Jihad Slaughter at the Church Altar

By now you’ve all heard about this morning’s events in Normandy. It’s probably been several hundred years since the Hosts of Mohammed last entered a church and desecrated the altar while murdering a priest. In Europe, that is — south of Palermo and east of Thessalonica such incidents are routine daily occurrences. Especially since the United States government, in its infinite wisdom, connived with Islamic zealots to unseat the Middle Eastern despots who had hitherto protected their Christian minorities from Islamic mobs.

There are plenty of news stories out there about the murder of the priest in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray. See:

All the reports say that the attackers slit the priest’s throat, but it is rumored that he was actually beheaded. I haven’t yet seen a witness quoted to that effect, but it seems plausible that the witnesses and/or the authorities glossed over the grisly fact by saying his throat was slit.

The following account is from The Daily Mail:

Islamist Knifemen Forced Priest, 84, To Kneel and Filmed His Death as They Slit His Throat

Hollande says ‘France is at war with ISIS’ after jihadists storm French church during Mass chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’

The ISIS knifemen who stormed into a church in Normandy filmed themselves butchering an elderly priest after forcing him to kneel at the altar, it has emerged.

The 84-year-old priest, named as Jacques Hamel, had his throat cut while a nun is critically injured in hospital following the raid which saw five people held hostage by ISIS assailants shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

The two killers were ‘neutralised’ by marksmen as they emerged from the building, which is being checked for booby-traps. French president Francois Hollande said the country is ‘at war’ with ISIS while the terror group has claimed responsibility for the killing.

One of the men who stormed into the church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray near Rouen during mass was a local man, who was being monitored by electronic tag after being jailed for trying to join fanatics in Syria.

This afternoon it emerged that the murdered clergyman was deputising while the parish priest was on holiday. French authorities say they have arrested a third man in connection with the attack.

It comes as it emerged that the building was one of a number of Catholic churches on a terrorist ‘hit list’ found on a suspected ISIS extremist last April.

There are also reports that one of the attackers was a local resident who was under electronic tag surveillance having been jailed in France for trying to travel to Syria in 2015. His bail terms allowed him to be unsupervised between 8.30am and 12.30pm – the attack happened between 9am and 11am.

Quotes from several prominent figures are worth deconstructing. First, from President François Hollande:

Mr Hollande called for unity between French Catholics and members of other communities, and announced he will meet leaders of a range of faiths on Wednesday.

Mr. Hollande wants unity with “other” communities, but what might those communities be? Is he talking about France’s atheist community, which is probably the country’s largest faith group? Unless it has been surpassed by Islam, of course.

Or was he thinking of the dwindling community of Jews, who are departing France at an accelerating pace?

No, we all know the president meant Muslims. Between 10% and 15% of the French population is Muslim, and most of them are observant, unlike the nominally Catholic majority. So when he meets with a “range of faiths” tomorrow, it will mean some bishops and archbishops, a few Protestant clergy, some prominent imams, and a rabbi or two thrown in to leaven the interfaith loaf. The imams will assure the assembled dignitaries that the criminals who committed these despicable acts do not represent Islam, and are not really Muslims at all. Mr. Hollande and every other leader present will repeat these assertions into various microphones at the end of the conclave.

But they all know it’s a lie. From the president on down through all the mayors and prefects to the lowliest Jacques in the street, everyone knows these statements are utterly mendacious. The bishops know it, the pastors know it, the rabbis know it, and above all the imams know it. That last group is collectively responsible for the confabulation; it’s their religious duty.

So there will be no “unity” in France, not so long as Islam infests the country. There will only be an increasing level of violence, slaughter, rape, and mayhem until the native French awaken to what’s happening — or France joins the Ummah, whichever comes first.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

His Holiness Pope Francis also made some solemn remarks about the atrocity:

In a statement, the Vatican said Pope Francis shares the ‘sorrow and horror’ felt over the incident, adding: ‘We are particularly struck because this horrible violence has occurred in a church — a sacred place where we pronounce God’s love — with the barbaric murder of a priest and worshippers affected.’

So he is “struck because this horrible violence has occurred in a church” — does that mean he would be less horrified if it had happened on the street outside? Or in a discotheque down the street? Or on the promenade in Nice?

As a matter of fact, that church was a “sacred place” for Islam, too, but for different reasons. Distasteful as it may seem, the mujahideen were performing a sacrament at that altar: the slaughter of unbelievers in the name of Allah. By spilling infidel blood there, they deconsecrated the church as a place of Christian worship and re-consecrated it as a blood-soaked shrine to their demonic idol.

But don’t expect the Interfaith Pope to discuss unpleasant facts like this. He’s got more important things to do, such as proclaiming the unity of “Abrahamic faiths”.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Finally, look at what the archbishop said:

The Archbishop of Rouen Dominique Lebrun, who cut short a visit to Poland to return to his diocese and was due to meet Mr Hollande on Tuesday evening, said: ‘I cry to God with all men of good will. The only arms which the Catholic Church can take up are prayer and brotherhood between men.’

Well, that clarifies matters, then: the Church acknowledges no means of defense beyond prayer.

We’ve put those nasty Crusades behind us at last! Never again will a sword be raised to protect the lives of Christians!

So, after the next slaughter by the forces of the Great Jihad, surviving Christians will gather in prayer to forgive the agents of their slaughter. And after the following one, an even greater outpouring of heartfelt prayers will be heard. And so on, massacre after massacre, until the last Christian prays at the last altar of the last church in Christendom while the scimitar is drawn across his throat.

Such is Modern Multicultural Christianity.

What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
Only the monstrous anger of the guns.
Only the stuttering rifles’ rapid rattle
Can patter out their hasty orisons.

— Wilfred Owen, from “Anthem for Doomed Youth”

51 thoughts on “Jihad Slaughter at the Church Altar

  1. it will soon be a daily occurrence. Thank goodness for the tolerance of white Europeans or something might actually occur that would interfere with the Jihadists plans.

    • It is indifference, not tolerance. Churches for the most part are for tourists…France led the bloody way in anti-clerical moves to bring the church to heel. And succeeded. This is merely karma, of which the corruption of the ecclesiastical PTB was the first act.

      • I don’t think you are right. It just happened in France. It could have happened in Belgium or Germany. Do you think the reaction of the people would be different? Europe has grown too old to provide any serious resistance to Islam invasion. Why do they keep prohibiting the capital penalty? Brussels Directory orderss and everybody has to obey, even of the European citizens do not know who and how is appointed to the Directory, the so-called Commission.

  2. The Swiss Guard is certainly armed with something other than prayer, and I’m not talking about the halbards and baggy pants.

    While actual modern weapons will be used to protect the pope, I guess everyone else will just have to pray.

    • Are you trying to tell us that the Vatican is not a gun-free zone?!!! The horror . . .

  3. Supposedly, the Poles are giving the Pope the cold shoulder during his visit there, and I applaud them for that. For those interested in prayer, please pray that God sends us a real Pontifex Maximus ASAP!!!
    Please to not let Fr.Hamel die in vain.

    Cardinal Burke has recently stated that Mohammedanism is antithetical to civilization, and a return to faith is the first step in saving civilization (as well as our souls); so at least one Prince of the Church has the guts to call a spade a spade.

    • Good. I really feel for those genuine Catholics, having to be under the leadership of such a traitorous Pope. God bless those Poles for not letting political correctness shut them up.

  4. His throat slit or beheaded is rather irrelevant. Either way he died a horrible dead.

    • For the priest yes. As an indicator, yet again, of media complicity in jihad it is not irrelevant, in my book anyway.

    • It is relevant since beheading is a staple of Islamic jihad and thus this detail “goes to motive” as the lawyers say.

      Since there’s obviously a media effort to cover up any motive related to Islam, people are naturally going to be suspicious of any detail being glossed over when it relates to motive.

  5. My recommendation is to make every effort to convert them to Christianity.

    After doing some research on the thoughts of others I find it incomprehensible that they invited them into Churches as shelters and took down Christian symbols. You invite people into a house of worship with anti-Christ beliefs and accommodate it.


    Nobody is going to fight them until they are given a choice fight, convert or die. I think conversion is worth trying. I know it occurs but I am suggesting making a more public effort.

    • Conversion is the top priority. However, it is unrealistic to expect that Muslims will convert in sufficient numbers to remove the necessity of physically destroying or expelling the obstinate. For the present, every Muslim must be treated as reasonably suspect of at least accessorial criminality.

      • Physically destroying? Try some less inhumane measures first.

        To begin with, France and other Western countries could deport every foreigner who has committed a serious crime – after he has served his sentence – back to his home country without the right to re-enter. Naturalised foreigners should be stripped of their French nationality and also deported for good.

        Second, anti-racism and hate speech laws should be used in all their strictness against non-whites who attack white people for racial reasons or preach hatred of whites.

        Third, laws against Christianophobia should be passed and the guilty punished.

        Fourth, Western States must monitor closely Muslim preachers and other activists and arrest them as soon as they get enough evidence of unlawful activities. All radical Muslim propaganda must be outlawed and severely punished.

        Fifth, the whole official discourse must change. Muslim migrants must be given to understand that they are not masters in their new countries: they are here on sufferance. There should be no more talk of “Islamophobia” from the officials, at least.

        Sixth, effective measures must be taken to protect Christian and other non-Muslim migrants from Muslims. These people most vulnerable and suffer from Islamists more than any one else.

        Seventh, Western States should stop any support to any sort of ‘revolutionaries’ in secular Muslim countries and try to prop up the secular regimes themselves. It is about time we understood that there can be no ‘democracy’ in a Muslim country and any ‘democratic’ opposition objectively contributes to the Islamist cause.

        Eighth, Western States should stop to see Russia as their enemy and co-operate with her in fighting ISIS. They should also co-operate with all non-Western countries in fighting Islamism – China and India, first of all.

        But the most important thing is for Europe to remember that it is based on Christian faith and values. Without Christianity it will continue to grow weaker and more vulnerable.

        • «Physically destroying? Try some less inhumane measures first.»
          Anton: that was tried 1300 years ago. When Muslim armies invaded what is today Spain and Portugal!
          Even some bishops tried to ‘convert’ his sheep to yield, to be dhimmies. Some did not accept. After 500 years for Portugal; 750 for Spain of sheer terror and humiliation; mass massacres during raids (every one under 5 was killed; every male over 12-13 killed; males 5 to 12-13 emasculated; females between 5 and 30-sex slaves; females over 30 killed); blind destruction (hospitals and libraries for example); pulling down churches to use the stones for mosques, or simply expel Christians and use the building as mosques; murder of the dhimmies –Christians don’t believe Mohamed to be ‘the key of prophets», blasphemy –head off
          I know what my ancestors suffered (sometimes directly), so it won’t work. With Muslims either you terrify them more than they terrify you or say the shahada .
          Be a slave! Don’t make one out of me!

          • A friend of mine (I’ve lost touch with them) moved to the mountains in Spain. A walled city in which there are no cars. Islam never conquered them and they’re proud of that. But everything has to be hauled in; makes me wonder how they held up back then during the sieges.

            In his book Emmett Scott says that the coasts of the Med were abandoned because of the incessant raids, and from there were built the mountain redoubts, first against the marauders and then against other Christians…safe land was scarce. It was the Arabs who caused the “Dark” Ages, though a great deal went on in that purportedly fallow period.

            Scott also makes a case for the influence/example of the hellaciously barbaric Arabs as a major cause of the excesses of the Inquisition. However, I don’t know enough history from the previous era (700 – 1000 AD) to compare indigenous behavior before the Arab pirates and how their arrival changed things within the indigenous societies once the invasions began. We do know from writers like Augustine in No Africa and Gregory in what is now Iraq that scholarship in the sciences was beginning to flourish. And then all those papyruses were destroyed, towns and cities disappeared.

            The continent of India could be studied in a similar light.

      • I agree that it is unrealistic but aside from the benefit of creating a convert it can expose those who should be removed. I am not suggesting that a state support the effort to convert but they can use it to identify those who should be removed. I realize that is silliness on my part because if they can say in the Mosques that converts should be killed, not today but when we are large enough, and have no repercussions then nobody would do more than put someone on a list and report after the fact that they were on a list after they commit an act of jihad.

        • You know, in czarist Russia, the Christian authorities somehow managed to keep their Muslim subjects quiet without physically destroying them.

          Of course, there were some serious difficulties in the freshly-conquered Caucasus, but on the Volga, in the Crimea and in Central Asia, Russian Christians and Muslims coexisted more or less peacefully. I know of at least one case in Central Asia, when a mullah even collected money for the building of an Orthodox church.

          Why was it so?

          First of all, Muslims respect force. So, the Russian government spoke to them from a position of force. They were strictly prohibited to convert Christians (though allowed to preach to pagans), they were told to respect the official Church and there was no political correctness, no hate speech laws, no silly talk of Islamophobia.

          On the other hand, the czars allowed Muslims to believe what they want, to have mosques and madrassahs, observe Ramadan, put their women in hijab, etc. And they paid salaries to the Muslim clergy. So, imams and mullahs knew what side their bread was buttered and more often than not told their flock to obey the authorities.

          Muslims were not allowed into the highest society, they could not occupy high government posts, but they could go into commerce and many got very rich. They also had opportunities for a military career. On the whole, they did not live any worse than a Christian of the same social class. Many Muslims were happy to serve the White Czar and to fight for him during wars.

          Neither was there any strong racist feeling in Russia (especially as many Muslims were perfectly white and Europeoid).

          Of course, things were not always excellent, there were difficulties in the Caucasus – like Azeri-Armenian communal violence or north-Caucasian Muslim rebellions sponsored by Turkey. Sometimes, Muslims who converted to Christianity were murdered by their families. The authorities, for their part, sometimes behaved heavy-handedly towards some Muslims.

          But on the whole, it was not at all bad. And Muslims were not perceived as a threat to society.

          Another thing: Russians at the time were much more religious than Europeans are nowadays. They loved and revered the Orthodox Church and Muslims respected them for that.

          In view of this example, I believe that peaceful coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims is possible. But only on condition that Muslims are a minority and that the authorities treat them with an iron fist in a velvet glove.

          All other arrangements make non-Muslims’ life very hard – as we can see both in Europe and in the Muslim world.

  6. Out of all the terror attacks this past week, this one seems to wrench my heart the most. I may not be Catholic, but the thought of that elderly priest dying such an inhumane death just makes my stomach turn. Even though Christians being slaughtered by the Religion of Peace™ is nothing new, for whatever reason seeing pictures of the rather frail Fr. Hamel fills me with sorrow.

    Silence on social media. It amazes me how quickly after Nice people just shrugged their shoulders, said “meh, this is the new reality” and put away the faux outrage. No more silly flag filters on Facebook or #prayforMunich, just apathy. If these people haven’t learned by now, they never will.

    • If the little people protest (or even express their fears) they are likely to get scooped up by the system and placed in an untenable position where having one’s throat slit is preferable.

      Islam is a symptom of something far more dangerous: the one worlder’s desire to re-introduce feudalism/slavery.

      Christianity has long been the bastion of civilization, but that bastion is being destroyed, often from within, and with an enemy as the top dog in the both Vatican and Washington DC, the purge is very near complete.

      Many of the established ‘protestant’ churches also support the enemy; they hate Jooz and Zionists and openly support Palestinian (Jihadi) terror groups, because they do not understand that what happens in Israel today, happens in Europe and the USA tomorrow, its the same Jihad….

      France and Germany run the EU, and the EU is trying to give God’s land back to Satan, and to boycott His people (see Romans chapter 10), they should not be surprised when they reap what they sow, it is the inevitable promise of Yah, and Satan is an equal opportunity murderer.

      I mourn for the 84 Year old Priest in France, and I mourn for the 13 year old girl in Israel, both victims of the same jihad against the same civilization, and the sooner the world accepts this fact, the quicker we will be able to put down this insurrection of barbarity. Half of Christendom dissociates the two acts, Palestinian Jihad is freedom fighting, ISIS Jihad is terrorism. “A nation divide among itself cannot stand”.

    • I watched a few minutes of France 24 tonight. And I had the impression that the response by government officials is flaccid. No outrage was expressed. Even the media people directing questions to government officials and speculating about what is to be done, even they appear to think that nothing really can be done.

      It appeared to me that many Europeans are already becoming accustomed to the new normal.”

      I just hope there are enough of the other types–the people who are outraged, the people who can see what is transpiring and can see the future if this continues to be unchecked–I just hope there are enough of these people who are determined to act and who will make a difference.
      Or, at a minimum, elect Marine Le Pen.

      • p.s. The governmental officials interviewed were, of course, those connected with the current government. I read that others, currently outside of the government, have been critical of the attitude of and the lack of effective actions by the current government. We shall see.

        I wonder what it will actually take to elect Le Pen.

    • I don’t agree that silence on social media equates to ‘apathy’.

      I’ve been on Facebook for many years now, and the whole site functions among people in my social group (European, under 35, university educated, ‘liberal’) like one massive echo chamber. I prefer not to use it to comment on political matters – even ‘uncontroversial’ ones, because it’s well known that all sorts of authorities have access to your posts, and Facebook itself collects and archives everything you ‘like’ and all comments you make on anything posted on its site. It is therefore pretty obvious that (unless you’re completely naive about how the site works) privacy is not existant and the ‘wrong’ sort of comments leave you open to all sorts of fallout- either now or even in the future.

      What I have noticed, is that the constant din of people cheerleading on the EU refugee invasion and posting ‘this latest atrocity has nothing to do with Islam’ kind of stuff has pretty much dried up – in my social group at least. It was everywhere last summer, and now only one or two people I know even bother to post this kind of thing and it gets very few ‘likes’. I would take this newfound silence as a tacit endorsement that people, even young people, are actually waking up to the harsh reality that glib platitudes about Islam and victim-blaming the people who are targeted by jihadi terrorists is no longer a meaningful response. It’s just that nobody is going to post anything remotely controversial up at the moment, because they are afraid (legitimately) of social and economic repurcussions.

      Right now, the doctrine of political correctness still reigns supreme – particularly among young people and professionals, although it’s days are quite obviously numbered. Private conversations I’ve had with close friends and family who are (like me) outwardly very liberal confirm this shift to more radical perspectives. People in Europe are getting very angry at being told we have to accept this new reality- throw in another economic downturn and I think the lid will come right off. When people are angry and scared, animal instinct will always kick in – and sadly, the longer this growing resentment towards Islam in Europe festers in the shadows and isn’t allowed to be openly (and rationally) debated, the more explosive and violent the end result will be for all of us.

      • Lily, your observations about the changes in the social media stream you “occupy” are a good indication of what is happening on a wider level. When you say,

        Private conversations I’ve had with close friends and family who are (like me) outwardly very liberal confirm this shift to more radical perspectives. People in Europe are getting very angry at being told we have to accept this new reality- throw in another economic downturn and I think the lid will come right off.

        I wonder, though. I’d have thought that lid would have long since imploded. I’d love to read some professional analysis from cultural historians…this is the best book in the last ten years on the subject. VERY thorough:

        Fjordman’s review from six years ago…



        On Amazon:

        The Perils of Diversity: Immigration and Human Nature

        That’s the print edition. Worth having. The Kindle is good for those who find large books awkward.

        There aren’t many reviews on the page…people don’t want to take that much time. But essentially you sum up what he says.

        You also sum up why I got off Face Ache. It was handy for keeping up with what was going on with local families, but I can get the monthly newspapers for that. Or visit the woman who cuts our hair and always knows everything about everyone, but is compassionate about it 😉

        • The problem as I see it, is that revolutions always start at the bottom. If you have a job, a family, some savings, and a future, you are not going to revolt, because you have too much to lose. It is only at the point where you cannot ignore it anymore, because the future is totally gone, and you have nothing to lose, that those people revolt. An economic collapse has more likelihood of starting a revolt that islam does.

          • Absolutely.

            And given the levels of fiduciary irresponsibility in American governmental spending along with the refusal to even address the symptoms, much less the causes, an economic collapse appears inevitable.

            The Fed is artificially containing the mess; I wonder if they’re waiting for a likely sucker – Donald Trump would serve very well – on which to let go. They will dwell interminably on his bankruptcies, ignoring the truth of it in favor of creating a meme of financial recklessness because they’re desperate for a scapegoat:


            It’s an issue that those planning to vote for Trump ought to consider. Not that Hillary’s reign would be any safer, just that his time in office would unleash the demons who draw great pleasure from destruction – Soros and others – more surely. She’s not smart enough to stop it once the ball starts rolling downhill, though.

            For the whole world, but particularly America, whose currency is the universal solvent, this inevitability of collapse ought to be fully faced. But we won’t/can’t look; it’s too scary and we’re sure it’s too complicated to understand, much less address. There has been a deliberation in the methods TPB use to keep us poor and ignorant.

            This doesn’t mean Islam won’t be implicated. It may be rougher for the sheikhs, et al, than would have been the case were they not in charge of so much wealth.

            Chaos in general with pockets of preparedness here and there. We could profit from a study of some of the South American disasters.

      • Lily, I was speaking more from a North American perspective. I live in Canada, where despite having draconian hate speech laws on the books, people on social media here are rather open with their opinions: be they radical or benign.

        I completely understand that many Europeans would not be open about their true feelings about what’s going on on social media; my German significant other is one of them. But, the apathy of North Americans, particularly of Canadians who have been pretty unscathed with terrorism, is appalling and very real.

        Let me put it this way. When Paris happened, it was the talk of the town for weeks on end on Facebook. The silly French flag filter was on 90% of people’s profiles. #prayforParis was everywhere and North Americans were horrified at how this could possibly happen in a first world, peaceful and progressive nation like France. (Of course those of us who had been awake to Islam for years knew this was coming). Then Brussels happened: similar outrage and outpouring of faux grief.

        Cut to Nice: the reaction is muted, and half-hearted at best. Munich? Nothing. Any of the attacks in Germany? Nothing. Not a whisper.

        As an experiment, I shared a picture of the slain Priest, and only garnered one single like. On the exact same day, I posted an insipid comment about a meal I made: 20 likes. I did that deliberately, to see if my own social circle was as apathetic as I thought it was. And unfortunately, I was proven correct.

        I know too that the anger of Europeans is boiling, and that they fear expressing themselves openly on social media. But for your North American cousins, we haven’t learned our lesson, and to be honest, I don’t think we will, until we have a major attack here. I don’t want that to happen of course, but for now, I don’t see anything shaking people from this apathetic cloud.

        • As dhans said, economic collapse will do it.

          The candles and teddy bears are a threadbare meme by now. But financial chaos changes the game, the field, the players, and the referees.


  7. We all remember the impressive show of solidarity with the murdered staff of CharlieHebdo and the “Je suis Charlie caimpaign”.

    Will there be a “Je suis catholique” campaign? Will presidents, party leaders and all the dignitaries of the world march across Paris to show that they care?

    I strongly doubt it. In a secular France, that would be too “réactionnaire”.

    What I do not doubt is that CharlieHebdo will use this latest massacre as a subject for a new vulgar and callous cartoon.

    And those CharlieHebdo cartoons that I have seen are not even funny.

    • you may not think that a charlie hebdo response is warranted here. but I happen to think it is.
      This man was an 84 year old, celebrating a Catholic mass in the morning.
      I am not sure why this upsets me so. This man did not deserve to die…
      To say these people are cowards would be an understatement.
      But larger than that, this particular killing tears at my heart. And will not easily be ameliorated by the MSM salve.
      My greatest base instincts are ignited by this killing.
      Try to damp that down you obviously complicit media and political class.

  8. Shock and condemnations broke out in the Middle East today. No not about the latest Islamic atrocity but about a young childrens’ cartoon series http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/controversy-erupts-over-fireman-sam-scene-where-characters-trips-quran-881440811


    Rather than trot out the usual line about nothing to do with Islam, which is wearing quite thin, and after a brave media/TV personality called for halting Muslim immigration after Nice on air in an impromptu comment, only to be sent to Coventry by everyone else in the media, the media have buried the story, preferring to focus on the Kartrashians and other media circus distractions.

    • There have been so many most horrible atrocities in the Middle East lately that a murder of just one elderly priest in a distant country is simply unnoticed.

      How many priests have been beheaded in Syria and Iraq? How many children? How many women brutally raped and often killed afterwards?

      Europeans turned a blind eye to all that sort of thing. After all, it would be politically incorrect to show much sympathy for Christians.

      Well, now that of thing has come to Europe. Genocide of Christians in the EU has begun. Will the political elite continue to ignore it? I would not be surprised if it will.

  9. Everywhere Muslims play pretend snigger and laugh their jehadists off. Surely the west can see and feel the slow boiling blood filling pots the now soiled and getting smellier by the day western countries have become a la Muslum? If a man is not a liberal by twenty five he has no head. If unchanged after twenty five has voted for the now real possibility that he will lose his head.

  10. The only consolation lies in discerning which of Fr Hamel on the one hand and the pair of jihadis on the other is now enjoying the delights of Heaven. Fr Hamel’s got more prospect of basking in the light of Christ than the jihadis have of getting 72 virgins.

  11. At war with ISIS? No. At war with Islam. And the sooner the west opens its eyes to the truth of this, the sooner we can get the civil wars fought and out of the way.

  12. “Is he talking about France’s atheist community, which is probably the country’s largest faith group? Unless it has been surpassed by Islam, of course.”

    Some keep talking about islam being the second largest (“religion”) in France

  13. Remember “stabbed in the neck” was how Boston police described the Waltham Triple Slaying victims. Years later, after the Boston Marathon bomb ,a police spokesman said the victims’ throats had been slashed with such force that their heads had almost been severed. “It was like something out of Al Qaeda”, he said.

    Beware of media cover phrases.

  14. Yes, prayer. Of course! Because we all love those Christian nations that have no army and no police force, no weapons or arms of any kind and that remain safe and unmolested because of prayer alone.

    No, wait…

  15. Many will stay home afraid for their family. These acts will be swept under the rug and soon ignored by media. TV church and online will be the norm. Since lack of security is a problem in churches and other places where groups gather, (police can’t be everywhere) eventually churches will close and people will accept it. All Catholic and Protestant churches will be a possible target for terrorists. Apathy continues. Real men, please stand up or your women and girls will soon be enslaved enabled by your leaders in the EU!

    • It is very difficult for real men to stand up for women and girls who welcome rapefugees, consort with them, and keep voting for political powers that import and shelter the vermin. The problem is not men. The problem is the majority – women who keep imperiling their societies, and vilify anyone who may have cared. It has become a crime to care, so why bother.

      • DeriKuk: The last sentence I should have added to read:
        all infidels, the men especially, will be killed and women, girls taken as slaves forced into marriages, elderly killed off and children taken, raised as Muslims. Shiria law imposed for all. Is this really what Europeans want? apparently so.

  16. We must declare war against seditious Islam and demand a reformation of this belief system. It is a simple public health measure.

    We have to go to the Muslim homes and apartments and places where they work and ask them to renounce the “sword” and misogynistic verses in the Koran and all the other anti-western seditious and taqqiya/kitman material in their foundational documents and hadiths. They have to do this in front of their peers and give a written attestation. Records and audio recordings are kept.

    People who fail these testimonials are deported. Juveniles will not be separated from their parents. The process will be done in an orderly and kind fashion and people will not be poorly treated or denied their civil rights other than their loss of residence in ______….just as we would manage ebola or plague in folks who refused isolation and treatment.

    • We are so far away from doing what you describe that you might as well go whole hog and wish for a magic pony.

      I’ve been reading laundry lists like yours for more than a decade. I agree with everything in them. But ten years later, we are FARTHER AWAY, politically speaking, from being able to implement any of them.

      So the lists are not as useful as would be a description of how to break the political logjam that keeps it all in the realm of an impossible dream.

      • ANY effective solution begins with the privately-owned, 24/7 CARRIED firearm–preferably a handgun. After all, it’s hard to blunder through life carrying a rifle or shotgun whilst engaged in life’s duties.
        This rule for EVERYBODY (I know of 14 year old girls who are VERY accurate with the .44 magnum revolver) without age and sex restriction or for weapon or caliber.
        IF the West survives–this will be the solution. (Along with lots and lots of blood and mayhem.)
        Blood and mayhem–we have those already.

        • I can’t argue with that, but the task for Europeans and Canadians, then, is to begin the process of having their draconian gun laws repealed.

          If that is beyond the range of possibility, then the formation of clandestine networks to serve the same function. Which is a HUGE task, especially since state agents have infiltrated every organization.

  17. An”impossible dream” in sees. But we don’t need to continue to import asylum seekers into our communities.
    Can you imagine the “Ritz Carlton” of refugee homes we could create in the ME with the same money?
    Of course, we have a billion dollar industry working against us. Please see refugeewatch.com.

  18. “By spilling infidel blood there, they deconsecrated the church as a place of Christian worship and re-consecrated it as a blood-soaked shrine to their demonic idol.”

    I find this the stand-out quote from the posting. (yes, the rest is outstanding as well)

    From this, I would suggest we need not let it be known among the jihadi that they can “reclaim” places of Christian, or Jewish worship sites as their own. Why the next thing you know they will try and claim Jerusalem, or Nazareth as their own holy sites.
    We should double the guards at Notre Dame, Cologne, St. Peter’s, or Westminster.

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