A Filipina Wages Jihad in Brussels

As reported in the news feed on Monday, a woman boarded a bus in Brussels and attacked two passengers with a machete, wounding them both. After leaving the bus she attacked a third victim in a fast-food restaurant. She refused to follow police instructions (presumably “Drop that knife!”) and was shot and wounded.

Early reports gave no details about the woman, but the use of a machete suggested that there may have been an Allahu Akhbar factor in the attack. Later accounts described the woman as an “Asian”. The Belgian media do not usually follow the British protocol of using the code word “Asian” for Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, so it was hard to say for sure which nationality was meant.

When I told Vlad about it, he said: “I’ll bet it was a veiled Muslima from Mindanao in the Philippines.” — that is, where the MILF Islamic insurgency holds sway.

And it turns out he was right: the perp was eventually identified as a Filipina, and as the video of the shooting demonstrates, she was veiled.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Here’s one of the later news reports on the incident, from Reuters:

Brussels Police Hold Filipina After Bus Stabbing

(Reuters) – Belgian police identified a woman who stabbed and wounded three people on a Brussels bus on Monday as a 52-year-old originally from the Philippines whom they do not believe acted from political motives.

The woman, accused of attempted murder, had yet to be questioned by prosecutors as she was receiving medical attention after being shot by police during the incident on a busy shopping street, spokesman Xavier Dellicour said on Tuesday.

“No motive is being ruled out at this stage but terrorism is not the most likely case,” said Dellicour, whose office is not the one which normally handles terrorism cases in Belgium.

The three people wounded were all released from hospital on Monday. Local media quoted witnesses as saying an argument broke out on the No. 38 bus and the woman pulled out a knife. Police shot her twice after she got off but refused to cooperate.

The woman’s name has not been released.

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Video transcript:

00:04   Put your hand in your pocket!
00:16   [unintelligible]
00:20   What are you doing?! Where are you going? F**k!
00:24   [unintelligible]
00:28   Step back, step back, step back!
00:34   Careful, they’re shooting! She has a knife!
00:38   They’re shooting! They’re shooting! She has a huge knife and
00:42   and they just shot at her.
00:46   Run! Run! Careful! Careful! Oh, f**k!
00:50   Shoot her, she doesn’t look like… Shoot her!
00:54   Step back!

10 thoughts on “A Filipina Wages Jihad in Brussels

  1. I don’t know about this one? I didn’t here the cat call from hell. I’m going to call her just plain crazy.
    I’ve known many Philippinean
    folks, hard workers and trustworthy.
    Go to any community in Canada and as far North as you want you’ll find a Mechanic, truck driver, brick layer, ect…
    Likelihood of Allahu Akhbar factor, low.

    • As Islam is a religion khhmm, a CULT and not a race, so any member of any nation could be a subscribed member.

    • Maybe she was a born Muslim, maybe not.
      One will find foolish converts to Islam in every country.

      And a violent and radical Ideology will always attract a certain kind of individual.

  2. I agree they’ve got quite an Islam problem on Mindanao and this incident could get filed under Jihad, but I’m not sold yet.
    I Just listened to the recording a couple of more times.
    I definitely didn’t here her say Allahu Akhbar, just some unintelligible screaming. These guys love saying it all the time for everything, I got to fart man “ALLAHU AKBAR!!”

  3. I presume in Israel they wouldn`t have waited so long before shooting her.
    But then again they sadly have also more experience with this kind of attack.

    We Europeans will learn it the hard way.

    • I am still waiting for some Belgian politician or feminazi to complain that the Brussels police didn’t disarm her by shooting the weapon out of her hand instead of wounding and hospitalising her. After all what a way to treat someone with mental health/unrequited love issues?

  4. People may not understand that there have been Muslims in the Philippines for many years, since the 16th century at least. The Moro originated in Malaysia and many of them migrated to the Philippines along the trade routes. The term Moro derives from the Moors of Andalusia.

    For more this is a good article:

    And a great movie about the Moro is:
    Starring Gary Cooper and taking place in 1906.

    With that said, I might add that Filipino women in general can be a little crazy. Don’t ask how I know.

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