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In my previous photo-essay on Antifa in the USA, I left out the link for the website that sells Antifa merchandise. It’s a must! No self-respecting anti-fascist revolutionary can do without the latest trendy gear when battling those KKK-loving Trump supporters on the mean streets of Nashville or Denver.

Another instance of the three-arrows logo may be found in the Young People’s Socialist League.

Henrik Clausen sends this note with his observations about Antifas at the pro-Trump rally in Denver:

By the way, a few non-Blackshirt protesters stayed behind when the real Antifas crossed Lincoln seeking to break through the police line. Given the number of rattlesnake flags I saw, the troopers did well in protecting the Blackshirts from the real men up there…

Also, here’s Henrik’s video of Antifa activists milling around at the fringe of the rally. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading it:

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  1. I’m sick of putting up with their false name. Can’t we please call them ‘Fascist Antifas’? They are fascists.


    Die Nazimethoden der Antifa


    The Nazimethods of Antifa

    Linksradiklae excesses belong to the sad everyday life in our country. They are often mentioned only in local news, often trivial. Only if the “activists” beat too much, as in Leipzig last December, the Lord Mayor is once forced to distance himself from the left-wing “street terror”.

    More often, however, the deeds of the Antifa are left uncommented with seemingly clammy joy. From the perspective of the Helldeutsche, it is true. Whether in Berlin protesters, who are not fit for the Antifa, are thrown and spat on, burn cars of Pegida participants in Dresden – that is no detention worth. The Antifa can march in front of the house of the Bärgida organizer, teach all neighbors loudly that they live next to a Nazi wine and be sure that the next transfer from the steadily swelling pot for the fight against “right” arrives punctually.

    If police officers who are going there are attacked by left-wing extremists in the Antifa-Hochburg-Riga-Strasse in Berlin, there is a large-scale use of the police, which is immediately criticized by the left, pirates and the Greens as “disproportionate” Her two pubs, for which she has no licenses
    -linksautomome-szenekeken-ohne-permit-45297794.bild.html, continue undisturbed because the district administration run by the Greens, Left and SPD does not carry out any checks.
    In the past five years, more than 600 crimes have been registered in the perimeter of the Anarcho Spelunk “Abstand”, ie one every three days.

    Among them, according to “Bild” were many acts linked to left-wing demonstrations, such as attacks on policemen. But also other offenses: almost 200 damage to property, more than 80 offenses against public order, more than 70 bodily injuries, 31 times resistance against police officers. There are also numerous thefts and burglaries.

    The brave SPD deputy, Tom Schreiber, who, as a single combatant, has made a strong threat to the exertions of the extremists in Berlin, has already been threatened by Antifa several times and has had to end his life with badges at his deputy office.
    The solidarity of the other members of the House of Representatives with the internal politician is limited. No one would like to engage with the Antifa, for fear of becoming the next target of extreme aggression.

    It is therefore all the more surprising that Left-Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow has dared to publicly point out the methods that Antifa uses. On Twitter, Ramelow compared the planned action of the Antifa in front of the dwelling-house of the Thuringian AfD parliamentary party Björn Höcke on Ascension Day with NSDAP methods
    With-Nazi methods-1473516294.

    “This is not the case! Private demonstration of politicians is not at all. No matter whom and against whom! “Said Ramelow. His tweet sparkled snapping at the left-wing extremes and icy silence with the functionaries of his party. Obviously, Ramelov thought them democratic.

    After the otherwise extremely important left-wingers such as Katharina König had gone to the dive station, Deputy Chairman Steffen Dittes ventured on the next day from the cover.
    The criticism of the demonstration he could partly understand, he told the “Thuringian general”.

    The reason why he regards the choice of words as “unsuitable” is, however, very different. The term “Nazi methods” now stands for the crimes of Nazi rule as a whole and can not be used in this context. It is very interesting when the Nazi school is always turned into a more inflationary struggle in the fight against “right”, which is also devoted to Mr. Dittes. Any contemporary identified today by Dittes & Co as “Nazi” is then “for the crimes of Nazi rule as a whole”? You can not make your double standard more clearly.

    In order to show that Bodo Ramelov’s comparison is by no means absurd, the Antifa is said to come to this word. In the appeal to the action, the village in which Höcke resides is “pars pro toto” for the dozens of bees, in which the alternative is food forbearance, disinhibition and racism “. “Let us inform the Thuringian AfD chieftain and his electorate by our mere presence of their ascension and say:” Go straight to Hell! ”

    Acted upon protective minorities, such a call would promptly call the spies of our Justice Minister. The prosecutor would be alerted because of the indirect murder threat.
    The Antifa can act publicly without a storm of indignation. I would never.


  3. George Soros money behind Antifa….anyone surprised?

    From PJ Media:” The Alliance for Global Justice, an organization funded by the Tides Foundation — a George Soros -backed charity – gave $50,000 to help fund a radical-left group that used violence to shut down an event at the University of California-Berkeley featuring Milo Yiannopoulos. “Refuse Fascism” bragged on its website about how they used “righteous” violence against “fascist” Yiannopoulos and how they set a shining example for others to follow.”

    They also talk about “righteous money”, of course one of the pillars they fight against is money, but if used to advance the revolution apparently it becomes righteous.

    • There is a legal opportunity that should be explored – a civil suit against the Tides Foundation for funding a group that says it uses violence. Who do these swine think they are? Top or bottom.

      Plaintiff would have to be a victim of violence by a group member. Group members can be joined as co-defendants for appearing with an actual assailant, their knowing violence is an approved tool.

      Joining universities that fail to provide security against its students’ advertised intentions and facilitating violence by failing to expel known thugs might also be an option.

      The ACLU would, predictably, leap to defend the thugs.

      Soros funds violent groups but is untouched in the courts. Were I to provide funds to an MS-13 gang that injured or kills someone in the course of an action I knew it was their practice or intention to engage in, do I have no legal liability? If a gang has a name like Black Lives Matter is it not a gang?

      Where are the prosecutors for that matter. Sam Francis’s had it right about anarcho-tyranny.

    • Yes, we have our Cafe Press store (now seriously out of date), link on the sidebar.

  4. Black clad, faces concealed, waving a black flag with a strange symbol. First thing that came to my mind as I started watching was how much this reminded me of ISIS.
    Especially with no sound to distract from the visuals.

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