Lies of Omission

From Western Rifle Shooters Association comes this plug for an upcoming film, Lies of Omission, that we’ll all want to see:

From the production shop comes this new clip, with TL’s caveat:

A new short teaser for Lies of Omission, not as good a quality as the film, I assure you.

Thanks to all who have supported this film to date.

Thanks in advance to those who are considering doing so.

Lies of Omission donation portal

Here’s the new trailer, which includes a couple of familiar faces — the late Mike Vanderboegh and Matt Bracken:

An earlier trailer, also featuring Mike Vanderboegh and Matt Bracken:

Additional WRSA posts about Lies of Omission:

6 thoughts on “Lies of Omission

  1. Liespromo has a simple but very powerful message. I recognise instantly those young people who think their happy world is a given, a safe space that they can always rely on. I see them every day with their smartphones and fashion., oblivious to the storm clouds gathering. They trust too much in the daily propaganda. It’s terribly sad.

  2. One good point I heard this evening that I will be pushing elsewhere-

    The Ummah are the ultimate consumer. Think about it- they are incapable of maintaining or taking care of anything. They are constantly destroying, tearing down, and tossing out everything they come in contact with. They also love satellite TV. To the elite, this makes them the perfect consumer body.

    In conjunction with their self-policing ideology, this makes them perfect subjects for the elite.

    No wonder they are being coddled at every level across the Western world.

  3. My eternal thanks to Gates of Vienna for promoting our film. Indeed it is a film everyone on these pages will want to see, because it is from the spirit of Gates of Vienna that is its inspiration.

  4. Will it be playing in a theater near me or you? If not, where can it be purchased?

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