The InterNazis

The term “Nazi” is an abbreviation of the German-language version of the phrase “National Socialist”, and referred to the totalitarian socialist ideology which arose in Germany during the 1920s and 1930s. The modifier “National” was applied to “Socialist” in order to distinguish Hitler’s brand of Socialism from Communism, which was “international Socialism”, as represented by the Comintern and directed by Stalin. The Nazis were very much Socialists, but wanted nothing to do with the vile cosmopolitan Bolshevik version of Socialism, which Hitler considered an alien Jewish ideology, unfit for his vision of the Aryan future.

Nazism was destroyed by the Allies in 1945, and Communism crumbled of its own weight in 1991. But International Socialism did not die. By the 1970s it had spread throughout the institutions of the Free World like a metastasized cancer in the body politic of Western Civilization.

Defiant Lion and EraserFS discussed the persistence of international Socialism in the comments section of one of the reports about last week’s debacle in Cologne, and then later on SIOE had this to say:

These Autonomers call themselves International Socialists, rather than National Socialists, as if nationalism is a bad thing. The operative word in National Socialism is not “national”, it is “socialism”. Socialism is always expansionist, and these Autonomers and their ilk are the new expansionist totalitarians, the real Nazis who support Islam; they are Nazislamists.

In their discussion, our commenters coined the neologism “InterNazi” for the modern incarnation of the International Socialist. I think the term will do nicely.


In 21st-century Europe, InterNazis can be found most frequently in the various chapters of Antifa, also known as Anti-fascist Action (with variants in several languages) or AFA. The affinity of Antifa for the Nazi ideology and iconography can be observed in the logos below.

Antifa logos

The stylized “A” in the middle symbol is a common logo for the Anarchists, of which the Antifas form a particularly virulent branch. The right-hand symbol with its lightning-bolt “A” is from the 1930s. It was used by the Nazis to represent the Sturmabteilung, the Storm Troopers, also known as the Brown Shirts. These were Hitler’s bully-boys, the high-spirited lads who took to the streets to beat up Communists, Jews, free-thinkers, and anyone else considered to be an enemy of the German people.

Is the resemblance of the SA symbol to the Antifa logo a coincidence? I have no idea, but it’s a fitting emblem for the thugs who beat up the Jews and little old ladies who came to Cologne last weekend to protest Islamization.

What bears the most striking resemblance to the methodology of the Storm Troopers is the symbiosis among the Antifa groups, the police, and local officials. The Autonomer are performing an identical function to that of the Sturmabteilung: they carry out illegal political violence on behalf of a totalitarian state which deems itself to be beyond the rule of law.

In this they also closely resemble the Comités de Defensa de la Revolución, the “Committees for the Defense of the Revolution”, a communist institution established in Castro’s Cuba. The Committees are allegedly “spontaneous” manifestations of popular outrage against the enemies of Socialism, and are employed to harass and intimidate any dissidents who dare to question the regime.

Unlike the Storm Troopers of 1930s Germany, the Antifas are international, and represent an ideology that explicitly seeks the destruction of the nation-state and the abolition of national identity. Their mission is to deconstruct the nations of Europe so that Socialist Multiculturalism may be implemented with a minimum of resistance.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has been thinking about these things, and he’s also been doing what I’d like to do, but don’t have time for: researching the European Antifas and all their ideological cousins. He sent me an email yesterday with an overview of the situation, and with his kind permission I am posting it below:


I share your interest in the Militant Left. Every now and then I dive into their agitprop, hoping to find a key to echo it back to them, but most of all to their potential recruits: the brainwashed adolescents and the ignorant Leftist enablers of Arabization.

A few notes:

There maybe were no more than a thousand or at most a few thousand counter-demonstrators in Cologne, maybe half of them Blackhoods, the rest ignorant Gutmenschen. They had a schedule; they practiced blockades way in advance, gave AFA training (never give your name!), sabotaged transport, moved around like regiments, used sympathizers in media-sensitive front lines, and only needed a few strategic locations and some pin-pointed violence to achieve the optimal effect.

Part of their success, I think, was the help of the Mayor. He didn’t kick them out of the city, but let them attack the Rhine-vessel, blockade bridges, and maneuver though the city to provoke blockades by the Police (after which only a handful demonstrators would be necessary to hold them). Also: The most important sound bites that made the paper were his.

I had a look at Dutch and Flemish Militant Leftist web sites and only found a few buses going out to Cologne. There was no mention at all of a significant amount of recruits/demonstrators. Add to that the possibility of some French AFA buses (Cologne is not too far from the French border), and the international contribution was maybe a few hundred Blackhoods. But motivated and well trained Blackhoods. And a command line with an awful lot of practice.

The Hard Left is still quite dominant in politics because there is no massive (virtual or physical) resistance to Socialist Totalitarians. This is partly due to their over representation in the bureaucracy, the media, and even the judiciary, but it is also due to the fraudulent teaching of history, the use of euphemisms, giving words opposite meanings, and demagogic tricks.

– – – – – – – –

Please find below a selection of some basis info I gathered on Antifa NL and BE, and the organization of “Cologne”. Maybe somewhere something might be of use.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

A few notes on Antifa Netherlands

Dutch anti-fascists to Cologne: I estimate maybe ca. 100.

Antifa Netherlands was founded in 1992 by Militant leftist squatters and works with Kafka [Kollektief Anti Fascistisch/Kapitalistisch Archief, founded in 1997 by — amongst others — former “peace” activists Bronkhorst and Eissens]. Kafka is a group that also derived from the Militant Leftist squatter-scene and sometimes is used by the government to make reports for them.

Note: UK — Searchlight:

International contacts are with — amongst the usual Anti Fascists — the British (Hard-line Communist) Searchlight (in their network is the Anti-Nazi League, a gang of violent Antifa thugs under command of the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party, though they are not mentioned in the Links-list).

Searchlight members are suspected of racism, organizing violent demonstrations and being fascists.

Quote from Final Conflict: “Maybe the link between Searchlight and AFA can be explained by a letter in ‘Fighting Talk’ #5 (mid 1990’s?). The letter is from an ex-62 Group activist and is full of praise for AFA’s violence. Remember, the 62 Group was run from Harry Bidney’s Limbo Club. So the fan-club of Bidney, the pimp, homosexual paedophile and criminal grows… What a surprise! In recent times even AFA and Searchlight have “fallen out”, despite Gable sharing the dock with Red Action’s leader, Gary O’Shea, for violence, in May 1991, against a mainly elderly audience at a League of St George meeting with Jeffrey Hamm, one of Mosley’s right hand men. Nationalists were held by RA members and beaten and tortured during this incident, though (to escape prosecution) Gable claims to have helped Hamm and tried to stop the violence — and if you believe that, you’ll believe anything! It would seem that even Red Action/AFA have had just about enough of Searchlight’s lies and obvious links to the Secret State.”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The main opponent of Antifa Netherlands is the NSA/ANS (National Socialist Action/Autonomous National Socialists). These were amongst the first to protest the release of Fitna while Antifa followed later because they hate Geert Wilders anyway. They both accuse each other being Fascists.

Dutch Socialist Weimar battles are most often between these two Leftist competitors: Antifa and NSA/ANS. When NSA/ANS organizes a rally or event, Antifa — which claims to aim for a non-violent Socialist, non-Racist, Feminist anti Capitalistic society — attacks it with baseball bats, knives, the works.

In The Netherlands, Socialists have a multi-pronged stake to their disposal:

  • The street: RaRa [a terrorist organization, dissolved — its assumed member Wijnand Duyvendak recently had to step down as a GreenLeft parliamentarian for involvement in political crime; Onkruit (sabotage group); Anti-Fascists, Anti-Fascist-Action (AFA or Antifa), Squatters (most of them Militant leftists); International Socialists.
  • The media: Almost the entire MSM including the government subsidized TV channels, TV background programs (NOVA, Netwerk) and TV News (NOS Journaal, NOS Jeugd [Youth] Journaal).
  • Politics: GreenLeft (merger of Pacifists, Radicals, Communists and Evangelical Leftists and Trotskyites), the PvdA (Labour party, over represented in the bureaucracy) and the SP (Socialist Party, started as a side-branch of the Maoist movement) and the PvdD (Party for the Animals).
  • The Judiciary: Lawyers (the bureau Jansen & Jansen was founded by leftist activists and squatters and had connections with the leftist terror group RaRa and Onkruit); Böhler Franken Koppe Wijngaarden (who defends leftist activists like the murderer of Fortuyn, Volkert van de Graaf, and recently they have been the defense lawyers of Nuon Chea of the Khmer Rouge in the Cambodia Tribunal); Judges (the Judge who sentenced Van de Graaf to a very forgiving and short jail time, Frans G. Bauduin, was a former leftist environmentalist, activist, later member of the PvdA and became a Judge in the Yugoslavia Tribunal in 2005); Law Researchers (Coornhert Liga).
  • The Education system: The University of Amsterdam (UvA, many appeasers have studied at the UvA), Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and the Wageningen University are known for feeding the leftist Bureaucracy-machine, including politicians and subsidized activists.
  • The Leftist Foundations: Nederland Bekent Kleur (Netherlands Admits Color) of the radical Trotskyite René Danen; Anti-Racist/Anti-Discrimination bureaus like the Magenta Foundation (connected to NACH, the International Network Against Cyberhate, and the MDI (Muslim Discrimination Internet, changed to Monitor Discrimination Internet) — The most important persons here are Suzette Bronkhorst and Ronald Eissens [who once stated “The German People are the most efficiently murderous people in the world”]); Third World groups (NGOs); Animal rights groups, and hundreds of other leftist and immigrant foundations.
  • The immigrant foundations and advisory clubs.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

There is also an, founded by “Nationalists”: In response to the Antifa exposure of Nationalists, they founded this Anti-Antifa website and expose Militant leftists. They also have a section on Leftist organizations, and a forum.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

A few notes on Dutch Antifa in relation to the action in Cologne:

Apart from the usual Antifa websites (for their structure see: Antifa Links), the central information medium is Indymedia.

Indymedia publicized the Cologne event in July this year and stated “We will nor allow an international racist meeting, nor permit the ‘pro Köln/Pro NRW’ to spread their racist propaganda in the campaign for Federal elections. Therefore we call all to prevent this Congress!”

They called for blockades and civil disobedience.

Following the call they mention on the same web page the international groups involved. Here’s a stunning list (scroll down).

For the Dutch part, (see on the same webpage under Antifa95 — 21.07.2008 12:20) they write: “Let us organize a bus for the trip to Cologne. It is ‘around the corner’ for us, and believe me, these demonstrations are very inspiring.”

“If there are enough people interested we will organize a bus (or more?) or else we’ll see if something can be done on an individual basis. If AFA Amsterdam or [AFA] The Hague wants to help, that’s quite ok. Oh yes, the call is for everybody who dislikes racists. It is handy if you leave party politics at home, but apart from that, all leftist and anarchist activists as well as the non-committed and anti-racists are welcome. Discu-nagging [discussion and nagging] you can do in the bus.”

In addition, they announced that the Autonomous/Communist G8 network was also involved.

Most interesting is that they had a pre-plan on July 21: Demonstrations in the vicinity of the “racists” and mass blockades on Saturday.

The German organizer (Antifa AK Köln) estimates the number of blockaders at 10,000 persons and the Congress participants on 50 to 100 persons.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

A few notes on Belgium:

Belgian Anti-Fascists to Cologne: I estimate maybe ca. 100.

The heir of Blokwatch (smear blog against Vlaams Belang, supported by a Leftist union), Blokbuster, writes on its site:

International mobilization to Cologne. Blockbuster sends minibuses to Cologne from Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, and Liege. Blokbuster will be present in Cologne with a delegation of 80 youngsters from the entire country [Belgium], “Amongst them two Iranian socialists who are active in the resistance against the reactionary Islamic regime in Iran, but also against imperialism.”.

There follows an interview with one of the Iranians, “Reza”.

They also offer an interview with Claus Ludwig, the Leftist Socialist [sic] City Councilor (for “Die Linke” — “The Left”) of Cologne.

He is a member of the SAV (Sozialistische Alternative, a Trotskyite organization) and LSP (Linkse Socialistische Partij — Leftist Socialist [sic again!] Party) and involved in the organization of the anti-Congress “protest” (but apart of that, against everything Pro-Cologne or Vlaams Belang anyway). This Extreme Leftist organization [LSP] is also involved in Blokbuster and has links with the violent Antifa. Interview with Claus Ludwig here.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Note (from last Monday) on the Blackshirt “Operation Cologne” that started July this year:

What strikes me is that this Anti-Fascist Blackshirt operation has been planned very well and way in advance. In July Antifa published an instruction video for fresh recruits.

In early September Antifa issued a fancy “news” video filled with agitprop and the message to the recruits that “There will be sleeping facilities and there will be a cultural program here and in the vicinity of Cologne. To be prepared for the blockades, there will be blockade-training in the region.

That it was a sort of military operation not only shows in the time schedule they published, but also by their filing reports under the title Mediencommando [Media-Commando].

The organizers of the blockades opened a webpage for the ca. 500 arrested comrades and pressed people to send in witness reports. “Most of the arrested comrades have been transported to the city of Brühl [close to Cologne] and had their ‘freedom stolen’ for twelve hours, without being charged.” They want to file a complaint for the arrests to the municipality and the Police of Cologne.

Here is an interesting news item showing one of those Antifa blockades to the Haymarket in Cologne by some of the recruits (watched in their backs by Antifa soldiers). Some Gutmenschen are holding banners saying “Rascismus ist ein virus, sozialismus der anti virus” (“Racism is a virus, socialism the antivirus”).

A video of an Antifa attack, as has become quite usual these days, by a Leftist on an info-stand of Pro-NRW.

— VH

VH has done Gates of Vienna a tremendous service with his research. If you appreciate the information he has supplied in his report, please leave positive feedback in the comments.

Thanks to Fausta for help with the Spanish.

15 thoughts on “The InterNazis

  1. An amazing amount of research!

    It’s obvious that the depth and breadth of the violent socialist, anti-nationalist political strain in Europe makes it difficult to counter effectively and still maintain a sense of decency.

    Their “ends justify the means” philosophy can only engender more violence against their political and cultural opponents.

    It is amazing how well the antifas and the Islamists fit together. It is unfortunate that the former does not realize it is simply a tool. Those who are using the tools have even less compunction re violence than do their servants.

    Somewhere, Lenin is smiling…

  2. About “Hate symbols”:

    The ADL (Jewish Anti-Defamation League) web page lists a number of graphics which are symbols of hate:

    1. Confederate flag: “General Hate Symbol”

    “most commonly used to describe the genre of white power/neo-Nazi hate music” – Yeah, “hate music”!

    3. There are others at:

    The Russian “National Bolshevik Party” symbol – an adaptation of Fascist logos is not a hate symbol according to ADL.

  3. Wow! WH must have been putting himself at considerable risk to get this out. Thanks for this information.

    How long before we see this sort of thing (on a massive scale) from “Peace” activists in the US?

  4. While it may be interesting to research Belgian, Dutch or French antifa groups, most of those who showed up in Cologne were certainly German. In Germany, antifa thugs hold huge sway and spread terror in virtually all universities. The most numerous and virulent antifa groups are IMHO German-based. There is no question either that they are well-funded, probably by the EU itself, or that they receive direct support from German local or federal authorities, especially in terms of supplying them with information.

  5. Excellent research work VH, thanks ever so much! KUDOS.

    After taking just a brief look at the anarachist’s “A-Infos” news website (viewable here), I noticed that Finland is not active in the AFA network as the rest of Europe, which is good for Finland.

  6. Unlike the Storm Troopers of 1930s Germany, the Antifas areinternational …

    Just a quick note before I crash and burn:

    After a month-long sojurn in both (what was once) West and East Germany, I am more convinced than ever that other countries like America actually may have more Neo-Nazis than modern Germany itself (perhaps, even, with population aside). I’ll extend this odd pro-German rant in another thread that is dedicated to this topic, but continue hoping others will understand how Nazism is more wide-spread in extra-German lands than logic might otherwise dictate.

    One point being that Nazism, especially European or German-based Nazism is no longer anywhere near the threat that a post-WWII mindset might reasonably see it to be.

    This final issue resides in how Islam is far more Hell bent on perpetuating the Nazi tradition of genocide against the Jews, not to mention an overall Global Cultural Genocide™ upon the non-Muslim world.

    In light of this, I hope that others might understand how Nazism has spread well beyond the purview of Europe and now finds a comfortable niche in what were otherwise less likely candidates for its perpetuation.

    … All this and more in “Zenster’s Most Excellent European Adventure”!

    (Again, this whole point might well be a bit half-baked due to extreme jet lag but remains an important topic that I want to thrash out at this forum.)

  7. I haven’t read it Baron, but, by the images I can tell I love the idea.

    Finally, demonisation of the dangerous fellows!

    Internazis… I hope it sticks to them like glew.

    You’re a genious.

  8. Just experiment a bit with the language and compose this magic:

    “right wing national socialists”

    NSDAP contains also “worker” – A for Arbeiter “National” is doubled by D Deutsche

    Weird? Soviets had a real problem with these
    “socialists” and propagated always stubbornly “fascists” instead. It is highly misleading, since Mussolini was a different cup of tea (with strange leftist marxists roots).

    Anyhow if Pro-Koeln delayed some train, they would be immediately asked to pay compensation to the Railways.

    Do we have some registered antifa body to do the same? Why not? The organizor should be held responsible.

    Do not put much hope in Haider. He has got some ties with the nazis (some parts of Austria are like this). BTW his party split in two. And remember that Austria escaped the deeper purge of nazis common in Germany.
    Even that in Germany was not really efficiently done. Ask someone knowing German what is Persilschein.
    There was for ex. a vast loophole for German nazis expelled from what you call stubbornly Eastern Europe.

    These people did not need Persilschein and could make carrier unhindered immediately after WWII getting higher posts. They were and are held in contempt by Gemans generally (forget antifa, leftists).

    So forget Haider. These people just play on whatever the MSM and MSParties do not mention abiding by the rules of the “PC church”. Maybe we should coin a term for tacit acceptance or tolerance of radical imported intolerance by the MSM and MSPs:

    “mainstream quisling”.

    The German language has a perfect term
    “Mitläufer”. means “someone who runs
    with others following the crowd

    Another approach might be concentrating on the term Freedom and educate people telling them how much they are diverted from this concept. Series of lecture: Freedom in Greece, Rome, Byzance, Osman Emp., Soviet block, Modern Germany…still keeping the focus on the key term Freedom – the alfa/omega of our thinking! This is our basis and fundament and point of departure.

    We could easily create some clubs studying “eleutherology” – the science of freedom. It would be ridiculous to stop us from spreading our lectures.

    Pro-Koeln debate should have been met with another debate, not street violence etc. The same people would think twice to oppose some really violent (nazi, islamic) groups in the streets. They would hide behind police or disappear.

    The public display (willingness) of fighting some bygone devil instead of fighting the new vigorously growing devil is the essence of contemporary Europe.

  9. Tranzi… It may work in English, but not in German. It’d be too close to the slang word “Transe”, which is an abbreviation of “Transexuelle(r)”, transsexuals.

    I just stick with “dumbass” for now.

  10. Zenster —

    Please don’t paste long URLs into the comments; they make the post page too wide and mess up the appearance of the permalink page.

    Use link tags; the instructions are at the top of the full post’s comment section.


    Zenster said…

    $700 Billion is Just a Drop in the Derivative Bucket.

    From an email sent to me by a friend:


    $700 billion works out to about $2,333 for every man, woman, and child in America.

    At $4/gal. that’s nearly 600 gallons of gas for everyone in America, or 600 Big Macs for everyone.

    Its 280,000 Ferraris (perfect for all those Wall Street CEOs), or 70,000 million dollar mansions.

    Its 200 Large Hadron Colliders, or 700 Hubble telescopes.

    GOT THAT?!? 200 Large Hadron Colliders. That equates to building a CERN facility in almost every single nation on earth!!!

    For $300 billion, you could wean the US from foreign oil


    For $50 billion you could buy Yahoo (a profitable company, BTW).

    It’s 35,000 trips to the International Space Station at $20 million a trip

    Its 6 moon bases, 583 orbiting hotels, almost 4000 supersonic passenger jets, 70 NY to LA high speed trains, over 700 cruise ships like the Queen Mary 2,

    700 robot army battallions,
    (link), or

    1,400,000 flying cars (link)

    155 aircraft carriers

    Maybe this gives you an idea of just how parasitic our financial institutions have become. They are paper-shufflers who purposefully “churn” the market in order to justify ever-increasing fees and margins of money earned honestly by the little guy. The sort of earned wealth that has become a near extinct dinosaur in this modern service based economy.

    We are a nation governed by lawyers who are busily passing more laws and regulations to enrich themselves and their lawyer brethern.

    Notice how little you hear about the riders demanding that financial institution CEOs have their salaries limited?

    It’s long past tea to break the spine of America’s good-old-boy network. Due to WaMu being taken over by the government, Alan Fishman, Washington Mutual’s brand new CEO, will walk away from his job with $18 MILLION IN SALARY SEVERANCE PAY. That’s on the order of ONE MILLION DOLLARS PER DAY for his eighteen days of on-the-job work.

    This is an obscenity which must stop.

    Remember Walt Disney’s Michael Ovitz? After only 14 months, Ovitz departed with a $140 MILLION golden parachute.

    Ovitz’s buddy, Michael Eisner just departed prematurely from his post at Disney with a $24 MILLION parachute that includes a $300,000 annuity for LIFE.

    This sort of greed transcends all measures of evil. It is nothing short of drinking the consumer’s blood.

    And people wonder why capitalism has such a bad name around the world. These shameless filthy voracious executive swine need to be left alone in a room full of bankrupted retirees who are armed with baseball bats.

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