – which is why they are intellectually stunted today. Of course Muslims can excel at science if they have the talent for it.

          Muslims are capable of empathy but they have to suppress it in order to scrupulously obey the dictates of Mohammed.

          I have no idea what you mean by Arctics except the tundra region around the North Pole, which is sparsely populated. Perhaps we could send the Muslims there?

          If you believe that economics has nothing to do with power you are more than naive. However I agree that people’s values, expressed in their political choices, are supremely important.

          On that subject, it is a shame that the ‘post-Modern recoil’, you mention hasn’t already turfed the PC elites out of office and sent the Muslims packing back to their own dysfunctional countries where they can sort out their own problems instead of expecting the West to!

          • yes I agree – “humanism of the political elites today already is radical”.

            but it is poorly managed, – which more than nullifies it, making it suicidal.

            Arctics==(generalized) China – high IQ, pragmatic, and increasingly humanized, south-east Asians.

            “Does an unpatriotic man deserve the protection of his state?”
            if genuinely in need, anyone (except ptvoven enemy) deserves protection.
            people have multiple identities, often conflicting, multiple origins even. you won’t resolve this via patriotism.
            Leo Tolstoy btw said “patriotism is slavery”.
            it is enough to be “patriot of West”.
            if you support Amsterdam Declaration, you won’t betray those who do.

            “Does being part of a minority (gay) make one a majority?”
            the point is, you can’t contain or/and fight Islam, while insisting on discrimination of gays.
            that makes you.. another islam.

    • It seems all you offer by way of alternatives is “what if” dreams.

      “The Last of the Wine” by Mary Renault painted an interesting picture of ancient Greece. I can’t speak for its accuracy but it seemed like a very good description of how Greeks lived. I presume she did not get her ideas from food packages and soap operas.

      The Greek military were formidable and Hopplite infantry were sought after all around the Mediterranean. Also, being homosexual did not by any means mean being a twink, as some modern homosexuals mistakenly believe. Renault’s description of the Pankration games is gripping to say the least. The difference between the Athenian and the Spartan version was that in the former it was not permissible to kill your opponent.

      To get to my point, I gather from Renault that homosexual relationships were pursued by the young and men in the army. At a certain time, however, it was expected that young men would marry, though what homosexual behavior persisted throughout life outside of marriage I do not know. I do not think it is accurate to say that Greek soldiers did well without traditional family. There does not appear to have been then the modern either-or arrangement that obtains today. I think you exhibit “presentism” as the leftists like to say.

      • only evolutionism.

        nothing, – socially, – is forever, or saint.
        including family.

    • Please use capital letters. Punctuation is tied up with helping (=showing respect and consideration for) the reader.

    • AY, The Roman Legions inflicted the death penalty on soldiers who were found guilty having committed homosexual acts, and for good reason that any military man worth his salary would tell you about.

      Perhaps Alexander’s sexual adventures in company more befitting a Roman orgy were also his eventual undoing?

  16. No one can predict the future with certainty.

    No, of course not. There may not be death by irreversible deterioration. We could see, some sunrise, a manifested nuclear monster announcing its demands at MIRV point, and the Israelis, acting preemptively, short circuiting anyone’s ability to waffle their way to submission through pathological indecision. Badda-bing, badda-boom, a few score blinding flashes and away go the Mullahs, and the remaining Kims for [a relatively] permanent good measure. And I’d be just as pleased with life as I was the Summer of ’66.

  17. lets remember that Hitler (ie.nazi germany) came into power due to the global great depression. somehow, i don’t think good will come from this next economic collapse.

  18. It’s frightening to see the end-game threads come down to ‘pandemic’ as an unlisted ‘solution,’ unless I just lost patience scrolling. History offers little encouragement. Durrant was clear on this eighty years ago, let alone countless others. Meanwhile, my wife and I are about to leave the Peoples’Republics of the Pewter State.

  19. Very interesting read. It is troubling to know that the most free and open continent may become a Caliphate. I agree that the politicians and elites are in the same bed .Why else would a right or left wing allow open borders, allow criminals to stay back , even have courts to rule in favor of migrants.
    The article however fails to answer my question. Besides greed and the struggle for power, why would elites want the destruction of their own civilization?
    At least for now Britain (purposely missed out Great) has formed a coalition that will support Brexit. Europe final chance when the Germans head to the polls but that alos seems very unlikely given the recent polls

    • You know, something good actually came out of the British election: Theresa May and the Conservatives are now “owned” by the Democratic Unionist Party. That tiny party that nobody much cared about until… a few weeks ago.

      And when the chips are down, I think that the DUP will be on “our” side. Their history almost forces them to think these things through.

      So they’ll force May’s hand to a good extent, I hope.

      • Yes I agree the DUP are our only hope in all of this.They will try to rein in May’s appeasement of the Muslim terrorists and the communities that spawn them.But it remains to be seen how much control they can exercise over the Sharia law loving , infidel hating, apologist for Islamic terrorists, Theresa May.

    • Elton,
      The so-called “elites” want the destruction of their own civilization because they HATE Christianity, which built that great civilization. It’s as simple as that. In its place, they want to build some type of “utopian” ideal where everyone is “equal”, sexual perversions run wild, and the family unit, which is the basis of any great civilization, is destroyed. Of course that never works, just read the book “Animal Farm”. History repeating itself, because rulers and to a lesser extent its populace, have turned their backs on God once again. I will not obey, said Lucifer.

      • mr.Producer. Individual liberty and inalienable rights are part of this agenda to rid the West of such impertinence. Once gone, the masses will be far easier to control.

  20. Christianity is the soul of the Western civilisation. Modern Europe has become almost deChristianised and now it is little more than a walking corpse. In fact, the things have gone so bad that even an Islamic society begins to look better than the present sorry state of the West.

  21. This, unfortunately, this is all part of the agenda, the world currencies will collapse lending to a global financial system. Our lords and masters will fight for power as they have everything thay need in the material sense, which just leaves us in the utopia of global cities where like components of a fluid data markets, will be plugged into the brave new world with the life expectancy of a light bulb.

  22. I am not European, I am Indian (Hindu). Yet, it will hurt me terribly to see Europe demolished. I have grown up reading European history, I have never been to Germany but I can speak some German. I learnt it, because I have a soft spot for Germany.

    I have a message for European people. Europeans! Learn from us Indians. We have defeated Islam for over 1000 years now. We have paid great costs but there is only and only one reason as to why Hindus are the only people who have survived brutal Islamic rule spread over 800 years.


    Go for armed resistance. Talk is cheap. It will never secure your homeland for you. The only thing they respect is brutality. That’s the only language they know.

    • Indians are not the example to follow. Many Hindus were too soft and gave large portion of India to Pakistan and Bangladesh. Hindus cannot get to agree to a petition to ban Quran. Hindus were not reciprocate, Pakistan muslim only, and India no muslim. So sorry, you have nothing to teach us about resistance to moslems.

      • If you think India has nothing to teach us about fighting back against Muslims, obviously you are not aware of the great rebellion against the Islamic Mughal dynasty that took place in 17th, 18th, and early 19th century India.

        The Sikhs of the Panjab, the Hindu Rajputs of Rajasthan, the Hindu Bundelas of Bundelkhand, and, greatest of them all, the Hindu Marathas of Maharashtra, fought against incredible odds to overthrow the rule of what was one of the largest empires on Earth.

        They dealt with many of the same problems as us: Islamic perfidy, traitors in their ranks, renegades from among their own people converting to Islam, stout-hearted patriots falling into Mughal captivity and facing mind-bending pain during interrogations carried out with depraved Islamic techniques of torture and maimimg, the difficulty of forming alliances with other like-minded rebels across vast distances and differences of language and religious denomination.

        Look up Guru Tegh Bahadur, 9th Guru of the Sikhs, who gave up his own life to protect the right of the Kashmiri Pandits (Brahmins from northern India) to worship freely when the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb threatened their lives if they did not convert to Islam, and when, as Hindus, they were not even of his religion.

        Look up Guru Gobind Singh, 10th Guru of the Sikhs, who, at the age of nine, was told that his father had been martyred by Aurangzeb in Delhi, and that he was now the leader of the Sikh people. Learn about how the young Guru Gobind Singh reorganized that people as a khalsa (army,) and led them from the plains of Panjab into the Himalayas, where, in the narrow mountain valleys, they could hold their own militarily against the vastly greater numbers of the imperial army.

        Look up Chhatrapati Shivaji, founder of the Maratha Empire and scourge of the Muslims, who captured fortress after fortress on the mountain peaks of Maharashtra, using some technique that remains unknown to this day.

        Look up Queen Tarabai, who held the Empire together in the dark days when the rightful heir to the throne was held a prisoner a thousand miles to the north, in the Mughal court in Delhi, and did it at a time when very few women exercised real power.

        Look up Peshwa Bajirao I, who served the Maratha Emperor fighting not only the Mughal dynasty to the north, but also the Muslims of Bijapur to the east, and the Muslim African pirates of the Arabian Sea coast to the west, who had originally come to India as slaves of the Mughal, but were then creating mayhem on their own account. He often sent out three armies in different directions each campaign season, and did this in an era when the Empire was tragically divided, some Marathas being loyal to a rival claimant to the throne who had been installed by the Mughals. And if three enemies for half an empire were not enough, he also fought off the British in the same years!

        Learn how the main gate in every fortress in Maharashtra, regardless of which direction it faced, was arrogantly titled “Delhi Gate”, indicating that through this gate a Maratha contingent would one day march on the Mughal imperial capital. Then learn how the Great Peshwa, Bajirao I, made the dream come true by leading a successful raid on the suburbs of Delhi, and how his son, Peshwa Bajirao II, later sacked Delhi completely, and hoisted the proud Maratha banner above the walls of Peshawar, in the far northwest, on the border of Afghanistan!

        India, and especially Maharashtra, is one of only five areas of the world where long-term Islamic rule was thoroughly established, and which was then liberated from the Muslims’ grasp.*

        So we most certainly should learn everything we can from that fine example, since we face a daunting challenge, the situation is not going our way at the moment, and we need to leverage every possible advantage to defeat a wily and determined foe. We must not turn up our nose at valuable data simply because it is less familiar than the cases we have considered from Christian history.

        *The other four are Iberia; the Mediterranean islands such as Sicily, Sardinia, the Balaerics, etc.; the southernmost Italian peninsula; and parts of Greece and the Balkans.

    • Thank-you for your message of support.I wish that you could persuade Western leaders to man-up and stop pandering to the Muslims.
      You are right of course.Until Western leaders stop crippling ,detaining ,punishing and persecuting all those who attempt to speak out against Muslims and defend themselves from atrocities committed by Muslims ,we are hogtied.

    • Thank you for your support! We are in a very bad situation now. In the old days our rulers fought islam. We now are stuck with these current day traitors who actively support islam.

      In my opinion you are correct when you say: never stop fighting back. We have to fight back, it does not take all that many to do just that.

      First of all.We should seize the control from our ” leaders”. One way or the other. That’s the first step to get us out of this mess called islamisation of our homelands.

      Maybe we do need mass-immigration after all. Hindu mass-immigration!

      • Yes I have to agree .We have (according to Andrew Bolt)
        about 250 000 Hindus ,250 000 Buddhists ,250 000 Sikhs
        and 250 000 Jews.
        But (as Bolt points out) every terrorist attack in Australia for the last 100 years ,has been by Muslims.
        If we increased the number of Hindus ,Buddhists ,Sikhs and Jews there would be no increase in terrorist attacks.
        But if the number of Muslims increases we shall have an increase in terrorist attacks.
        Which is why polls show that the majority of Australians would like to see a total ban on Muslim immigration.
        More Hindus would be most welcome however

    • I note that Hindus readily take to the streets at some new instance of Islamic arrogance. Mosques get burned down. In reading about that stuff I got the impression that their actions sprang from the principle you announce.

  23. The elites must be blinded by their own arrogance to not to see their own eventual demise.

    • Need a list of the Dutch “elites”? Nothing a well trained and armed militia could not take care of in lets say ” 3 crazy days”.

  24. The proximate cause of the downfall of Europe begins with the colonization. The enemy first has to invade the target and then the chaos, murder, rape etc begins after which the kinetic war (global jihad) begins. Islam has used this time tested method for centuries.

  25. Of course Bat Ye-or in her book Eurabia showed us that the European Islam-conversion was at least, in part, an elite conspiracy, it doesn’t quite feel as a sole conspiracy. We would have leaks. People would confess. People would dump. People would convert and release documents of secret meetings. People would have epiphanies.

    It rather feels like a sort of a genopsychosis overlying a few devilish plans in a few connivers, a vast pervasive mental problem in maybe a guilt-laden people. Population psychosis.

    I wonder if similar mass mental illness has afflicted other cultures at different times in history?…a mentation problem associated with strong suicidal overtones, affecting whole populations?

  26. I am going to post this as often as I can, wherever appropriate.

    To every nuclear technician.

    When the time comes, Sabotage the nukes.

    Europe may fall into centuries of darkness, the world may enter a prolonged economic colapse. But the muslims must NEVER have nuclear weapons.

    Sabotage the nukes.

    • I think Pakistan has nukes, though whether they have the means to deliver them is another story.

  27. If the West were under occupation by a foreign, enemy force, how would life in the West be much different? The tragedy of it is that we in the West gave life to this Frankenstein monster when we eagerly exchanged our freedom and the fruit of our labor for the false appeal of “free stuff.” We should not be surprised that after 80 years clamoring for a shepherd to take care of us, the shepherd now looks upon as livestock.

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