The Silence of the Dhimmis

Seneca III sends this brief note about the twilight of the British press, as expressed in its current online manifestation.

The Silence of the Dhimmis

by Seneca III

Ahh! now this is interesting.

Yesterday (23/8/16) a comment came up on the (London) Times on Line following an article by Melanie Phillips entitled “Our weakness makes the Islamists stronger”, and it was receiving a very substantial number of approvals by the normal standards of that predominantly Metropolitan organ.

Inasmuch as I was one of the enthusiastic approvers I bookmarked it for further reference and also copied and pasted its contents to a Word file just in case, as I have long been aware of the nasty habits of the censorious Thought Police on that subscription news site with its interesting collection of ‘citizen moderators’, particularly when it comes to a subscriber speaking truth about the Religion of Death and Atrocity.

Nevertheless, with my usual morbid sense of fascination I came back to it for an update this morning and, Lo and Behold, I cannot find it (the comment, that is — the article is still there). Now why could that be? I ask.

Well, I will just leave it to you, dear GoVers, to draw your own conclusions and so here it is. Y’all have fun now :)…politely, of course.

The Comment.

Well explained, Melanie, particularly as you are writing within the constraints that these days are so firmly imposed upon freedom of speech and the public use of precise definitions.

So, if permitted, as way of explanation, I will try to clarify some aspects of the following paragraph which you quoted and which really is a classic example of destructive disinformation that perhaps is even being disseminated with malignant intent by the authors thereof. Repeatedly calling a horse an antelope does not make it an antelope no matter how determined the effort to make it so is:

“Its 2013 Task Force on Tackling Radicalisation and Extremism defined Islamist extremism as an ideology based on a “distorted” interpretation of Islam, which betrayed its “peaceful principles” and “should not be confused with traditional religious practice”.

Islam is a Theocratic political system based upon and sustained by the practice of slavery and submission, enforced whenever it can be by extreme violence and atrocity. Islam only demonstrates its ‘peaceful principles’ (the verses of) in the early stages of the occupation of a target culture or to protect itself when in a position of weakness. When it is in a position of ascendency and power, these early peaceful verses are doctrinally abrogated by the later ‘verses of war’, and the killing begins.

Hence there are just two precisely mandated applications of the Quranic rules and procedures for creating a global Islamic Caliphate, each according to the constraints or lack of at the time and place within which the Umma finds itself carrying out this divine obligation — that is the real meaning of “traditional religious practice”, and there are no “distorted interpretations of Islam” either, for each interpretation serves a specific purpose when necessity demands or opportunity arises.

Verbal circumlocutions notwithstanding, Islam is neither ‘Radical’ nor ‘Extreme, it is simply Islam being what Islam is and has been for over fourteen hundred years and consequently as the authors of the above paragraph simply do not appear to understand that reality they will never be able to generate an accurate analysis nor propose a viable solution.

And, finally, may I point out that history may not always repeat itself but if in this case it does then the West, to survive in anything resembling its traditional and present form by preserving its defining ethos, must stage re-runs of the likes of Tours, Malta, Lepanto and Vienna until Islam is sent scurrying back into the socio-evolutionary cul-de-sac from which it has once again exploded.

If it does not do so, ferociously and with absolute determination, the West is finished.

— Seneca III, for once really enjoying stuffing it to the deconstructionist drones of the MSM and their suicidal acolytes on this the 24th day of August in the year of our Lord 2016.

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36 thoughts on “The Silence of the Dhimmis

  1. Undoubtedly she now has an appointment in Rm 101 at the Ministry of Peace for her doubleplusungood thought. For her own good of course, until she can learn to love Big Mohammed.

  2. We can not hope to defeat Islam until the western leaders and their political apparatus are replaced. Those who have to go:
    #1 European Union is dismantled and Juncker & Co are scuttled
    #2 Angela Merkel – Germany
    #3 Francois Hollande – France
    #4 B. Obama/H. Clinton – US
    #5 Justin Trudeau – Canada
    #6 Kjell Stefan Löfven – Sweden
    #7 Lars Løkke Rasmussen – Denmark
    #8 Erna Solberg – Norway

    We need more leaders like Hungary’s Orban or we are doomed.

    • I would add the puppetmaster at the root of the rot in the Western world, Soros. Him, his foundation, his billions, and his son and acolytes all need to be uprooted and made an example of that the rest of the elites will ever forget.

      • Here’s a message from someone who actually tried to fight back! Guess who. (I put a hint in there, just in case.)

        It is not sufficient just to criticise Political Correctness. It tolerates a certain amount of criticism, even gentle mocking. It does so through no genuine tolerance for other points of view, but in order to disarm its opponents, to let itself seem less menacing than it is. The cultural Marxists do not yet have total power, and they are too wise to appear totalitarian until their victory is assured.

        Rather, those who would defeat cultural Marxism must defy it. They must use words it forbids, and refuse to use the words it mandates; remember, sex is better than gender. They must shout from the housetops the realities it seeks to suppress, such as our opposition to Sharia on a national and local level, the Islamisation of our countries, the facts that violent crime is disproportionately committed by Muslims and that most cases of AIDS are voluntary, i.e., acquired from immoral sexual acts. They must refuse to turn their children over to public schools.

        Above all, those who would defy Political Correctness must behave according to the old rules of our culture, not the new rules the cultural Marxists lay down. Ladies should be wives and homemakers, not cops or soldiers, and men should still hold doors open for ladies. Children should not be born out of wedlock. Glorification of homosexuality should be shunned. Jurors should not accept Islam as an excuse for murder. [Nor anti-multiculturalism? – cth]

        Defiance spreads. When other Western Europeans see one person defy Political Correctness and survive – and you still can, for now – they are emboldened. They are tempted to defy it, too, and some do. The ripples from a single act of defiance, of one instance of walking up to the clay idol and breaking off its nose, can range far. There is nothing the Politically Correct fear more than open defiance, and for good reason; it is their chief vulnerability. That should lead cultural conservatives to defy cultural Marxism at every turn.

    • Replacing the present gaggle of western leaders will solve nothing. The system of government, or ‘political apparatus’, has to join the ancient feudal and monarchical systems in the dustbin of history.

      The present system of government in the west (elective dictatorship) is not worth fighting for and does not deserve any kind of support from anyone with half a brain.

      No one in their right mind would fight to preserve a system of government that makes it possible for people like Merkel-May-Obama-Trudeau-Hollande-Löfven-Rasmussen-Solberg, and almost all of their predecessors, to gain political power. (Yes, that list of leaders/countries is nowhere near complete).

      Until such time that a system of government is established that provides a system of genuine representation for the people via a system of randomly chosen juries (let’s say, appointed for four week terms) to act as watchdogs having absolute power over the careers of politicians and bureaucrats – to ensure that they perform their duties honestly – then we are destined to sink further and further into a that state of seventh century barbarism that so many leftists admire.

      History has also shown that the concept of a free press as a protector of liberties and truth is a total fantasy. The free press as it currently exists in the west is no better or truthful than the state controlled version that existed in the honest-and-up-front tyrannies of the twentieth century. Nearly all of the news media outlets have been taken over by political cultists, mostly of the leftist type, and lying by omission is the most common method of propaganda used by such people, although, like all good cultists, they are quite ready and willing to peddle complete fabrications if there’s a reasonably good chance of getting away with it.

      Hell, I would even have juries maintain a “Register of Mendacity” for journalists and historians (despite their pretensions, historians are a type of journalist) that would list their lies of commission and omission.

      There is no prospect of anything positive happening in the near future except, perhaps, after a few bloody coups d’etats, but those won’t occur until after the current wars of religion are well under way in the western world.

      • Cheer up folks. Perhaps it’s not all gloom and doom.

        Here’s a quote used by famous SF writer, now deceased, Arthur C. Clarke, in his novel: Fountains of Paradise. (Note: I think I might have used this quote before somewhere.)

        Almost all the Alternative History computer simulations suggest that the Battle of Tours (AD 732) was one of the crucial disasters of mankind. Had Charles Martel been defeated, Islam might have resolved the internal differences that were tearing it apart and gone on to conquer Europe. Thus centuries of Christian barbarism would have been avoided, the Industrial Revolution would have started almost a thousand years earlier, and by now we would have reached the nearer stars instead of merely the further planets…

        Those words were not just from a character from Clarke’s book, he really believed it. From a 2008 Interview with

        Q: What appeals to you in Islam?

        Historically, Islam had a great deal of tolerance for other views and offered the world its priceless wisdom in the form of astronomy and algebra. And, as you know, Islam helped rescue Western civilization from the Dark Ages by preserving classical texts and transmitting them to the West. We, on the other hand, burned the library at Alexandria. If Islam hadn’t fallen into internecine warfare and had gone on to conquer the rest of Europe, we’d have avoided a thousand years of Christian barbarism.

        Where Clarke got all this from, I have no idea. Possibly from one of his Muslim ‘scholar’ cum ‘friends’.

        I no longer have any of Clarke’s books.

        • I went last night to hear a missionary my church in Frisco supports in Lebanon and he regurgitated Clark’s point on the virtues of Islam and preserving classical texts.

          Islam will forever spout these lies and the gullible will forever gobble them up.

          • It’s worth remembering that Corolingian France, the France of Charles Martel, was responsible for preserving many texts that would otherwise be lost to us.

        • Arthur Clarke . . . Isn’t he the sci-fi guy who spent his final years in Sri Lanka, where there are plenty of willing boys to entertain aging pederasts? Morality matters.

        • Mr. Clarke was sadly misinformed.

          The Koran itself says that innovation [of scripture] is a heresy that leads to apostasy. We all know that the Koran also says apostates must be killed.

          The key is to realize how Muslims have put this into practice. From this wellspring, they have produced a culture that is resistant to innovation in ANY field of human endeavor.

          If you don’t believe me, go and work with the Ummah for a few years, as I have.

          Thus, we can see that Mr. Clarke’s fantasies would never have come to pass. Had Martel lost, Europeans would still be riding horses and living in stone hovels.

        • Arthur C. Clarke thinks if Islam had overrun Europe in the 8th century the industrial revolution would have occurred a thousand years earlier and by now mankind would be reaching the stars? I can’t imagine what he was smoking but it defies the evidence. Where in the Islamic world is any example of advanced innovative technological industry? What they have came from the “Christian West”, and if “Christian barbarism” hindered technological progress why didn’t the muslim nations leap ahead? An today how many muslims have won the Nobel prize for science?

          • The list of people who cheer for islam is just endless, and embarrassing.
            Many talk of moslems ‘Golden Age’ in the Iberian peninsula, but it seems to escape everyone that those oh so wonderful, inventive and learned moslems invented absolutely nothing, achieved absolutely nothing after they were thrown out of Spain, while the jizya-paying dhimmis went on to great heights. (they must have learnt it all from the moslems!)

      • ahem

        what do you think about the Pirate party platform which includes direct democracy, greater government transparency, a new national constitution ?

        • A town Hall style meeting and decision making process involving a whole country is a complete and utter nonsense. That’s why I propose a jury style set up where small groups of randomly chosen citizens (5 men + 5 women) can deliberate in an organised manner.

          A new national constitution would be necessary, of course, provided that it ensures that politicians are entirely powerless to thwart the will of the juries on pain of dismissal.

          Such a constitution will never, ever be written by politicians. They are only capable of writing the usual fraudulent elective dictatorship type of constitutions that have resulted in the rise to power of somewhat insane political cultists who have caused all of the ruin and misery in the western world we see today.

          I’m afraid we will have to wait for a future military junta led by an enlightened dictator to develop a jury democracy type of government. There will be many military coups in the political/religious war stricken countries of the west during the next 100 years. With a huge amount of luck, one or more military juntas will set up genuine systems of representative government.

          • A good model of democracy is one where there is a distinction between those citizens which have right to vote and those who dont. Only those you give the nation something important back like eg. serving 3y of their live in the army should be allowed to vote or run for a political office. The rest should have a normal economical life but without political power.

    • Don’t forget Islamophile Theresa May, curently entertaining two muslim clerics who approve of the Islamic Blasphemy Law and who refused entry to Britain to Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer..

  3. Bravo Seneca III!
    I so wish I had the elocution of many on this site. I tend to freeze although I have been studying this since the bombing of the USS Cole.
    That was 2000 I believe when I realized that we, the west, were in trouble.
    You would think I could debate reasonably at this point.

    • If you’re concerned about your ability to respond in real time, to real people, and it’s due to a lack of confidence, two of my friends (with fear of public speaking) have recommended Toastmasters International.

      If it’s your writing skill you lament, there are some good on-line courses. The company whose work I’m most familiar with is The Great Courses: . Check their offerings under “Professional” (vs., say, “History” or “Science”).


      • I’ve listened to a couple of the ‘great courses’ – if you have a monthly subscription to audible, then you can pick up one of their (rather expensive) courses using your monthly credit.

        I recommend their course on Machiavelli btw.

  4. In the WSJ today, 8/24/16, the Egyptian ambassador to the U.S. makes this statement in his article “Countering the Pontiff of Terror” [criticising radical muslin cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi]

    [the international community]…should consider requiring governments to take the necessary legislative measures to proscirbe speech that incites, justifies, promotes or glorifies acts of terrorism, and to ensure that the appropriate criminal sanctions are in place to enforce such a proscription….]

    How do others read this? I see it as a posible restraint on uttering Islamophobic speech.

    • I think JFK said it best – “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

  5. I keep searching for the “peaceful principles” of Islam from history but fail to find it. Instead I find comments from the ages like this…

    “Ever since the religion of Islam appeared in the world, the espousers of it have been wolves and tigers to all other nations, renting and tearing all that fell into their merciless paws, and grinding them with iron teeth……” John Wesley 1703-91

    or like this…” For these impious people, hate by God and infamous, boast of having got the better of the Romans by their love of God…they live by the bow, the sword and debauchery, finding pleasure in taking slaves, devoting themselves to murder, pillage, spoil… and not only do they commit these crimes, but even- what an aberration- they believe God approves of them!
    This is what I think of them, now that I know precisely about their way of life.”
    Gregory Palamus of Thessalonika, 1354.

    Those elusive “peaceful principles” of Islam not known or seen in ages past.

    • Besides their not so peaceful nature, I noted Islamic people tendencies to take and take and give nothing good in return to Western civilization.

    • Dear Baucent, take a look at this source:

      The “peaceful” surahs in the Quran/Koran/how can we transliterate a language that has no vowels into English were written when Mohammed still lived in Mecca/Yathrib and was just a beginning Persuader of People. He had to appear to appease those stronger than himself. (This is prob. the origin of Phase I: Stealth Jihad.)

      After the hijra/Hegirah/Flight to Medinah, he was furious with those he had fled from, and all of the Medinah surahs, commentaries, hadiths, etc., are full of violence and hate.

      I learned about the Islamic practice of “abrogation” on this site (GoV); you can probably find it as well. In short, the later verses are to be given more strength than the earlier ones WITHIN Islam. However, to us outsiders, the early, peaceful ones are explained as representing the “true Islam.”

      • I think of it as a database table, with all the verses in all the different suras entered into it.

        The table is not arranged in the order in which the verses appears in the book itself.

        That is to say, the key field in this table, in which everything in the koran is recored, is the date on which the verse in question is supposed to have been ‘revealed’ to mo – ham – ed.

        So you have things like one of the killers of Lee Rigby saying live on camera that his motive is the contents of the 9th surah of the koran (but one of the last to be written) and that is understandable.

        Because of the principle of abrogation.

      • As a sidenote – the lack of consistently defined written vowels is one of the most frustrating and mind-bending aspects when trying to learn Arabic.

        Here in Algeria there is plenty of public signage that doesn’t even bother with the diacritical marks that pin down the exact pronunciation – you just have ‘to know’ what the pronunciation is.

  6. On Friday Hamastan (one of the two-state-solution outcomes) fired a couple of rockets at the town of Sderot, a long-suffering victim of its proximity to the religion of peace and destruction.
    This time there was no tit-for tat but rather a sixty target extirpation done over hours of hammering. No US made munitions involved, all Jewish locally manufacture. Hamastan was aptly surprised.
    Will that assure peace? unlikely. But it sure beats the tit-for-tat proportional response BS.
    Likely enough exasperated Gazans will seek to leave and move on to tahharushify Europe.

    • I don’t expect anyone to read this at this late date, but the incident you recounted reinforces my conviction that the US needs to stop giving foreign aid to Israel. Conversely, Israel need to stop accepting (unearned) aid from the US.

      Israel, as a modern economy, can support its own defense. Unearned grants have the effect of subsidizing and perpetuating harmful, counter-productive practices.

      More important, if US aid gives the US veto over Israeli military actions, Israel could be forced to forego actions critical to its survival, an outcome which would be almost as detrimental to the US as to Israel. Israel and the US should disentangle their mutual entanglements, and each pursue its own interests.

  7. The London Standard is a dreadful rag. Before I left London, even though it was a free newspaper, I always felt ripped off reading it. Phillips is great though. See her book Londonistan.

    • Better yet, see her book “The World Turned Upside Down”, the tome which made a Conservative out of me.

  8. For the Western publics to wake up it may unfortunately require losing several cities to weapons of mass destruction.

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