Raped by a Culture-Enricher in an Ibbenbüren Cemetery

Ibbenbüren is a town in North Rhine-Westphalia. Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this brief but sickening article from the Rheinische Post:

In Ibbenbüren, a 79-year-old woman was raped in a cemetery. Police caught the 40-year-old perpetrator in the act.

It happened last Sunday. A witness heard cries for help from the cemetery at six in the morning and called the police. The officers caught the man during the deed. He did not resist arrest, the state prosecutor said. He was arraigned for rape and is in custody now. The suspect has been living in Germany since 2013, and is a registered refugee from Eritrea.

The 79-year-old victim received immediate care and is undergoing medical treatment.

12 thoughts on “Raped by a Culture-Enricher in an Ibbenbüren Cemetery

  1. I’m sure he was peaceful and tolerant while he was committing the rape. Just ask Hillary.

    • His culture teaches it’s perfectly ok to rape kafir women so who are we to judge?

      • Yes of course! It’s up to us to be the ones who are tolerant of these diverse cultural values.

  2. “He did not resist arrest.”
    Of course he didn’t, he knows he’s out on the streets again by tomorrow morning.

    • This poor elderly lady – her remaining years will be blighted for ever more and her health will more than likely deteriorate rapidly due to shock.

      Any chance of mutti Merkel surfacing and have the moral fibre to actually visit this poor lady in hospital?

      I am sure her friends and remaining family will comfort and look after her as best they can and my thoughts and prayers are with them all.

      As to the savage arrested, lock him up and throw away the keys, hopefully he will meet rough justice in prison in due course.

      • Better to deport him back to Eritrea. Why should taxpayers pay to lodge, clothe and feed this disgusting scum?

  3. This rapist will likely say his crime was an act of reprisal for centuries of oppression of Islam, and that he’s a soldier of jihad. The criminal law should be changed so Muslims are denied habeas corpus. Soon a majority of Muslims in Western countries will become passive participants in jihad. If we don’t take definite action soon then ordinary non-Muslim citizen groups will start ambushing and killing Muslims, burning down migrant centers and mosques, which will mean street battles & civil war if the authorities don’t act. A rapist like this should be executed within 3 days of the crime after a military-style tribunal considers the facts of the case. We’ll soon be seeing dozens of criminal acts, murders & rapes, on a day to day basis, apart from the larger terror attacks with death tolls in the scores. The objective of the rapidly-radicalizing Muslim population is to clog the criminal justice system with dozens of crimes a day.

  4. Rape is a crime, which, unfortunately, is committed not only by Muslims, but by men of every community.

    What puzzles me however, is the choice of victims. I keep hearing from various sources of Muslims raping elderly women, little girls, boy and even grown-up men. A man who was in Kirghizia during Kirghiz-Uzbek ethnic violence told me that children as young as five were raped.

    There must be something sick in Islam if it conditions its followers so.

    • The author Hamed Abdel-Samad who is outspoken in his criticism of Islam writes in his aubiography that he was raped for the first time when he was only four years old.

  5. So that’s why there used to be National Service “‘an’ stuff” all those years ago? The sick savage violent blood thirsty Muslim population are now enjoying the rapture of feasting. Did they just get lucky or what?

  6. These deranged savages are so overpowered by their animal lust they can’t even sleep in on a Sunday morning but have to be out prowling for sex at the crack of dawn, hunting for any hapless kafir woman ~ even an old woman for freak sake!

    Yes, let us keep flinging the borders wiiiiide open for these savages, great idea!

  7. Barbaric acts in cemeteries

    With the barbarians within the gates, you can’t help but get a good comprehension of the word RIP, Rest In Peace. There will be no end to barbaric acts being committed in cemeteries from now on, if their ideology is still going to be welcomed by the lawmakers.

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