Paul Weston on the Latest Tommy Robinson Arrest

The Latest Tommy Robinson Arrest

by Paul Weston

What can we tell about the state of modern Britain following the recent arrest of Tommy Robinson? Tommy was filming outside Canterbury Crown Court with the Rebel Media group, covering the trial of yet another Muslim gang rape, and as a result was hauled from his bed and arrested in front of his wife and terrified children at 4:30 in the morning. Such an action is redolent of the practices of the secret police in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia, but sadly, if you go against the politically correct ideology of the British state, it has now become a tool of the British police themselves. Make no mistake about it, this is a fully fledged totalitarian state in operation and one that would be viewed with horror and dismay by the men and women who fought so hard against totalitarianism in the 20th century.

More shameful still is the reason behind this treatment of Tommy Robinson. There are two distinct worlds in Britain today. The first is the imaginary world projected via the government and media of a lovely, cuddly multicultural Britain where we all get on wonderfully together. The other is the reality of monocultural Islam creating havoc and trauma, which clearly our ruling elites would rather we didn’t know about, no matter the cost to thousands of innocent non-Muslim natives.

Tommy exposes this reality in a blunt, no nonsense manner and has therefore become, as he puts in the title of his bestselling book, an Enemy of the State. Tommy exposes the truth about the lies and distortions of the State, so he must therefore be silenced. Tommy talks about issues which left-liberals claim are of the utmost importance to them — women’s rights, democracy, the rule of law, equality, gay rights and the terrible harm committed against the young and the vulnerable. And because of this he is their number one enemy. This is not normal. The hatred of Tommy by left-liberals is pathological. He doesn’t talk about a hatred of the other, he simply points out the all too predictable — and horrific — results of the greatest lie of modern times, which is that a barbaric 7th century ideology spawned by a murderer, warlord, anti-democratic supremacist and sex-slaver is always going to run into conflict with 21st century liberal democracies.

The monstrous lies spewed out by the British establishment are made all the more hideous in hindsight, because the government, police and social workers have known about Muslim gang rape for over two decades, but brushed the shattered lives of innocent little girls under the table in order to avoid any accusation of racism, which is now the greatest crime in the history of humankind.

The police and the government presumably feel some shame for their part — their complicit part — in the gang rape of native British girls, but not as much as they should. The reason they are persecuting Tommy is simply that they feel they have done their bit over Rotherham, which they would now like to put to bed and move on. But it wasn’t just Rotherham, it was countless towns and cities across Britain and is still going on now, today. For a full, forensic analysis of how many towns have — and still are — suffering from this epidemic of Muslim gang rape, I recommend you read a book by Peter McLoughlin called Easy Meat — which presumably has made Peter an enemy of the State as well.

The government and the police don’t want us to know about this. They fear the truth. They fear they might be forced into confronting the horrific reality of Islam. So they persecute the truth-tellers instead. Tommy’s bail condition is that he cease exposing the truth; that he stop filming alleged gang rapists as they arrive at courts with monotonous regularity up and down this once civilised country. Will the police arrest BBC journalists filming the latest footballer accused of rape as he enters or leaves court? Of course they won’t. There is no longer equality before the law in Britain.

Look at the speed with which the totalitarian British police move against Tommy when compared to their two decades of silence and inaction over the most wicked of sexual crimes. Ask yourself why every single journalist, despite having witnessed the totalitarian arrest of one of their own, is determinedly ignoring his plight. Ask yourself why they seek to delegitimise Tommy by referring to him as the ex-leader of the EDL rather than as a best-selling author and journalist? They claim he is not a journalist, but is he not just that? He is employed by a news group called Rebel Media. He films and interviews people about events relevant to all serious news organisations. He is the essence of a real, genuine investigative reporter, far more so than the soft-handed journalists within the mainstream media could ever hope to be. Ask yourself why the armies of human rights activists and lawyers ignore Tommy but fall over themselves to represent Muslim terrorists and rapists? Ask yourself why the fragrant Shami Chakrabarti has nothing to say about this most appalling state of affairs? Ask yourself why feminists care more about hating Tommy than they do about the plight of raped little girls and their shattered lives?

And on a final note, and this is aimed at the spineless and cowardly liberal journalists who dominate our shameful media and do their bit to persecute a brave man whilst riding shotgun for totalitarian and brutal Islam. Have they never heard of the anti-Nazi Pastor Martin Niemoller? They probably haven’t, being the adolescent and ignorant little Useful Idiots they so surely are, but this is what Pastor Niemoller had to say about the rise of the Nazis: “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB. His website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

15 thoughts on “Paul Weston on the Latest Tommy Robinson Arrest

  1. One wonders whether the gutmenschen really are that stupid, or whether there are complex financial interests unknown to most of them, at play.

    Saudi money – that type of thing.

    • Mike-

      I am convinced there is an Amazon river of money flowing from the Gulf states to the Western capitals that is largely undocumented.

      Yes, you have some publicly visible elements of the lobbying structure in DC, but those alone don’t seem like they would be enough to effect the scale and pace of change we are seeing.

  2. They know that Niemoller quotation and use it often, but in their interpretation, Tommy Robinson is a nazi and Muslims are Jews.

    • There seems to be a percentage of the Jewish community that seems to believe they will be better off in the West with more, rather than less Islamic influence…

      …which is hard to fathom if one does a survey of the modern Islamic world. How many thriving, vibrant Jewish communities are there in the 57 member nations of the OIC?

      I rest my case.

  3. Well said, Paul.
    I don’t think the persecution of Tommy Robinson will ever end. The same goes for Tim Burton and all the other unpublicised men and women who have the courage to stand up and be counted.
    Things will have to get a lot worse, unfortunately, before reality sinks in and a critical mass of normal non-muslims begin to oppose the muslim invasion.

    • It’s sometimes used ironically in the UK, of women one dislikes or disagrees with.

  4. How rare and finely tuned are the words of Paul Weston? Always true. Actually he makes me want to cry, for what has been lost, and what might be achieved. Please donate to Tommy Robinson, I am so proud I always do. I remember the worst of his persecution, when he did not even have a lawyer, now he does thanks to all of us. Thank you GOV for all you do too., donate here too, we all need to help. Paul Weston is a wonderful rarity.

    • Years ago, somewhere in England, police ticketed a man for littering. I think the ticket was for fifty pounds.
      Littering? he was pocketing some cash after a purchase and inadvertently lost a ten pound note….

      Ever since reading of that episode, and their persistent hassling of Tommy Robinson, my opinion of U.K. police has been as low as a snake’s belly.

      • My opinion went in that direction when I read a story about an English mother who tried to grab the ice cream wrapper her toddler dropped. She wasn’t as quick as the Litter Police and had to pay some ridiculous fine.

        It’s not limited to the UK. Here in Virginia a few years ago a woman who was in the heavy throes of labor was speeding to get to the hospital on time and ignored the police car signaling her. When she gave birth and finally got to court she was sure the “mitigating circumstances” would be taken into account. No such luck. She paid a huge fine and had all sorts of charges filed against her which made her insurance rates go way up.

        NOTE: in your example and mine, it was a case of the government trying to raise revenue by other means. The problems underlying the rage in Ferguson, Missouri are of a similar nature. It ratchets up a sense of aggrievement, kind of like the one I have toward the medical industry, for similar reasons.

        • “It was a case of the government trying to raise revenue by other means”. LOL, you really are impossibly nice, Lady D!
          In fact, we both know these are examples of mean, mindless, heartless stupidity, which seems to be increasing, if anything.

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