Terrorism and the Norwegian Left

Today is the fifth anniversary of the terror attacks by Anders Behring Breivik in Oslo and on the island of Utøya.

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Terrorism and the Norwegian Left
by Fjordman

On July 22, 2011, 77 people were killed in two bloody attacks in Norway. The terrorist Anders Behring Breivik first set off a car bomb in the government quarter of central Oslo. The bomb killed eight people and did substantial material damage. Breivik then drove out of Oslo with another car. Later that afternoon he arrived via ferry at the island of Utøya, situated some distance outside the municipality of Oslo. Members of the Workers’ Youth League (AUF), the youth organization of the Norwegian Labour Party, used the island for their annual summer camp. In a grotesque shooting spree, Breivik systematically murdered youths for more than one hour before finally being stopped by armed police. 69 people were killed.

As a percentage of the population, more Norwegians were killed in the terror attacks of July 22, 2011 than Americans were killed during the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. These brutal attacks obviously shocked the nation.

Yet the evil acts of the mentally disturbed loner Breivik were used to smear individuals who were engaged in perfectly legitimate criticism of Islam and mass immigration. Breivik circulated a very long text on the Internet where he quoted against their will a large number of different writers. This confused “manifesto” triggered harassment of writers from Robert Spencer to Melanie Phillips. People as far away as England lost their jobs, despite doing nothing wrong. The pressure on me was particularly extreme. I was forced to flee the country of my birth in the summer of 2011. Five years after the attacks, things have cooled down substantially. However, I still do not have a postal address in Norway.

The most hypocritical aspect of this smear campaign is that the political Left in Norway have cultivated ties with militant Muslims and terrorists among the Palestinians for many years. This was barely mentioned in 2011. Meanwhile, peaceful critics of Islamization were being subjected to verbal abuse and negative media campaigns.

The ruling coalition in Norway between 2005 and 2013 was a center-left “red-green” coalition of the Labour Party, the Socialist Left Party and the Centre Party. The Prime Minister was Jens Stoltenberg from Labour, the senior coalition partner and Norway’s largest political party for nearly a century.

The writer Ivar Fjeld is a former member of AUF. His short book Den rødgrønne terrorøya (“The Red and Green Terror Island”) was released in 2013. It was ignored by most media in Norway. Fjeld describes how AUF in their summer camps on Utøya have promoted anti-Israel and radical pro-Palestinian sentiments to children as young as 14. Sometimes groups to the left of the AUF have also used the island for their activities. The Marxists of the Red Youth used their summer camp on Utøya in 2009 to raise money for the Palestinian terrorist organization PFLP.[1]

AUF and the Norwegian Labour Party have for years cultivated personal ties to Fatah and Fatah Youth, a Palestinian organization with links to militant Muslims. These ties have continued after the terror attacks in July 2011.

It is difficult to maintain the illusion that Fatah is a “moderate” organization when they cooperate with the terrorists of Hamas. They also have their own militant wing. In 2015, a court in the USA ordered the Palestinian Authority and the PLO, where Fatah is the main member, to pay $655.5 million in compensation to victims of terrorist attacks where American citizens were killed.[2]

Polls show that 24% of Palestinian Arabs sympathize with the barbaric Jihadists of the Islamic State (ISIS).[3] They conduct regular massacres, mass rapes, hold slave auctions and murder archaeologists, among many other things.

In April 2007, Hussam Shaheen, the international secretary of Fatah Youth, was sentenced by an Israeli court to 20 years in prison for plotting a suicide bomb attack against a bus. On July 21, 2007, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg started a Norwegian campaign to get Shaheen released from prison. The go-ahead came in the Prime Minister’s speech to the annual AUF youth political summer camp on Utøya. Stoltenberg confirmed that the convicted Arab terrorist had visited Utøya “several times” and “has many friends in AUF and the Labour Party.”[4]

Anniken Huitfeldt, a former leader of AUF who was now a Minister, attacked Israeli authorities. She had been refused an application to visit her friend Hussam Shaheen in prison. In 2008, opposition parties criticized that a Minister nurtured friendship with a terrorist. “It is unfortunate that a representative of the Norwegian government wants to have contact with a politician who is convicted of attempted terrorist activities,” said Morten Høglund of the right-wing Progress Party.[5]

Anniken Huitfeldt was Minister of Culture during the July 22 terror attacks in 2011. During Breivik’s terror attacks, there was thus a profiled Social Democratic Minister in the Stoltenberg government who had nursed personal friendship with a convicted terrorist. This fact was completely ignored by the mass media in 2011. The very same media started a vicious smear campaign against me and other critics of Muslim immigration who had no connections to terrorism.

In 2015, Huitfeldt was a strong candidate to become new deputy leader of her party. It says a lot about the ideological climate of the Norwegian Labour Party that her known personal ties to an Arab terrorist were barely mentioned as a factor against her candidacy. It was a bigger problem that she was a white Nordic woman. Hadia Tajik, a dark-skinned Muslim woman with an immigrant background, eventually got the job. Anniken Huitfeldt still holds prominent positions in the Labour Party, though. For 2013-2017 she is leader of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence in the Norwegian Parliament.[6]

The Labour-led government of PM Jens Stoltenberg in 2007 made Norway the first Western country to recognize a Palestinian government led by the terrorist organization Hamas. I was strongly critical of this decision back then.[7] Members of the Norwegian Labour Party later accused me of promoting terrorism.

On behalf of the left-wing Stoltenberg government, Raymond Johansen in 2007 held official talks with Ismail Haniyeh.[8] He is one of the senior leaders of the murderous Islamic terrorist organization Hamas. Ismail Haniyeh in 2011 hailed al-Qaida’s leader Osama bin Laden as “an Arab holy warrior.”[9]

In 2014 the Labour Party renewed its fight against people who allegedly inspired the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. Party Secretary Raymond Johansen used the state broadcaster NRK to warn against dangerous extremist movements. As an example of these evil “Fascist” movements that are now supposedly threatening Europe, Mr. Johansen mentioned me by name.[10] Only me. Nobody else. Johansen serves as the Governing Mayor of Oslo for 2015-2019.

Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2008, the Foreign Ministry of the Stoltenberg government sponsored members of the Muslim Brotherhood to come to Oslo for friendly “dialogue” talks.[11]

In January 2011, it was revealed that the Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre had direct telephone conversations with Khaled Mashal.[12] He is the leader of the extremely brutal Jihad terror organization Hamas. Støre at first tried to lie about this to journalists. In 2014, Støre was unanimously elected as the new leader of the Labour Party. His predecessor Jens Stoltenberg became the new Secretary General of the Western defense alliance NATO.


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33 thoughts on “Terrorism and the Norwegian Left

  1. This tale describes in clinical detail how the Left-Islam coalition is working to murder Judea-Christian Western Civilization while it is in their combined power to do so. Carlos the Jackal converted to Islam and has been preaching this from his prison cell. Now we see it in action, in Norway as an advanced case example, but it is the future for all of us.

    • As you may know, a mutual friend – Fran Marker (Mestamachine) – recently died effectively at the hand of the Obama admin and the Norwegian govt.

  2. Previously the island was host to the Red Youth group who invited and supported the PFLP a truly vile and murderous terrorist group condemned by U.S., Europe, etc. but welcomed to Norway. The youth camp that Breivik attacked was deep into a hate-Israel ‘experience’ with mock flotilla, a mock ‘Israeli wall’ and ‘kids playing poor Palestinians’ and Fatah support. It was truly revolting.

    • PFLP was the group of the Norwegian bomber Lars Gule who was arrested trying to smuggle explosives into Israel. Israel agreed to let him go, provided he was prosecuted in Norway, a promise Norway reneged on. Later he’s been doing consultant work for the Norwegian State Broadcaster.

  3. Shortly after Breivik committed his mass murder on the island of Utoya five years ago, I saw a brief mention somewhere, once, that Utoya had been the venue for the summer camps of the Norwegian Labour Party’s youth wing and at such camps “Pro-Palestinian Solidarity” had been a specific theme on at least one occasion. I never read or saw any further references to this fact anywhere again until Fjordman’s above essay.

    It says a great deal about the important, nay vital, contribution GoV makes (and about the self-censorship of the MSM) to informing the world of this highly significant aspect of why Breivik targeted Utoya on that day. In the absence of this information the vast majority of Westerners believe that those AUF youth wing members were simply attending a nice summer camp, mostly a social thing, but with seminars and workshops to attend. It would be broadly assumed that the topics of such seminars and workshops might perhaps be discussing ways to improve access for disabled people (though Muslim taxi drivers refusing blind passengers because they have guide dogs wouldn’t be on that agenda), new ideas for improving the quality of life for elderly people without relatives who live in aged persons accommodation or ways to increase the stock of social housing.

    Only through Fjordman and GoV do we learn of Ivar Fjeld and of his largely-ignored book “The Red and Green Terror Island” – though I keep my antennae tuned for such texts I was unaware of the very existence of this 2013 publication – and I would be very surprised if it has been translated into English or any other language for that matter. Only through Fjeld having, as an ex-AUF member, inside knowledge of what goes on at such summer camps do we learn that what regularly takes place at Utoya AUF summer camps could be best described as an anti-Israel hate-fest. And that the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-supporting “Red Youth” also use Utoya for the same purpose: indoctrination. It is Norway’s dirty little secret. Or one of them.

    We are all in Fjordman’s debt for informing us of these matters.

    Appropos Anniken Huitfeldt, the current leader of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence in the Norwegian Parliament. Perhaps this dedicated champion and personal friend of convicted terrorist, Hassam Shaheen, should pay an incognito visit to her beloved Palestinian Territories. As a pale-skinned, blonde, blue-eyed woman she wouldn’t last an hour in the Gaza Strip or the West Bank, even if she wore an “I love Hamas” tee-shirt. In fact the very wearing of a tee-shirt in Gaza would guarantee her being physically violated, at the very least.

    Israel should grant Ms Huitfeldt the permission she seeks to visit Shaheen in prison, but only on condition that before she flies back to Oslo she is also obliged as a condition of her visa to wander the streets of Gaza City (without a security detail) for an afternoon so she can get to know the locals and their charming ways. If she survived that experience she may well moderate her views.

  4. I didn’t realize the depth of collusion the ruling class has taken against the Western nations.
    I fear where this will lead.

    • As I always do, I’ll recommend again Fred Siegel’s book. Not very long, easy to read. It’s about the American intelligentsia’s now century-long hatred of the middle class, of small town America with its small businesses. Of course they hate mega corporations, too, with no sign of cognitive dissonance:

      The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class

      The Amazon editorial says:

      This short book rewrites the history of modern American liberalism. It shows that what we think of as liberalism—the top-and-bottom coalition we associate with President Obama—began not with Progressivism or the New Deal but rather in the wake of WWI, in disillusionment with American society. In the 1920s, the first thinkers to call themselves liberals adopted the hostility to bourgeois life that had long characterized European intellectuals of both the left and right. The aim of liberalism’s founders—such as Herbert Croly, Randolph Bourne, H.G. Wells, Sinclair Lewis, and H.L. Mencken—was to create an American version of the aristocracy long associated with European statism.

      Critical of mass democracy and middle-class capitalism, liberals despised the businessman’s pursuit of profit as well as the conventional individual’s pursuit of pleasure; and in the 1950s liberalism expressed itself in the scornful critique of popular culture. It was precisely the success of a recently elevated middle-class culture that frightened the leaders of the New Class, who took up the priestly task of de-democratizing America in the name of administering newly developed rights.

      The neo-Malthusianism that emerged from the 1960s did not aim to control the breeding habits of the lower classes, as its eugenicist precursors had done, but to mock and restrain the buying habits of the middle class.

      Today’s brand of liberalism, led by Barack Obama, has displaced the old Main Street private-sector middle class with a new middle class composed of public-sector workers allied with crony capitalists and the country’s arbiters of elite style and taste.

      • Dymphna, any particular reason the three comments I left today have all vanished?

        I did digress somewhat on this thread but it was in context of the Islamo-leftist alliances in Europe.

        I only ask, as GoV has the right to remove anything it wants but as I’m in a country where the police issue statements like ‘be nice on the internet or we might knock at your door’
        and have acquaintances that’s happened to, for the most innocuous postings- I reserve the right to a little paranoia.

        Should I not have mentioned the Rivkin Doctrine?

          • Sorry Baron, that shouldn’t have been posted, (must have do so inadvertantly).
            In my defence the comments were showing in the recent comments on the homepage but not under the article.
            Then they re-appeared so
            apologies for the misunderstanding I shall be more patient in future,


  5. Our political Klass is Socialist. Permanent Revolution and chaos that perfectly reflect the socio-pathic personalities of those behind it. There is no way to deny this or “dress it up” to make it acceptable. It is the truth.

    I fully realise why G o V removed my earlier comments but denial will not change anything. Truth is a rare commodity these days as is wisdom. Once the Truth is free, humanity is freed.

    Why does G o V play the Socialist’s game of hiding the fact we are in one hell of a fight for our existence? Fancy rhetoric and polite twee words will not chaneg our reality. I prefer to see what I am up against in the full light of day. My language is plain and to the point and shall remain so. How else can it be?

    • Guy,

      We didn’t remove your earlier comment. For some reason the spam filter put it in the spam folder. I didn’t find it until a few minutes ago, after the other 50 comments had been approved.

      You can now see it, in the comment thread where you left it.

      — BB

    • Guy, dear boy, you remain as flaky as when we met all those years ago. You were then a Roman Centurion rather than your new persona as a Cardinal of the Church of Two – you and your shaving mirror.

      But please don’t desist. In these trying times you remain an exquisite source of light relief for me so keep it up; I really do love you.

  6. I wonder if I were to place Anniken Huitfeldt’s picture beside that of a New Guineau man with a bone through his nose and paint on his face, who at heart would be the more rational, the more civilized, the more human in the best sense of the two? The man would probably entertain more superstitions and erroneous views of physical world than she but he would not seek out the friendship of neighbors given to gratuitous homicide and violation of the norms of his tribe and who clearly have designs on his lands. He would not harbor ideas of upsetting the social structure if his people or ridiculing the wisdom of his ancestors.

    The woman, on the other hand, is squeegeed, powdered, perfumed, free of parasites, educated, articulate, independent (the best thing!), pleasing to the eye, coifed and elegantly attired but her eyes are soulless and her brain appears to be in an endless DO WHILE .T. loop.

    Even if her face were enlivened by a warm smile, I would have to be extremely wary of her knowing of her beliefs. Virtually all Western leaders are like this: civilized, intelligent, and cultured who would not dream of disrupting a symphony orchestra but cheerfully foul the larger nest that represents their own land without a second thought.

    Dickens’s Mrs. Jellybean had the same odd sickness of being fixated on distant foreigners. Something happened to these northern Europeans to imprint like goslings on a human, only they have imprinted on a distant, foreign people with whom they have had only passing contact, if that. If I spent two weeks at summer camp in Michigan with some kids from Laos who later turned to terrorism back home, would I feel impelled to involve myself further in their lives?

    And then it is reported by Fjordman that a political associate of this woman is the SG of THE premiere Western defense organization. When Westerners want to debase themselves they REALLY know how to do it.

  7. It’s part of the picture that Mr. Jens Stoltenberg, then PM of Norway and leader of the Norwegian Labour Party, is now Secretary General of NATO, thanks to the insistence of the Western Civilization’s two most prominent traitors, Mr. Obama and Mrs. Merkel. It’s one of Faiths more sinister jokes (or is it Mr. Obama’s?) that Mr. Stoltenberg kicked off his career in the Labour Party as an aggressive opponent to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization before being given the job.

    Mr. Jonas Gahr Støre – the leader of the Labour Party today – was rallying the AUF at Utøya the day before the massacre took place on 22nd July 2011, in support of Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists (https://gatesofvienna.net/2015/03/our-bright-new-political-caste/)

    • Stoltenberg is doing his best to use NATO for mischief and crazy brinkmanship . . . creating conflict situations that could not possibly benefit the rank and file citizens of any country. He is an evil troll.

      • “Stoltenberg is doing his best to use NATO for mischief and crazy brinkmanship…”

        Yes, and I can’t figure out why someone from Norway would support putting troops and offensive weapons on the Russian border and supporting coups to install a Ukrainian government hostile to Russia. What that guarantees is that any military misstep has the potential to go immediately nuclear. And Norway is one of the countries closest to Russia. It’s a mass suicide wish akin to the apocalyptic doctrine of Twelfth-Imam Shia Islam looking to get itself nuked to bring on the second coming of the twelfth imam. Except that centuries of inbreeding have pretty much made Muslims from any area genetic clones of each other, so individual death is not that big a deal to anyone. As far as I know, Norway does not have that degree of genetic homogeneity.

      • OK – but remember, the man’s only a puppet with no will of his own. That’s why he got the job in the first place, of course. As for who’s blowing the whistle, your guess is as good as mine, but it’s certainly not Mr. Stolteberg who decides when and where NATO is going over the top.

        Just to give you an idea of what kind of man he is, after the massacre of Utøya in 2011, when it became clear to all that security and assistance to those trapped for more than an hour with the killer at the small island, was just a joke. Any decent fellow would have resigned in shame, but Mr. Stoltenberg said that “I take responsibility by remaining in office”. He could do that because the socialists had majority in Parliament. That’s how democracy works in Norway.

        • So, he is “just following orders”. Does that absolve him of guilt? Morally, he has a fiduciary duty to his fellow citizens . . . a duty to question and resist evil. I doubt we’ll have the luxury of another “Nuremberg Trial”, but the verdict on Jens Stoltenberg is clear.

      • It is utterly beyond me why any Western government would be so foolhardy as to antagonize Russia by interfering in Ukrainian politics. It is a recipe for disaster, dreamt up by people with kindergarten minds.

        Yes, a more democratic Ukraine would be nice, but so would a nuke free Iran not run by an Islamic theocracy and what have the great statesmen of the West been doing about that? Consolidating the power of that odious regime!

        I agree: “creating conflict situations that could not possibly benefit the rank and file citizens of any country” isn’t NATO’s business.

        • “It is utterly beyond me why any Western government would be so foolhardy as to antagonize Russia by interfering in Ukrainian politics. It is a recipe for disaster, dreamt up by people with kindergarten minds.”

          Right. That’s why no Norwegian should ever be SG of NATO. We’re too close. You know, Soviet invaded Northern Norway in 1944, chaseing the German Army out of the Kola peninsula, but retreated again in 1945. No doubt, this was because of the Yalta-agreement where FDR, Churchill and Stalin divided Europe between them in zones of occupation after Germany’s defeat. Norway then became part of the Western zone. Soviet kept to the agreement, despite of the obvious strategic interests they had in establishing bases directly towards the Atlantic Ocean. Everywhere else in Europe, they stayed. Soviet had not yet developed nukes and might have found it safer to try to influence Norwegian politics through the very important communist party at that time, they got nearly 10 percent of the MPs in 1945.

          However, when Stoltenberg and NATO interfered in Ukraine last year, Putin sent a very strong warning to Norway. In a very short periode during the late autumn 2015, he sent more than 5 000 ME muslim “refugees” through the border crossing at Storskog and refused later to take them back, even if it was a fact that many of them had been living in Russia for years. In order to reach the border crossing from the Russian side, you have to pass at least three checkpoints, of which two are military. Nobody can do that without the consent of Mr. Putin.

          It was thus a clear message to the Norwegian Government. Russia could flood our Country with alien people in no time if they so wished, and they know that the infrastructure when it comes to handle such quantities in the Arctic, would completely break down if they continued.

          The present Norwegian conservative government became completely taken aback, first of all because PM Erna Solberg is a great fan of Mrs. Merkel’s immigration policy, and secondly, because the government is conservative in name only and is in fact in agreement with all the other leftish parties in Parliament not to close the Norwegian borders to refugees.

  8. Fascinating. Like termites, always burrowing beneath the walls and foundations. Thank you for posting this.

  9. The Islamo-leftist alliances across Europe are among, if not the most, dangerous of the 21st century.
    Hollande received 93% of the Muslim vote, which “cast the deciding voted that thrust Hollande into the Elysée Palace.” yet he has the temerity to say “Right-wing populism is the real threat”.
    Hollande also “offered an amnesty to all of the estimated 400,000 illegal Muslim immigrants currently in France. He also pledged to change French electoral laws so that Muslim residents without French citizenship would be allowed to vote in municipal elections as of 2014”
    The socialists having lost the support of many working class voters and are replacing them (in no small part the reason why they’ve lost working class support), and using the blok-vote to remain in power and indeed consolidate their power, for the immediate future that is.

    The SNP in Scotland, with help from the US leaders programme, (probably connected to the Rivkin Doctrine in France) groomed two radical Muslims for power, the result was SNP Minister Yousaf Humza.

    One pamphlet that circulates in Glasgow mosques and probably further afield, called ‘Fridays people’ said support the SNP, because it has one of our own…..for now….. ‘for now’ being the operative words.
    And it is the ‘for now’ every single leftist party whoring after the blok-vote will ignore, just as they ignore the history of Islam, its core tenets and scripture.

    They reach out, not to their opposite ‘progressive’ Muslim numbers but to genocidal outfits like Hamas or civilisational jihadists like the Muslim Brotherhood, revealing the utter hypocrisy of their self-declared progressiveness;
    “We have been impressed by the warm and welcoming attitude of the SNP.” — Azzam Tamami, Hamas’s “special envoy” to the UK.”
    While sidelining the secular and reform-minded Muslims and ex-Muslims we could use onside.
    The Dauad affair is but one example;
    “How Western intellectuals turn themselves into the enemies of an entire class of liberal writers from Muslim backgrounds”

    Fjordman reveals just how insidious and involved this process is among leftist parties in Norway.

    I had no idea but it comes as no surprise.
    Sadly this will get little to no exposure in the MSM.

    • As a side-note on the Rivkin doctrine it seeks;
      “expansion of inter-communal and inter-faith exchanges at the local level; decrease in popular support for xenophobic political parties and platforms.”

      the US is involved in measures to oppose the Front National, while promoting Muslim involvement in ‘democracy’.
      Imagine if the FN had received 93% of the white French vote, the cries of white supremacism and populism would’ve been heard on the moon but for Muslim blok-votes that’s apparently fine.

      Never-mind the US has its own problems and is no position to meddle in Muslim minorities in Europe, while claiming the moral high-ground.

  10. “the US is involved in measures to oppose the Front National, while promoting Muslim involvement in ‘democracy’.
    Imagine if the FN had received 93% of the white French vote…”


    Sorry. This is simply not clear.

    The “Tablet” article “supporting” Dauad is a perfect example of European group-think. The author shows some support for Muslim critics, as long as the critics made the necessary nod to anti-racism, anti-Islamophobia, and anti-right-wing-extremism. In other words, the first order of importance is always to stay in the opinion range from A to B.

  11. In all honesty, I cannot understand why anyone in Norway would be expected to give a [darn] about either Israel or Palestinians.

    • Tell that to the ruling elites in Norway, because they care so much they’ve ‘adopted’ the criminal group, Hamas. Norway is the only Western country not to condemn Hamas as the terrorists they are. To the contrary, Norway gives them moral support and materiel and teaches their own children at summer camps to play “Kill the Jews”. Norway thinks it’s their special duty to lecture Israel on how to behave while being killed.

      Norway’s leaders are a disgrace. Israel appears to be the only non-suicidal Western-values country we have left. Perhaps because they never let Marxist multi-cultural values get a real foot in the door. Ex-Marxists in the USSR who saw how they were treated qua Jews, yeah, they were let in. And then they were vetted.

      Israel had a conference last week, The 2nd International Conference on Intelligence & Special Forces in the Era of Dynamic Challenges, Tel Aviv, Israel


      Conference notes:
      “There is no such thing as a frenemy. Being enemy of our enemy, does not make them our friends.” “Al Qaeda, ISIS – they are all the same.”, Jacob Nagel, BG (res), Acting Head of NSC (National Security Council).

      Recent terror attacks in Europe have greatly affected atmosphere of the conference. The unspoken yet clearly delivered message from Israeli to European participants “We told you so. Europe had it coming”, rubbing gently salt of the softly-nuanced Israeli feeling of superiority, knowledge and expertise into European wounds. And these, are not shallow words, definitely Israelis are far ahead of Europe, and mostly the rest of the world, in counter terror intelligence and preparedness.

      “Interrogation, interrogation, interrogation and state of mind – these are pillars of preparedness”, Haim Tomer, Former Division Head, Mossad.

      Israel is not conflicted when it comes to naming the enemies who want to destroy it. If they acted in public spaces like the Europeans and Americans, they’d be massacred and they know it. The most the enemy can do is one-off attacks along the border…and Israelis find their wall works just fine, as does their iron dome, though that could be bigger.

      Maybe Trump will send some technical people there to see how it’s done.

      • “If they acted in public spaces like the Europeans and Americans, they’d be massacred and they know it.”

        Well, Israel has extremely strict gun-control laws for civilians. There is definitely no open carry.


        However, Israel has many, many private, authorized security guards. One might argue this is a means of maintaining employment, while at the same time ensuring professionalism in everyday security.

        The paradoxical thing about Israel’s hard line as to border and internal security is that the Reform Jews in the United States are the biggest imaginable supporters of both open borders and gun control. I don’t think the Orthodox Jews are that way, but they are politically less significant. The Reform Jews are very involved in Israel’s affairs, and I speculate may be responsible for the very restrictive Israeli laws concerning private guns.

        Of course, Israel to survive must has solid border and immigration controls. It’s a very Darwinian situation. If Israel succumbs to the internal rot afflicting other Western countries (I count Israel as a Western country), the results will be immediately and fatally apparent. This is all the more reason for Israel to cut itself off from US foreign aid and stand on its own economic independence.

  12. “His predecessor Jens Stoltenberg became the new Secretary General of the Western defense alliance NATO.”
    The last sentence is the most chilling to me in the former USA. We are up to our ears in the NWO UN and NATO. Does anyone really think we are going to “Exit” either?

    Meanwhile the Neocon NWO Western Media continues it’s drumbeat for War with Russia. Total Insanity!

  13. The latest double-think- double-speak (cognitive dissonance), playing with concepts, finding new ways of deceiving themselves and of lying to others is:

    A Syrian refugee, that was denied asylum, tried to get into a pop concert in Germany with a bomb in his backpack. When he was refused entry he went over to a nearby bar and blew himself up seriously wounding 16 people. The press-police-politicians are not placing blame and are trying to find a MOTIVE.

    The latest is that it could be all sorts of things and was not necessarily politically motivated. Make note of this, POLITICALLY MOTIVATED. Now islamic terrorism, (something they will not say), has become political extremist terror carried out by mentally disturbed individuals, that just happen to be MUSLIMS, and that acted because we have mistreated them, not given them help, refused them help, bullied them, discriminated them, insulted their religion. In other words the fault is ours that they kill us and we should have bad conscience and feel very guilty because it is we that are to blame and that are evil.

    The police in Munich have admitted that there was no link to Breivik in the Macdonalds shooting, but that it was a revenge shooting in line with the American school mass-shootings, nothing to do with Islam, or ISIS as they now call it in order to excuse the vast majority of completely innocent MUSLIMS.

    The common denominator in all of these attacks that have happened in Europe, and the USA, are that the killers were all MUSLIMS. The Munich shooter shouted Allahu Akbar while he was killing innocents.

    The MOTIVE is that these killers are all directly influenced by the murderous ideology of ISLAM, that tells MUSLIMS that it is a virtue to murder infidels. Everywhere we see that the majority of MUSLIMS believe that non-muslims and the wrong kind of muslims deserve to die. The IMAMS in WESTERN countries come out and condemn the violence of the TINY minority of violent jihadists, because they know that if they were honest and praised the terror they would be lynched.

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