Fjordman: The Evil Empire Reborn

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The Evil Empire Reborn
by Fjordman

The Czech politician Vera Jourová is the European Union’s Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality in the Juncker Commission. In October 2015, Commissioner Jourová indicated that the EU will clamp down even harder on so-called “hate speech” directed against immigrants:

“If freedom of expression is one of the building blocks of a democratic society, hate speech on the other hand, is a blatant violation of that freedom. It must be severely punished. As some of you noted, over the past few weeks, we have witnessed a lot of solidarity towards refugees. But we have seen a surge of xenophobic hate speech. Some of you advocated enrolling the help of online intermediaries such as Google or Facebook to take down hate speech from the web. Other participants rather underlined promoting the use of counter-narratives. You also highlighted the need for clearer procedures to prosecute those who spread hate speech online. I was pleased to hear media and Internet providers’ experiences and to hear their commitment to work with us. I fully agree with you on these lines of action. As was said this morning, Internet knows no borders. I intend to bring together IT companies, business, national authorities and civil society around the table in Brussels to tackle together online hate speech.”[1]

These statements were not empty words. On May 31, 2016, the European Commission — the unelected “government” for over half a billion people from the Black Sea to the North Sea — together with the major companies Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (owned by Google) and Microsoft unveil a code of conduct. This includes a series of commitments to combat the spread of racism and xenophobia in Europe. EU Commissioner Vera Jourová in partnership with these major Internet companies unveiled a “code of conduct” to combat the spread of “illegal hate speech” online.[2]

Free speech advocates have warned that the definition of “hate speech” is so vague the EU could end up with the power to get postings critical of the Brussels project removed from the Internet forever in what constitutes a “frightening path to totalitarianism”. The former UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson blasted: “It’s Orwellian. Anyone who has read 1984 sees it’s very re-enactment live.”[3] The Internet firms must work with EU officials to build a “network” of “trusted reporters” who can flag up instances of ‘hate speech’ to be removed within 24 hours. The EU’s definition of “hate speech” is so vague that it could potentially include virtually anything deemed politically incorrect by European authorities, including criticism of mass migration, Islam or even the European Union itself. The analyst Soeren Kern warns that the EU has declared war on Internet free speech.[4]

The EU authorities have previously demonstrated that they consider so-called “Islamophobia” to constitute hate speech and racism. These new EU regulations will presumably make it even more difficult for Europeans to voice their opposition to Muslim immigration and the Islamization of their countries. American websites such as Jihad Watch or Gates of Vienna still enjoy some free speech protection from the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. If they had been based in the EU, they would now have run the risk of being banned outright. There is a chilling totalitarian impulse behind these censorship efforts.

While the EU clamps down harder on alleged Islamophobia, the Islamic terror threat in Europe has never been greater. Repeated attacks and Jihadist massacres in Copenhagen, Paris, Brussels and elsewhere prove this. Some of this terror threat is directly caused by the immigration policies and open borders promoted by the EU.

In early June 2016, a plot by the Islamic State (IS) to murder many people in Düsseldorf, Germany was revealed. A suspect in police custody has admitted to the authorities that ten Muslim terrorists were supposed to be involved in the plot to murder Europeans with bombs and guns.[5] A number of Islamic Jihadists have entered Europe as alleged “refugees” with the flow of migrants in 2015 and 2016. This is now a documented fact.

The massive influx of more than one million illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean in 2015 caused great internal tensions within the EU. While some came from Libya and headed towards Italy, a striking number of the predominantly Muslim migrants came in boats from the Turkish coast, heading for Greece and the rest of Europe. The authorities in the Muslim NATO country Turkey have cynically exploited this flow of migrants to squeeze concessions of out European authorities. This behavior essentially amounts to demographic warfare. It is certainly not the behavior of a friendly, supposedly allied country.

The European Commission has in 2016 given conditional backing for Turkish people to gain visa-free travel inside Europe’s passport-free Schengen area. Yavuz Baydar, a liberal Turkish journalist, said Turkey had all the power because it could break off the migrant deal at any moment. He said EU leaders let the Turkish government “play them like a yoyo.”[6] Turkey has taken the EU hostage, with migrants used as blackmail.

The EU’s ruling oligarchs indicate that millions of Muslims from Turkey may soon get easy, visa-free access to Europe.[7] In reality, the number of Muslims will probably be higher than this. Most of Turkey is geographically a part of the Middle East. The country borders Syria, Iraq and Iran. Once Turks have free access to the EU, the sale of Turkish passports and people smuggling from other Islamic countries to Europe will likely increase.

Turkey will soon have a larger population than Germany. Several million people of Turkish and Kurdish origins already live in Germany, plus rapidly increasing numbers of other Muslims. Hundreds of thousands of Afghans and others entered Germany just in 2015.

Anatolia, currently known as Turkey, was populated by Christians a thousand years ago, especially Greek-speaking Christians. Constantinople, now called Istanbul, was for centuries the largest city in Christian Europe. When Turks came from Central Asia, they began a thousand-year-long campaign of Jihad and ethnic cleansing. The result is that there are very few Christians left in Anatolia today. The genocide of Christian Armenians between 1915 and 1917 was just one part of this. A century later, Turkey still refuses to recognize the Armenian genocide.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his AKP party have largely dismantled the secular reforms instituted by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Erdogan has pushed Turkey in a more authoritarian and aggressively Islamic direction. Why do we still treat the Turks as allies? Turks have been enemies of European civilization for over a millennium, apart from a few decades during the Cold War.

Will the EU cave in to Turkish blackmail? It is insane to pay for aid in stopping hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants, and in exchange for this give millions of Muslims easier access to Europe. Any rational leader would not do such a thing. Unfortunately, it has been a long time since Western European leaders acted in the rational interests of their nations. EU leaders have for years developed the habit of caving in to Muslim demands.

In early June 2016, British Prime Minister David Cameron said there would be a recession, years of uncertainty and weaker trade in the event of Brexit. “Add those things together — the shock impact, the uncertainty impact, the trade impact — and you put a bomb under our economy,” he said.[8] Peace in Europe could be at risk if Britain votes to leave the European Union, PM Cameron previously warned.[9]

Apparently, if you don’t surrender your freedom to a group of bureaucrats in Brussels, all kinds of disasters and plagues will rain down from the heavens. In 2005, the Swedish EU Commissioner Margot Wallström warned Europeans that they should support the EU Constitution or risk a new Holocaust.[10]

Prime Ministers must stop listening so much to their voters and instead act as “full time Europeans,” according to the powerful Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. Elected leaders are making life “difficult” because they spend too much time thinking about what they can get out of EU and bowing to public opinion. Mr. Juncker has warned the British people that they will be treated as “deserters” if they leave the EU.[11] That is a shockingly aggressive statement from a top EU oligarch to the citizens of a previously free nation. In most conflicts, deserters are dealt with harshly, and often executed.

The unelected Juncker has also publicly insulted Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, ironically calling him a “dictator.”[12] Orban defends European civilization and the interests of his own nation. That is what his supporters and free citizens elected him to do. Juncker brags about using lies and subterfuge to force further EU integration upon European citizens, whether they want this or not.[13] Jean-Claude Juncker is so arrogant and insufferable that he turns thousands of people against the EU every time he opens his mouth. If Britain leaves the EU, Mr. Juncker’s extreme arrogance and authoritarian mindset will surely have contributed to this outcome.

The ruling EU elites are afraid that a Brexit could lead to a domino effect, causing other countries to leave the EU. Almost half of all Italians would vote to leave the EU if given the opportunity, according to one poll.[14]

If the British vote to leave the European Union, this would be a tremendous blow to the EU. The British resisted Napoleon’s attempts at subjugation in the nineteenth century. They also led the fight against Hitler in the twentieth century. It would be perfect historical symmetry if the British dealt a crushing blow to an increasingly dangerous and totalitarian EU in the twenty-first century.

However, Britain is no longer the same country as it was 200 years ago, or even 50 years ago. London now has a Muslim mayor. It is increasingly hard to find an actual Englishman is the English capital city. The Great Displacement of the native population through mass immigration continues at full speed, in the UK as in the rest of Western Europe. Muslim immigrants routinely gang rape white girls in towns across England. In a healthy Britain, the campaign to leave the EU should have won by a landslide.

I have spent a lot of time analyzing the EU. Whatever hopes I might have had in the early 1990s that it was a positive project have long since evaporated. A decade ago, my conclusion was that the organization is flawed beyond repair.[15] Perhaps the EU will be remembered as the alleged “peace project” that once again plunged Europe into conflict. This was my view already before the debt crisis in the Eurozone, and before the more recent migration crisis. Since then, things have deteriorated even further. The EU actively causes tensions within the North and South, East and West of Europe.

Africa is projected to grow with over one billion people in the coming 30 years. That is more than twice the population of the entire European Union today. If the Islamic world and Africa were to send a quarter of a billion migrants to Europe merely in the next decade, the population of these regions would still continue to grow. The EU responds to this unsustainable population explosion at its southern doorstep by making it easier to migrate from African countries to Europe.[16]

Europe has probably never throughout its entire, turbulent history been weaker than in the early decades of the twenty-first century. Europe is now the sick man of the world. Other countries can simply dump their failed cultures and unsustainable population growth in our lands.

The EU elites act in a nearly dictatorial manner. They ignore widespread popular opposition and open the continent up for millions of Muslims. The same EU elites want to punish formerly independent European nation states that refuse to take in Muslim immigrants.[17] This happens at a time when a disturbing number of immigrants harass Europeans in their own streets or plot murderous attacks in various European cities.

Forcing Muslims on European local communities while Muslims harass Europeans is not merely wrong. It is evil.

U.S. President Ronald Reagan angered many in 1983 when he dubbed the Soviet Union the “evil empire.” Yet he was telling the truth. It was an Evil Empire. The European Union is the Evil Empire reborn. It increasingly resembles a political mafia, with threats and blackmail. Yet U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama actively supports the new Evil Empire. He even intervened in the British campaign in 2016 and encouraged Britain to remain in the EU.[18]

The EU has become the anti-European Union, a cultural wrecking ball that is destroying European civilization. Through a toxic mix of stupidity, cowardice, lust for power and ideological fanaticism, European ruling elites promote suicidal immigration policies that are destabilizing much of the European continent. The organization does not solve any of Europe’s fundamental problems. It makes some of them worse, and adds new ones.

Of the EU’s key institutions, the European Parliament is the only one that is directly elected by the peoples of Europe. Current Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) should get paid for the period in which they have been elected, but not more. All institutions of the EU should be formally dismantled and abolished as soon as possible. That includes the European Commission, the European Council, the Council of the European Union, the Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Central Bank and the European Court of Auditors.

Europeans need to get rid of the EU, before the EU inflicts irreparable damage on European civilization.


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17 thoughts on “Fjordman: The Evil Empire Reborn

  1. The EU Referendum debates tonight showed again that Remain were just nasty and unpleasant. All they could do was make personal attacks on Boris Johnson, alter the subject and ignore the point of the debate. Remain lost big time, and my guess is OUT have now won the argument and that is without talking about the elephant in the room – immigration.

  2. Their glorious Global Soviet will be taken by a Moslem Caliphate. These politcians are sick and infantile. I call them “crypto-Moslem”….

    There will be war….caused by them.

  3. This proposed ban on hate speech is just an excuse to terminate the right to free expression and is very, very dangerous.
    Is Europe going down the same route as the Turkish tyro who has proposed and will obviously succeed in passing a law enable him to prosecute members of the opposition. He is already suppressing the free press and the days of a certain German satirist are surely numbered.
    The supreme irony is that the drivers of this retrograde step in the west are the very same politicians who having been roundly been electorally rejected by their own citizens, then find themselves presented with even more sweeping powers having secured non elected positions in the EU
    Debacle. Surely the EU is just the capitalist mirror image of communism and therefore is doomed to fail just like the USSR?
    Germany in particular surpassed all expectations by continuously electing to power a dubious communist from the former East Germany who has since become the de facto Queen of Europe answering only to the great Sultan of Turkey of course (He who thinks that the 1915 massacre of 1.5m
    Armenians was just an incident)

  4. Quote:.”In 2005, the Swedish EU Commissioner Margot Wallström

    [since oct 2014 she is feminist Foreign Minister of Sweden]

    warned Europeans that they should support the EU Constitution or

    risk a new Holocaust.[10]”

    This stupid, guaranteed ignorant woman in 2005 blamed the Second World War on “nationalistic pride and greed, and … international rivalry for wealth and power” and meant the EU had replaced such rivalry with an historic agreement to share national sovereignty.

    Fait Accompli! – thanks to Margot Wallström’s social-democratic party:

    1975, The parliament decided that Sweden at all levels should be a multi-ethnic society.

    1997 Mass immigration and multiculturalism was decided on.

    2010 A new Constitution (Grundlag)was adopted stating that Sweden IS and shall be a multicultural, multiethnic society.

    All this happened without any media debate at all and without informing the Swedish people.

  5. This is a superb article that encapsulates the entire European debate. I have not been on Facebook today but if this is not on Fjordmans page, then I will cut and paste it onto mine.

  6. Is no-one asking the question “Who is bankrolling this totalitarian grasp of power”?
    And why is every living being in the world so terrified of him/them?

  7. I agree with Francis. The EU referendum campaign has come alive, and it is Remain who are suffering. Despite the near unanimous support of a supercilious, cosseted, troughing UK elite, despite browbeating interventions from Obama, the OECD, the IMF, the captains of industry, and a long list of media “experts,” and despite the constant attempts to personally denigrate and smear the architect of Brexit, Nigel Farage, one half of the British people remain solidly opposed to membership of the EU. Without the establishment onslaught, this would be three-quarters. Almost nobody in Britain is enthusiastic about the EU, including Remain itself. Their only weapon is self-interested scare-mongering.

    Leave have already won the argument. For twenty years we have been told to keep our mouths shut about the catastrophe of mass immigration. Now audiences in TV debates are shouting at their “leaders.” The anger of middle England has finally bubbled to the surface. Increasingly, this looks like a popular revolt against an arrogant, self-serving oligarchy of traitors, which treats the citizens it is supposed to serve like uppity serfs. And this anger is resounding in France, Netherlands and other countries.

    The EU is right to be afraid of Brexit. I think it really could bring the whole thing down. Win or lose, I think we are seeing a sea change in the relationship between European peoples and their “leaders.” I don’t think an EU in which nearly half the citizens in the main countries want out–as polls suggest–can survive long-term in this form. This one will run.

  8. I live in portugal, this nasty little eussr lacky state are a prime example of the evil eussr empire.

    This bankrupt little banna republic is run from top to bottom by marxists intent on
    Fullfilling every and all whims of their eussr masters, and sucking evermore onto the tit of eu bailout money they can never pay back!.

    To continue to prop up their failed flawed socialist utopian ideology at anybcost, and also fund the current batch of muslim freeloaders they have imported into portugal, 15000, These commie marxists eussr beauracrats in portugal have deployed the strategy of robbing its citizens of there money, property and assets, by forming groups of stasi like spies to drive around the cities, towns and countryside of portugal
    And engineer new and ingenious orwellian ways of placing fines onto its citizens, for things like
    “Gardening” on your own land without a licence, huge fines in order to force people into litigation, and years of court cases, where you lose thousands of euros in legal costs if you try to fight them, and if you dont, they place huge life ruining enviromental fines onto you, failure to pay, ( this is there aim in this game) they send bailifs, gnr cops and tax thugs, confiscate your land, house, car, money from yiur bank account, sell it off at auction (to their insider eussr beauracrat friends) for less than half its value, and then top up there local portuguse council funds so they can provide free apartments, food, money, health care, schooling to the thousands of islamic muslim christian infidel haters and murderers! They are importing into portugal as there part in the cultural genocide of the native peoples of europa.

    Every local council in portugal has teams of people which includes there own in house lawyers, whos job is to prowl the suburbs and cities terrorising the people with the menace of huge huge fines, they send out thousands of threatening intimidating letters terrorsing the lives of citizens in order to steal there wealth to finance this kafkaesque cultural marxist genocide against us all!!!!

    Portugal is a prime eussr basket case of cultural marxist suicide perpetrated by liberal facist commie beauracrats, maoists, terrorising and robbing the general population, with the help of their own private paramilitary armed thugs, the “GNR”
    Who fullfill the function of “brownshirts” the muscle thugs wholl beat you down, smash you up at the local gnr torture center.

    • What a depressing scenario. Thanks for sharing this picture of our future with us.

      I always thought the real value of the right to bear arms was to defend against street gangs and paramilitary thugs with covert, but not overt, government support. A government is generally not able to carry out overt warfare against its citizens, but resorts to the use of proxies, which it can’t associate too obviously with. These proxies are the most vulnerable point of a governments initiative to institute tyranny.

  9. And if you want a bit more gloom on the freedom of the internet:

    The Obama administration is actively trying to give up any US control over the group that assigns internet addresses:

    The Obama administration is getting behind a plan that would have the U.S. government relinquish its last bit of control over the Internet – a move Republican lawmakers are fighting tooth-and-nail.

    What this means is that internet access will be controlled by various governments and groups, rather than being controlled by US law. In other words, the US constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech will have no relevance.

    This is akin to Hillary’s 2011 conference, after meeting 3 days with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a very influential lobbying block whose top objective is to pass laws making the criticism of Islam illegal and criminal. Hillary stated that such a law was not currently possible in the US, but we could achieve the same measure by “shaming” people with incorrect opinions.

    But, the current strategy of the Obama administration appears to be to simply transfer control of communication media to groups who are not bound by the first amendment. This is perfectly consistent with the very reliable actions of the Obama administration to totally ignore the US laws and Constitution. It’s as if Obama didn’t really identify as an American. He pulls American traditions out of his hat, like the admission of virtually any immigrants, and ignores real Constitutional requirements, such as equal protection of the law.c

  10. Rule Britannia! Britannia rules the waves.
    We shall never, ever, ever be SLAVES!

    Sing it!

    Rule Britannia! Britannia rules the waves.
    We shall never, ever, ever be SLAVES!

    Sing it loud!
    Sing it proud!
    And Vote Out!

    Remember them!

    Jack Cornwell VC (1900-1916) , . . .


  11. We shouldn’t just get rid of the EU. We also need to abolish that wretched Islamist front organisation called the UNHCR – the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. This is the organisation that conspires to continuously dump masses of Third World immigrants onto the civilised world, thereby rapidly destroying the First World and preparing the way for some kind of world caliphate. The UNHCR is a criminal organisation and it should be treated as such. In addition, all First World countries need to immediately withdraw from that suicide pact called the ‘Refugee Convention’.

  12. A very cogent and succinct essay. As per the author’s usual standards.

    Reading of EU unelected boss Juncker’s threats to Britain “deserters” and Hungary’s elected leader “dictator” for some reason put me in mind of the only partially developed dystopian future depicted in the ’70’s film “Rollerball” where the world has no countries, but is run by an oligarchy of corporations “Food” “Housing” “Energy” which collectively function as a global state. I had always thought how would a regime like that ever be arrived at, the huge and many steps to be taken to get there would be too difficult to achieve in a world of nation-states.

    Yet we can see in the contemporary incarnation of the EU the route to “Rollerball” type global state, albeit without the nasty capitalist corporations – Hollywood can’t depict a dystopia where government not the private sector is supreme bad guy- just how the sovereignty of nation-states can be eroded to the point they may as well not exist. A project which Juncker supports: “full-time Europeans”. What for example, is Belgium with all the powers the EU has? Two hostile components: Flanders and Wallonia absorbed into an EU super-state. If the Belgian state apparatus was abolished tomorrow, nothing would change, just the elimination of an expensive layer of government and bureaucracy between the EU and the two linguistic regions.

    The only omission in Fjordman’s essay is not drawing brief attention to the EU’s meddling in the Ukraine as a supreme example of the folly and incompetence of the unelected EU Commissioners and the far-reaching consequences their rank stupidity has had. If the EU can be considered a state, it has a foreign policy and wants an army, we should examine its foreign policy “achievements”.

    Some bright sparks decided to woo the Ukraine with promises of money raised from the taxpayers in European countries as a step towards bring the Ukraine into Europe rather than Russia’s orbit and ultimately part of the EU. Did any of the EU apparatchiks take into consideration that Russia has regarded the Ukraine as its little brother for over half a millenia? That bribing it, promising to one day make it part of the EU, would upset and alarm Moscow? The heavily ethnic Russian and industrially important Donbass region in eastern Ukraine remained quiet and happy within an independent Ukraine only because Russia pulled a lot of strings there. Were the EU boffins oblivious to this fact? Did not the rapid, bloodless and decisive Russian action in severing the Crimea from the Ukraine send them a message: this part of the world is regarded by Russia as its backyard, so don’t interfere? Has anybody in the EU apparatus noticed that since the EU started meddling in the Ukraine the sole effect has been to resurrect Russia as a global player of the first rank?

    I don’t wish to be sexist and I cite these women only because I don’t know the background of any prominent male Eurocrats (though what little I do know of Rompuy is dismaying), but an EU where nincompoops like the egregious Catherine Ashton, the plainly sub-moronic Margot Wallstrom and now this Czech, Jourova, who casually wishes to control, ie stifle, free expression on the Internet, is a truly frightening spectacle. It is not unlike having the kids who were in the second bottom class in an academic stream of 10 at school ending up ruling the world.

    • Note that the agreement between the EU and Google, Twitter, Facebook, et. al. is sometimes being referred to as a “treaty”. This is the sort of corporate governance we are now facing, as in Rollerball, but with powerful global corporations hawking products that didn’t exist and could hardly be imagined 40 years ago.

  13. It’s a real shame for Mrs. Jourová, because when she got voted into the EU commission she was a really straighforward woman with clear democratic views and the will to support her country and the EU as a whole, guess they let you choose to either destroy your career or submit to their twisted views and she chose the latter

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