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The news feed is extremely light tonight. That must mean there was almost no news today. Right? Right…?

Not counting the jihad slaughter in Normandy, the biggest news of the day is that Hillary Rodham Clinton became the first audio-animatron woman ever to be nominated for president by a major American political party. She will face off against Donald Trump in November, so fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentleman — we’re in for some major turbulence.

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» It’s Official: Hillary Clinton Makes History
Europe and the EU
» Brussels Terror Attacks Cost Belgian Economy Almost €1 Billion: Report
» Elderly Priest Killed in French Church, Attack Claimed by Islamic State
» France: Islamist Knifemen Forced Priest, 84, To Kneel and Filmed His Death as They Slit His Throat
» Hungary’s Viktor Orban Expresses Support for Donald Trumps Foreign Policy Plans
» Normandy Church Attack: Islamic Knifemen ‘Shout Allahu Akbar’ & Slit Throat of Priest, 84
» Normandy Church Attacker Was on Watch List and Wore Electronic Tag, French Officials Say
» Priest Slain in ‘Terror Attack’ on Church in Northern France
» The Two-State Solution for France
» UK: RAF Marham Attacker Headbutted by Victim [Video]
Israel and the Palestinians
» Letter From a ‘Jewish Termite’
South Asia
» 300 Hindus Out of 400 Keralite People Forcibly Converted to Islam for ISIS
» Geert Wilders: Dutch MP, Calls on EU to Ban Muslim Washington Times
» Shopping Mall Shooting in Swedish Muslim Refugee Ghetto

It’s Official: Hillary Clinton Makes History

Clinton’s moment

The nominating formalities on Tuesday night mark a moment of vindication for Clinton, who emerged from the wreckage of her unsuccessful 2008 bid to serve as secretary of state in Obama’s “Team of Rivals” cabinet.

But she faces a grueling campaign against Trump, who is enjoying a polling bounce after his own convention in Cleveland last week and is now locked in a close race with the soon to be Democratic nominee.

Clinton can, however, draw on political lessons learned after her long career in the glare of the public spotlight…

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Brussels Terror Attacks Cost Belgian Economy Almost €1 Billion: Report

The Belgian economy lost close to €1 billion as a result of the March 22 Brussels terror attacks, according to a new report, local media reports.

An economic impact report commissioned by the government suggests Brussels’ tourism and shopping industries were hit hardest in the aftermath of the attacks, newspaper De Morgen wrote Tuesday. The Belgian capital recorded a €122.5 million drop in sales in the second quarter of this year, compared to the first months of 2016.

Belgian Finance Minister Johan Van Overtveldt earlier estimated a decrease in federal tax revenues of €760 million, which represents about 0.1 percent of GDP, bringing the total loss to nearly €1 billion…

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Elderly Priest Killed in French Church, Attack Claimed by Islamic State

Assailants loyal to Islamic State forced an elderly priest to his knees before slitting his throat and took several worshippers hostage in a French church on Tuesday before police shot the attackers dead.

It was the latest in a wave of attacks in Europe inspired by the Islamist militant group based in Iraq and Syria that is on the defensive against a U.S.-led military coalition in which France is a major partner.

The knifemen entered the church during morning mass near the northern city of Rouen, northwest of Paris, killing Father Jacques Hamel, an 85-year-old parish priest, and taking four other people hostage, one of whom was seriously wounded.

“They forced him to his knees and he tried to defend himself and that’s when the drama began,” Sister Danielle, who escaped as the attackers slayed the priest, told RMC radio.

“They filmed themselves. It was like a sermon in Arabic around the altar,” the nun added.

Police shot the attackers dead as they emerged from the church in the Normandy town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray…

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France: Islamist Knifemen Forced Priest, 84, To Kneel and Filmed His Death as They Slit His Throat

Hollande says ‘France is at war with ISIS’ after jihadists storm French church during Mass chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’

The ISIS knifemen who stormed into a church in Normandy filmed themselves butchering an elderly priest after forcing him to kneel at the altar, it has emerged.

The 84-year-old priest, named as Jacques Hamel, had his throat cut while a nun is critically injured in hospital following the raid which saw five people held hostage by ISIS assailants shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

The two killers were ‘neutralised’ by marksmen as they emerged from the building, which is being checked for booby-traps. French president Francois Hollande said the country is ‘at war’ with ISIS while the terror group has claimed responsibility for the killing.

One of the men who stormed into the church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray near Rouen during mass was a local man, who was being monitored by electronic tag after being jailed for trying to join fanatics in Syria.

This afternoon it emerged that the murdered clergyman was deputising while the parish priest was on holiday. French authorities say they have arrested a third man in connection with the attack.

It comes as it emerged that the building was one of a number of Catholic churches on a terrorist ‘hit list’ found on a suspected ISIS extremist last April.

There are also reports that one of the attackers was a local resident who was under electronic tag surveillance having been jailed in France for trying to travel to Syria in 2015. His bail terms allowed him to be unsupervised between 8.30am and 12.30pm — the attack happened between 9am and 11am.


Mr Hollande called for unity between French Catholics and members of other communities, and announced he will meet leaders of a range of faiths on Wednesday. […]

In a statement, the Vatican said Pope Francis shares the ‘sorrow and horror’ felt over the incident, adding: ‘We are particularly struck because this horrible violence has occurred in a church — a sacred place where we pronounce God’s love — with the barbaric murder of a priest and worshippers affected.’


The Archbishop of Rouen Dominique Lebrun, who cut short a visit to Poland to return to his diocese and was due to meet Mr Hollande on Tuesday evening, said: ‘I cry to God with all men of good will. The only arms which the Catholic Church can take up are prayer and brotherhood between men.’

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Hungary’s Viktor Orban Expresses Support for Donald Trumps Foreign Policy Plans

BUDAPEST—The U.S. Democratic Party’s foreign policy stance is bad for Europe, while that of the Republican party—and voiced by Donald Trump—would be good for the old continent, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said, marking the second time in less than a week that the central European country’s leader backed Mr. Trump.

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Normandy Church Attack: Islamic Knifemen ‘Shout Allahu Akbar’ & Slit Throat of Priest, 84

The hostage, said to be 84-year-old Father Jacques Hamel, was killed by the attackers, who stormed a church in the town of Saint Etienne du Rouvray at around 10am local time (9am UK time).

The knifemen slit his throat after they entered the church by the back door shouting “Allah Akbar”, according to local media.

The victim was filmed as he was forced to kneel before the sadistic killers knifed him in the throat, one of the nuns has said.

A statement released by Islamic State this afternoon claimed two of its “soldiers” had carried out the attack.

The men were shot dead by police officers as they emerged from the church.

A number of shots were heard over a period of around 15 seconds as the incident came to an end.

Specialist police teams searched the church for explosives amid fears the area could have been left booby-trapped by the knifemen, while French prosecutors said they have detained one person in relation to the attack.

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Normandy Church Attacker Was on Watch List and Wore Electronic Tag, French Officials Say

Two attackers backing the Islamic State stormed a village church during Mass in northern France on Tuesday, taking hostages and slitting the throat of a 86-year-old priest before police commandos shot and killed the assailants, authorities said.

The Islamic State’s Amaq news agency described the attackers as “soldiers” of the militant group, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors terrorist activity. But it was not immediately clear whether the assailants had direct contact with the Islamic State.

At least one of the attackers appeared to be on a watch list, which required him to wear an electronic tag to allow security officials to track his movements, said a police official cited by the Associated Press. The AP said the official spoke on condition of anonymity to disclose information about the case.

[ After carnage on Mediterranean, political fallout takes aim at officials ]

A French news channel, BFM-TV, carried a similar report, adding that the attacker tried to reach Syria, but was turned back at the Turkish border and was then jailed by French authorities. He was released in March, the report said…

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Priest Slain in ‘Terror Attack’ on Church in Northern France

UPDATED: Two men armed with knives killed a priest after taking several people hostage at a French church, before they were shot dead by police.

Two knifemen slit the throat of an 84-year-old priest at a church in northern France on Tuesday in a hostage-taking drama that President François Hollande has described as a “vile terror attack”.

Reports say the men, who according to the president “claimed to be from Isis”, entered the church via a rear door at around 10am on Tuesday during mass.

Priest Jacques Hamel, aged 84, two nuns and two worshippers were taken hostage, while another nun was able to escape and raise the alarm.

Five people were inside the church when it came under attack, Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre Henry Brandet said.

He said the church was surrounded by France’s anti-gang brigade the BRI, which specialises in kidnappings.

The priest was then killed after having his throat cut, while another parishioner was also attacked in the same way. The victim is said to be fighting for their life in hospital…

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The Two-State Solution for France

Comment on arutz 7 by David Schiffer

While condemning this horrible act I wish to call on both sides to return to the negotiating table. The Mohammedans have lived under French occupation for more than a 100 years now and it is time they got their national freedom back. The occupation must come to an end, the arabs are entitled to their part of France as well as their part of the EU as a whole.

It is therefore very important that the French government desists from acting rash and disproportional and refrains from abusing their superior firepower to fight against the rights of their minorities who are left without real weapons other than sticks and stones and some cars to defend themselves against the occupation.

I strongly condemn all acts of violence, be it French violence against its indigenous arab population or the unfortunate but understandable response by the oppressed Mohammedan minority.

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UK: RAF Marham Attacker Headbutted by Victim [Video]

A man being hunted for trying to abduct an RAF serviceman may have a black eye after his intended victim headbutted him.

The serviceman was approached by two men with a knife at RAF Marham, near King’s Lynn in Norfolk, at about 3pm on Wednesday.

Police have said the main suspect grabbed the serviceman, aged in his late 20s, while he was jogging and tried to pull him into a dark-coloured Ford Galaxy.

In an ensuing scuffle the intended victim headbutted his attacker before punching him to the ground.

The second attacker went to the aid of his accomplice, giving the serviceman time to escape and seek help.

Detective Superintendent Paul Durham said: “The victim managed to fight off his attacker and headbutted him, we believe around the eye-socket, so it is possible he suffered swelling and bruising in this area.

“He was then punched which caused him to fall to the ground.

“Clearly the extent of his injuries is unknown, however we do not believe either attack caused the suspect to bleed, contrary to reports circulating in the media.”

The serviceman, who was not in uniform, was not injured…

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Letter From a ‘Jewish Termite’

By Ari Soffer

Dear Congressman Hank Johnson,

It has been brought to my attention that you believe I am a termite.

Not just me, but my family, neighbors, and many of my friends — in fact, all of the Jews currently living in the ancient Jewish lands of Judea and Samaria (unless, that is, like many of the anti-Israel activists you were speaking to at the time, you believe that Jews anywhere at all in Israel qualify as “settlers.”)

Congratulations: you have just added to the litany of dehumanizing characterizations of Jews promulgated by anti-Semites throughout history.

Your worthless excuse of an “apology” notwithstanding (I daresay you would not have accepted a similar “apology” from a white racist who characterized black people in such a derogatory way), my initial reaction was some degree of outrage at an elected American official making such a breathtakingly bigoted statement about my people.

But then I came across this video, and I understood:[…] […]

[I am told some Americans are more intelligent than others, but it ain’t necessarily so in Congress…]

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300 Hindus Out of 400 Keralite People Forcibly Converted to Islam for ISIS

Arun Muthuswamy | HENB | Kochi | July 26, 2016:: The forced conversion to Islam at the behest of terror outfit Islamic State came to light after the officials probing the case of the missing 21 Keralite persons, who reportedly left the country to join IS received vital leads with the arrest of Islamic preachers Arshi Qureshi and Rizvan Khan. These preachers are allegedly connected with the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) of Dr Zakir Naik of Mumbai.

During the relay interrogations, Rizvan admitted that he had converted about 400 persons to Islam, including many Keralites. Most of them are Hindus. Rest of the converts are Christians and indigenous people. As per an estimation more than 300 Hindus were taken under this grab of forcible conversion under IRF-IS module. Qureshi, 45, who has been working as a guest relation executive with IRF, however denied his involvement in forcible conversion. Qureshi said he has not converted anyone, including Keralites. But, Further investigation is tightening on it for revealing more truth about the raised allegations so far…

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Geert Wilders: Dutch MP, Calls on EU to Ban Muslim Washington Times

After a string of Islamic State-inspired attacks, the leader of the right-wing Dutch Party for Freedom has called on the European Union to ban Muslim immigration into its borders.

Geert Wilders told The (U.K.) Times Tuesday that his plan would “de-Islamise” Europe.

“We have imported a monster, and this monster is called Islam,” Mr. Wilders said.

He made the comment in the wake of the bombing in Ansbach, Germany, in which a Syrian migrant blew himself up and injured 15 at a music festival. The attacker pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL, in a video before the attack.

“Syrian. Again,” he said of the attack. “And it will get much worse since our leaders are cowards and weak.”

The call to ban Muslim immigration echoes the one made by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, whom Mr. Wilders said he supports because he “defends the interests of his own people.”…

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Shopping Mall Shooting in Swedish Muslim Refugee Ghetto

A man was shot in the leg around 4pm in a shopping mall in Malmo, Sweden, according to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, and regional newspaper Sydsvenskan.

He has been transferred by ambulance to the local hospital, and a manhunt is currently underway for the shooter..

Police officer Lotta Svensson said officers initially cordoned off the area and allowed nobody to enter or exit the shopping centre, which houses shops, restaurants and a major supermarket. They later began letting people out after 5pm. Svensson said police were investigating the incident and speaking to witnesses. Dog handlers were searching the site for weapons and the potential shooter, however no arrests had been made by 6pm.

Police officer Lotta Svensson said:…

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