Stifled on the Left Coast

I got an email this afternoon from a reader in the Golden (Horde) State:


I was unable to access your site today in Beverly Hills. However, I was on Vladtepes. has been categorized as Hate Speech. It has been blocked per your organization’s Internet Usage Policy for group City Guest.

If you feel you reached this page in error, please contact your System Administrator.

Very strange!


P.S. I’m going to call the city on Monday.

What I want to know is: How come Vlad gets a pass and we don’t?? He’s at least as “hateful” as we are.

As far as I’m concerned, this is discrimination against non-Canadians. I think I’ll contact the SPLC…

11 thoughts on “Stifled on the Left Coast

  1. We are now living in amazing times. Only those who have denied history and all that it teaches the willing to learn, could impose their Fascist limitations onto others without so much as a reasonable argument given for why viewing something that they feel is objectionable is verboten with such an ill defined and illogical excuse as ‘hate speech’.

    • Okay, Nemesis, I’ll accept “amazing” times. It manages to avoid (barely) the Chinese water torture phrase “interesting” times. For that I thank you.

      Anyone else who wants to use the online thesaurus to find a less tired word than “interesting” gets my vote for ingenuity.

      Whatever else, we certainly live in fleeting times, just as humanity always has since it first began to notice “time”.

    • That car is not spray-painted as claimed. The lettering is superimposed on the picture, not spray-painted onto the car. And I couldn’t find any twerking.

      • The entire feed is parody on ANTIFA even the real ANTIFA videos they contextualize to mock them.

        The car thing is mocking them because a week ago, ANTIFA did a photoshop of their own car with faked hate messages on it and claimed ‘we’ did it. This was mocking them. Its meant to be clearly faked.

  2. “discriminations against “non-Canadians”? Hmm…am reading a well-known fiction writer who does American crime and legal novels, mostly set in San Francisco. In passing, he explains that SF police have evolved code words to replace reality because so many normal designations have been ruled “racist” even if they’re merely descriptors. Thus, in talking among one another, two African American men who are arrested for fighting are called “Canadians” in order to avoid a fecal storm of indignation amongst the aggrieved SJWs. This is done even by black police…

    Fascinating, the code words of last resort even police and district attorneys are forced to use in order to stay employed in that benighted state.

    An existential attitude of permanent grievance must surely shorten life spans; it results in the corrosion of blood vessels as surely as would battery acid; it just drips more slowly.

  3. OK, so what is the difference between Caliphornia and England? about 6,000 to 7,000 miles. Hey, I live here and I have to put up with these yahoos. I also shop at Trader Joe’s and have become rather adept at keeping my mouth shut in front of these people. They don’t think, they feel. To them, a pointed remark is felony armed assault. Sniff, I gotta live with someone else’s consequences.

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