The Camp of the Saints and the Golden Dawn

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The Camp of the Saints and the Golden Dawn
By Fjordman

The Camp of the Saints is a dystopian novel written by the French author Jean Raspail. Although it was first published as long ago as 1973, the author is still alive today. Now 88 years old, his brain remains remarkably sharp for a man his age.

Raspail has published many books, but the one for which he will be chiefly remembered is ironically his most atypical one. Over forty years ago, The Camp of the Saints predicted a Third World mass invasion of Europe, causing the downfall of Western civilization. This process was compressed in time so that what might take fifty years in real life took fifty days in the book. Also, the main bulk of illegal immigrants in the novel came from India. Today, while immigration to Europe comes from every corner of the planet, much of it comes from the Islamic world and Africa.

Apart from that, the novel was remarkably prescient in describing the dysfunctional mindset of the modern Western world. We have become so wedded to unsustainable humanitarian ideals that we are mentally incapable of defending our own continued national existence. When faced with millions of people coming from the global South, we simply raise a white flag and say that they are welcome to colonize our countries.

Or at least, that’s what our leaders and mass media do. Some of the natives are finally and belatedly starting to get restless about their state-approved ethnic displacement. Is this European awakening coming too late, or does it happen at the very last moment? Only time will tell. Jean Raspail was pessimistic on behalf of his native France in a new interview with him made in 2013.

In the generations that have passed since its original publication, The Camp of the Saints is no longer just a novel; it has now become actual reality in Europe. Hordes of illegal immigrants are entering the continent, sometimes by boat as in the novel, sometimes by other means.

In May 2011, I went for a trip to northern Italy. When visiting Pisa in magnificent Tuscany, I was greeted by sub-Saharan Africans selling Chinese-made authentic Italian souvenirs in the streets. Globalization is wonderful. I doubt all of these immigrants were in Italy and the EU legally.

For the first time in recorded history, the continent of Africa now has a larger population than the continent of Europe. What’s more, the already unsustainable African population is set to double in the coming two generations.

Africa is on the move, and it’s moving north. The Middle East and regions further east in Asia have already seen a growing influx of Africans. I visited Tel Aviv, Israel, in early 2013, for the first time in ten years. In just one decade, I saw many more Africans there than before. Obviously, Israel has some Ethiopian Jews, but Ethiopians have a distinct look. The ones I saw this time were often not Ethiopians. They were sub-Saharan Africans on the move out of Africa.

Ultimately, the intended destination for many of them is no doubt Europe, the promised land of milk and honey. The only response European political elites and the EU have to this is that it is “shameful” for Europe if foreigners trying to illegally enter and colonize Europe run into accidents along the way.

Meanwhile, the few people of European descent still left in Africa — mainly white South Africans — are being systematically wiped out in the most brutal manner possible. Africans wipe out the few Europeans in Africa, and then promptly follow them to Europe. Africa for Africans, and Europe for Africans, too.

One of the few contemporary scholars from Norway actually worth quoting is Sigurd Skirbekk, professor emeritus at the University of Oslo. Skirbekk questions many of the assumptions underlying Western immigration policies today. One of them is the notion that rich countries have a duty to take in all people from other nations that are suffering, either from natural disasters, political repression or overpopulation. According to him, it cannot be considered moral of the cultural, political and religious elites of these countries to allow their populations to grow unrestrained and then push their excess population onto other countries.

Skirbekk points out that European countries earlier rejected the Germans when they used the argument of lebensraum as a motivation for their foreign policy. We should do the same thing now when other countries invoke the argument that they lack space for their population. According to him, there is plenty of literature available about the ecological challenges the world will be facing in this century. Running a too-liberal immigration policy while refusing to confront such unpleasant moral issues is not a sustainable alternative in the long run. We will then only push difficult dilemmas onto future generations.

The point raised by Professor Sigurd Skirbekk is sound and worth repeating: If it was very, very evil by Germans to promote lebensraum in Europe in the 1940s, why is Europe supposed to meekly accept being a laboratory for African, Pakistani or Arab lebensraum today?

I visited Greece for the first time in the spring of 2013. I’d just received a grant and went on a journey that I had long wanted to undertake, from Jerusalem via Athens to Rome. Greece is important because it was the pinnacle of human accomplishment in ancient times. Once a leader of European civilization, Greece is now at the epicenter of many of the ills befalling modern European civilization. These include the financial crisis and non-European mass immigration.

By and large, I enjoyed being in Greece. Visiting world-class museums such as the Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum in Athens was a great experience. Unfortunately, there were many signs of social decay in the streets outside. The eurozone crisis has hit Greece hard. I could clearly see many non-Gypsy beggars who were not drug addicts, for instance. This is still rare in Scandinavia. Greece also has very high levels of corruption. Greeks themselves freely admit this.

For my part, I must add that far too many Greeks seem to have an addiction to radical Left, Socialist and Marxist ideas that is pathological even by Scandinavian standards. On the plus side, Greeks have survived as a distinct ethnic group for at least 3,400 years. They are a resilient bunch, so don’t count them out just yet.

I followed the news of the clampdown on the hard line nationalist and anti-immigration party the Golden Dawn in the autumn of 2013. You might say that you don’t like them. Fine, you don’t have to. I’m not even sure if I like them much myself.

The Golden Dawn MP Ilias Panagiotaros apparently told Australian television that the party would like to resemble the Lebanon-based Islamic Jihadist group Hezbollah. He said that “Golden Dawn wants to become, and will become, like Hezbollah in Lebanon, which is in effect a second government that helps even the last of its poor citizens.”

Hailing an Islamic terrorist group as your ideal really isn’t a very clever thing to do. You don’t have to be a left-wing Multiculturalist to object to this. However, there are several sides to this story.

In August 2012, unknown individuals burnt down offices in Athens that belonged to the Golden Dawn’ party. That was the second time that year that offices by the Golden Dawn had been targeted. In March 2012, their offices in the port town of Patras were also destroyed by unknown individuals.

There have been other such violent and potentially lethal attacks on the party, possibly involving far-Left and Marxist groups of various kinds. In December 2012, a makeshift bomb exploded at the offices of the Golden Dawn near Athens, ripping through a wall and smashing the windows of an adjacent building. A police official said the attack was most likely carried out by a far-Left group. “It was a powerful blast that caused a lot of damage,” he said. “It looks like terrorism.”

Greece has many violent and aggressive left-wing radical groups, including outright Communists. Yet there has been no clampdown on them comparable to the ongoing clampdown on the Golden Dawn. Why not? Because these former groups have an open-borders agenda that serves the ruling elites well?

I’m not thrilled about the Golden Dawn, but I’m not thrilled about Communists, either. Communists have been responsible for about 100 million deaths in the last century. Clearly, they represent a dangerous totalitarian threat. It rings hollow when the authorities target the Golden Dawn, but give a virtually free rein to radical left-wing and Marxist groups who are at least as violent.

In Athens, the Thiseio metro station is situated very close to the Temple of Hephaestus at the ancient Agora. When I visited it on several occasions, I saw immigrants urinating near the temple in broad daylight. The immigrants who gathered in this area seemed to come from places like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. I doubt all of them were in the country legally.

Twenty-five centuries ago, Socrates lectured here. Today, Adbul Karim the illegal immigrant urinates here.

When talking about Greeks, we should also recall that they have been at the receiving end of one of the longest campaigns of ethnic cleansing in human history. For nearly 1400 years, Muslims have been wiping out communities of Greek-speaking Christians in the eastern Mediterranean. This campaign continues to this day with the Turkish occupation of parts of Cyprus.

Greeks fought a long and bloody struggle to liberate themselves from the yoke of Muslim rule in Ottoman times. Now, when they have little money and perhaps one in four Greeks is out of work, they are supposed to use public money to set up an Islamic mosque in Athens. This is not just wrong; it is evil.

As long as the political elites in Greece, the EU and the rest of the Western world continue to support suicidal policies, support for groups such as the Golden Dawn will continue to rise. You cannot deal with the Golden Dawn unless you are first willing to deal with the Camp of the Saints-reality of mass immigration that is flooding Europe on a daily basis.


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44 thoughts on “The Camp of the Saints and the Golden Dawn

  1. I’ve heard that Ibiza has gone [belly] up as well. Spanish, English and French beggars scrounging meals and 5 to a room, mingled in with African and Asian [persons with undesirable characteristics].

    This is the Apocalypse.

  2. It’s heart breaking to read such a brilliant author and mind appearing so distressed to say it like it is.
    This was not Fjordman’s usual scholarly writing we’ve all fallen in love with. It’s an emotional epiphany of a reality most of us try so hard to pretend isn’t so.
    Against immigration? “Nazi!”
    Believe any European nation has the human right to exist? “Nazi!”
    Bomb a democratically active/elected party that is against immigration and/or believe in European rights to exist? [silence from media and funding from government]

    It’s time we all get the crazy voices out of our heads.

    [hope this doesn’t show as a “duplicate comment” – inet connection issues.]

  3. The African street scene you saw in Pisa in 2011, I saw in Firenze in 1993. On the other hand, on my last trip to Israel, in 1984, I did not see a single black face. So we are “progressing,” everywhere.

    The opinions of Prof. Skirbekk do not matter; he is a white, old male. Two generations have now grown brainwashed in the postmodern Western school system, their teachers almost without exception hysterical multiculti, white mea culpist socialists, the majority of them of the female persuasion. What the younger generations now running things learned in school is reinforced daily in the MSM and mass entertainment they consume; there are no opposing views except if one is especially motivated to seek them out in small circulation platforms whose voices are demonized and stigmatized (as you know too well) by the entire cultural and political and even religious establishment. The dysfunctions you list cannot change except after a catastrophe brought by the Camp of the Saints scenario or by a Hitler redux.

    As to Greece, but for the Muslim countries in Europe it’s the most ideologically communist country in Europe strangely enough also the most anti-Semitic (probably excepting Albania and Bosnia) with very ancient roots of antagonism to Jews going back to Alexandria and the Seleucid rule of Israel in the 3dr and 2nd century BC, then tripled in the early days of Christianity as the new religion was evolving from a sort of reform Judaism to a neo-Platonic creed of Greeks and Greek-speaking Gentiles blaming “the Jews” for deicide. All this combined with a Byzantine level of corruption. Between the corruption of the rulers, the leftism of the ruled, and universal love for the enemies of Jews, Greece is getting exactly what it has bargained for, including the economic devastation, unemployment, sympathy for Hamas, hordes of Muslim colonizers and, yes, Golden Dawn.

    • Greece has a totally anarchic political style. They will street fight over any political issue. This is why they will thrive despite the double whammy of Turks and Germans picking on them, while bankers pick their pockets.

      Molon Labe!

    • Byzantium was among the least corrupt states in the medieval period. They paid free men to be soldiers and paid in gold Solidus coin. The only way they could be beaten was by Slave armies made up from kidnapped Greek boys. The Fiscal basis of the Greek world (the highest expression of the classical era Hellenism) was shattered by desert pirates and their all too willing semitic allies. Call a spade a spade, that’s what the Greeks do.

      • Re: “among the least corrupt states”

        Given the high intellectual quality of many comments I read in this blog, it behooves one to label one’s esoteric opinion as such, rather than toss it as though it’s common knowledge. The word “Byzantine” has been synonymous with corruption and decadence for hundreds of years. Gibbon already dwelled into these two attributes.

        Before you opine, I urge you to investigate Byzantine personages such as Emperor Honorius plus the ascendance, reign and descent of Empress Zoe, her lovers, husbands and descendants. Brittanica has something on it, but you’ll find a fuller tale here You might want to look also into an eyewitness account by member of the 11th century Byzantine court, Michael Psellus, available here

        • No worse than the Norman court, gives the French a good run. Emma of Normandy basically looks the same as Zoe. Elinor of Aquitaine not much different, Empress Matilda again, a real catch.

          • Elizabeth killed her own cousin.

            I find it very hard to distinguish her from characters like Zoe. The only thing is that she was a stout hearted Patriot in the right place at the right time who rode the crest of the rising surf of a rising power.

          • Quote:
            A correction is in order. She was also not able to marry for obvious pitical reasons and had a variety of lovers.

            Not able or not willing?
            The way I see it, by remaining unmarried, she gave herself a certain freedom concerning loyalty and individual agency.
            If she had been less confident, perhaps, and become Catholic and married Philip II, an offer was on the table, as I recall, then her agency would have been bottled up completely and most of her people would have despised her, as they had her predecessor.
            It would have been an unwise move, regardless of her religious impulses. She was a Protestant queen, but certainly no reformer.

        • In addition to that Zoe doesn’t sound all that different from Elizabeth I. She had a good time once she hit her 50s after being confined to the Tower most of her life.

          How does this differ from any royal household in Europe in the last millennium?

          • You have been offered some good advice Napier….I would also imagine that there are many and obvious differences between all those houses you are now trying to equate as being equal in corruption.

          • Location


            If Byzantine had simply been used as a figure of speech, fair enough. Howeverthe Tudors were rotten through and through.

          • Elizabeth I was “confined to the Tower” for most of her life?
            From what I understand she was confined only during one period in the midst of Mary’s reign.
            I can’t imagine anyone confining Elizabeth I.
            Also the word “byzantine,” as an adjective does not mean corruption, it means a confusing complexity in the institutions of government and religion.
            If you say that the bureaucracy is “byzantine,” you have stated that it is redundant and complex. You have not necessarily stated that it is corrupt.
            Byzantine is a complex word, do not oversimplify it.

            Elizabeth I was one of the most competent and intelligent rulers England ever had.
            I’m rather surprised that a student of history could feel so disparagingly toward her.
            A prisoner? No, I think not.

          • Elizabeth I was a political prisoner for much of her youth.

            A correction is in order. She was also not able to marry for obvious pitical reasons and had a variety of lovers.
            Not dissimilar to Zoe.

      • What amazes me is that the Greeks could welcome to their shores, their implacable enemies, the Turks, the Muslims.
        What has possessed them to see those who enslaved them as friends?
        What has possessed them to trust their enemies.
        Jesus said, pray for those who persecute you.
        He did not say, surrender.
        He did not say, submit.
        But the Muslim will demand submission, it is only a matter of time.
        The Greek submitted before, gave away his own son for one moment’s peace.
        Will he do so again?

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  6. An excellent companion book to “The Camp of the Saints” is “The Great Cleansing” by Pieter Ten Hoopen. It describes Europe in 2020 after all of the Muslims have been expelled from Europe. There is an interesting mix of personal stories by people who went through the purge. The book is available on Kindle.

    • Expelling Muslims from Europe is easy and could even be done humanely, i.e. as behooves Christians. But expelling the postmodern socialists is difficult. Wthout the latter the former is merely a fantasy. Is there a book about expelling the socialists from Europe?

      • > Is there a book about expelling the socialists from Europe?

        The problem about expelling socialistsfrom Europe is that you’d have to expell 70% of Europe, or even more.

        After a certain point it makes more sense for non-socialists to move out, let socialism collapse in their own filth, and then let the Muslim zombie hordes eat them alive.

        Meanwhile, you rebuild your society elsewhere with a new, unchangeable constitution that in perpetuity bans socialism, marxism, communism and any other form of big goverment.

        The only problem is that there is no uninhabited land left on the planet to move to. Maybe if you collected enough money, Russia would sell you a tiny strip somewhere is artic Siberia.

        • South America. Super christian countries with at least 50 different armed groups, all christian. Like FARC, christian drug gangsters. Nothing more dangerous than a gangster of christ 😀 haha.
          So South America or Russia. They aren’t too fond of all that multicultural [effluvium].
          That’s my backup plan if things go completely to [ordure] here in Denmark. Then i’m off for Russia.

          • @Frederik

            So you’re fine with criminals as long as they aren’t Muslim?

            Russia and South America have different cultures from the West. It’s not about Christianity vs Islam, Christian groups do as much terror in Africa and South America, if not more, than Muslim groups in the middle-east and Africa. It’s about keeping your land for the natives. Immigration from Russia or South America would be no better than immigration from Muslim countries.

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  9. Loads of enricher boat people photos, believe that up to this point most of the third world enrichment of the U.K. has been imported through the airports.

    Forza Fortress Europe, before Europe is turned into a human garbage can.

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  11. My wife and I were staying at the Mercure Hotel near the Gare de Lyon in Paris in 2008. We went out one night for a rather late meal and to take in a show and were later dropped off by the tour bus at the end of the street that leads to the Hotel at around 2am.

    Every doorstep along that street was taken up by one or several ‘homeless’ men whom I have no doubt were really the illegals we would be mobbed by during the day selling their cheap Eiffel Tower and French Tri-color trinkets. Most of the ‘hawkers’ we encountered were of north African and Mediterranean ethnicity, were generally unshaven, unkempt, smelly, and aggressive in their selling manner. At no time when dealing with these street people – that is by pushing them out of the way – did I ever feel comfortable, so with that in mind, to say I felt concerned for our welfare as we walked rather hurriedly toward our Hotel is to be an understatement, because even the Hotel locked its doors after midnight!

    Paris is not a safe city, especially at night to be out in, even for the natives who generally advise against being out after dark. During the day troops are out in two’s or three’s with their sub-machine guns at the ready just in case!

    It’s a shame because we both found Paris to be a truly wonderful city.

  12. The West is done, I’ve already accepted defeat. What sites like this are doing is respectable, appreciated, and right, but the only way I see any turn around for the West is government overthrow, rebellion, or military coup d’etate, and I don’t see any of those happening, especially in Western Europe, where people have imo, evolved past war/violence, even if it’s self-defense. Not to mention, only the Swiss have guns. Europe will become a bunch of Islamic states with no actual Europeans left and the US will become another Latin American country, full of lawlessness, crime, and degeneracy.

    The good news is, this will not happen in this generation, while we’re around. There are still areas in western Europe absolutely untouched by the foreign blight, while in London the English are a minority now, England as a whole is still 80% English, while countries like Finland or Iceland are still 95%+ native. I’m Canadian, grew up in a area where Europeans were 10% of the population, went to secondary school in an area with 50% Europeans, but then moved to an area with pretty much 98% Europeans, and the differences are unbelievable. You just have to do research.

    The bad news is, our children, or our children’s children, are screwed.

    I think it’s north-east Asia’s time, namely northern China, Korea, Japan now. Japan just elected a nationalist PM, Japan and Korea have nearly no immigration despite being as rich as western European countries and low birth rates. I think they’ll be leading the world in innovation, science, technology, civilization for the next while now, Europe is done.

    Maybe Europe will make a come back in 10,000 years or so when the now Arab/African immigrants when Europe’s climate and environment evolves them back into Europeans, lol. That’s assuming it’s Europe’s normal climate that made Europeans, rather than the Ice Age. In that case, Europe will have to wait until the next Ice Age. Oh well.

    • It wasn’t the climate that made the European. Some of it was sexual selection based on aesthetics and random mutation. Ice age didn’t produce blondes with blue eyes in north American Indians.

    • Unfortunately, it was Christianity which made Europe, and between the secularist multiculti and the Muslims, it’s being scoured from Western Europe. C.S. Lewis was quite prescient in his children’s stories, making the Narnian Antichrist a fake put up by a cabal of secularist Narnians and his fantasy world’s scarcely disguised analogues of Muslims, the Calormenes. From 1956, no less. Certainly the latest manifestations of the spirit of antichrist in the real world have that feel.

        • Unfortunate not for the past, but for the future. Read the rest of my post. And compare it with the happy talk about another ice age turning the immigrants from the Muslim world into Europeans in the post I was replying to.

          A de-Christianized Europe will not be Europe, the only question is which dystopia it will look more like.

    • I would have some doubts as for it being Japan’s, Korea’s or China’s time. Demographics are against that. These countries have extremely low total fertility rates – some of the lowest in the world. As a result, they all suffer from population ageing. Japan is already the oldest society in the world.

      Japan has been in population decline for several years already. South Korea is about to start declining. Taiwan too. In China, population growth will stop in about 10 years. Singapore has about the lowest TFR in the world – more than half women there have no children at all.

      Thus, East Asian countries will soon turn into old people’s homes with acute shortage of workforce. Perhaps, they will have then to open the doors wide for (Muslim) immigrants.

    • That’s a very pessimistic view you have for the future of the West Lotos!

      However, going on what we already know and what we are currently witnessing, one could be forgiven for being so pessimistic.

      Those who have driven the West into the corner it now finds itself in have, I believe this time, bitten off more than they can chew.

      For instance; the European Union has not achieved what it was put in place to accomplish as the many cracks in the façade of European togetherness are now showing us. Brussels is becoming more and more authoritarian in its demands for economic and political unity to the point that totalitarianism is but a short shuffle away. It is very likely that the whole pack of cards that is the EU will shortly collapse via economic policies, if not through massive civil unrest, which will throw Europe into a kind of dystopian nightmare of such proportions that some kind of civil war seems almost inevitable.

      I believe it is inevitable before then though, that the UK will eventually divorce itself from the EU which then means the UK will probably seek more accommodating markets for its continued existence.

      Believe it or not, Britain and Australia were once major trading partners until the Globalists dismantled a perfectly good relationship.

      Those ‘thinking Americans’ are now reorganizing their priorities and the United States now appears to be dividing along the lines of blue and red states which cannot bode well for the future of a United States. The dominant minorities, such as the Hispanics, are now openly targeting the American Government so as to influence their own racist instincts. Texas is fast becoming the innovative state in the still complete Union and the state’s conservative roots do hold some hope for the other red states that may decide to join the biggest state in the Union to share some kind of Commonwealth or Confederacy, as apart what now passes for the United States. The Federalists or Centralists, whichever term suits the reader, have ruined a perfectly good union and must eventually pay for their sins.

      Another civil war? Maybe!

      But all is not lost just yet for the Anglosphere!

    • Our lack willpower to protect ourselves means you are probably right. You only protect and keep what you are willing to fight for. But we still have to do what we can.

  13. As for Greece and the Golden Dawn, it should be borne in mind that what allowed Greeks to survive as a nation under Ottoman yoke was Orthodox Christian faith. Those who converted to Islam became Turks. Those who swam against the current and kept their faith remained Greeks and regained independence.

    In the present times, the situation is similar. If Greeks are to survive, it will be thanks to the Mount Athos and not to the Golden Dawn or anything like that. The only thing that can resist islamisation is firm Christian faith rooted in the traditions of the Holy Fathers. No secular ideology can.

    It especially evident in Greece, but I believe that it true for the rest of Europe.

  14. After 9/11 and all the other infamous recent attacks everywhere by the mohammadan brethren the response is a consistent opening of the gates even wider. What a gift to the ambitious.

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  17. Upon reading the following comment above:

    “Two generations have now grown brainwashed in the postmodern Western school system, their teachers almost without exception hysterical multiculti, white mea culpist socialists, the majority of them of the female persuasion. What the younger generations now running things learned in school is reinforced daily in the MSM and mass entertainment they consume; there are no opposing views except if one is especially motivated to seek them out in small circulation platforms …”

    I became especially dejected and did not return to GoV for two days; not because I didn’t know this already, but because having somebody else succinctly articulate this awful truism made it so much more vivid and alive. There is a degree of comfort gained in reading the pages of GoV and people like Mark Steyn, but there is no remedy because of the Leviathan described above.

    • There is a remedy and it lies in patience, resilience and preparedness. The remedy is in not giving up.

      Not that it will change much before our peoples jump collectively off the cliff (actually, they have jumped already) and crash on the rocks below. But it will allow for rebuilding.

      Think what odds Wehrmacht officers were facing who conspired to rid Germany of Hitler. It was impossible for them to predict that only ten years later, free Germany would be a peaceful and prosperous country, yet they saw resistance to evil as self-justifying even under the most depressing circumstances. Or think of outspoken dissidents in the Soviet Union; how many squashed, hopeless generations passed until the remedy finally kicked in?

      There are dozens of just the major examples of this in history. Our descendants will see better days, even though we will not. As long as we don’t give up.

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