Power to the People — NOT!

Our electric power suddenly went out late yesterday afternoon for no apparent reason — no snow, no rain, no wind, no nothin’. And not just here at Schloss Bodissey, but throughout the whole neighborhood. It came back on sometime in the middle of the night.

That’s why there was no news feed last night, and why no comments have been approved. It’s also why I’ll be behind the eight ball for a while today.

2 thoughts on “Power to the People — NOT!

  1. Ready Kilowatt, it’s been a long time. I haven’t seen you since Fourth Grade. No, and I still don’t fly any kites near your transmission lines.

  2. Hey, maybe that’s what somebuddy did – out flying kites in the dark…crystal meth, anyone?

    Our poor electric company. They were here in the last fortnight or so, clearing out the power lines up and down our road to avoid these outages. In fact, we think one of their big cherry pickers stepped on the phone company gizmos that supply our phone and computer connectivity (and TV for those who ordered that – ain’t us).

    IMO, they didn’t actually *kill* the connection, just made it intermittent so that it would work fine for awhile and then go out and then come back on for a bit and then…the phone company made a visit to the box and fixed it.

    But as to what really made the transformer blow? Who knows. In the third hour or so of darkness, I told the B, I said if the electricity was still out come morning, then we wuz gonna have us a lil vacation, repairing to a motel in civilization where they had an internet connection…made me most unhappy to think of all those comments not being let in…

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