Trojan Seahorses in Greece

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Trojan Seahorses in Greece
by Fjordman

I visited Greece in the spring of 2013. Once a leader of ancient European civilization, Greece is now at the epicenter of many of the ills befalling modern European civilization. These include the financial crisis in the Eurozone and non-European mass immigration.

In Athens, the Thiseio metro station is situated close to the Temple of Hephaestus at the ancient Agora. When I visited it on several occasions, I saw immigrants urinating near the temple in broad daylight. The migrants who gathered in this area seemed to come from places such as Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. I doubt all of them had entered legally.

Twenty-five centuries ago, Socrates lectured here. Today, Adbul Karim the illegal immigrant urinates here. This was in 2013. Things were about to get a lot worse.

Aristotle once founded biology as a scientific discipline while studying marine life on the beaches of Lesbos. More recently, Lesbos, Kos and other islands in the Aegean Sea have witnessed a flood wave of predominately Muslim immigrants entering uninvited.

The number of illegal immigrants coming to Europe was already significant in 2013. It continued growing in 2014 and exploded the following year. In 2015, more than a million people from the Islamic world and Africa forced their way into Europe, causing chaos from the Balkans to Germany. Most of the migrants were young and physically fit men of military age. Some of the hostile Muslims shouted “Allahu akbar!” while attacking the local police. Yet these aggressive intruders are still routinely labeled “refugees” by the Western mass media.

In the autumn of 2015, a single Greek island could receive thousands of boat migrants in a single day. I watched several drone videos during the peak of this influx. It looked like an invasion on a nearly industrial scale. It resembled D-Day on the beaches of Normandy in 1944, only without the tanks.

An invasion does not always require tanks or fighter jets.

Lesbos alone had to deal with tens of thousands of life jackets abandoned by the migrants.[1]

It would be tempting to call these culturally alien intruders Trojan seahorses, since many of them arrive in small boats or rubber dinghies. But perhaps that is unfair. Seahorses are gentle animals, after all. It is a documented fact that some of these Muslim asylum seekers were involved in serious crime and deadly terrorist attacks in Europe afterwards.

In December 2016 and January 2017, I spent some days on the islands of Kos and Rhodes. The town of Kos has a small but worthwhile archaeological museum, situated next to a mosque dating back to Ottoman times. Compared to world-class institutions in Athens such as the Acropolis Museum or the National Archaeological Museum, it was modest. Yet it contains a fine collection of statues and other ancient artifacts. It is testimony to the incredible richness of Greek art history that even local museums contain objects of such high quality.

An Askleipion was a healing temple dedicated to Asklepios, the ancient Greek god of medicine. In addition to the ones in Thessaly and Epidaurus in mainland Greece, the Askleipion on Kos was among the greatest such establishments in the Greco-Roman world. Hippocrates of Kos, perhaps the most important Greek physician in Antiquity, probably received his medical training here. Galen, another prominent Greek physician, studied at the Askleipion at Pergamon on the west coast of Asia Minor.

The Staff of Asklepios, a serpent-entwined rod, is still used internationally as a symbol of medicine, healing and pharmacies. When visiting Kos around New Year’s, there were very few tourists on the island. I literally had the entire Askleipion all to myself. You can see from the ruins that it must have been a big and prominent temple a couple of thousand years ago.

Fjordman, Kos #1: Asklepion of Kos, where Hippocrates once studied and worked

There is a statue of Hippocrates next to the modern harbor in Kos town. It is inscribed with the Hippocratic Oath for the ethical practice of medicine. “Do no harm,” the basic message of the Hippocratic Oath, remains a guiding principle for many modern physicians.

Fjordman, Kos #6: Statue of Hippocrates in the harbor of Kos town

For several days in a row I could see a small group of illegal immigrants sitting directly behind this statue. They were literally hiding in the shadow of Hippocrates. There was some symbolism to this. Muslims force their way into Europe, using European ethical ideals and humanism as a weapon to gain entry. The migrants I saw in January 2017 did not speak Arabic. Based on their looks, I would guess that some of them came from South Asia, perhaps from Pakistan or Bangladesh, while others may have come from Afghanistan or Central Asia.

Kos is located very close to the west coast of Anatolia or Asia Minor, the country we now call Turkey. Using only the naked eye, I could clearly see individual houses in Turkey. You hardly need a motorized boat to travel this short distance. A kayak would be enough. In calm weather, an able swimmer might be able to swim from Turkey to Greece and the EU.

Several other Greek islands such as Samos, Lesbos and Chios are also situated close to the Turkish coastline. All of these islands have experienced major problems with illegal immigrants. Some of these problems still remain in 2017.

Turkey has been rocked by a series of deadly terror attacks in recent years. The number of foreign tourists visiting the country has fallen sharply because of this between 2014 and 2017.

The Islamic State (ISIS) is suspected to be behind several attacks on Turkish soil. This is somewhat ironic. Accusations have earlier been made that Turkish authorities quietly aided ISIS, as long as they were fighting the Kurds.[2] 2017 was just a couple of hours old when Turkey was hit by yet another bloody attack. This time, the target was a nightclub in Istanbul.[3]

For all its substantial social and economic problems, Greece is still a safer travel destination than neighboring Turkey. You will see more veiled Muslim women in Brussels, Berlin, Stockholm or Amsterdam, not to mention London or Paris, than you see in Rhodes or Kos.

Most of the migrants who arrive in Greek islands do not want to stay there. They want to get to countries in northwestern Europe with more generous welfare states.

The number of migrants entering Greece from Turkey was sharply reduced in 2016 compared to 2015. However, some illegal immigrants continue to arrive in Greek islands. Boat migrants crossing the Mediterranean along the longer route, from North Africa to Italy, reached record levels in 2016.[4] Moreover, this temporary reduction in the flow of migrants into southeast Europe is entirely dependent upon the actions and policies of Turkish authorities.

The Turkish government and President Erdogan engage in open blackmail and demographic warfare against Europe. They have repeatedly stated that they want money and visa-free access to the EU for millions of Muslims in Turkey.[5] Otherwise, they will unleash the hordes from the Middle East again.

That is not the worst-case scenario. The worst-case scenario is that Turkey, an increasingly Islamic and unstable country, itself might descend into a full-blown civil war. Such an event would trigger even larger population movements towards Europe than we have seen so far.

Greeks have been at the receiving end of one of the longest campaigns of ethnic cleansing in human history. For nearly 1,400 years, Muslims have been wiping out communities of Greek-speaking Christians in the eastern Mediterranean. Greeks fought a long and bloody struggle to liberate themselves from centuries of brutal and oppressive Turkish rule.

Now, Multiculturalism, the EU and mass immigration bring Islam back. Greeks and other Europeans are expected to celebrate this. In 2017 Athens will get its first new mosque since Ottoman times.[6] This happens partly after pressure from the pro-Islamic policies of the EU.

By early 2017, the migrant situation in Greece was calmer than in 2015. Yet I sensed an underlying fear among some of the local Greeks that the troubles could restart again at any moment. The Islamic world and Africa have booming populations and dysfunctional societies.

Hundreds of millions of people in these overpopulated regions would potentially like to move to Europe. The apocalyptic scenes of 2015 may simply be a prelude to what is yet to come.


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37 thoughts on “Trojan Seahorses in Greece

  1. I fear being the first to comment with my harsh rhetoric. Turn the boats back. If that doesn’t work, shoot the boats. This would only need to happen a few times. Think of the drowning statistics and try to undercut them.
    Send massive aid to the Nafris and the ME, establish communities where people can be educated and employed, not just housed, in short re-colonize them.

    • If anything, your rhetoric isn’t harsh enough. I would forgo the aid centers and attempting to educate them; any money thus spent is money wasted without first de-islamizing them. If a population of Nafris is desired, then the best use for any money spent upon them is to discourage them from breeding like rats, and keeping them securely caged within their own countries. Islam is not the only problem with North Africa and the Middle East, but it only exacerbates the dysfunction already present within the backward tribal societies which predated the arrival of islam to the region.

      Colonizing and maintaining an empire is hard work; ask the British. One must ask before such an undertaking what is the desired outcome in order to commit such vast sums of treasure and toil.

    • European leaders work to bring in the invaders. Repelling them is the last thing they want to do.

      But I know you know this.

      It would have been child’s play to have avoided the plague. Enoch Powell pointed out immigrant pathologies decades ago. Gates of Vienna publishes accounts of the same behavior today on the part of primitive invaders with contempt for native Europeans.

      Betrayal of the West continues.

    • Too harsh, babs. Turn the boats back (or put the people in safer ones, like the Australians returning them to Indonesia, and tow them back to N Africa). Shooting is excessive, especially as a proportion are genuine refugees.

      • No,we know very well that 20% are refugees and 80% are illegal immigrants.
        This was accepted by our minister for refugees.

      • Warnings can be broadcast. If invaders are foolish enough to think they do not apply to them or that those issuing the warnings are not serious, they can suffer the consequences. East Germans did not attempt to cross borders.

        Liberal treachery, weakness, and stupidity have created these gigantic problems. Only illiberal methods will undo the damage.

        It is basic army doctrine that accomplishment of the mission is the first priority, after which comes the welfare of the troops. Pause briefly to think about that grim ordering.

        The next question is Are we in the midst of a war for survival or is what we see a sappy, mawkish, sentimental, estrogen-soaked win-win exercise in which white Westerners get a participation trophy, Arab primitives take over parliaments, courts, schools, police, and armies, and goodwill and metissage abounds?

        I have tried to phrase this question in as neutral and untendentious a manner as I possibly can. If the answer to it is that we are indeed in a war for our survival, in which we are fighting for our homes and to escape being enslaved, then we can, with utmost clarity, see all would-be invaders (and their domestic enablers) as the enemies that they are.

        The US and its toad European political class. have supported an aggressive and unconstitutional war against Syria in which hundreds of thousands have been killed. The US and its co-belligerants are presently raining artillery and sleek, elegant, painted rockets and bombs down on Mosul in a manner that has earned Pres. Assad the sobriquet of “bloodthirsty killer of women and children.”

        Now in this context, in the midst of a deadly civilizational struggle, Western nations are to concern themselves with the death of a handful of invaders who ignore warnings and think stupid Westerners (1) have unlimited patience and (2) see interaction with, commingling with, and support for the Muslim world as something no more serious than a game of canasta or a football contest?

        • Thank you! Does Obama fancy himself as leader of a new future pakiorpalistan type entity? 🙂 (:

      • It seems every solution put forward is “too harsh”. JC, these dark characters with their insane ideology are in a full blown war committed to outnumbering, forcing conversion or wiping us out – one way or another. The everyday Muslim’s easy to read gestures, attitudes, intolerance and stark naked leering condescending hatred towards the people of the countries they were born in or seek to use first then eventually smash surely can’t be that difficult to read? Read the Koran lately? Listened to one of their so called Imans at an Islamic barracks call? Coulda, woulda, shoulda, yeah but what if. Getting out of the EMU is an encouraging first step.

      • “A proportion are genuine refugees….” What portion? They are all moslems–any Christians on the migration routes are soon murdered by the followers of the ‘religion of peace’.

        Personally, I don’t find Babs to be too harsh, and as long as westerners appease and pamper the moslems, we are only making things much worse for ourselves, as they have learnt quickly to take full advantage of our weakness.

    • Greece which is broke should give aid to other countries? maybe Greece should try to help the greek people.

      • In Greece the indigenous people are second class citizens.

        Everything is for the illegal immigrants.

        That’s why nationalism is growing very fast.

  2. Don’t fret , Babs. I think you are of the same mind as many of us. Give the native population guns. Any violent crime by a migrant would be met with violence. NO WELFARE. then do what Babs suggests. GIVING people things does not fix a problem. That IS the problem and how they got to the state they are in. Despots in their own countries gave them just enough to pacify them and stole the rest. Then the Islamists agitated. This was all predicted in “The Camp of Saints.”

  3. We very much want to turn the boats back or shoot them or drawn them BUT the people who welcome the illegal immigrants are not the locals.

    They are mainly people from other European countries (including a few left wing Greeks) even Israelis who are working for Soros’s NGO and are paid very well.

    Our government is a communist one, which does not believe in borders ,religion,family and nation.

    This government knowing fully well that the Greeks are dedicated orthodox,fanatic patriots,having good and close families,and do not mix with non whites, aims at replacing the indigenous people by the scum of Afro-Asia.
    They also paid very well for this,by the man who aims at a non white and non Christian Europe.

    They will not succeed of course,instead they will succeed in finding themselves imprisoned for high treason.

    • If the Greeks are as you describe them, why did they vote in the open-borders NWO communists? Was the election rigged?

      • I think the Greeks like Germans and many others paying the price for ignorance. When life is generally good (fairly safe financially, government not intervene with your daily life much), people tend to not care about politics. Which is perfectly understandable, normally politics is boring and also dirty play between competing sociopaths. The problem is even if you do not care for politics, politics will care for you, and not in a good way!

      • After the election we see what they really are.
        I never in my life have heard so many and gross lies.

        If one sees the result of the election,taking into consideration the gains of the other parties and especially if one sees the size of abstention then one realizes that Greece is governed by a minority of only the 19%.

        On 28th of June 2015 we had a referendum for Europe.
        The result was 62% NO ,but the government turn it into YES.

        Have i given you a clear picture of the whole thing?

  4. In case anybody has not been following the news, the new alliance emerging on the world scene is USA, Russia and UK. Tonight even PM May said her first priority must be controls on immigration. So Greece should really be sucking up to Trump and partners, not groveling in Brussels.

    • Anglosphere (poetry!! swashbuckling gentlemen!!) + Israel (holy competence!! legions of angels!!) + Japan (ninja spirit-warriors!! anime-girls piloting giant robots!!) is my dream. A well-behaved Russia receives Constantinople as its reward.

      • Constantinople will always be Greek no matter whose hands will end up in.

        The lament for loosing her goes like that:

        City,oh,City paradise planted in the East…

        Constantinople also is called “The Queen City”.

        We do not forget and given the chance….

  5. But it`s also true that Greece itself is partly to blame for the crisis (just like Italy).
    Their political class is even worse and more corrupt then in most other European countries.
    And their radical left Government of course has a strict multicultural agenda and is putting pressure with migrants on its partners.
    Former governments have tricked their way into the Schengen Area (no internal borders) just like they did with the Eurozone (single currency), when in fact they knew quiet well that they didn`t meet requirements for any of it.
    It was Goldmann Sachs that helped them with the financial fraud.

    Not to forget that the EU`s Migration Commissioner is a Greek politician himself, Dimitris Avramopoulos .
    And still (!) calls for millions of additional migrants for the EU.
    70 millions (predominantly Muslims) only in the next 20 years.
    Nothing here is happening by accident!

  6. Very upsetting to see my ancestral land overrun with mostly M uslim invaders. It is matter of time before they outnumber the indigenous Greeks and Islam is dominant once again. The Greek government must look at this as an Islamic invasion. Just like I warned in my Borders, Language and culture article.

  7. “Twenty-five centuries ago, Socrates lectured here. Today, Adbul Karim the illegal immigrant urinates here. This was in 2013. Things were about to get a lot worse.”

    The observation above is emblematic of the mind-boggling morass the so called “elites” caused in their own countries. The word “high treason” inevitably comes to mind …

    On Friday we do have a chance to start reversing these things: slowly, painfully, facing ferocious attacks from the Cultural Marxists and leftists of all stripes, hand in hand with green warmists, whining multiculturalists, globalist enemedia and simply all “enemies of the Constitution foreign and domestic”.

    A lot of courage and sacrifice will be necessary. May God save Donald Trump …

  8. stop calling them migrants and immigrants, they come to these countries illegally, they are colonists.

  9. “The Staff of Asklepios, a serpent-entwined rod, is still used internationally as a symbol of medicine, healing and pharmacies.”

    Now that’s interesting. Showing my ignorance here, but I had assumed the snake around the pole symbol for medicine or healing came from the Old Testament story of Moses, in Numbers chapter 21. “So Moses made a bronze snake and put it on a pole. Then when anyone was bitten by a snake and looked at the bronze snake, he lived.”

  10. We in the West are witness to Treason by our leaders on a scale never before seen in human history. The entire military of the EU is being used to facilitate an invasion designed to replace the European people with non-Europeans. Europe is an aged society with a small population of breeding age who traditionally have small families. The number of young Muslims already in Europe is demographically transformative. And millions more are on the way. No one was ever asked their opinion on this, or to vote on it. This was done TO Europe, by an insane woman, no different than in 1939. Unlike WWII, there is no possibility for Europe to recover from this disaster. It is mass suicide. The trigger has been pulled.

    I mourn for Europe. Watching a great civilization commit suicide is nauseating.

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