Who Sold Black African Slaves to White Slave Traders?

In the following interview, a writer named Tidiane Ndiaye talks about the African slave trade, and the central role played by African Muslims in taking and selling slaves.

What doubleplus ungood words! Surely that makes Mr. Ndiaye a WAYCIST…? No, wait; he’s not white, so he can’t be! Aieeeee! (head explodes).

Many thanks to Ava Lone translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We’re now going to Senegal, where your correspondent Sarah Sakho went to meet
00:04   one of the slavery specialists, historian Tidiane Ndiaye,
00:08   author of several historical surveys, one of them ‘Veiled Genocide’
00:12   about the slave trade carried out by Muslim Arabs. He gives us his opinion on the memory work
00:16   done by France in the last couple of years. —One needs
00:20   to treat [all] history in exactly the same way. Remembering
00:24   abolition of slavery in the Atlantic trade is a very good thing.
00:28   But also remind people that it wasn’t an isolated phenomenon in
00:32   human history. This is the reason for this book
00:36   that was published by Gallimard, ‘Veiled Genocide’, to remind everyone that if
00:40   the Atlantic trade involved about
00:44   9-11 million individuals, the one practised by the Arab Muslims
00:48   involved 17 million; and because of the massive castration,
00:52   they have almost all disappeared in those regions, while
00:56   concerning the Atlantic trade, today 70 million of the descendents
01:00   of Africans or of mixed blood populate the New World. From the USA to Brazil
01:04   through the Caribbean. So there was no will to destroy a people;
01:08   but it is a crime against humanity that had to be denounced
01:12   and France went up to vote this law. —There is a debate about reparations.
01:16   Are you for reparations in principle, and if yes,
01:20   in what way? — The question is whether you can repair the past.
01:24   Those people were saying that this crime was irreparable.
01:28   Who are the victims? The descendents of the victims
01:32   are identified today concerning the Atlantic trade, who live
01:36   in the overseas departments [French]. So taking into consideration the economic policy
01:40   put in place by France; I think there are forms
01:44   of reparations more subtle than financial ones.
01:48   So you are against reparations on principle. — You cannot talk about reparations
01:52   in the same way in the Antilles as in Africa; since the
01:57   African was also the perpetrator: he was a victim and a perpetrator. It’s true that
02:01   those perpetrators were a minority, regardless of the enormous masses
02:05   of people who were dragged away. Much more victims than perpetrators,
02:09   but there is also this African responsibility, which somewhat prevents
02:13   the talk about reparations. —Should colonization be considered a crime
02:17   against humanity? We all remember the huge controversy started in February 2017
02:21   by Emmanuel Macron, the new president of the Republic, who during his
02:25   campaign called colonization a crime against humanity in Algeria,
02:29   even if he later took it back. What do you think about it?
02:33   Wanting to describe French colonization as a series
02:37   of crimes against humanity isn’t very honest, since the historical
02:41   truth couldn’t be elucidated by that. For example, if you read my book
02:45   ‘Veiled Genocide’, you’ll see that it was precisely French colonisation,
02:49   especially on this side [Senegal], that put a stop to the
02:53   slave trade carried out by Muslim Arabs. Colonel Archinal went in to
02:57   create “freedom villages” for all the captives who managed to run away.
03:01   And in Tunisia abolition was very effective,
03:05   and in Morocco. This is why this is very complicated,
03:09   and you cannot investigate only the negative aspects
03:13   of colonization. — Mr. Tidiane Ndiaye, thank you.

19 thoughts on “Who Sold Black African Slaves to White Slave Traders?

  1. Henry Louis Gate of “Beer Summit” fame, filmed a series about African civilizations. He showed such unexpected sights as the Pyramids of the black pharaohs, in or around Darfur in present-day Sudan. But while showing Black Africa’s claim to great civilizations, he also explored the African suppliers of slaves. In one memorable episode, he talks casually with a tribal king and informs hum it was likely that his ancestors had conquered and captured his…Gates”s ancestor and sold them to slavers.

  2. Henry Louis Gates of “Beer Summit” fame, filmed a series about African civilizations. He showed such unexpected sights as the Pyramids of the black pharaohs, in or around Darfur in present-day Sudan. But while showing Black Africa’s claim to great civilizations, he also explored the African suppliers of slaves. In one memorable episode, he talks casually with a tribal king and implies it was likely that he king’s ancestors had conquered and captured his…Gates”s ancestor and sold them to slavers.

    As of the 1990s, according to personal report, slavery was still practiced at least to some extent in Nigeria, as one student had witnessed it in his family. Poor families will sell a child for the money or goods, also cutting down on the family’s food consumption. How good or miserable the slave’s life is depends entirely on the personality of the family.

  3. Slavery is a staple of Islam, and slave trade continues today wherever Muslims rule the roost. Anyone who imports Muslims into his country is doing so at his own risk of subjugation and enslavement. ISIS is simply the visible affirmation of Islamic principles, in no way it is more Evil than the application of Islam elsewhere, as as Israel where buses with children were blown up, hundreds of silly girls are lured into Muslim villages and towns, degraded, and become sex-slaves to their captors. Tolerance of Islam is tantamount to tolerance of Nazism, just take the Hamas example. The final bit where the black gentleman shows his black brethren were liberated from Islamic slavery by the white colonialists is striking.

  4. Regardless of who is still practicing slavery, the concept of reparations by people who never did anything to people who were never injured by them is an obvious scam. I guess it’s a bellwether to determine what’s left of Americans’ survival instincts. To the extent Americans take the idea of reparations seriously, it’s an indication they no longer take themselves seriously.

    Germany stopped paying reparations to Israel some time ago, which I’m happy to hear. It doesn’t make sense for people who committed no crime to pay people who had no crime committed against them. All the Nazis and their victims are dead, except for a few Germans drooling in nursing homes. If we all paid for past injustices committed by some remote ancestor, nobody would have anything…which may be the motivation of the cultural Marxist support for dumb concepts like this.

    I’m tempted to post a link by Dave Chappelle, very un-pc and offensive, but it may go against the spirit of the website. Therefore, I simply suggest googling “Chappelle reparations”.

    • No I mean ancestral debt & glory is a staple.

      Tearing someone from the sins & successes of their ancestors is what they church did in order to convert them. European blood + European tradition makes a European man, cannot lack one.

      However, the best reparation would have been repatriation & assistance to set up back in Africa, out of good will.

      That time has passed now it’s civil war, only question is when?

    • Dave Chappelle’s “Reparations Day” skit is a classic.

      Highly recommended unless you are super thin-skinned.

    • Eh? Of course Germany is still paying small pensions to the dwindling number of Holocaust survivors. Your claim is [thereby refuted].

    • Regardless of who is still practicing slavery, the concept of reparations by people who never did anything to people who were never injured by them is an obvious scam.

      Please review my post in this thread about how: “It is meaningless to view history through the lens of modern morality.”

      I would be grateful to know what you think if the information I’ve posted.

  5. I refuse to believe this! Only white Europeans are capable of anything bad! The white people just pretended to be Arab Muslim slave traders to make the Arab Muslims look bad!

  6. Clearly this poor author was absent from class on the day they handed out the memo that non-Europeans have been absolved of all past, present, and future sins.

  7. As it happens, we just returned from a visit to Portugal, where we visited a museum dedicated to slaves in Lagos (a port, which was the first place in Europe to feature a slave market). There was much content devoted to how terrible the Portuguese, and Europeans, were in owning slaves – but absolutely nothing, about how those Africans ended up being slaves in the first place…

  8. What is not addressed here is the enslavement of whites by Muslim arabs who regularly invaded Europe to take white slaves who were the most highly prized of slaves.

  9. A trade implies that there were other parties besides the evil Whites. Kingdoms such as Dahomey, Ashanti relied heavily on slave trade. Their economies collapsed when the British put an end to the sordid business.

    In any case, Europeans died in large numbers from tropical diseases such as malaria when they tried to enter the African interior. There were people bringing the slaves to the Europeans at the ports to sell. Who were they? No one is interested although there was a “trade”. The gentle Black Africans living in the garden of Eden would not sell their own, would they? These are the original Dindu Nuffins!

  10. I would like to know how Ndiaye’s ideas are received throughout Africa.

    • Please rest assured that The Association of Perpetually Aggrieved Victims has filed several class action lawsuits. Quite coincidentally, all of them claim “emotional distress” or make demands for “reparations”, as opposed to specifying any obvious mistruths or actionable damages.

  11. Although not explicitly stated by M. Ndiaye, he worthily manages to (however obliquely) distinguish a central truth. Namely:

    It is meaningless to view history through the lens of modern morality.

    This is one of Liberalism’s decisive failings and constitutes a large part of the slipshod foundations used in arguments made by today’s Social Justice Warriors. Such that, the farther back in time one goes, the more meaningless this sort of moralizing becomes. Even a single century can erode almost all relevance from observations made in this manner.

    In the most immediate context, M. Ndiaye represents a splinter group of scholars that struggle to unmask the monumental hypocrisy of modern minorities who seek to lay pandemic dysfunctionality in Third World countries at the feet of all Caucasians in Europe and America.

    Time and again, this ridiculous pretense is used to lash unwary Liberals into blubbering, self-flagellating apologists for their mere presence on earth.

    The profound hypocrisy involved most frequently manifests in three different-but-similar ways.

    — Black people converting to and extolling Islam even as they strenuously ignore how—as M. Ndiaye makes so clear—Muslim slavers ravaged many African cultures to the point of near-annihilation.

    — Feminists and homosexuals fulminating about the iniquities of Caucasian Western culture (especially historic offenses—is there a pattern emerging here?) all the while remaining deafeningly silent about how Islam would like nothing better to rape them all (males included) and kill every last gay there is.

    — Interminable squealing by modern day Muslims about Islamophobia and portraying themselves as perpetual victims amid the most deliberate obfuscation of Islam’s almost unbroken track record of violent predation upon and obliteration of every adjacent culture.

    Again, is there a pattern emerging here? Sincere congratulations to M. Ndiaye for his courage in challenging the accepted narrative and seeking to set the (much distorted) historical record straight. Still, while making many vital and laudable points, M. Ndiaye lamentably omits mentioning some of Islam’s most egregious crimes against humanity. As an example:

    — Slave ships crossing the Transatlantic “Middle Passage” between West Africa and the Americas typically saw a 15% mortality rate.

    — Muslim slavers who force-marched their captives overland to the Arabian Peninsula settled for a 15% SURVIVAL RATE. Straggling or otherwise hindering individuals were either summarily executed or simply left to perish in the Sahara desert.

    — When these in-transit fatalities are taken into account, M. Ndiaye’s estimate of 17 million enslaved by Islam abruptly skyrockets to somewhere around 100 MILLION VICTIMS. By comparison, Europe’s and the America’s total number of around ten million slaves suddenly becomes close to a rounding error.

    From: 10 Facts About The Arab Enslavement Of Black People Not Taught In Schools

    Some historians estimate that between A.D. 650 and 1900, 10 to 20 million people were enslaved by Arab slave traders. Others believe over 20 million enslaved Africans alone had been delivered through the trans-Sahara route alone to the Islamic world.

    Dr. John Alembellah Azumah in his 2001 book, The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa estimates that over 80 million Black people more died en route.

    Arab Enslavers Practiced Genetic Warfare

    The Arab slave trade typically dealt in the sale of castrated male slaves. Black boys between the age of 8 and 12 had their scrotums and penises completely amputated to prevent them from reproducing. About six of every 10 boys bled to death during the procedure, according to some sources, but the high price brought by eunuchs on the market made the practice profitable.

    Arab Slave Trade Not Limited To Africa or Skin Color

    One of the biggest differences between the Arab slave trade and European slaving was that the Arabs drew slaves from all racial groups. During the eighth and ninth centuries of the Fatimid Caliphate, most of the slaves were Europeans (called Saqaliba), captured along European coasts and during wars.

    Aside from those of African origins, people from a wide variety of regions were forced into Arab slavery, including Mediterranean people; Persians; people from the Caucasus mountain regions (such as Georgia, Armenia and Circassia) and parts of Central Asia and Scandinavia; English, Dutch and Irish; and Berbers from North Africa.

    From: Islamic Slavery and Racism

    While Muslim propagandists have exploited the legacy of slavery in the United States to win black converts, slavery in the Muslim world began long before the United States and ended a century later.

    President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862. By contrast, Saudi Arabia only abolished slavery in 1962. That same year Yemen abolished slavery and the United Arab Emirates abolished slavery a year later.

    Saudi Arabia’s ruling family did not embark on this course out of the goodness of their hearts, but [instead] under pressure from President Kennedy, at a time when the House of Saud did not yet have the United States economy and its foreign policy in a headlock. The abolition of slavery was a compromise. Kennedy had wanted representative government and civil rights. He had to settle for a belated emancipation.

    It merits noting that, almost without exception, Islamic nations were the very last to abolish slavery. Equally important is recalling that Islam routinely uses taqiyya to burnish its own self-image. Remember this article from just the other day?

    UAE princesses busted for keeping slaves in Belgian hotel

    Please keep in mind that all Muslims regard Mohammad as al-Insan al-Kamil (i.e., the perfect man) and, therefore, worthy of emulation in every way. This pretext is used to support terrorism, rationalize the taking of child brides, commit rape and sexual enslavement, and remains a continuing justification for modern slavery—taqiyya notwithstanding. A substantial portion of contemporary Western court cases involving slavery routine feature Muslim abusers.

    Go figure.

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