Munich Attack: A Lone Gunman, Iranian-German, Now Dead

It appears that today’s terrorist attack in Munich was not a replay of the events of five years ago in Norway.

A police press conference was held just after midnight, and the police chief said there was only one gunman, an Iranian-German with dual nationality. He killed nine people and wounded at least twenty others before killing himself.

I don’t yet have a name or photo of the perp.

According to The Guardian:

The attacker was an 18-year-old German of Iranian descent. His body was found at 8:30pm local time, having shot himself.

There were 10 dead, including the attacker, police say, and 21 wounded. There is no motive as yet.

The gunman had lived in Munich for a long time, police chief Hubertus Andra tells the press conference, and had no previous criminal record.

And from the BBC:

Munich’s Police President Hubertus Andrae confirmed the suspect’s death

A shooting at a Munich shopping centre which left nine people dead was carried out by one gunman who then killed himself, German police have said.

The suspect was an 18-year-old German-Iranian dual national who lived in Munich, police told a news conference, but his motive is unclear.

More than 20 people were injured, three critically, police added.

A huge manhunt was launched following reports that up to three gunmen had been involved in the attack.

The body of the suspect was found about 1km (0.6 miles) from the Olympia shopping centre in the north-western suburb of Moosach.

Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae told the news conference early on Saturday that the suspect had not been known to police and there were no known links to terror groups, although investigations were continuing.

The reports of three suspected attackers came when witnesses saw two people leaving the scene in a car “at considerable speed”, but they were later confirmed not to be involved, he added.

“The motive or explanation for this crime is completely unclear,” he said.

Mr Andrae also said that children were among the casualties, but gave no further details.

38 thoughts on “Munich Attack: A Lone Gunman, Iranian-German, Now Dead

  1. The killer was an 18 year old German-IRANIAN of dual nationality whose motive is UNCLEAR. Think Think Think!
    What possible reason could he have!
    The motive for this crime is completely UNCLEAR!
    What could he possibly be thinking!
    Could his soccer team have been eliminated?
    Think Think Think!!!

    • Or better yet, be a true socialist and REFUSE to think…feel your way to the right answer. As in “if it feels good…” which is the summum bonum to guide secular humanists mentations.

    • But…but…but… he was wearing right wing neo nazi style boots!
      (So said CNN…)

    • I’m Thinking hard, I know someone who fits his description. I hope its not him. Possibilities of far right connections? Use of mind altering substance has played a part in many of the previous such crimes? ISIS? Mental illness and links to mass killings is being reported a lot. So yeah the motive is as we speak unclear. Think Think Think indeed!

  2. I read somewhere today this: we need to stop to consider events like this one as individual unrelated crimes. These events are acts of a war.

    And I subscribe to this view completely.

    • As long as we see them not as top-down assignments but rather an internalized ticking clock. This is civil war in the sense it is a total war against what we consider ‘civilization’ by millions of destructive/self-destructive robots. Reavers.

      • I liken the Ummah to the Borg as portrayed in the early Star Trek:TNG episodes.

        There is no real centralized command structure, but there is certainly commonly understood set of values, goals, and actions in their programming.

      • “…see them not as top-down assignments but rather an internalized ticking clock.” Precisely. View them this way and they suddenly make sense.

    • Point is that the “lone wolf” theory spouted endlessly by the leftist media shows their ignorance or willful compliance with Islam. These type of attacks spring from Islamic ideology which directs the global jihad. The koran, hadith and sira provide all of the material these people need to conduct their bloody campaigns and all of it promotes the global jihad.

      • The Soros-controlled media is hammering the “no links to ISIS” angle because it supports the TMOE lie.

        They are hammering the Brevik angle to push this incident as a copycat with links to right-wing extremism.

    • So who are you going to war with? We don’t know the exact motives of the gunman in this case. Unless your friends with Mr. Think Think above

  3. Why do we go through this charade each time a MUSLIM…. kills people?

    A profile is emerging… 2nd generation Muslim migrants. often from privileged background in the “old country”…. now considered rabble in their adopted homes. Sexually confused, repressed and conflicted. We see serial rape, sodomy and pedophilia throughout Muslim communities….

    and now they have a cause …. and a commitment to elevate their standing in a hopeless, downward spiral of self loathing and hatred for everything that is OTHER

    • The self-loathing is also thoroughly covered over – they think – by a supremacist attitude toward Other. Their claims to have invented so much are reminiscent of the wild Marxist Soviet assertions about their technological superiority over the West. Yet people stood in line for hours when there were jeans on sale somewhere.

      • What “technological superiority”? There is no such thing in Islam as “Islamic civilisation”. They took over by stealth and direct conquest an advanced Hellenistic world, that survived a few centuries more before it atrophied under the appalling “primitivisation” of Islam where it still remains.

        “The Left” like to claim responsibility too for the originality of others, just like Islam. Both ideologies are cuckoos in the nest. They love to take other people’s ideas and money.

        “All property is theft”- because we (I) don’t have it, or thought of it. Like the old Soviet “Five Year Plans” for screwdrivers etc, they fail every time. Tory Governments too like Cameron’s Coalition are also fond of five year “Parliaments” and five year projects to “Save the planet”. The British Tory Party is a Trotskyite entity.

        All these entities are “Revolutionary” in character according to the Communist “Manifesto”. The “American Neo-Con” regime change was a five year Plan too, named “The American Century” a plan for Permanent War and revolution. All Socialist concepts.

        This alarming state of daily affairs is the new way of life- “Order out of chaos”- a permanent violent dialectic that will eventually result in the deaths of millions. Yet people keep voting for these awful people. While they remain in power- Revolution and chaos will be the result- death and destruction and the risk of nuclear annihilation.

        Listen to their twisted language.
        “Far Right” for simply having traditional ideas and virtues.
        “Islamophobia” for simply not wanting a bunch of primitives not hack one’s head off, or perform FGM on your wives and daughters. And these are pronouncements by supposed “Centre Parties” like the “Tories”.

        The Tory Party I voted for in the 1970s was truly Conservative Party although drifting to the Left under Thatcher who tried to restore some Conservative ways to it. Thatcher was overrated in my humble opinion.

        In truth no Party in the West is truly traditional Conservative today. All are infested with the Socialist pathogen and we see the result of this Long March Through The Institutions. Absolute chaos and complete hypocrisy, contradictions and growing Social insanity. Like the personalities that espouse this awful stuff. Washington and London sound more like asylums every day.Sociopaths and psychotics run our governments- and I do not use these terms as insults. These people are certifiably mad.

        The EU “High Representative” wants 500,000,000 Africans in Europe to improve their lives to the same level as Europe’s. In short these politoons are totally unfit for office and quite quite mad; totally incapable in fact of being objective or seeing any other idea apart from their own personal agendas and weird delusions. They and they alone are responsible for our present plight and should we come out of this intact -(some hope?)- they need to be arrested and tried for their crimes in a new Nurenburg. No doubt the Moderator at G oF V will take this down but the truth hurts doesn’t it?

        However my upbringing was “1930s” in spirit and Truth and only Truth ruled. I offend many I know by being blunt. But Truth will always be my guide, come what may.

        I am old enough to recall what Normal life really is.

        • I also recall “The good old days”. I would have never even imagined how horrendous things have become. I am almost glad my relatives are not here to see how this world have denigrated into a cesspool. Not sure if it can be saved, but I think it is worth a try to have an outsider like Mr. Trump, who is not controlled by the lobbyists and NWO. If Clinton is elected, you can kiss America goodbye. It will never recover.

      • Dymphna,

        You touch on one of the traits I find most hypocritical among the extremists and the Ummah in general.

        They absolutely *LOVE* Western brands and products. Our clothing labels, colognes, football teams, electronics, food items, exotic cars, the list extends longer than my arm. I wonder if any of them realize that Levi Strauss was Jewish.

        Yet, in spite of all this, they hate the culture and the people that created all these brands and products they love. I believe it is due to deeply internalized envy of Western culture.

        I also laugh when I see reports of ISIS fighters whining about a lack of Nutella and Snickers bars. Way to commit to your cause 100% fellas.

        • It makes more sense when you realize that what they actually hate is that all the infidels who make this great stuff haven’t been properly enslaved by Muslims yet.

          The goal is always to 1) enslave the infidels who make cool stuff, 2) force them to continue making cool stuff, 3) continue to scorn them for being inferior infidels which justifies their continued enslavement.

          That’s been the historical pattern.

          • As he is in Christian theology. See C.S. Lewis’ “Screwtape Letters”.

            And don’t forget Satan’s other name, Lucifer. Saul Alinsky dedicated his infamous book, the one Hillary used for her undergrad thesis at Wellesley, to Lucifer. “Rules for Radicals” was certainly written in satanic terms for a democracy.

            Islam believes in jinns, too. This belief is especially prominent in Turkey. Rural Turkey in particular.

  4. We are reaching a tipping point where polite society… cafe society, tolerant society understands they are no longer safe ANYWHERE>

    The French slashing of a woman and 3 daughters for wearing shorts and a T shirt is a case in point.

    The Muslim man who did this was ON VACATION…. at their hotel.

    This is a game changer that nobody is talking about. Muslims are now an enemy within… that can snap and become violent over things we cannot fathom.

    The Jordanian orthodontist in Orange County is just as dangerous as a mullah…because his otherwise privileged son is a potential killing machine… and the orthodontist himself is a simmering cauldron of sexually conflicted impulses.

    They hate homosexuals yet they bugger small boys. They want women covered head to toe or they cannot suppress the urge to serial rape. They want a prepubescent bride?… and a collection of them if possible?

    NO NO NO NO NO… until and unless the Starbucks generation comes to grips with the explosive nature of this toxic, simmering multi cultural stew…. the purge necessary to save ourselves will be more ugly than Robespierre and his neighborhood guillotines.

    This is WAR…. and we are pretending we can manage it… oh, it’s only 20 here … 8 there… stay away from Paris… maybe we can get them better jobs???

    It’s a question of WHEN … not if… WHEN our inner Viking says ENOUGH with these greasy little [killers]…

    • The anger is indeed rising. The German citizen on the balcony marking the shooter for what he was – a Kanake, an insult used for what the media calls “southern youths” -, another potential victim shooting “[…] foreigners” as they flee…

      People are tired of good think. More and more see what is happening, and they want it to stop.

      I almost feel sorry for the guy in the video, how he insists he is German… So desperate to be recognised, yet so clueless as to how to achieve that respect.

      Of course, any feelings of sympathy fall away quickly when you hear him shooting…

    • Totally agree with your post! The apathy of the authorities and their inane excuses in the face of this terrorism is frightening.

      What ever happened to the good old fashioned concept of revenge!

  5. In the meantime the traitor governments and their media henchmen trying to establish a new type of normalcy. Just like gazelles in the Savannah when some of them get killed by lions (in the Muslims case hyenas a better fit) and the herd continues life as it nothing happened. This is the mindset they want to make the new normal and accepted by the masses.

  6. I sense that over at “the Guardian” the editorial staff are a little crestfallen that the killer has not turned out to be a white skinhead with swastika tattooed on his forehead. They were just warming up to the prospect of a “far right” terrorist and now we find out he was a “German-Iranian” (that’s code words for “a muslim’). But of course motive is always “unclear” in these cases.

  7. The troubling is the fact how the stand off was handled, not only they didn’t know how many suspects were involved, but they managed to lose him. And once they lost him he commits suicide half a kilometer from the place of the attack? Why? May be because he wasn’t alone after all? And where did he get a gun? Germany is not USA I take it?

    • yes, my first thoughts too!And I seriously doubt that an eighteen year old can have the marksmanship to kill so many persons with pistol.I have served and know that an unexperienced shooter has trouble to hit a remover van from 20 yards distance.And as the MSM ( fingerlicking)pointed out, there is still the possibility of an extreme right background( irony on) : as an Iranian( by own definition Arians) and German, he must have been a Nazi.No two ways about it.And getting a firearm in Germany? Don’ t even think of it if you are not connected.

    • From any one of the Muslim arms caches in or near Muslim barracks located in target rich infidel population centers all across the EU desert. “At this point what difference does it make!”

  8. He shouted “Allahu Akbar” and he declared himself being a German. Mainstream media extensively discussed the last sentence, during the assault. MSM was so able and eager to explain in detail the motivations of a “far right” terrorist, but is now hopelessy groping in the dark having to comment Islamic terrorism. MSM always prefer comment a convenient lie instead an ugly truth.

  9. The body count is not high enough to warrant more than a hashtag campaign and a John Lennon song. Move along – the circus is on its way to another city. I fear that our fuse is much too long.

  10. “The French slashing of a woman and 3 daughters for wearing shorts and a T shirt is a case in point… Muslims are now an enemy within… that can snap and become violent over things we cannot fathom.”

    I read not that the Muslim was upset not at the dress of his fellow holidaymakers but at the husband and father of the woman and children who had ‘scratched his crotch (over his trousers) in the presence of his (ie the Muslim’s) wife.’

    Oh, that’s alright then.

    • Mental Illness, (i.e. far right racism, schizophrenia )religion & mind altering drugs are just two of many things that make people snap or do awful things.

    • The man in the red shirt lying on the ground is a victim, not the perpetrator, I believe. The perpetrator was said to have been found in a side alley.
      The victim in the red shirt though lies in front the “Saturn”, you can make out the logo in the background, a large electronics store right at the main street also where the McDonald’s is.

  11. We should try to be objective. Not every crime committed by a Muslim is religiously motivated. This particular Iranian seemed to a certified madman and it is unclear whether his mental disease was in any way connected with his religion or immigrant status.

    According to the media information he shouted “I am German” which might be understood as evidence of his inferiority complex vis-a-vis native Germans. But it might be understood in some other way. We need his psychiatrist’s opinion.

    Of course, there is not enough information to make any definite judgement and jump to conclusions. But it does seem more than Andreas Lubitz case, than an ISIS attack.

    What bothers me is that such a dangerous madman was on the loose and not locked in a nice cozy clinic.

  12. And now german nazi goverment and msm start again their lies, and twisting the reality They are claiming this attack is somehow linked with anders breivik, that the attacker, this Iranian commie killer was mentally ill, ha had suffered from depression!!!
    Dont laugh!!!! Rofl!!!

    Yes, most of society suffers from depression, but don’t get 9mm gun and go out and massacre strangers.

    This is again, a coverup, merkel and her stasi gang are trying to manipulate the german sheep, with this cock and bull story!!!

    When are german men going to rise Up??

    The germans in there millions should be right now outside the reichstag in berkin,
    Baying for the stasis who have destroyed germany, and are attempting population replacement of native germans with islamic murderers,
    Heiko maas, merkel, gauck, this whole gang needs to be detained immediately.


  13. Erdo may give the cuckoo plonkers an opportunity to redeem themselves if they agree to go west as “refugees”, organize and wait. Any word of a self defense force yet? If it includes Muslims that would make it a self destruction force.

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