Islamophiliaphobe? Whatever…

From Edward Cline, a good essay on Islamophobia and assorted terms. As I do, Mr. Cline loves words…

The original essay, of which this mirror is only a portion (edited for clarity), has links and some wonderful images that aren’t included here. It’s worth a visit to his website, “Rule of Reason”, to see this and other writings.

We all know — “we” being those who bother to read or think about it — what “Islamophobia” is.

I’ve discussed Islamophobia in dozens of columns over the years. Islamophobia is a (morbid) fear of Islam, Muslims, about how they can reduce an advanced nation to an Islamic pest hole (and hardly “multicultural). It is the fear of anyone who swears unswerving allegiance to Islam, and starts slaughtering infidels, or of anyone who blinks or submits in indifference to Islam, such as most of our politicians, and of dhimmis (a.k.a. the dimwitted, clueless activists who believe that Islam is a “religion of peace”), that is, of morons who carried “Refugees Welcome” signs in virtually every Western country.

One correspondent ingeniously devised a new term, Islamo-hegemony, which aptly describes and identifies the principal end of Islamic doctrine and methodology (stealth jihad), which is to establish Islam as the supreme political and religious “way of life” everywhere it turns Western gold into Islamic lead. She also devised another apt term — Islamo-catatonia — which is “unresponsiveness to negative information about Islam.” That is, it is a shrug of the shoulders when reading that women have been raped and beaten by Muslim migrants, or that another woman or girl has been “honor-killed,” or that an infant Muslim girl has died after undergoing female genital mutilation (FGM).

But Islamophobia isn’t limited to those who know the score about the belligerent, violent nature of Islam and want to fight it or speak out about it. It emasculates and terrifies those who are first-hand witnesses to it, chiefly in Europe. Europeans are rendered impotent not only by their own “Islamophobia,” but [also] by fear of their own governments, which have penalized any criticism of Islam with stiff fines, prison time, or “shaming.”

To be afraid of “blasphemy laws” (particularly when they shield Muslims against legitimate or scholarly “trash talk” about them, Allah, and Mohammad) puts freedom [of] speech and open discussion about Islam at a premium. Europeans, especially Swedes and Germans, are in a catatonic state, afraid to “blaspheme” or to help victims of Muslim sexual assaults. If a Swede or a German appeared in a public space carrying a “Refugees Not Welcome, Go Home,” [sign] he’d be handcuffed and hauled off almost immediately. He wouldn’t need to appear in person; the monitoring of his email account would be enough for the state to beat him down.

It’s frightening when a Western country, such as Canada, seriously contemplates censorship by declaring that any utterance or print[ing] of statements that can be declared “Islamophobic” [is] punishable by the state.

Doubly frightening now is that two of President Trump’s national security advisors, Lt. General McMaster and Sebastian Gorka, advise that connecting Islam, such as the term “Radical Islamic Terrorism,” to terrorism is “unhelpful” in the war against Islam, because they claim that Islam has nothing to do with waging jihad; [it] has been “hijacked” by Islamic terrorists who quote the Koran chapter and verse (clueless and literally dumbfounded George Bush started the “hijack” meme on 9/11) every time they slaughter people in Allah’s name… [Thus] the term “Radical Islamic Terrorism” won’t ever escape McMaster’s or Gorka’s lips (even though Trump said it during his speech before the Joint Session of Congress, perhaps in defiance of McMaster and Gorka).

I sincerely hope Trump gets his facts straight and shows McMaster and Gorka the door.

On March 3rd, [the website] Gatestone carried a hard-hitting column by Judith Bergman, “The West Submits to Blasphemy Laws,” in which she details just how dhimmified Western governments have become in the face of Islam. Blasphem[y] laws are becoming ubiquitous, even in North America.

  • “Now that Islamophobia has been condemned, this is not the end, but rather the beginning…” — Muslim Brotherhood affiliate Samer Majzoub, Canadian Muslim Forum.
  • The motion still does not offer any definition or any statistics to support its claim that “Islamophobia” is a problem in Canada.
  • However, it should hardly shock anyone that the first motion condemning Islamophobia has so swiftly been followed up by a new motion demanding concrete government measures.

The West is submitting to blasphemy laws. Denmark, for example, has apparently decided that now is the time to invoke a dusty, old blasphemy provision. Denmark still has a provision in the penal code against blasphemy, but until now, it has only been used three times. The last time was nearly half a century ago, in 1971. Denmark’s Attorney General has nevertheless just charged a man for burning a Quran.

In Norway, the provision against blasphemy was abolished in 2005. A poll conducted in January showed that 41% of Norwegian Muslims believe that blasphemy should be punished, and 7% believe that the penalty for blasphemy anywhere should be capital punishment…

In Britain, at least one man has been prosecuted and sentenced for burning the Quran (in 2011) and several arrested in 2010 and 2014

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There is more at the site, including some useful links. I especially like the images he chose to illustrate this essay. I decided to bring along only one of them. It’s an important quote, one that every Counterjihad fighter should know. Those moral midgets hold their believers hostage.

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  1. The term is: heretic. It applies to dissenters of the world wide progressive/islam political movement. Replace their slanders with “heretic” and the “religious/political” cult aspect is apparent.

  2. Islam is not even an Abrahamic religion but a cuckoo in the nest. Europe is now ruled by EU enforced sharia. I don’t believe European women will submit to Islamic dress that is now being pushed with increasing pressure by states like Germany, Sweden and France. Even UK is in of the act but sooner rather than later the victims of this idiocy will have no choice but to act… and they will very soon.Anger is growing and is palpable. People have had enough.I would not want to be on the streets when this kicks off and it will. The Metrosexual “neutermen” may think they are safe in the multicultural cocoons but ordinary folk will not suffer this much longer.

  3. His Excellency Yousuf al-Qaradawi is a dead ringer for Beavis (aka “the Great Cornholio”) of the Beavis & Butthead fame. Undoubtedly a scion from the same family tree.

  4. Gorka did not advise that saying radical Islamic terrorism. It was only McMaster that did.

    Gorka insists that the enemy is radical Islamic terrorists.

    I was early reading the essay until I saw that major misstatement of fact. How many other errors are contained mmm the article?

  5. Islamophobia? What stupid and meaningless term they can come up next? How about Nazismophobia?

  6. Islamophobia is the most nonsensical term of the last 100 years.

    During the time of the Soviet Union, people in Western Europe and the US were very careful to not allow Communism to spread further into the Western world. Nobody was nonsensical enough to argue that the Western Europeans were simply “racist” and “Communistophobic”.

    Communism was a political doctrine. Islam is also a political doctrine. This can also be seen in the fact that the majority of Muslims (in Western European countries) admit to prefer religious laws over secular laws. Such as preference would make no sense if Islam wouldn’t be a political ideology. This is actually really simple and straightforward stuff.

    This is also why London’s mayor Sadiq Khan has a double loyalty. He is divided between his loyalty to Great Britain and his loyalty to the Islamic doctrine. This video explains this:

    Islam is a political doctrine and Muslims are the members of this political doctrine. One can have a phobia towards spiders, birds and water, but not towards a political doctrine.


    • And yet now the West is more communist than the former communists in the east.

  7. Islamophobia is a fake condition – a fiction invented – a false concept – a manfactured myth – a made-up word with one purpose: to suppress or silence the truth ie the term
    constantly over-used and most dishonestly abused as a means of disarming all valid, reasonable or reasoned criticism or inhibiting critical discussion, legitimate or not,
    of the Muslim religion – caused by the acts of Muslims and exploited by Muslims to portray themselves as the victims and is frequently equated with anti-Semitism in an attempt to or in order to downplay the Holocaust and minimize the dangers of diabolical and lethal anti-Semitism (ie pathological, intrinsic and irrational Jew-hatred).

    What when you are accosted ie harassed, assaulted, intimidated or discriminated against just because you are Jewish, Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox Christian? And if discrimination against Muslims is racism then by the very same measure discrimination by Muslims is Islam. Can it be racist to call a spade a spade?

  8. Hmmmm, Salafist/Wahhabist Muslims should be severely restricted and Deobandis treated with suspicion but should hostility be extended to e.g. Amdahi, Ismaili, and Sufi Muslims, or to muslims of the Kurdish peshmerga?

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