Antifa in the USA: Thuggery, Iconography, and Merchandise

As reported over the weekend, the pro-Trump rally in Denver on March 4 was met by the Storm Troopers of the New World Order — the Antifas, or “anti-fascists”, apparently imported from Europe to do the dirty work that Americans just won’t do.

Henrik Clausen took a number of photos of the Antifas in Denver. Here’s a nice group shot:

To highlight their tolerance and dedication to civil liberties, the Antifas carried a banner proclaiming “No Platform” — that is, their intention to deny the supporters of Donald Trump the opportunity to congregate or speak in public:

The illiberality of the anti-fascist message was reinforced by a young lady denouncing the “votecrimes” of Trump supporters:

A common Antifa motif (motifa?) was a symbol featuring three arrows pointing downwards and to the left:

The same symbol can be found in other Antifa contexts, as in this logo:

And this shoulder patch:

The symbolism of the three arrows dates back to at least 1932, as you can see from this German election poster, “Against Papen, Hitler, Thälmann”:

“Papen” refers to Franz von Papen, a politician originally of the Centre Party who became the penultimate chancellor before Hitler (Kurt von Schleicher was the final pre-Hitler chancellor). “Thälmann” was Ernst Thälmann, the leader of the German Communist Party until his arrest in 1933 during the crackdown after the Reichstag fire.

Times have changed since 1932: The Antifa would obviously never allow one of their three arrows to pierce a symbol used by their dear comrades in the Communist Party. But in the dying days of the Weimar Republic, the Social Democrats were seen as the socialist alternative to both Communism (international socialism) and the Nazis (national socialism).

While investigating the significance of the three arrows logo, Henrik ran across a website that sells Antifa merchandise. This is America, so it’s only natural that Molotov-cocktail-throwing anarchists should have a marketing department. Maybe the operation was set up to recoup some of the demo costs for George Soros.

Here’s what the well-dressed Antifa wears to obscure his identity and flaunt anti-fascist iconography while he breaks the plate-glass windows of capitalist businesses and throws rocks at the pigs:

And the comrades can buy their very own Antifa flag, which is now trendy and ubiquitous at “No Trump” demonstrations:

Finally, a reminder of the permanent Red-Black alliance: a communist symbol and the anarchist circle-A logo entwined:

Wear it proudly to proclaim your allegiance to the anti-fascist cause while you beat Trump supporters to a bloody pulp with your very own Antifa United™ baseball bat!

Viva la revolución, baby!

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37 thoughts on “Antifa in the USA: Thuggery, Iconography, and Merchandise

    • Why do so few people know the real history of that time?

      The nazi brownshirts were the reaction to the commy violence. Antifa is just the new name to that old tactic for shutting down political opponents. Every time you see commies doing stuff that makes you think, “someone should deport or put these people in a death camp” realize that this was the origin of the nazi party/ Hitler.

  1. Someone ought to remind these Aggressofruitards how the SA ended up under Hitler; how the Nazis ended up in World War II; and how the Anarchists ended up in the Spanish Civil War. Three for three in losing and dying.

  2. If these nutters and others like them are saving the world, why are they always afraid to show their faces, or is there some aspect of their physiognomy which is just too awful for normal people to contemplate?

    Oh wait, there’s a pie-faced fatso from Denver telling you your vote was a ‘hate crime’. (at least she shows her pudgy face)

  3. I will offer my thanks to Henrik Clausen for the pictures.

    I would have joined any March in Dallas, but these things are not very well publicized.

    On the principle of violence, I absolutely oppose any extra-legal means of stopping the free (non-violent, legal) expressions of anyone, antifa included. I do believe the legal courtesies should be extended to even those who would deny them to us.

    However, a masked street fighter is an entirely different matter. It is illegal in Texas to wear a mask for purpose of concealment:

    I have not verified that the quote below is an actual Texas statute. I got it from the internet, but did not verify it. Caveat emptor.

    16-11-38. Wearing mask, hood, or device which conceals identity of wearer

    (a) A person is guilty of a misdemeanor when he wears a mask, hood, or device by which any portion of the face is so hidden, concealed, or covered as to conceal the identity of the wearer and is upon any public way or public property or upon the private property of another without the written permission of the owner or occupier of the property to do so.

    (b) This Code section shall not apply to:

    (1) A person wearing a traditional holiday costume on the occasion of the holiday;

    (2) A person lawfully engaged in trade and employment or in a sporting activity where a mask is worn for the purpose of ensuring the physical safety of the wearer, or because of the nature of the occupation, trade, or profession, or sporting activity;

    (3) A person using a mask in a theatrical production including use in Mardi gras celebrations and masquerade balls; or

    (4) A person wearing a gas mask prescribed in emergency management drills and exercises or emergencies.

    To my mind, a person on the streets with a mask and a weapon, including a rock or bottle, has already initiated violence. It is not necessary to wait to be killed to initiate self-defense procedures. I would not consider it an abuse of violence to rip the mask from the person. I suppose to be strictly legal, you could offer him the choice of blowing it off, or undergoing citizen’s arrest for a public misdemeanor, and take his chances with a lawsuit.

  4. “Your vote was a hate crime” WTF?

    YOUR existence i a insult to human race.

  5. If in German you mention a Schwarz-Weiß-Rot Flagge (Black-White-Red flag), the implied meaning is the 1933-1945 German flag – ie the colours of fascism. ‘Brown’ has the same meaning, because of the uniforms. This is always very funny when these so-called anti-racists carry on about the ‘braune Sosse’ – ‘brown sauce’, meaning Neo-nazis.

    So it’s very odd that they are choosing Black-White-Red. Very appropriate, since they are behaving like fascists, but odd.

  6. The photo of the black clad perambulating lump wearing what looks like Depends whilst carrying a sign saying ‘YOUR VOTE WAS A HATE CRIME’ quite amused me.

    My first reaction was ‘AND YOUR CONCEPTION WAS AN OFFENCE AGAINST HUMAN EVOLUTION’ but after some consideration I decided that that might be seen as microaggression and so I gave serious thought to amending it but, as this is a family blog, I decided not to do so on the grounds on that good taste should always prevail.

  7. Who are these [half] wits??

    I was accosted by one of them in london in 1999, at hyde park speakers corner.
    He tried to silence me, stop me speaking.

  8. Hopefully the day will come to pass when these types of ‘organization’ will be outlawed and those who take part in their ‘demonstrations’ or in aiding and abetting the ‘organization’ made outlaws and a bounty placed on their heads.

    These ‘demonstrations’ are already proving to be outside what the law demands of demonstrators and organizations that take to demonstrate, so it is not too much a stretch of the imagination that city authorities would come to consider a ban on such activity and if that does not work, then have the state legislature declare those who choose to ignore the ban and because they pose a public danger, made outlaws of the state.

    • Damned right they would!

      Far too many people over the western world are deathly afraid of actually using weapons and live ammo, having conveniently forgotten that one country did, and was vociferously abused by the entire hypocritical world; but Sri Lankans won their war with the Tamils–and now live in peace and prosperity, while the rest of the world sinks daily.

      And have the Sri Lankans been ostracized by the the western world? Far from it, but their war has been ‘swept under the rug’.

      • Th Sri Lankans committed atrocities against Tamil civilians, and should be condemned for this.

        • Anon, since that’s not an area we cover, would you supply a link to source your assertion about Sri Lanka?

          Back when we were reporting on the Sri Lankan family that immigrated here, living in Ohio. Ostensibly they came here for eye surgery for their daughter. That was never done, but when she reached adolescence, she converted to Christianity and then ran away to Florida because her father threatened her. The juvenile authorities in FL and Ohio got involved. She ended up in a foster home in Ohio, and a pro bono law firm took on her case, which had devolved into a circus. They protected her from the limelight and from threats. Eventually, she went on to college…

          Back then, in checking out Sri Lanka I found some factoids that stayed in my head: Buddhism is the main religion with 17% each Muslim and Christian minorities. Most jobs went to Buddhists and the Dali Lama said they needed to eject all non-Buddhists since B’s needed one home to call their own…

          • I was unintentionally “anon” there, Dymphna.

            One should not always rely on the MSM, but it was widely reported during the civil war in Sri Lanka that government forces indiscriminately shelled areas where the Tamil Tigers were in control. Not that the Tigers were saints…

        • Really? And I’ll bet you were also on the side of the Kosovo Albanians (moslems) against those dreadful Serbs!

          Civilians are ALWAYS a casualty in any and every war. If you’re old enough you should remember Dresden and Coventry, if not, look them up–and you might just [revise your opinion]!

  9. Now if only someone could find a photo of the Russian Ambassador meeting with Antifa activists….

    That discovery of the origin of “three arrow” symbol was very interesting. More digging into this group is needed.

  10. Sen. Tim Kaine’s youngest son arrested during anti-Trump protest
    Sen. Tim Kaine’s youngest son arrested during March 4th Trump Rally at the Minnesota State Capital building. Linwood “Woody” Kaine has been confirmed as one of 6 arrested on Saturday on a charge of Felony Rioting. As of tonight the Ramsey County Attorneys Office has failed to charge any of these malicious malcontented adult children of leftist’s
    Indivisible and or ANTIFA splinter groups. The video is online where you can see the riot and trouble cause by these thugs.

  11. I say you’re wrong to think that times have changed all that much since 1932. Social Democracy always was the reformist path to Communism/Socialism, thus also just another way of destroying the nation state. Look to Sweden. This kind of “antifascism” is pretty much the official ideology and the antifas has been acting as de facto enforcers on behalf of the mass immigration cartel parties ruling in the wake of the Social Democrat one party state. A certain kind of value based egalitarianism was inculcated during the more than forty years of Social Democrat rule from the ’30s into the 1970s. And that is the major reason The New Totalitarianism (described by Roland Huntford) underpinning Swedish multicult propaganda and mass immigration policies became at all possible.

    • ” antifas has been acting as de facto enforcers on behalf of the mass immigration cartel parties ruling in the wake of the Social Democrat one party state.”


      The protection of the Second Amendment is not against organized, professional military or police since they are better equipped, disciplined, organized and do not have vulnerable homes and families. The Second Amendment gives real protection against the street gangs acting as surrogate enforcers of the soft totalitarian state. The official government has to maintain a hands-off position with respect to the gangs, and thus cannot openly back them up.

      The violent inner-city gangs are very strong in cities like Chicago, that make a fetish of suppressing the right of law-abiding citizens to own and carry arms. In my opinion, the draconian measures against the right to have weapons is in support of the gangs, rather than a measure against them.

  12. I cannot resist noting the heavily emphasized quotation from the movie “JFK”:

    “Down, and to the left.
    Down, and to the left.
    Down, and to the left.”

  13. Personally, I draw the line at engaging in or even advocating violence. However, I find it interesting that sites like this are howling about the nasty, mean old “Antifa”. I would’ve thought you would be proud that they are following the pattern, techniques and rhetoric long established by far right extremists. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
    Eat your own soup Trumpeteers – you wrote the recipe.

  14. These comments – endorsing Nazi violence against antifacists – are shameful. The fact that ‘antifacist’ is an obnoxious word to you shows how far you all have sunk in defense of genocide. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, living in a civil society but embracing such antidemocratic means. You’ll be embracing the KKK as a “good old southern institution’ next, like John Rankin. Oh wait, you already do.

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