The Storm Troopers of the New World Order — In Denver

Antifas in Denver, March 4, 2017 (credit: Henrik Clausen)

We’ve been posting about European Antifa groups for more than ten years. “Antifa” (or “anti-fa”) is short for “anti-fascist”, and the Antifas are prominent in almost any European demonstration or riot against the right wing. If a politician expresses sentiments that are even mildly nationalistic, or talks about limiting immigration, he can expect an Antifa manifestation outside his offices, complete with black clothing, black masks and hoods, flags and banners featuring logos and slogans of the Antifa and affiliated groups, burning trash containers, flung paving stones, and violent confrontations with police.

Antifa logos

I learned about the Antifa was when I was first delving into the Danish anti-fascist scene. Back then (2007) a local manifestation of the anarchists known as the Autonomer was more prominent in Copenhagen than the Antifa; I don’t know if that’s still true. But the Antifa groups were dominant in Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands. With the help of El Inglés and our Flemish correspondent VH, we posted a couple of investigative reports on the anti-fascist scene in Northern and Western Europe.

Since then it has become clear that the Antifas act as the enforcement arm of the permanent bureaucratic state in Europe; that is, the establishment that remains in place and manages political, cultural, and economic affairs regardless of which party is in power in any given country — what we now know as the “Deep State” here in the USA. Such functions are particularly concentrated in the bureaucracy of the European Union, which has no democratic component whatsoever — the European Parliament is a figurehead body (and a gravy train for those elected to it), lacking any significant power.

When the Antifas hit the streets, they do so in the interests of the entrenched European power structure. However, their funding comes from private sources, often those associated with George Soros, so that Brussels and the national governments can maintain plausible deniability. In order to understand the true nature of what’s going on, just watch the behavior of the police and the courts: despite the armored riot cops and swinging batons and black Marias, the Antifas are not seriously constrained in their violence, and any who actually get charged and convicted are sentenced lightly. Compare this process with what happens to any “right-wing extremist” group that expresses nationalist sentiments or opposes immigration — it can expect to be violently suppressed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Remember the water cannons aimed at the anti-groping demonstrators in Cologne in early 2016? Did you ever see water cannons used against “anti-fascists” throwing bottles or paving stones? Me neither.

Antifa in Germany

For all practical purposes, the Antifas are the Blackshirts of the European Union, even though the chain of command is occluded. It’s not like Germany in 1936 — Jean-Claude Juncker does not give orders to the commanders of the black-masked thugs who swarm the streets of Amsterdam or Stuttgart. By working through cutouts such as George Soros, the entrenched oligarchs of the EU can maintain their power without ever dirtying their virtual hands.

For the first decade of my work at Gates of Vienna I never saw any significant presence of Antifa in the United States. We had various flavors of communists and anarchists — Trotskyites, Maoists, Stalinists, International ANSWER, Occupy Whatever, etc. — but not the Antifas. But then suddenly everything changed…

As soon as Donald Trump was inaugurated on January 20, there they were, as if on cue — Antifa thugs breaking windows, burning vehicles, fighting with the police, and causing general mayhem. I recognized their banner immediately in the footage from the “protests” in D.C., Chicago, L.A., and elsewhere.

The photo at the top of this post was taken by Henrik Clausen yesterday at the pro-Trump rally in Denver, the same event at which Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff spoke. As you can see, they are identical to their European counterparts in appearance, including the logo on their flag. The Denver police — evidently not yet under the full control of the New World Order — kept the “anti-fascists” well back from the rally, and did not let them interfere with it.

There were similar rallies all over the country yesterday, and I’d bet money that identical-looking Antifa groups staged “counter-demonstrations” at most of them.

The inauguration of Donald Trump was the trigger that caused them to appear. Funds were released and the deployment of shock troops on the streets was ordered by someone at the highest levels of the Deep State.

For all practical purposes, the Antifas are the Storm Troopers of the New World Order.

And now they’re here in the USA, patrolling the mean streets of our cities, ready to squash anyone who dares to oppose the implementation of borderless multiculturalism in the Nation Formerly Known as the United States of America.

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  1. Churchill already warned us ahead that the fascists of the future will call themselves “anti-fascists”.

  2. (love the flag-bearer’s proud navel posture)

    This looks like good exercise in the springtime sunshine. Where can you sign up to be an Antifa participant? How much do they pay?

    • Ah, that last part — that’s the big question. There’s so much disinformation out there, not to mention the hoaxters, so who knows?

    • Here’s a link to an hour of raw footage of the event:
      Remarkable how few people have been turned into a mob, and how few of these are actually “acting out”, most are spectators and budding cameramen/reporter hobbyists. The Trump-supporters look to be some sort of church volunteer group who were talked into doing this, like Jehovah’s Witnesses coming in a bus to canvass a neighborhood. There is just no way any local patriots would go near anything like this. The Antifa radicals are displaying their bravery and virtue to each other, as sort of a mating ritual; each act against the ‘machine’ generates a drug-like rush of excitement, to be savored over later, embellished and topped next time.

      Headphones are essential to pick out the lunatic remarks coming from all sides

      • The rally in Denver Colorado was very peaceful for the most part. Denver Police Department and Tactical Teams did an amazing job keeping the crazies out while the rest of us showed our support for our POTUS. We will be silent no more. The crazies will not scare us because we all have the same rights as American citizens and I refuse to stay silent !!

        • It was a beautiful thing. We had a fun, patriotic, peaceful event. Not a nazi in sight.. Except for maybe the ones trying to steal free speech from the sidewalk.

  3. This could explain why the police stood by as Antifa and March 4 Trump rallygoers clashed in Berkeley yesterday.

        • Why do you thing they’re never seen outside of the bastions of the proggie elite?
          They’re not stupid,,,,until they have gained enough arrogance to become stupid.
          And this is not Europe with a neutered, nearly disarmed populace and a generic proggie anti self defense culture and justice system.

  4. Isn’t Intimidation Through Masked Thuggery a felony? Is it not true that Clayton Moore has avoided Canada throughout his professional life as the Lone Ranger because being simultaneously masked and armed will violate Canadian national statute?

    • Many states still have laws on the books, though rarely enforced, making appearing in public masked a crime. A hold over from an attempt to suppress the KKK during Reconstruction I once read. Maybe that should be revisited. Arrest them as soon as you see the mask, no other “probable cause” necessary no chance for chicanery. Would also start an arrest paper record (finger prints, mug shots, mom’s basement address, etc.) for the “activists”.
      Would apply to the whole “Burka at the DMV” schtick as well.

      • Adults should not be allowed to cover their faces except in inclination weather.

        This includes Islamic veils.

  5. The third on the right Antifa logo is actually the Sturmabteilung (S. A.) logo, the Storm Detachment of the Nazi party. The original Storm Troopers of the 1920 & 1930’s.

    Are the Anti Fascists using it? Figures, if they are as they are adopting the same tactics. They are the true fascists anyway.

    These black clad ones were an irritation at EDL demos a couple of years ago, the Police seemed to be there to protect them from the EDL.

    • If you read one of the linked essays, you’ll see that VH talks about exactly that. He describes the similarity, and the fact the antifas seemed to have derived their symbol from the SA. Which is why I made the poster at the bottom of the post.

      There is an unbroken chain of continuity, in a way.

  6. This is about the Rule of Law. This “Antifas” is a global problem and so the coming war (and it is war for the earth) will be bloody. If PM May tiggers “Article 50” then expect this mob on London streets. The Marxist-Leninists in power have no intention of letting go of power. We are going to have to fight. Sorry to be blunt but no Socialist regime will end peacefully. This has been in the cards for years. Better to get it over with before the next generation.

    I’ve seen enough violence in my years but sometimes some folk believe they and only they are entitled to rule. I saw what they did in UK Universities, that are now totally unfit for purpose, as is the low grade “intellectual dross” they produce and a recruiting ground for the black dressed thugs described above. This is going to get nasty and the military will be used.

    Trump must not give way. This is a world war for freedom. We cannot afford to lose. I don’t think we will, as public are now waking up and are understandably angry over the behaviour on both sides of the Atlantic and in Europe. I think May will be the Month the balloon goes up. It will be interesting to see if these “Antifas” have the guts to face a real military formation and its fire power.

    The Antifas lack discipline but also intelligence in the information war. Ones we have questioned about what they are doing and why, normally recite the repetitive garbage we see on our screens and soeked into them by their handlers. Amob is one thing and intimidating but a disciplined force is another matter entirely. Violence should never be the way, especially bullying but by using these tactics they invite retribution and that is starting to happen.

    • Antifas & SJWs are the irregular troops of the Marxist elites, used to attack & intimidate normal people who protest against political correctness and 3rd world immigration. The same people are assisting the invasion at ground-level.

  7. They look asinine and pathetic in their over-the-top, all-black garb. Are they trying to look menacing?

    Never heard of this group before. They are no friends of true lefties who are for workers, and in this presidential election, The People made their candidate known (even if we wish Senator Sanders had been the one who had made it).

    I bet after their marches they get back to changing diapers, burping babies, showing up at the office, and cleaning out the litter boxes like everyone else, then fondling at night their black kerchiefs that hid their cowardly faces by day.

    • According to a German study 80% are male, two thirds are unemployed and 92% live with their parents

      • I’d love to know who manages to motivate such slackers to actually show up to a demonstration/smashing, is the thing.

        • Who manages to motivate them to show up? I’d say media induced anger and peer pressure. Two things every revolutionary has to have covered: Media and charismatic leaders.

          • Probably also:

            Paid leadership of the groups
            Free transportation
            Placards, banners, flags supplied
            Box lunch provided

        • Smashing and burning stuff and bashing heads is fun for varmints of that ‘mindset’. Getting paid for it is pure gravy. Let’s see what happens when they start catching bullets.

  8. I had concluded from my own logic that street gangs are a deniable resource for those in power to expand their power and institute a revolutionary government, i.e., an autocratic dictatorship.

    The second amendment is a huge impediment to the plans of the ruling elites to consolidate their power through street violence. An armed middle and working class are not going to roll over. But, the government will be able to disarm the people if the second amendment is no longer seen as a constraint. This was one of the huge issues at stake during the last election. If another Supreme Court justice in the mode of Kagan, Santemeyer, or Ginsburg were appointed, they would rule against the Second Amendment at every opportunity.

    As the Baron points out, the objective of the Deep State is to dissolve any cohesive resistance to the expansion of the mega-state. National and ethnic identity is a form of independent action and consciousness.

    In my opinion, when the police allow masked people to march or even appear on the streets, it is an ipso facto breakdown in law. A masked person, except maybe on Halloween, should be arrested immediately. Otherwise, they can do anything up to murder, which no way whatsoever to track them.

  9. I have seen these types before. They don’t deal well with casualties—their own. Until they are forcefully confronted and unmasked for the cowards they are, they will persist.

  10. No, these scum are not fascists. They’re communist thugs. The fascists initially organized to _combat_ their thug counterparts nearly a century ago. Communist thugs always take over the streets till they get their way… unless right-wing tough guys, AKA fascists, stop them. They may indeed have derived their symbol from the SA, but so what? They stand for pretty much the opposite of what the SA stood for. More on this here:

    • Exactly, finally, someone that gets it. You will notice also that these bastards sometimes carry the red flag with the hammer and sickle. I am tired of well-intentioned people referring to these commies as fascists. Do your research, dig deeper and you just might reveal the truth to yourself.

    • No they are not opposite. They both want totalitarian power, and used similar tactics to achieve it. At the extreme left and right of politics there is an arching back and they come closer at the outer edges. The Nazi party was the National Socialist German Workers Party. Just the sort of tag a Communist would use.

    • I agree with you 100%.

      I’m more worried about the fascist backlash than the current communist thugs. That is what I say to them when I meet them (communists): You are provoking a fight, and you have no idea about the scale this fight can expand to.

      The question is how much of this communist/fascist fight is actually hegelian dialectic and divide and conquer kind of stuff?

    • Those German Jewish shopowners attacked, boycotted, and intimidated by SA street gangs were obviously hiding Communist thugs in the back of their stores.

      It took me all of 30 seconds to find this information. The alt-right does itself no favors by glamorizing the Nazis and fascists. I agree that people should be able to defend themselves against the leftist thugs; maybe even built around biker gangs. But biker gangs do not necessarily identify with the German Nazi movement.

      When the Nazis came to power, the lives of German Jews changed drastically. On April 1, 1933, the Nazis carried out the first nationwide, planned action against them: a boycott of Jewish businesses. Nazi spokesmen claimed the boycott was an act of revenge against both German Jews and foreigners, including US and English journalists, who had criticized the Nazi regime. On the day of the boycott, Storm Troopers stood menacingly in front of Jewish-owned shops. The six-pointed “Star of David ” was painted in yellow and black across thousands of doors and windows. Signs were posted saying “Don’t Buy from Jews” and “The Jews Are Our Misfortune.”

      MARCH 1933
      The SA (Storm Troopers) attack Jewish-owned department stores in German cities in an attempt to segregate Jews from the rest of society. Local police, not yet under Nazi control, unsuccessfully attempt to stop the attacks. Members of the SA continue the rampage and enter courtrooms, dragging Jewish lawyers and judges into the streets where they are subjected to humiliating public acts. These attacks are publicized by international Jewish organizations and the press, which urge a boycott of German goods. In response, the Nazis organize a nationwide boycott of Jewish businesses in Germany, blaming Jews for anti-German tone of the international press.

    • What makes you think that there is any important difference between communists and fascists?

      • I agree. Communist, fascist, anarchist…all have at one time or another been enemies and foes of the American Republic. I admire no one that claims such a title, and consider them a potential threat which any right minded free loving person should oppose at every opportunity.

  11. Antifa and its camp black garb is a fashion statement. All style and no substance.

  12. There is an EXTREMLY thin line twixt the German Nazi’s Brownshirt rioters and the Red Communist rioters they fought and beat in the 1930’s. Likewise living as citizen/subjects under the Nazi State and the Soviet State they fought as well.
    The antifas we must fight are actually Communists–not that it makes much difference as if they were truly the facists they resemble.
    Re: Resistance to the bunch.
    Anybody notice how many of the newer .22 rifles/pistols now come with threaded muzzles and all set for noise reducers (SILENCERS)?? Even some of the new .308s?
    Note: Very accurate shooting (on man-sized targets) can be done with the stock .22rimfire up to 600 yards or so.
    (Disbelief? Try it shooting at rocks in a lake as I did as a kid. Iron sights, no less.)
    Range for the .308/7.62X51? As far as you can see, in cities and built-up areas.

    Some targets would be hard to miss.
    From waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay far away, too.
    And quietly, as well.

    • What are you saying? That you can snipe at leftists undetected?

      Of course, you can snipe at police undetected also. And snipe at people at a Trump rally undetected.

      I think sentiments like yours give great justification to the “well-regulated militia” phase of the seond amendment.

      • Notice that that there 2nd amendment thingy SPECIFICALLY MENTIONS the concept of “a free state”.

        The “free state” here being the one we call “The United States of America”–you know, US. And yes, “we the people” folks actually have a place in its/our defense. It’s there as a part of the contract.

        We certainly hope it doesn’t come to that, but……………………….

        • I think you missed my point.

          When you talk about anonymous assassinations, you suppress ALL free discussion and open the door to rule by terrorism and anarchy.

          You’re talking about action by the people. The way you use the term means any action anyone wishes to take to injure or kill those they disagree with. You can cover a lot of abuses by claim to act in the “name of the people”.

          Specifically, you’re talking about assassinating people with whom you disagree.

          There’s another factor to consider. Your home-grown militias will stand no chance if they take on the professional police and military head-on. If you do manage to conduct a few assassinations of people who may or may not deserve it, the government will react by totally banning weapons and the right of self-defense. It’s been done in Europe and Australia.

          The proper use of arms is to defend oneself against street criminals and organized, quasi-government street gangs like antifa. Your most important weapon is the one you carry on your shoulders: leverage your rights and avoid giving the government the excuse to suppress them.

  13. It was on Gates of Vienna Blogspot that I first heard about this crazy insane group of commies called Antifas. They were the ones who stopped free speech in Europe at anti Islamization rallies and their violence was a turn off. They stand for everything, as an American, I stand against. I really saw it as a European problem and not American but now they are here.

    They are largely Millennial generation as society has defined them but now we have to deal with the Antifas in America. If you don’t agree with them and you criticize the groups, such as Islam, they have designated as underprivileged you are a Nazi and a bigot to them. They call Trump Hitler but my German friend here told me that they were ignorant. He grew up in Germany during WWII and lived under Hitler. He also survived the Allied bombing of Berlin. I hear these Antifas protesting and crying out “this is what a police state looks like” when the Police refused to arrest a man who hit an Antifas in self defense. One youtube comment was from a man who has lived communist China and he thought the Antifas were fools and have never experienced a real Police state.

    So far they have not caused any problems in Arizona but here we have open carry and stand your ground law. Most of them are cowards and that should keep them in line. I blame the Marxist professors for their existence. They claim we must resist Trump and I say we must resist commie traitors like Antifas. When one group tries to silence the free speech of another group by force they become the enemies of our Democratic Republic.

    • The same sad refrains are coming from the American Antifas as come from the European – who’s doing the teaching?

    • You are lucky that you have open carry and stand your ground. It is the only thing that is going to stop these monsters. The young people have had their minds corrupted by their teachers from kindergarten right through college. That’s 16 years of solid indoctrination: no God, no country, no borders, no language, no culture. By now it’s in their DNA to hate patriotism, our country and our values. Culture trumps politics anytime.

  14. I read somewhere that Fascists were OK with the commies after that pact between Hitler and Stalin was signed in the 30s. If Fascism is so terrible, why were the commies OK with it?

  15. What an excellent and scary report this is! We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the bloggers that are providing “boots on the ground” reporting of the coup that is taking place in America.
    As Mark Levin brilliantly laid out this past week, the Deep State- the million plus bureaucrats who inhabit the federal government and who really run things- are in a panic because Trump got elected. There is nothing these people will not do to take down the President. Nothing.
    Like this article shows, their storm troops are out there too in full force. If you live in a fascist/liberal/Democrat/communist/ISIS supporting state like I do, where patriots are a minority, you realize just how bad it is and will get unless these people are stopped and stopped soon.
    In NY and California, it is just about illegal to say out loud that you support Trump or are for America First. Even if you post it on your own personal social media, you are in danger of losing your job. During the election I wouldn’t dare put up a Trump sign or bumper sticker because I did not want my house or car trashed or destroyed.
    These Antifa storm troopers are a very very small minority and at this point they could be stopped very easily. But as the articles all point out, they are not being stopped and they are even being encouraged by the Deep State masters.
    Can anyone please tell us why Soros is not in prison for war crimes and crimes against humanity? Is there anyone on earth who can stop this evil creature who is straight from hell?
    Meantime, thanks to Vlad and all the others who dare to print the truth. God bless you all and protect you.

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