The Mayor of Cologne Submits to Islam for Ramadan

Henriette Reker is the immigrant-friendly mayoress of Cologne. She made the news in these pages a few times in the past, the first time after she was stabbed in the neck by a “xenophobe” when she was running for mayor. She became notorious after the “groping jihad” on New Year’s Eve of 2015 for remarking that women should stay an arm’s length away from migrant men if they wanted to remain safe.

Ms. Reker visited the new mega-mosque in Cologne on Friday to give a speech at an iftar dinner. She was in full dhimmi mode for the occasion — I’m surprised she wasn’t wearing hijab. You’d be well-advised to keep your antiemetic pills handy while watching the video below.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

53:35   Ladies and gentlemen before I welcome you now,
53:39   I would like to say that I consider it a good sign
53:43   that when I came on stage a verse of Quran
53:47   was being read.
53:51   Honorable professor [Turkish name],
53:55   honorable general consul [another Turkish name],
53:59   consuls from Düsseldorf —
54:03   that female consul I met before, but also from Turkey
54:07   and Poland. Honorable doctor
54:12   [Turkish name], honorable representatives
54:16   of many faith communities
54:20   who are here today, and dear representatives from politics
54:24   and society, dear Fritz Schramer
54:28   whom I just saw, ladies and gentlemen,
54:32   dear friends: I am glad
54:36   to be here today with you this year as well
54:40   for Iftar dinner, and I am especially happy
54:44   that today, on the second Friday
54:48   of Ramadan, the room of the Dome was ready for use for the Friday prayer. Surely it was for you a
54:56   huge moment and a special event, and my heart
55:00   is still full of what I saw, that
55:04   what was built around us
55:08   so we got a little closer to heaven.
55:16   The motto, ladies and gentlemen,
55:20   that was chosen this year for the blessed fasting month, is —
55:28   we can see it on the menus, and here: “You are carrying responsibility
55:32   for every single living creature.” This is an appeal!
55:36   to all of us! This motto touches me deeply;
55:40   it was wonderfully chosen and it is still
55:44   of course very relevant, right now because of
55:48   the background of bad news from all over the world.
55:52   We should never forget
55:56   that we carry a responsibility for every single
56:00   living creature, but above all for our fellow men
56:04   everywhere in the world.
56:12   The basis for a peaceful coexistence is for me
56:16   the ability to solve conflicts
56:20   with creativity and empathy.
56:25   Professor [Turkish name]
56:29   emphasized in his speech
56:33   the violent solution [sic!]
56:37   and for that I thank him [sic!] as much
56:41   as for the fact that they put
56:45   “connecting” the foreground.
56:49   [In the silence police sirens are heard outside.]
56:53   So I see it as our common success that
56:57   we celebrated, in May, eleven years of existence for the Cologne For Freedom Commitment.
57:02   And many of you — perhaps not the foreign guests —
57:09   but you’re hearing about it now;
57:13   this is clearly a true Cologne Jubilee
57:17   number eleven. For an explanation:
57:21   on 29th October 2006 in the Cologne Town Hall,
57:25   following the initiative of the project Do You Know Who I Am?
57:29   [the Cologne For Freedom Commitment] was signed.
57:33   Sorry. With the project Do You Know Who I Am? the three large
57:37   monotheistic religious communities have accomplished, since
57:41   2004, an addition to understanding and freedom.
57:45   And since 2016 especially
57:49   for the integration of refugees and social cohesion.
57:53   I remember very well
57:57   that I visited you, like all the other religious
58:01   communities already in 2014,
58:05   and I asked you
58:09   for your help and I experienced your support.
58:13   I thank you for that as well.
58:21   In 2006 Cologne was
58:25   not only the first large German town that
58:29   created a Religious Council and signed its own peace engagement.
58:34   I argue that Cologne was and is like no other city
58:38   in Germany. Suited to send peace messages
58:42   in a believable way. Peace messages that we in Cologne
58:46   not only demonstrate every day with our about hundred different religious
58:50   communities, from people of more than 180 nationalities
58:54   but also often [accept being] challenged
58:58   by differently thinking people, which sends clear signals
59:02   to the entire world. Together
59:06   we also demonstrated on the 22 April 2017 on the
59:10   [unintelligible] party day in our city
59:14   for the opening to the world, tolerance and solidarity.
59:18   Ladies and gentlemen,
59:22   you also know that freedom of opinion doesn’t mean
59:26   freedom of dissent. [sic!] And I am very happy
59:30   that on this day you are also on my side.
59:34   Ladies and gentlemen, a good cooperation
59:38   of the religious communities is considered by the city of Cologne
59:42   and the city’s inhabitants and the entire society outside Cologne
59:46   a positive connection signal, an orientation
59:50   and a role model. Also, when we sometimes have to show proof of patience to one another,
59:58   and have to endure some things, I am very
60:02   happy about continuing a dialogue with you,
60:06   and about building this city community
60:10   together; you have showed
60:14   today [that you carry] the burden and the responsibility and the respect
60:18   for your fellow men, and for that
60:22   I thank you and I further wish you a blessed Ramadan.

21 thoughts on “The Mayor of Cologne Submits to Islam for Ramadan

  1. Only dared to read it, because I cannot bear to hear the voice of this possessed woman, who seems to be a Merkel clone.
    She totally ignored the threatening and traumatic ordeal that many Germans and other Europeans, especially the young women, have been going through since the Soros puppet Merkel made the notorious fatal decision in 2015.
    Just reading her speech is chilling enough.
    What really send shivers down my spine was the following: “…you also know that freedom of opinion doesn’t mean freedom of dissent…”
    How long do we Europeans have to swallow these kind of traitors, before most of us will finally wake up and revolt, beforeit’s too late?!
    It’s 5 to 12 now…!

    • she said: freedom of ….Widerspruchsfreiheit!
      This is a nebulous formula and means : freedom of opinion does not mean, that there is no freedom to talk back,to contradiction.So, estimated Sobieski, cool down.
      But she still is a useless idiot,after all.

  2. Looks like keeping an arm’s length distance to certain people has not yielded much. After Cologne I there was Cologne II (no major incidents were reported thanks to the hard work of 1800 (!) police men who prevented certain ‘men’ to reach downtown Cologne) and there will for sure be Cologne III on 31st DEC 2017. Probably with 2000 police officers?

    As the mayor of Cologne she is doing exactly nothing do protect women from certain ‘men’. It is striking how certain politicians can get away with blabbering at all times.

    If you walk the streets around Cologone’s now infamous ‘Domplatte’ (square adjacent to the city’s majestic cathedral) at any time you can notice that there are significantly more men around you than women. Do women take helicopters to move from A to B? Is the situation anywhere close to acceptable?

  3. I always wonder myself what they find so worthy to celebrate with this ramadan-thing.

    During Ramadan all over the world people get either punished by the state or by their fellow Muslims if they are caught eating or drinking at daytime (with a fine, jail or physical punishment).
    This year in Oldenburg, Germany a Syrian refugee stabbed a Kurdish Muslim on the street for eating ice cream.

    And the end of ramadan (Eid al-Adha) is the time of year with the most rapes and sexual assaults in many muslim societies (it`s fe. a big problem in Egypt).

    Also funny: avoid getting fat during… err, fasting?

    So that is the festivity western politicians want to honor and celebrate???

    • Astuga-

      All they really do is invert day and night.

      So, they gorge themselves throughout the permitted hours, and many of them attend parties with loud, obnoxious music that run almost until sunrise.

      Immediately before sunrise they gorge themselves even further to prepare for the hours of non-eating during the day.

      Personally, I don’t really consider this fasting. More like ‘binging’.

      As one might imagine, there are tremendous amounts of food waste. Food prices also skyrocket because the local vendors are more than willing to gouge customers for the holy feasts. There is so much demand for meat that the butchers tend to skip the halal processing because it takes too long!

      But don’t you dare eat in front of them during daylight, even if you are an infidel, and certainly don’t question their faith!

  4. Ramadan Friday prayers in Cologne Cathedral–turn out the lights, Christendom.

  5. This woman is another one of Merkel’s gang of traitors, she is advocating the abolition of the German peoples, this woman has to be taken care of, by whatever means necessary.

    She was lucky the last time.

    Luck will not visit her the 2nd time.

    These crooks make Hitler’s Nazis look like a bunch of pansies.

    The Germans need to mass together asap, and capture people like this […], and get them into military custody.

    While they await the hangman and his trap door.

    Germany rise up and take your country back from these evil zealots like this wicked blind deaf woman.

    Do it now!

  6. Heavens, Baron, when you say antiemetic pills are needed you weren’t kiddin!

    Good God! It is spectacles like this which really stimulate the jihad. It’s practically an advertisement saying ‘Come and get us jihadi boys, we’re a weak and stupid civilization, and ripe for the picking!’

  7. The German word for “Whore” is “Hure” in case some of you will have to address this piece of -deleted- one day .

    • Please don’t insult hardworking ladies of the night.
      Reker is a traitor, to her people, her country and her gender. She makes my skin crawl.

  8. How can you have freedom of opinion without freedom of dissent? That would mean you have freedom of opinion as long as they are all the same!

    • please check my comment on Sobieski above on top.
      False translation jeopardize our goals here on GoV.

  9. If anyone wondered what will become the Liberal intellectuals after they enabled the invasion? They will become willing Muslims as the example shows.

  10. “Mega Mosque”? Why not drop any pretense and just let Pakistan—or some other Islamic cesspit—build a combination military base, munitions dump, and madrassa?

    Per Matt Bracken’s own observations, as with their beloved “no go zones”, the sole benefit of such non-assimilative gathering places will be in how they tend to “cluster up” jihadis and create “target-rich environments”.

    Europe is headed straight towards a modern day Cromwell or Napoleon. It is only a matter of time and a few atrocities of sufficiently spectacular devastation to irreversibly spark public outrage. From all appearances, the recent vehicular festivities at Finsbury Park may well have been a precursor of this now-smouldering wrath.

  11. Just look at that face. She *looks* like a pod person, which she surely is.

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