The Storm Troopers of the New World Order — In Nashville

As we reported yesterday, the pro-Trump rally in Denver on Saturday March 4 was attended, but not disrupted, by European-style Antifas, or “anti-fascists”. Similar “March 4” rallies were held across the country, and Antifa groups — dressed in the same hip grungy black-masked outfits, carrying the same flags and banners — showed up at many of the other ones. These groups had no noticeable presence in the United States before Inauguration Day, and now they are being deployed everywhere to counter with their menacing presence any support for President Trump.

It’s as if they sprang into existence fully-formed, like Athena from the head of Zeus. Such uniformity of appearance and simultaneous deployments at multiple locations are further evidence that the entire operation is being funded, controlled, and coordinated internationally on both sides of the Atlantic.

The report below was sent in by an observer of the March 4th Trump Rally and Antifa protest in Nashville, Tennessee.

Antifa in Nashville

I arrived downtown at the Public Library about 10:30, parked and walked north on 6th Ave to Deadrick. There were a number of people headed for the Trump Rally, but when I went east on Deadrick towards the Court House, the Antifa meeting place, there were only a few people and they were headed uptown toward the rally at the Plaza.

At a block away from the Courthouse, I could see a small number of people standing on the perimeter of the Courthouse plaza and some others behind them. They were in dark hoodies and had scarves around their faces. I walked down the side of the courthouse and counted about 25 people who got into a formation. Then someone gave a signal and they raised their Antifa flags and marched up the hill toward Legislative Plaza. Around the corner came eight motorcycle cops who followed them. I stayed a block behind them.

When we got to the bottom of the Plaza steps on the east side, there was a line of state trooper cars with their blue lights on. The troopers formed a whole row across the steps, moving aside for rally-goers to get up. With them and below them on the steps were a row of Trump activists (see photo below) with signs and one guy on a bull horn who also held an anti-abortion sign. (he was there the whole time, talking back to Antifa, calling them cowards for not showing their faces, telling them they would be judged by God for their deeds, and leading USA, USA chants. There was a group of disgruntled veterans who stood on the sidewalk, blocking Antifa on their right.

The Antifa shouted back using two bullhorns. And of course they had their Antifa and International Workers of the World flags and signs like “Resist and replace capitalism.” The best sign was “End White Supremacy”, held up by three white people. So the whole time the rally was going on (staged on the North with the Capitol in the background) the activists on both sides were yelling at each other non-stop. Because of the steps and the layout of the War Memorial/Plaza, if you were at the Trump rally, you couldn’t hear Antifa and their nasty words: “F*** you, Trump pieces of s***,” etc.

I don’t think Antifa expected that much resistance. About 12:15 or so they called in fresh meat. Here came the LGBT crowd, a few blacks and a feminist in a pink pussy hat. One of the Antifa crowd was Hispanic who thought because she had brown skin, all the Trump people were bigots and hated her. She was masked and said she didn’t have a name. She was “Anonymous”. Most of the Antifa were young, college-age. Later their recruits were older and had bad homemade signs: like “All we need is love”. The total number of Antifa and their cohorts, maybe 60-75 max. There were too many Trump people to count, an estimate of 1,500 – 2,000.

One of the Antifanistas stole some Trump tee-shirts and dumped them in the garbage but was arrested for theft and another was arrested for disorderly conduct. I have never seen so many law enforcement since civil rights marches — tons of troopers, their cars, motorcycle cops, cop cars, and even a helicopter flew over periodically. Mayor Barry didn’t want Music City to be national news, and she spent a fortune for a show of force.

I made recordings with my phone, but there was so much background noise, the audio is almost useless. Which is too bad, because I recorded a guy who had a conversation with one of the Antifa protesters from Spring Hill. He’s a gay activist and a real piece of work, with the foulest mouth you’ve ever heard. He said that the government must be overthrown by force. Force is the only thing that will work!

All in all, I would say $oros is going to have to shell out for a better quality and a larger quantity of protesters here in Music City. Their goal was to disrupt the rally for Trump, and it didn’t happen. In fact, they were overwhelmed and out-shouted, and ended up breaking ranks and chatting with anyone who would talk to them. These guys were pathetic.

17 thoughts on “The Storm Troopers of the New World Order — In Nashville

  1. Looks like US citizens will be less of a pushover than Europeans have been. You’re not too scared to stand up for your rights and voice your opinions.

    • Unlike Europastan, it will be at least as dangerous here for the wannabe invaders as for those they would invade.

  2. I’m glad the antifas didn’t attack. They’ve been getting violent elsewhere, so I think we’re going to see an escalation now. This is a video of a brawl in Berkeley (of course it was Berkeley) that they instigated. They may have gotten a little more than they bargained for, though. The Trump supporters weren’t pushovers and in this video you can see one antifa thig being whacked in the head with a stick and going down like a sack of bricks!

    Also, what is it with these lefty protesters and their absolutely foul language? I know our culture in general is pretty vulgar, but it seems to me the SJW types are even worse. Every third word out of their mouths is a curse!

    • If they push things too far, their violent attacks will be met with deadly force– maybe even administered by the authorities.

  3. These Antifa appearances suggest “someone” repackaged the “Astroturf” demonstrations against Trump. (Astroturf means fake grassroots.)

    I’m sick of these clowns tying up traffic at Fifth and 56th St, but New Yorkers really hate clowns who tie up traffic, which is bad enough already. These few, but ever-present protesters, make getting around in my home neighborhood sheer hell if I have to drive…

    Eventually the rest of the country will grow as fed up with the Antifas and their ilk as I am. Judging by the wording of the post, it seems this point will be reached sooner rather than later.

  4. Lotsa Two for One cowboy boot sales on Lower Broadway in Nashville. Highly recommended for kicking some AntiFas [gluteus maximus], y’all.

  5. the war of the cultures is not avoidable in order to make clean house

    if the western societies want to live in their culture and tradition says

  6. Watched some of the videos of these people in action – handbags at ten paces.

  7. Ever wonder where all that stimulus bill money ended up that started out as grants to solar companies that went bankrupt?

  8. Ruckus Society:
    The Ruckus Society was founded in late 1995 by two giants of the radical environmentalist movement: Mike Roselle and Howard “Twilly” Cannon. Roselle was a founder of Earth First! (of 1980s tree-spiking fame), the group which spun off the domestic terrorist Earth Liberation Front in 1992. He also co-founded the radical Rainforest Action Network. Cannon built his extremist credentials as a front-line activist and ship’s captain with Greenpeace’s French and Russian anti-nuclear campaigns.

    Ruckus is turning into a violent version of Forrest Gump, grooming the footsoldiers of the “protest industry” for every major newsworthy protest event since its founding. ……….” (from )

    Ruckus wiki:
    Their own site:

  9. These Antifas types are emboldened by being masked in public. They can assault people and smash windows and their identity remains secret. There really need to be a bylaw prohibiting the wearing of masks at political rallies. De-mask the Antifas cowards and many of them they will stay home in their mother’s basement.

  10. As an American vet I will respect anyone’s right to protest peacefully, assembly, and speak their mind. If anyone tries to stop me from doing the same without justifiable legal reason, I’m going to be just a bit put out.

    And from some of the antics of this group, if pulled on me or mine in a public place, might get what we Southerners call an ‘attitude adjustment’.

  11. I guess Tennessee doesn’t have a ‘No masks in public with the intent to conceal identity” law such as Alabama has, otherwise there could have been arrests and unmaskings of the perps. Alabama’s law was in response to KKK masking and violence. Unmasking perps would separate the men from the boys, then we could deal with the men of which there would be few. Although I would hate to see it here, Britain has a ‘Public Order Offense’ law which allows a policeman to arrest ANY ONE he deems to be causing any offense to public order, from looking bad (being ugly) to offensive behavior such as loud, threatening, etc. Such a law would be an additional tool for the maintainers of public order but also a two edged sword.

  12. I was at the march in Nashville. I saw one feminist with a home made sign that said “Donald J. Trump is a sexual predator”. I confronted her with the fact that Bill Clinton is a serial rapist and she shouted the ‘f-word’ at me and cursed me as I walked up the stairs to the rally.

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