The EU Elites’ Positive View of Islam

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The EU Elites’ Positive View of Islam
by Fjordman

If somebody suggests that the EU elites actively welcome and embrace Islamization, this is quickly dismissed as a “conspiracy theory.” But is that true? Let us have a look at some statements made in 2015 by high-ranking EU officials. All of the following quotes were taken directly from the EU’s own websites in English.

Federica Mogherini is the current High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, basically the EU’s Minister for Foreign Affairs. Mogherini made the following remarks at the Call to Europe V: Islam in Europe FEPS conference on June 24, 2015.[1] She dismissed any notion of a clash between Islam and the West, stating that “Islam holds a place in our Western societies. Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history, in our culture, in our food and — what matters most — in Europe’s present and future.” According to her, Europeans should celebrate their “diversity.” She further stated that “I am not afraid to say that political Islam should be part of the picture.” According to Mogherini:

“The very idea of a clash of civilisations is at odds with the most basic values of our European Union — let alone with reality. Throughout our European history, many have tried to unify our continent by imposing their own power, their own ideology, their own identity against the identity of someone else. With the European project, after World War II, not only we accepted diversity: we expressed a desire for diversity to be a core feature of our Union. We defined our civilisation through openness and plurality: a mind-set based on blocs does not belong to us. Some people are now trying to convince us that a Muslim cannot be a good European citizen, that more Muslims in Europe will be the end of Europe. These people are not just mistaken about Muslims: these people are mistaken about Europe — that is my core message — they have no clue what Europe and the European identity are. This is our common fight: to make this concept accepted both in Europe and beyond Europe. For Europe and Islam face some common challenges in today’s world. The so-called Islamic State is putting forward an unprecedented attempt to pervert Islam for justifying a wicked political and strategic project.”[2]

Mogherini is an Italian Socialist and former Communist. Many of her countrymen were for centuries kidnapped from their homes by Muslim slavers. Altogether, millions of Europeans have been taken as slaves by Arabs, Turks and other Muslims over the last thousand years. The countries along the Mediterranean and the Black Sea were hardest hit by this Jihadist scourge, but even northern European nations were affected by this. Federica Mogherini should listen to a far more sensible Italian woman, Oriana Fallaci. Until her dying breath in September 2006, Fallaci warned against the threat Islam poses to Europe and to European civilization.

The Social Democrat Frans Timmermans is a former Dutch Foreign Minister. He is currently the First Vice-President of the European Commission, the unelected and very powerful government for more than half a billion people from the North Sea to the Black Sea. That makes him one of the most senior officials in the European Union (EU), next to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. Here are statements made by Mr. Timmermans at the First Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights in Brussels on October 1, 2015:

“We have seen the homes of asylum seekers set on fire. And we have heard political leaders declare that their countries would not accept refugees if they were Muslim. Anti-Muslims [sic] incidents are multiplying across Europe. We’re seeing a huge spike of attacks. Verbal insinuations, closed-mindedness, prejudice, discrimination. The rise of islamophobia is the one of the biggest challenges in Europe. It is a challenge to our vital values, to the core of who we are. Never has our societies’ capacity for openness, for tolerance, for inclusion been more tested than it is today. Diversity is now in some parts of Europe seen as a threat. Diversity comes with challenges. But diversity is humanity’s destiny.”[3]

If so-called Islamophobia is considered a threat to the EU’s “vital values, to the core of who we are,” does that mean that Islam is part of the EU’s core values?

Together with Commissioner Jourova, Timmermans decided to designate two coordinators with specific responsibility for combating Antisemitism and Islamophobia. They will have direct access to Timmermans.

The EU considers so-called Islamophobia to be a serious threat that must be actively combated. Yet the EU does not even have a word for Infidelophobia, the hatred and loathing many Muslims feel for fellow human beings who are not Muslims. This Infidelophobia is directly encouraged by the Koran and Islamic religious teachings. Nor does the EU seem particularly concerned about Europhobia, the hatred and loathing of native Europeans and their culture. The organization has no plan to combat the violence and abuse directed against Europeans by certain immigrant groups. Perhaps the EU elites do not consider this to constitute a problem?

To the EU elites, criticism of or negative statements about Islam is considered a form of “hatred” that is unacceptable and should perhaps be legally prosecuted. Criticism of or even outright hatred directed against Christianity, Europe’s traditional majority religion, however, is considered acceptable. The EU thus awards Islam a special status, elevated above Christianity. This policy coincidentally overlaps with sharia, Islamic religious law.

Notice that the European Commission’s Vice-President, the Socialist Frans Timmermans, claims that “diversity is humanity’s destiny.” The EU is run by people who believe that they know not only the future of Europe, but the fate of all mankind. The ancient Greeks would have called this hubris, extreme pride or arrogance. Pride goes before a fall. Multiculturalists believe they are guiding the continent towards a new and better society on the other side of the rainbow. Popular resistance on the path there is considered a speed bump to be run over. Objections are illegitimate and should be removed from public debate. This is dangerously close to Communist ways of thinking. Years of “anti-racist” indoctrination permeates society with an intensity that almost resembles a form of brainwashing. To be branded a “racist” under Multiculturalism, especially if you happen to have a white skin, is comparable to being labeled an “enemy of the people” under Communism. It signals that you are an evil person, a kind of weed in the ideological flowerbed that needs to be weeded out by expert gardeners.

The Czech politician Vera Jourova is the EU’s Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality in the Juncker Commission. In her remarks at the Colloquium on Fundamental Rights — Tolerance and Respect: Living better together in Brussels on October 2, 2015, Commissioner Jourova indicated that the EU will clamp down even harder on so-called “hate speech” directed against immigrants:

“If freedom of expression is one of the building blocks of a democratic society, hate speech on the other hand, is a blatant violation of that freedom. It must be severely punished. As some of you noted, over the past few weeks, we have witnessed a lot of solidarity towards refugees. But we have seen a surge of xenophobic hate speech. Some of you advocated enrolling the help of online intermediaries such as Google or Facebook to take down hate speech from the web. Other participants rather underlined promoting the use of counter-narratives. You also highlighted the need for clearer procedures to prosecute those who spread hate speech online. I was pleased to hear media and Internet providers’ experiences and to hear their commitment to work with us. I fully agree with you on these lines of action. As was said this morning, Internet knows no borders. I intend to bring together IT companies, business, national authorities and civil society around the table in Brussels to tackle together online hate speech. I will discuss this with EU Justice Ministers next week. Let me now address the burning issue of hate crimes and data collection. We clearly need better and serious recording of hate crimes to ensure appropriate investigation, prosecution and sentencing. It is indeed high time that Member States fully implemented EU law to combat racism and xenophobia.”[4]

The Islamic terrorist threat in Europe has never been greater. The EU elites respond to this with more Internet censorship, even more Muslim immigration and an intensified fight against alleged “Islamophobia”. Being friendly towards Islam and continued Muslim mass immigration has become a part of the institutional DNA of the EU. It is doubtful whether this can be removed within dismantling the entire European Union.


1. SPEECH. Federica Mogherini’s remarks at “Call to Europe V: Islam in Europe”, FEPS conference” 25/06/2015
2. Federica Mogherini’s remarks at “Call to Europe V: Islam in Europe” conference June 24th, 2015. Full text version, pdf.
3. European Commission — Speech. Opening remarks of First Vice-President Frans Timmermans at the First Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights. Brussels, 1 October 2015.
4. European Commission — Speech. Commissioner Jourová’s concluding remarks at the Colloquium on Fundamental Rights — Tolerance and respect: Living better together. Brussels, 2 October 2015.


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62 thoughts on “The EU Elites’ Positive View of Islam

  1. What are the odds that anyone of these elitists will ever live in a neighborhood of Muslims?

    Now, add in…

    their children…

    their friends…

    their associates…

    In fact, now ask, “What are the odds that any one of these elitists will even know a single person who lives in a muslim take over village, town, or area?

    The ideology is not only violent, but it is anti-progress. It is static.

  2. As I said on a Dutch weblog and got banned for it

    What The Netherlands and the rest of Europe need is shock therapy and with the recent influx of those poor refugees ( with 1 IS fighter per 100 refugees ) they will get that shock.

    When the first bombs go off and the first beheadings in Allahs name start , the people of many countries will see that this elite in Brussels in their Ivory towers are enabling and promoting the total destruction of Europe and its christian/judeo values.

    It is a sad fact that the average European citizen don’t really care either , they have a car and 55 inch tv with mind bubble gum , 3 meals a day , 1 kid on the couch and after being told by democrats /communists for 40- 50 years what to do or think they will act as the famous frog in boiling water.

    However , when the masses see that they are marching to their own destrruction , I see a civil war in near future.

    We can only hope that one time in future the whole bunch in Brussels and the governments of European countries will be prosecuted.

    No matter how you look at it the Ideology named Islam is not compatible with our ways of life.

    • I hope that time proves you correct about an impending civil war (and not just in the Netherlands). It more and more seems to me that this invasion of our societies, both by people and by an alien and destructive ideology – Islam – can only be stopped by force.

      • When the tide turns how many of the creatures now drowning in a cash and comfort dreamland will claim they “never really liked the Muslims or Islam anyway. All along they were secretly working against the Commie cause and Muslim cash for country bribes…….. ” as they rat on and accuse their former accomplices and partners? Or God forbid convert and seek refuge in the Balkans. We are sliding into a swamp of endless possibility.

        • Every criminal leaves a trace of their crime/s.

          That is why names are recorded along with the treachery that they have been involved in.

          A court of law does not need to prove intent for the actions of a Traitor or for abetting a Traitor. His/her history of treachery as witnessed/recorded is the proof of the crime. Whether he/she became a traitor or abettor because he/she did not realize the consequences of their actions is immaterial when citizens lives are lost because of those actions.

          Today, what one needs to remember, is that we are now in an undeclared cold war that is being waged against the citizens of all Western countries by the state and its aiders and abettors. The state may not be yet killing us, but that will come to pass.

          • That Jourova woman’s insufferable gall in ratcheting up the attack on free speech ought to make Europeans apoplectic.

            That is the giveaway that the E.U. Treason Class know very well that they are dooming their countrymen to a sad, violent end. They are betrayers and their ideas cannot bear scrutiny of any kind. The opposition must be hounded, persecuted, buried, cashiered, impoverished, isolated, and imprisoned for their plans to succeed.

            At the same time, the lies must increase in tempo, scale, and absurdity. Islam an integral part of Europe? This is evil AND deranged thinking and it is people such as THESE who should be ridiculed, humiliated, and impoverished.

            If one is speaking the truth and if one is keeping faith with one’s people and one’s ancestors, it is not necessary to silence your opponents.

    • “first beheadings in Allahs name start ”

      but they have started

      on a street in London
      in an industrial factory in France
      and in Ikea in Sweden…

      • And without a doubt countless planned attacks that somehow were prevented and the public never told. This is what Muslims do. It’s all right there in Mein Koran. Had I known it was going to get this stupid I would have turned back and waited for another “Age of Aquarious”.

        • The enemy even sabotaged a nucleair power plant in Belgium (Doel) and still: no back clash.

          I think william fox means: Beheadings, terror etc (the regular islamic way of warfare in dar el gharb) after the recent advances the enemy invader has made.

          There will be a back clash for sure. Lots of groups are waiting for the right moment. Why start a fight against a regime and lose? We are no Syrian fools/cowards. If Europeans go fot the heads of their rulers? We will get their heads…

    • I understand your explanation, but I do not think that fear is the determining factor for the European people awake. What the socialists are destroying is not the Christian culture of Europe, they are just bridging the gap, as the Christian culture in Europe has already been destroyed long ago.

    • A good video re a (possible?) forthcoming revolution….. The only problem is, if the state uses the forces of law and order, ie the police/army, against the people, then the people would not only be fighting the state, it’d also be fighting the very people that should be supporting them… Therefore, ALL political groups against this mass immigration, should NOT use force against the police – let the leftists target the police……

    • But answer me this question: Europe no longer having Christian values, as we are already seeing that Christianity has no more strength, can by chance lose their Judeo-Christian values? How to lose something you no longer have?

  3. “If somebody suggests that the EU elites actively welcome and embrace Islamization, this is quickly dismissed as a “conspiracy theory.” But is that true?” — asks Fjordman

    The imputation of a conspiracy theory would tend to be accurate if the somebody who is suggesting that the EU elites actively welcome and embrace Islamization is also suggesting that EU elites are doing so with full knowledge that Islamization is a crucial part of the war against the West which Muslims have been waging for centuries and are now reviving in order to destroy the West and replace it with Islamic dmoination.

    One would be more tempted to go this far when two conditions are present:

    1) alienation from the structures of one’s own West (including “the government”)

    2) an absence of an explanation for why not only “elites” but also millions of ordinary people from all walks of life would glibly assume a whole tissue of givens that would become a fashion of thought-cum-worldview predisposing them to reflexively whitewash Islam and Muslims, even irrationally so after more and more data becomes available indicating that their paradigm is untenable.

    Over the last few years on my blog I have taken stabs at what an explanation would look like, with dozens of detailed and lengthy analyses. I see few signs that anyone in the Counter-Jihad has thought deeply or carefully enough about this “Problem of the Problem” (where the primary Problem is that of Muslims and their Islam, and the secondary Problem is that of the West persisting in its myopia about the primary Problem) — and so they tend to lapse into reflexive assumptions based upon this “Explanatory Vacuum”, even if vaguely they have a dim sense that “political correctness” is the culprit. The Problem of the Problem, then, becomes the Problem of the Problem of the Problem, where the Counter-Jihad continues to thrash about in this “Explanatory Vacuum”; and just as Nature abhors a vacuum, a sociopolitical movement concerning deadly threats to our national security will tend to fill its own vacuum with conspiracy theories.

    • You are far more erudite than I am, but this is my observation. After World War 2, Nazi racism was joined together with colonial racism in educational discourse, but unfortunately Communism was given a free pass because it was seen as not only non-racist, but as encouraging the Third World to bring down their capitalist, imperialist persecutors.

      The students of the 1960s and 1970s were bred on a Marxist, anti-middle Class, anti-colonial, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, feminist dogma. They were made to feel that they were morally superior to the previous generation which had committed the unpardonable sin of Racist Capitalist Imperialism – backed up loudly by the voices of colonials wanting independence. These are the people now running the West. In fact, Obama joins all these strands together in his person.

      They cannot see that the world has become a dangerous and different place. The era which began in the 1960s ended on 9/11. But they simply blamed the USA, instead of understanding that this was an entirely new scenario. Bush’s invasion of Iraq was placed into the old imperial-racist agenda which actually disappeared after WW2.

      What young Western radicals at universities wanted during the 1960s, 70s and 80s, was the revenge of the Third World on the world of their parents, which they despised as bourgeois hypocrisy. Remember the student demonstrations in Paris in 1968!

      Now they are in power but they haven’t changed their dogma, which is that third world cultures were badly treated and are therefore justifiably reacting to that maltreatment – sixty years on!

      The ‘Islamophobic’ reaction of citizens today has only convinced them that racism STILL has not been wiped out. Hence their determination to be even tougher! They are on a crusade! The New World Order will have centralized power and an entirely atomized citizenry.

      It is telling that the only EU power elites standing up to this compete idiocy are those, in Eastern Europe, who suffered badly under Communism and who, by the end of WW2, had eliminated all vestiges of their previous multi-cultural societies. They got rid of Jews. They got rid of the MC and the rich and they ended up with mono-cultural societies of peasants and working classes. During the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, those nations had been very multi-national and multi-ethnic. As a result, they had direct and bitter experience with how difficult it is to have a multi-national and multi-cultural society – and we all know what happened to Yugoslavia.

      So it seems to me that the nincompoops running the West are reactionaries – a title they would abhor – in that they are clinging to a blueprint that no longer exists. However, the younger generations have no such addiction to this fairy tale and I am sure that once they see the mayhem created by their leaders, the young will turn against them. It’s just a matter of time before they experience the utter failure of policies which are economically and politically catastrophic.

      The danger is if the EU moves towards dictatorship, which is quite possible and then we will have World War 3 and a complete mess.

        • Yeah, it is likely that the World War III scenario may be the end result if the present state of affairs is left to fester too long.
          Still the end result of such a war will certainly leave us with the world civilization of the Star Trek TV series–you know–that multi-ethnic multi-species future where there are NO MUSLIMS AT ALL.

      • Dimmu, is not that Communism is not racist, Communism only uses what he shares as “minorities” to use as a mass, causing so they have a political voice, but within the communist system organized, so all demands: blacks, homosexuals, women and religious minorities will be met within the Marxist aspects, they will indulge themselves a socialist agenda through these groups called masses. People have gotten used to this view of minorities, and the Communists are racist but because they exploit these people for the purpose of reducing them so that they can always be used. That’s why they invent that all white has a historical debt to blacks, and that every man has a historical debt to women, because they create around men the macho stereotype rooted in Christianity, and thus create an apathetic society to itself. Communism is racist in the extreme.

      • What a superb analysis!

        During my days at a Dutch gymnasium and later at Leiden university i experienced more than once what i call: Rumors. Or Group thinking.

        The Netherlands is a small country. The social life of the so called elites in the Netherlands was even smaller. So if one- at a young lions club meeting- would say: “You can drive as fast as you can in Germany!” Next week that fact ( at some autobahns) would travel all around the university communities.

        If one would go: ” immigration is great for our economy!” You would hear that one year later at another hockey club event.

        The current ruling elites are just not that bright. Many upper class university students in the Netherlands only got there just because mom or dad is a judge, a doctor or a politician. They bought their kids a place at that univerity. I think this is true for most of the Western countries..

        What do we want in the West? Do we want the o sooo smart Sheldon Cooper’s of the Western universities to run our companies, our armies and our politics? No! We need real leaders. Not some stupid kid who knows all about atomic energy and think he knows all about the Ukranian situation. Let alone some pot smoking air head from south Chicago with a ” degree” in ” Social work”…

  4. The thing that drives me mad is knowing that these elitists are just babbling a bunch of rationalizations.

    They have been commanded, “You WILL Islamize your country. Now go out there and come up with some excuse to do it. We don’t care what it is.”

    They are all compromised, blackmailed and bought.

    • The proof is that they react, saying that “Europe is aging” and “We need immigrants” only AFTER said “immigrants” arrive.

      If they REALLY believed this, they’d ARRANGE for immigration, proactively, well-chosen. Like Canada or Australia. For example, if one were to say: let’s take 1 million a year into Germany, but no more than 50,000 from any given culture, and all with a minimum level of education, such that there were 50K from the Philippines, 50K from China, 50K from – yes – Syria, and so on, then there wouldn’t be a DOMINANT immigrant culture, and they would assimilate into GERMAN culture. It might not always happen quickly or perfectly, but by and large, it would happen. Think of the USA “Diversity Visa Lottery”.

      What they are doing now is suicidal. OF COURSE if you bring in a large number of people all from the same culture, you’ll end up not having assimilation! Especially when you have a culture resistant to assimilation like that of Islamic countries.

      What properly needs to be done is to establish numbers for an “assimilation quotient”. This would be calculated based on the cultural distance between the host and “guest” culture, the difficulty of the host culture in integrating newcomers in general and the difficulty for the “guest” culture to assimilate in general.

      “Anglo” countries, traditionally, are good at assimilating immigrants. They can take a larger number overall. Let’s use them as an example. Could they assimilate the same number of Dutch, Chinese, or Muslim Arabs per year? No. The Dutch will be easier to fit in, as the language and cultural values are already a bit closer. The Chinese won’t be that hard, because they’ll want to integrate very much, at least in public life. Muslim Arabs? If they’re non-religious middle class (this isn’t just about money – it’s about attitude, mostly) ones, probably about the same as the Chinese. If they’re religious lower class ones? Much harder. A limited number can still be integrated, but a very limited number, and expect it to take 1-2 generations to “swallow” it properly.

      So what do Germans do? They let in the HARDEST to integrate people, i.e., lower class Muslim Arabs, in the largest numbers. Retarded!

      Where were these people when the Vietnamese boat people were looking for a home? They were easy to integrate, and have been a wonderful addition to their host countries almost without exception. I had one as a professor once. I’d say that he was worth 4 average locals. Bring in 1 million guys like him, and it’s just a benefit. I’d have no objection.

  5. My only question to any of these idiots would be, “Do you plan on reverting to Islam?”
    “No?” “Then STFU.” I’m really tired of hearing what Islam is and isn’t from non-Muslims. I’m more inclined to believe what Muslims say. I guess these same morons would read Mein Kampf and say, “Hitler perverted National Socialism and Jew Hatred”

    • As a matter of fact…There were a lot of Europeans who said (after finding out what happened to the Jewish people): ” If only Hitler would know of this!”

  6. “When the first bombs go off and the first beheadings in Allahs name start , the people of many countries will see that this elite in Brussels in their Ivory towers are enabling and promoting the total destruction of Europe and its christian/judeo values.”

    The first bombs have already gone off. And the first beheadings have already taken place. And the response of the EU elites is to double down on their insane views and policies. Clearly they will impose Islamic law upon the European citizenry before they will change their views and policies.

    Enoch Powell was probably right. Unless something unforeseen happens (and I know it is theoretically possible for public opinion to change overnight), there will be blood baths. It has already started with the small attacks upon “refugees.”

    I too hope that this insane massive influx of Muslims will cause the frog to jump out of the pot and change his ways. But so far, this is not happening. Merkel is still supported by the majority of the German public, for example.

  7. P.S. I hope that I am not projecting what I expect to see when I write the following: but look at the expressions in the eyes of the three EU elites pictured in these photos. Tell me what you see.

      • I see fear in the man’s eyes and fear and sadness (a feeling of doom) in the womens’ eyes. So essentially we see the same thing.

        Yes, I agree: Realty encroaching. But the Realty is still unacknowledged it appears.

        This fear, as obvious as it is to us, may even be unconscious with these people. Obviously they are in some kind of denial. I can’t even tell whether or not they could tell you that they are afraid.

        What will it take to blast this acknowledgement out into the open?

    • All three show the same unfocused gaze, looking but not seeing, usually a sign of visualizing and dishonesty.

  8. “I am not afraid to say that political Islam should be part of the picture. Religion plays a role in politics – not always for good, not always for bad. Religion can be part of the process. What makes the difference is whether the process is democratic or not.”

    I picked this right off the site, and so I take it that it is an official statement of position.


    Have they forgotten what has kept the United States together for so long?

    Amendment I

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    It seems that the European Union considers religion in politics to be a part of diversity? They need to have their heads examined, and fast.

    • OF COURSE THEY ARE INSANE. THAT is why we had to fight two world wars to bail them out. THAT is part of the reason why our ancestors left Europe to come to America. THAT is why we fought The Revolution. And THAT is why our founding fathers told us to avoid European Entanglements. Why are you surprised that They are still nutty?

  9. The lessons that the West has taken from World War II may be ‘politically correct’, but they are contrary to all facts and logic. Nationalism and militarisation are now supposed to be the root cause of international conflict, and multiculturalism is supposed to prevent it.

    If the Poles had adopted multiculturalism as their guiding philosophy during the 1930s, that would not have prevented the National Socialists from invading their country. But if they had confronted the Nazis’ Panzer Divisions with Markeva tanks and the Luftwaffe had been met by the pilots of 303 Squadron flying IAF F-16s, then Polish nationalisation and militarisation would have settled the Nazis’ hash and stopped World War II before it started.

    As the Israeli journalist Caroline Glick has said, the true cause of the war was that Germany had embraced evil, and the most important lesson to take from World War II is that nation states should not only be militarily strong, since that can act as an effective deterrent against aggressors, they must be morally strong as well.

    In Europe and America today, we can see the opposite happening. The political elite are doing everything in their power to undermine our traditional values and to destroy our personal liberty. Behind that elite are the same forces that drove the National Socialists and the Communists during World War II.

    We are at war with those dark forces still, and the commencement of hostilities was not announced by the howl of Stukas or the crashing of bombs. It’s a slow-burn conflict against an enemy that is operating on a long-term, Satanic timescale.

    • When discussing Nazi Germany, my grandmother always stressed to me, “Don’t ever think it can’t happen here” When people are frightened of the economy and desperate they will elect anyone who will improve their situation and restore their National Pride – and will ignore the rest

  10. It’s all about the money, to keep the fat cats who run the EU, Human rights groups, etc etc in power. More Muslims equals more votes to keep the socialist state running and to keep that EU gravy train rolling for the big wigs.

    But you’ll never see any of that money, because when EU falls. You’ll be too busy reloading your assault weapon fending off you muslim neighbor akhemd.

  11. European elites have a somewhat dehumanised view of human beings. The modern rulers of Europe see people as a great mass of differently coloured but basically interchangeable Lego blocks.

    They fail to understand that every human civilisation is unique and produces very different people, with very different and often incompatible approach to life.

    Another basic thing they fail to see is that every civilisation sits on a certain spiritual foundation which determines everything in it – from the form of government to ladies’ hairstyles. India is the product of Hinduism, China – of an interesting mix of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and ancient primitive folk religion, Papua New Guinea – of its cannibal cults.

    Muslim civilisation is clearly the product of Islam. The civilisation of Europe – on Christianity. You can like it or not, but these two faiths are different and they give rise to very different attitudes and behaviours.

    The problem is that Europe is now trying to abandon its old spiritual foundation and to replace it with a post-Christian surrogate religion – a hedonistic worship of earthly pleasures combined with a cult of ‘democracy’ (which exists only in people’s minds), ‘human rights’, ‘equality’, ‘solidarity’ and, of course, ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’. It is like you tried take off bricks and stones, on which your house sits, and replace it with cotton wool. The whole edifice becomes very shaky.

    The Islamic civilisation, on the contrary, is now militantly and savagely affirming its religious identity, choosing its most primitive and cruel version. It is also extremely aggressive and views the whole world as its prey.

    Of course, the European civilisation, being spiritually weak, can hardly win in the struggle with such an unselfconscious rival.

    • Maybe they are as blind as you say, but I’m not so sure. Do they really believe cultures are interchangeable? Can they really not see trouble looming on the horizon?

      Put yourself in their shoes: There is a growing scepticism of the prevailing paradigm – the one in which you have the utmost confidence and absolute belief. What would you do?

      You’d put your case, surely. You’d articulate your argument so that even the dumbest could understand – and once they’d understood, after you’d given them all the facts, you’d be confident that their scepticism would recede.

  12. Kuffarphobia is a neater term than Infidelophobia.

    We are done for Orwellian ‘hate speech’ when generally such speech is ‘dislike’ speech only. How can we push back so that the differentiation of the meaning of words is restored and respected?

  13. The Great Leap Backwards

    There are several initiatives that spell out what the EU and ‘progressive’ fellow travelers, think they’re doing with Islam.

    1. Create EurIslam;

    As described in the somewhat Orwellian named ‘Policy Department B – Structural and Cohesion Policies:Islam in the European Union: what’s at stake in the future ?’,
    “It is also important to acknowledge that the Muslim presence in Europe is an uneven and unfinished process. It is an ongoing process in the manner of all social facts.”
    “promote, with great caution and prudence, the development of tolerant and open Islam through activities of elaboration and circulation of ideas (translations and communication).”
    EU Commission-backed, EurIslam study-programme,

    It suggests ‘indicators’ by which the creation of EurIslam should be measured;

    2. Use Islam to help dismantle the Nation-Sates of Europe.
    This sounds like a conspiracy theory to many people- why they say, would the EU want to do that?
    A Network of European Foundations report offers perspective; such post-democratic ‘progressive’ NGOs – also at the heart of advocating the nebulous and dangerous Islamophobia laws being formulated in the EU.

    “European Islam………….a transitional object……nothing but a pawn………. the problem of Islam, in turn, is actually a problem of plurality and of pluralization as a process, which will have an impact on the very concept of the nation‑state ”

    So in short create cuddly EurIslam, while using the ‘accommodation’, to help dismantle European cultures.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    In the same document, they include an example of exactly what can and will go wrong;
    “all the complex activities of mediation put in place by the local Christian communities to reach an understanding – were threatened with failure after the discovery that in the self‑same mosque, brochures with a strongly anti‑Christian content were circulating.”

    Celebrate the diversity- a “fantastic opportunity” to learn to “be a minority”- as one CoE dhimmi-in-waiting said, regarding his 95% Muslim parishes.

    Along with the insane lie of ‘replacement migration’, as a ‘solution’ to the ‘pension problem’, it is not only a betrayal of massive proportions, it is of monumental arrogance and suicidal naivety.

    It is the EU’s Great Leap Backwards- Only by stopping the EU, might Europe stumble forwards.

    • “promote, with great caution and prudence, the development of tolerant and open Islam” – This is imperialism. Admittedly it’s the imperialism of the naive head-in-the-clouds self-righteous liberal do gooder, but it’s imperialism nevertheless. They’re wanting to change Islam so that it falls within their definition of how they think things should be, tolerant and open (and submissive to their world view).

      • It’s incredibly arrogant and naive to think any faith can be reformed from outwith, especially from infidel pc NGOs, academics and EUers.

        Having underestimated Islamic resistance and reaction to change- they are now playing a deluded game of catch-up and desperately, desperately need it to become the religion of peace they say it is.

        Something has to give.

        • Its because the EU is nearly broke…They are afraid they will go the same way as Greece; so they are hoping the influx of refugees will help their economies – But a far worse fate awaits them, and it has already begun.

  14. Churchill was responsible for the creation of European Federalists, he was part of the problem, cites him just because he spoke of Islam is a lack of intelligence I tell you, for him and his pupils, who took his place in the construction of a united Europe were mainly responsible for this type of progressive thinking permeating the European political and cultural systems. Some people confuse fight Multiculturalism as the act that can rescue Europe, like voting for a Geert Wilders would bring back the democratic roots of Europe without understanding that the European system, the mega structure of the European Union long ago He undermined the sovereignty, and took that value that Europeans have little knowledge today: the value of national sovereignty, and independence of any centralized bureaucratic system. Churchill and Thatcher were responsible for keeping this destructive structure of sovereignty, and yet still have who cite their sayings. Churchill only said a few things about Islam, however, the current and undemocratic European Union was a work of his hands, as well as those who stayed put.

    Every time I hear a European leader talk about the continent’s values, know that they are not talking about patriotism, sovereignty, Christianity, but socialism, social justice, and a destruction of the remnants of culture and really democratic values ​​founded on the sovereignty of obligation , not subjugation of nations to a power or central body. Who really are serious about democracy, and the fate of the continent, have to put away all structure set up for these socialists, not just one of its brands which is the immigration policy and multiculturalism.

    • For the record: I have nothing against Geert Wilders, because for me he is a great politician, the only quoted to give an example. I recommend that to vote for him, although I think that this alone will not be enough.

  15. For centuries Europe has defended its coasts and borders to keep the Islamic menace at bay. Up until now it has succeeded. However, due to the liberal intellegentsia, sinister secret financial cabals and the corrupt EU we shall be overrun by these barbarians and experience every horror that is the lot of a conquered people.

  16. Mogherini: “Some people are now trying to convince us that a Muslim cannot be a good European citizen, that more Muslims in Europe will be the end of Europe. These people are not just mistaken about Muslims: these people are mistaken about Europe — that is my core message — they have no clue what Europe and the European identity are. ”

    No clue? The most egregious case of the pot calling the kettle black that I have ever read.

  17. Either this criminally deluded and destructive treason-elite is swept out of power for good, with a full accounting of their deeds, or Europe and then the whole West are lost forever. I would earnestly advise Israel and any other affected nations like Russia to consider this as an existential issue for themselves, as if Europe falls to Islam, in the same period as Islamic nations are gaining nuclear capability, it’s game over for us all, only the exact date will remain to be revealed.

  18. “The so-called Islamic State is putting forward an unprecedented attempt to pervert Islam for justifying a wicked political and strategic project.”

    This woman is utterly deluded at best. IS is following in the direct footsteps of Muhammad and his “rightly-guided” successors, and do nothing they can’t “justify” based on such precedent and Islamic sources interpreted accordingly. What a ruinous bunch of morons are running Europe again.

  19. These European “elites” – the scum of the globalist, oligarch “New World Odor” and their toady politicos know d___ed well what they are doing. They are inviting the muzloid millions into Europe to destroy the hegemony and the sovereignty of the various nations trapped in the European Onion. The muzloids are merely their useful “tools” to help them accomplish this.
    Then, when the SHTF for real, they will offer their “help” – as long as the people in those nations agree to give up their sovereignty (what little they have left), and sell their souls to their “New World Odor” masters. Don’t believe me? Check out what some of our REAL enemies have to say on the subject:
    “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promise of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The super-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”
    —David Rockefeller, at a 1991 Bilderberger meeting
    “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”
    —David Rockefeller
    “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”
    – Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberger meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992
    The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said.
    —Peter Sutherland, UN migration chief & chairman at Goldman Sachs bank, who wants to use (Muslim) immigration to destroy European countries’ culture
    “If we are frank with ourselves, we shall admit that we are engaged on a deliberate and sustained and concentrated effort to impose limitations upon the sovereignty and independence of the fifty or sixty local sovereign independent States which at present partition the habitable surface of the earth and divide the political allegiance of mankind. It is just because we are really attacking the principle of local sovereignty that we keep on protesting our loyalty to it so loudly.

    … I will merely repeat that we are at present working, discreetly but with all our might, to wrest this mysterious political force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local national states of our world. And all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands…”
    —Arnold Toynbee, Address to the 1931 Copenhagen conference as published in International Affairs: Journal of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (November 1931)

    Is it all clear NOW?

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