Workplace Violence in Bavaria

Final update: The live-blog of the Munich attack is over for tonight. If anything significant comes in, I’ll make a new post.

For the record: We still know nothing about the attackers. All the “allahu akhbar”s are rumors at this point. For all we know, this incident could have been copycat neo-Nazis celebrating the fifth anniversary of the deadly attacks by their hero, Anders Behring Breivik.

According to the brand-new wiki on the incident:

Following the shootings, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) claimed responsibility and supporters of the Islamic State celebrated on social media. However, a witness was cited who reportedly heard one of the attackers say “scheiß Ausländer“ (“f***ing foreigners”).

I’m keeping an open mind.

Update 4:07pm EDT: Bild is now reporting seven dead.

Update 3:42pm EDT: On NTV, a reporter talking about a possible right-wing extremist plot, because today is the fifth anniversary of the terror attack in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik.

But the reporter is now saying it is unlikely.

Update 3:32pm: At the press conference, the police just confirmed six dead.

From our contact in Munich:

A foolish journalist asked him how the hell he can say it is a terror warning. The police spokesman was so baffled by the question he opened his mouth, but no sound came out.

He was finally pretty facetious in his answer.

Update 3:24pm EDT: According to to NTV, one perp killed himself while being arrested. Police are now making a statement: Three perps on the loose. Five people are dead. No definite number of injured: “many”.

From our contact in Munich:

The Social Democrats are having a party at this moment and are tweeting party photos, can you believe it?

My friend on the train is still lost somewhere. Her own family is still stranded too, and the mobile net crashed; we cannot reach anyone.

Bettina Röhl now says six dead [on Facebook].

More video

Update 3:11pm EDT: NTV reports three people with “long weapons” are on the loose.

Here in the USA that would mean AR-15s or something similar. Not sure what it means in a German context.

Update 2:52 EDT: NTV is now reporting what appear to be arrests.

Update 2:43pm EDT: From a contact in Munich:

I live right in the center of Munich, by the river Isar. My ears are ringing because I have police and firefighters nearby; there is an incredible buzz and noise.

My friend’s parents are barricaded in a restaurant near the shopping mall.

Police contacted all citizens and said not to go on the streets. I’ve closed the door

If you see a second video that shows a shooter on a roof, I believe that is fake, someone wanting their 15 minutes of fame.

Update 2:37pm EDT: The police changed their minds; they now believe it’s a terror attack.

NTV is now reporting that it currently does not look like a terror attack.

Update 2:14pm EDT: The Munich police are asking the public NOT to post anything related to police actions.


More video

Update: There are apparently three shooters, according to the Munich police. The main train station has been evacuated.

There is an ongoing active shooter incident in Munich, with multiple fatalities. This is breaking news, and information is still sketchy. The reported death toll varies from one to fifteen people.

From The Telegraph:

Germany’s Muencher Abendzeitung reported that up to 15 people were killed in the incident at the Olympia Einkaufszentrum shopping centre, while police told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper that there were multiple deaths.

NTV reports police have asked people to stay away from public places. The Interior Ministry confirms 3 dead, according to NTV. Shots began before 6pm at McDonald’s restaurant.

The entire city subway has been shut down.

Shots can be heard in this video, and this one, and also in this one that was posted on YouTube but has now been removed.

Shooting in Stachus, taxi drivers told to avoid driving there.

A link from FOCUS on a police intervention at Stachus Platz in Munich. That’s a different location from the shopping mall Olympus.

Translation by Nash Montana:

Shooting in Munich

Shooting at the Olympia shopping mall. According to various reports, there was one dead and multiple injured. The shooting continued at Stachus (Karlsplatz).

The subway traffic to the Olympia shopping mall has been suspended. A special commando unit (SEK) has been positioned on location, the location has shifted from the in the shopping mall on the northern outskirts to the Stachus and therefore right into the center of Munich.

Meanwhile there is a video from the shooting in Munich on the internet. A man shoots at people in front of a McDonald’s restaurant.

RTL reports at 19:42 that there was a false alarm in relation to the shooting at Stachus.

The police ask people not to put videos online that show police in action, as that would help the offenders.

The Bavarian Ministry of the Interior confirmed the number of three dead. The police suspect two there are offenders, who are both on the run.



I have no doubt that these tragic acts were carried out by a lone wolf with a history of mental illness who was marginalized by German society and suddenly radicalized. This sort of thing only happens because of the endemic lingering racism of German society.

38 thoughts on “Workplace Violence in Bavaria

  1. … suddenly and inexplicably radicalised … I can’t understand how this can keep happening, for no reason whatsoever. It’s a complete mystery and no one will ever be able to fathom it out.

    • I forget who said it, but the quote goes something like,

      “Muslims don’t radicalize. They simply start taking their religion seriously.”

  2. My bid: German authorities will blame far-right nationalists for this.

    • Bbc are saying its likely to be right wing extremists,as its 5 years to the day since the Norwegian attack.Disgraceful biased reporting.

      • There is now a blatant desperation from the media to find someone else,anyone, other than Islamists for this.If this is the case prepare for lies and cover ups after all terror attacks from now on.

        • Certainly the meme that this “youth” was driven to this by Islamophobia will be dragged out and flogged, until the next “surprise” event.

    • Linh Dinh appears regularly in the Lew Rockwell [.com] line-up. I do not see how the “leftist” label fits, but his “alternative insights” are often refreshing.

    • Linh’s second letter from Greece in the comments does not ring true.

      I’ve lived in an invader country for over three years, and for the most part they abhor hard work. Conversely, they have no problem living with filth and trash everywhere.

      Those attitudes don’t magically change because the invaders crossed some imaginary line on a map.

  3. This appears to be the work of trained and hardened terrorists, like the ones who attacked Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan. Most likely they were spurred into action because the German police was forced to step up the pressure, after the recent slaughter on a German train in Bavaria. That attack was the work of a disturbed teenager, a mere cannon fodder for the Ummah (but still very dangerous). However, this type of extreme ISIL terror is something Germany hasn’t experienced yet and is far too violent, considering how agreeable Mrs. Merkel still is with the whole idea of unrestricted islamic immigration.

  4. Obviously the million and thirteenth disturbed young Muslim man. Just because he was shouting “aloha snack bar”, we shouldn’t conclude Islam had anything to do with it. We need to apologize to the Muslims for our Islamophobia, and vow to bring in more military age “refugees” with false Syrian passports and automatic shotguns to atone for our “crime” of interfering with the Muslim religious practice of “War against the Unbelievers until the submit to the Shari’a, pay the Jizya and feel themselves humiliated”. (See Q9:5).

  5. The only thing I wonder about is why this doesn’t happen every single day in Europe.

    I guess something is stopping Muslims from being better Muslims more often.

    • Actually it does. If you take all Western European countries, there is at least one islamic attack every day. Smaller cases with no fatalities or with one-two deaths are largely ignored by big media. Rapes and molestations which happen on a regular basis also doesn’t make it into news. This is a new norm. Teddy bears and candles are reserved only for big carnages.

      Tip: check the “days without an attack” banner on top left of this website.

    • Spying everyone’s cellphone is not a security measure, it’s almost always an oppressive measure, designed to keep internal opposition under control. No wonder it’s of little use against real threats.

    • You see, when after 1200 assaults and rapes of women in Köln nobody is yet prosecuted, but instead police carries 60 raids for “xenophobic” posts on Facebook – that should give you a hint about government’s priorities.

  6. “I have no doubt that these tragic acts were carried out by a lone wolf with a history of mental illness who was marginalized by German society and suddenly radicalized. This sort of thing only happens because of the endemic lingering racism of German society.”

    Or the latest Merkel plot using a”right wing extremist” attack in order to clamp down for good on the opposition to the islamic invasion of Europe.

    An Errdogan like “coup” allowing the chancellor for life to forbid any other party than the official establishment (AFD, Pegida and other dissidents).

    islamic terror or other, the responsible is Merkel, letting two million illegal aliens invade the country and she should resign !

  7. “However, a witness was cited who reportedly heard one of the attackers say “scheiß Ausländer“ (“f***ing foreigners”).”

    I belive what was meant is a verbal confrontation between one of the terrorists and a man who was shouting out of his window from a nearby building.
    I havent seen the complete scene (from a cell phone video), but I guess the terrorist shouted back, that he was born in Germany, but with a strong oriental accent.

    So the man who confronted him from the distance was the German who called him a f*** foreigner.
    But let us wait and see.

  8. Why would Neo-nazis attack a shopping center? Most of the customers there are usually ordinary German citizens and even if they aren’t, the risk of accidentally shooting one is huge. That’s precisely the opposite of what Breivik did, he even apologized in court for “non-political” victims (his car-bomb killed several unfortunate bypassers in Oslo). And now, out of the blue, German Neo-Nazis decide to kill Germans on the fifth anniversary of Breivik’s rampage? It’s impossible.

    • The German government needs to take attention off of their precious Muslim immigrants, lest the German people throw out the suicidal Merkel and her party.

      So they come up with this narrative. It won’t work. It assumes that this attack is a one off. It’s not, it simply marks the beginning of many more attacks.

      The thing the German officials don’t get, is that every successful attack inspires more Muslims to go on Jihad. This is what’s happening in France. And what’s worse, is that the Muslims are getting better at upping the body count each time.

      I fully expect to see terrorist attacks to become a regular event in Western Europe now.

  9. Fox is suggesting it’s rightwing extremists.
    If the shooter turns out to have such connections what’s the bet that the narrative will change from loner with mental issues to dangerous group within society that needs to be eliminated.

  10. Where in the hell are the German men, again.
    One guy with a gun picking people off!!!
    Your grandfathers were storming fortified positions, dying by the thousands.
    Hang your heads in shame, cowards.

    • You just said it. The brave ones are dead and a majority of cowards got to procreate their genes. Worse, they’re in power and liable for cutting back and punishing anyone who would dare to step up and show old-school bravery because it would expose their own insufficiency. I don’t like the fact either but it’s the reality we live in. You just feel alone in this society, forever alone.

  11. I find it hard to believe these are Muslim terrorists. Not enough dead people for that many gunmen. You may have all kinds of nuts running around but NO one is as good at piling up the bloody bodies like the Religion of Peace.

  12. I lived in Munich. Stachus (Karlsplatz) is in the centre, and some distance to the Olympic Park. Either the gunman found time to travel in between the shootings, or there were different gunmen.

  13. not so sure it is a jihadi attack with the mention of the “Doc Martins” ..
    it could be a skin head on a murder spree for whatever Skin Heads
    murder for.

  14. From the Guardian:

    The attacker was an 18-year-old German of Iranian descent. His body was found at 8:30pm local time, having shot himself.

    There were 10 dead, including the attacker, police say, and 21 wounded. There is no motive as yet.

  15. Someone here posted a re-run of the 1972 Munich massacre, which I read. I remember watching some of it on TV back in the day and it was gut-wrenching then and reading it again — still gut-wrenching. And of course, even in old age, I still scream in my mind only WHY? Why can’t people live and let live?

    Man’s inhumanity to Man. Women, too of course. But the original is more compelling.

    I wonder how mankind can ever escape this killing spree. Original sin? Maybe. Just evil? Maybe. I have no answers, just questions. I’m a peace-loving person and I like to get along with my neighbors and ignore the a-holes wherever they are. That doesn’t seem to satisfy some people. And of course a-holes with a gun can’t be ignored, they must be fought or conquered. Or killed, if necessary. So no rosy visions of peace anymore. . . God help us.

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