Geert Wilders: “This Is Cultural Kamikaze”

“Fight for our future. Stop the Islamic invasion.”

Last Wednesday Geert Wilders opened a debate on the “refugee crisis” in the lower house (Tweede Kamer) of the Dutch Parliament. It was part of the annual General Political Debate for the upcoming year.

Even for those who don’t understand his language, Mr. Wilders’ words are electrifying, especially when one can follow their meaning in the subtitles. For those who cannot listen to the entire debate, I strongly recommend reading the transcript of what was said, which is included at the bottom of this post.

This presentation is yet more evidence that Geert Wilders is the de facto global leader of the Counterjihad movement.

Many thanks to H. Numan for undertaking the massive task of translating this debate, and to Vlad Tepes for editing and subtitling it:


0:00:09   Mme Chairman, it’s at a dramatic and decisive moment in our history that
0:00:17   I am addressing you. The Netherlands is confronted with mass Islamic migration.
0:00:25   Hundreds of thousands of refugees flee to Europe.
0:00:31   This is just the beginning.
0:00:34   Every day more arrive.
0:00:38   According to the United Nations many millions.
0:00:45   A few hours ago the Hungarian-Serbian border
0:00:51   was stormed by ‘Allahu akhbar’-shouting thugs
0:00:56   armed with bottles, knives and sticks,
0:01:06   injuring twenty Hungarian police officers. That is reality.
0:01:10   In the mean time, ISIS is smuggling thousands of terrorists into Europe.
0:01:19   That’s what they say themselves. That’s what the chief of Eurojust said.
0:01:23   That’s what a Lebanese minister said this week.
0:01:26   Two out of every 100 Syrian refugees who flee to Europe, according
0:01:33   to the minister, are fighters for ISIS, are terrorists.
0:01:38   And that, Chairman, is what we are debating today.
0:01:43   The ticking time bomb threatening us here in the Netherlands.
0:01:48   3,100 refugees last week.
0:01:53   Assume this Lebanese minister to be right, Mme Chairman
0:01:56   then we not only reeled in 3,100 refugees
0:02:01   but also 60 terrorists. In just one week.
0:02:15   [untranslatable] … We must make The Netherlands safe again. That is our responsibility. We must safeguard our country for an attack . We must ensure
0:02:23   that people can travel safely travel by train and to go to work tomorrow.
0:02:26   That people can safely send their daughters to school on our streets.
0:02:33   Mme Chairman, these days will prove to be a crucial moment in our existence.
0:02:40   One thing is already clear:
0:02:43   The management of our country
0:02:46   stands on the wrong side of history.
0:02:49   By not stopping the tsunami of refugees,
0:02:55   by not closing the borders, our interests are being squandered.
0:03:00   Our freedom, our security, our identity
0:03:04   are in danger. The survival of our beautiful country
0:03:09   is being jeopardized.
0:03:14   The trust in democracy is undermined. Mme. Chairman, while it’s crystal clear what the people want,
0:03:21   The Netherlands does not want billions for refugees.
0:03:26   The Netherlands does not want continued Islamisation of our country.
0:03:31   The Netherlands does not want to wait for years
0:03:34   to be able to rent a house, when ‘newcomers’ get preferential treatment.
0:03:37   The Netherlands does not want reductions in care for the elderly
0:03:40   when half of Africa gets that money.
0:03:44   The Netherlands does not want open borders.
0:03:48   Nor does The Netherlands want bat-shit-crazy , aggressive and highly trained Syrian fighters
0:03:54   to be able to come back to The Netherlands.
0:03:57   And yet…
0:04:00   all this happens. Whether we like it or not,
0:04:05   it happens. The people who make these decisions
0:04:09   no longer represent The Netherlands.
0:04:12   Dutch democracy is being made into a laughingstock.
0:04:17   Never was the gap so large between the people at home
0:04:20   and the political elite here in this meeting room
0:04:23   that wide despair rules our country, and anger.
0:04:30   I understand that despair. I share that anger. For it’s maddening:
0:04:38   Refugees get free housing
0:04:41   and preferential treatment.
0:04:44   They can visit the dentist for free. They can visit the doctor for free.
0:04:48   They can get free hearing aids, free glasses. They can get, if they want, relational therapy.
0:04:55   Free education, free legal assistance.
0:04:58   On top of that, pocket money. And as if this weren’t enough, they can also see football matches for free.
0:05:05   Now just look at how the native Dutch are being treated:
0:05:08   After our cabinet demolished our economy
0:05:14   with many billions in budget cuts and raised taxes, the people will get a meager tip of a billion or so back.
0:05:22   For the care of the elderly a trifle is available,
0:05:26   after it was wrecked the last couple of years.
0:05:30   Where refugees get everything for free,
0:05:36   40% of our retirees will have to do with less coming year.
0:05:42   My heart bleeds for the wrong choices made by this cabinet.
0:05:47   My hearts bleeds when I see how those people, the elderly of our country, are doing
0:05:51   Every day we receive emails of people beseeching our support,
0:05:57   who are left to fend for themselves. Who do not understand why the cabinet supports refugees with free care, not them.
0:06:05   I agree with them. It cannot be. It should not be.
0:06:09   It’s embarrassing. The people ask: how has this come to be?
0:06:13   Why are these wrong choices being made? That, Mme Chairman, is because this cabinet,
0:06:18   as they sit there in panel K [the Cabinet benches], prefer to spend our money abroad and on aliens
0:06:24   rather than on The Netherlands and the Dutch. Taxation money nowadays is our biggest export.
0:06:31   Everybody wants it. This budget is more a fun budget for people abroad.
0:06:38   Billions. Billions are being spent on Brussels.
0:06:42   On development aid. On refugees. On Greece. Billions we should have spent in The Netherlands
0:06:49   on care for the elderly.
0:06:52   On lower taxation. On real improvements in purchasing power.
0:06:57   Money spent here, in our country, that’s the thing to do.
0:07:01   It would mean more money for our shop owners,
0:07:05   our police officers, our nurses, truckers.
0:07:08   This is what’s good for our economy!
0:07:11   This is what’s good for our jobs!
0:07:15   This is what’s good for reducing unemployment! This cabinet fiddles with numbers,
0:07:20   a percentage here or a percentage there.
0:07:24   Chairman, it’ll all be true! [idiom, ironic]
0:07:27   What’s it worth?
0:07:31   All those pluses and minuses? All those numbers? All those notes and reports? When we have lost The Netherlands,
0:07:39   lost in the ongoing invasion.
0:07:43   Millions, millions of Syrians, Iraqis,
0:07:48   Eritreans, Afghans, North Africans,
0:07:51   ready to seek their fortunes here.
0:07:55   What’s it worth, Mme. Chairman?
0:07:58   What’s it worth when hundreds of terrorists
0:08:02   can roam the streets undisturbed.
0:08:05   When our schools are flooded with people
0:08:08   Who don’t speak our language. When Dutch women and girls feel unsafe
0:08:15   because of those testosterone-bombs, imported by PM Rutte.
0:08:19   Two out of three, two out of three
0:08:22   people housed in refugees centers
0:08:25   Are male. The largest group, Mme Chairman, those are the facts,
0:08:28   are young adults, between 18 and 29 years of age.
0:08:34   What’s it all worth when crime and street terrorism explode?
0:08:40   Our welfare state will be disrupted when many billions of additional euros
0:08:44   have to be spent.
0:08:48   [Pechtold] Chairman, it escapes me why a man between 18 and 29 should be a rapist,
0:08:55   for that’s what Mr. Wilders suggests. I have a different question. Some European politicians differentiate between refugees of Islamic persuasion,
0:09:07   or, for example who are Christians,
0:09:10   or who flee because of their sexual orientation.
0:09:14   I cannot hear Mr. Wilders differentiating here. Is that correct?
0:09:20   [Wilders] Chairman, 99% are Islamic, come from Islamic countries.
0:09:28   The numbers are so high that I am of the opinion we cannot allow any more here.
0:09:34   [Pechtold] Chairman, that is very clear. For some politicians of Wilders’ ilk
0:09:41   do make this differentiation. I personally see this as an unjust differentiation.
0:09:46   However, Mr. Wilders also said, when fleeing as Christian, because of one’s sexual orientation,
0:09:53   just stay in the ISIS caliphate.
0:09:58   Figure it out for yourself. [Wilders] Chairman, at this moment we cannot handle any more refugees in The Netherlands.
0:10:06   I’m happy that Mr. Pechtold asked me that question, Mme Chairman. Thursday of last week, when we debated this here,
0:10:12   we talked about 1,800 refugees weekly.
0:10:16   Mr. Pechtold took the stand, he walked to the microphone, I remember it well.
0:10:19   He said: “Wilders, you’re acting loopy.”
0:10:23   ”There are also weeks when only 300 fleeing refugees arrive.”
0:10:26   Well, Mr. Know-it-all: those 1,800 are now 3,100 refugees!
0:10:33   The numbers, Mme Chairman, have nearly tripled in just three days.
0:10:40   That means, indeed, we can no longer accept any refugees.
0:10:43   If Christians are fleeing,
0:10:46   fortunately, even in Eastern Europe, there are countries that said exactly as you said yourself, which countries I fully understand,
0:10:51   willing to accept them. Let them go there.
0:10:54   [Pechtold] Chairman, it pleases me that after about eight or nine years of debating,
0:11:02   Mr. Wilders is interested in facts and numbers. That might improve the quality of future debates.
0:11:10   He’s very clear, and that is why I asked this question. Even if you’re Christian, if even you are a homosexual,
0:11:16   if you’re there in Syria, in Iraq, ISIS is on your tail,
0:11:22   you can’t count on us here in The Netherlands.
0:11:25   Clear. But I think different. [Wilders] Chairman, my answer was, and is, that 99% of the refugees coming here,
0:11:35   to start with, are not refugees at all,
0:11:39   and all are Muslims.
0:11:42   All come from Muslim countries. And a half a percent, or a percent, maybe even a thousandth, who aren’t Muslim,
0:11:48   can be sheltered easily in those countries mentioned by Mr. Pechtold himself,
0:11:54   in Eastern Europe. Countries who/which, understandably, say: we only accept Christian refugees.
0:12:00   [Arie Slob] Chairman, I have a question for Mr. Wilders.
0:12:04   If you have a look at our Dutch history, we always have situations where many refugees flee to The Netherlands.
0:12:11   During the First World War people came to us. We have seen the ‘30s, when we had an attitude of:
0:12:17   let them as far as possible remain in Germany, with respect to Jewish refugees.
0:12:22   That wasn’t a great period.
0:12:25   We saw during the ‘50s Hungarian refugees
0:12:28   come to The Netherlands. There are always moments in history when people flee
0:12:34   and try to find shelter at a different spot on the globe.
0:12:38   My question for Mr. Wilders is this, Chairman:
0:12:41   Can he himself see situations where The Netherlands says:
0:12:45   ’Come in, we will shelter you
0:12:48   because where you came from is unsafe’?
0:12:51   [Wilders] Chairman, I don’t debate non-existent situations
0:12:54   that you can do yourself. I want to answer the existing situation.
0:12:59   I say: we cannot handle it. I also say: when you are talking about refugees,
0:13:04   most of the time you are wrong.
0:13:07   Those aren’t refugees. Even if they were refugees, they are in fact safe, we had that debate last week,
0:13:13   When they left Syria for Turkey.
0:13:16   If you don’t consider Turkey safe enough, then in Greece.
0:13:20   These countries are safe. The so-called refugees, Mme Chairman,
0:13:25   have passed from Syria through about eight safe countries
0:13:29   to reach The Netherlands. In that case, one isn’t a political refugee.
0:13:34   Then, one is an economic refugee.
0:13:37   Then, one wants to exploit our welfare system, or whatever.
0:13:41   Your premise on what refugees actually are is wrong.
0:13:46   [Slob] Chairman, I asked Mr. Wilders if he could imagine situations in which he would allow people in.
0:13:51   Allow me to give him an example.
0:13:54   The situation at this moment in The Netherlands of an Uzbek girl who had to return,
0:13:59   who is Christian, who said this country [Uzbekistan] is really dangerous for Christians.
0:14:04   When we look at the ranking list of Open Doors,
0:14:08   they keep track where Christians are persecuted, they rate it near the top among persecuting countries. Is that a situation where you say this girl can stay?
0:14:16   Or do you say: Begone. You aren’t a refugee. [Wilders] Chairman, even if my colleague gives a hundred examples,
0:14:22   I won’t descend to casuistry. You can use the trick of finding one or two poignant examples
0:14:28   and ask what do you think about that? My point is we cannot allow any more people in.
0:14:33   We can’t handle this culturally.
0:14:36   We can’t handle this financially. The Netherlands doesn’t want it. We should not do it.
0:14:42   [Arie Slob] Chairman, I always wonder why Mr. Wilders pretends to represent the entire country.
0:14:47   Indeed, you represent the feelings of a part of The Netherlands.
0:14:51   However, there are a lot of people who feel entirely differently about it. It would be nice if we could differentiate similarly during debates.
0:14:57   However, you avoid the question When you do want to shelter people?
0:15:03   Not in a fictional situation; the example I presented is a real situation!
0:15:07   A young lass will be sent away, if we’re not careful.
0:15:11   Whose life is in danger. You utter such harsh words about people,
0:15:17   you generalize a large group of people
0:15:20   in such a horrible way, that we are allowed to ask you:
0:15:24   When do we shelter people? [Wilders] Not right now, in any case. We shelter 3,100 refugees every week.
0:15:30   If this continues, that’ll be 150,000 annually.
0:15:34   We can’t handle that. That costs billions. It’s an Islamic invasion flooding our country.
0:15:41   By picking out one tiny example you are the demagogue, not me.
0:15:57   We can’t handle it, nor should we. [Klaver] It’s always Mr. Wilders who warns about Islam, warns about shariah law.
0:16:01   What’s happening? Millions of fleeing people,
0:16:04   Fleeing the horrors of the Islamic state. People fleeing the horrors of Islam, which Wilders warns us about.
0:16:11   Those people want safe shelter. If you say that, how can you deny them?
0:16:17   And generalize everything? For that is what Mr. Wilders literally said: We do everything for foreigners!
  Everything foreign starts, I think, just across the Belgian border in Essen [he doesn’t even know Essen is in Germany – translator].
0:16:27   To close that off. He really doesn’t comprehend that. I really can’t understand that, Chairman.
0:16:32   Give me a bit of insight into your mind, Mr. Wilders.
0:16:35   [Wilders] If you had listened, you would have had your answer a hundred times.
0:16:38   Not a clever question, really. Even if they really are refugees – to start with, those aren’t all refugees –
0:16:44   who, in your opinion, flee the Islamic state, they would be safe in Turkey. They would be safe in Greece.
0:16:50   They would be safe in Serbia. They would be safe in Hungary.
0:16:53   They would be safe in Austria. And they would be safe in Germany.
0:16:58   Number eight on this list is The Netherlands. So: yes, they are not welcome here. Those so-called piteous people of yours,
0:17:04   if they are that at all, have been traveling through eight safe countries. You can grin sheepishly, but that is the truth.
0:17:13   [Klaver] Those refugees I find so pitiful – it’s not pitiful if children don’t receive education
0:17:18   have no access to food. That is what we are discussing, Mr. Wilders.
0:17:22   People being sheltered in refugee camps in the region,
0:17:26   who have no shelter, who have no food. They continue to flee to countries
0:17:31   where the stream of refugees is no longer manageable. Where people can’t build a future. I stand by my point:
0:17:38   These people fled the Islamic state. Fled everything you warn us about.
0:17:41   If you categorically exclude everybody, you do not want to take the trouble of
0:17:44   finding out why someone fled. Is this a real refugee? Should we shelter him?
0:17:49   If you refuse all that, I have only one word for you: you are a xenophobe! You are afraid of everything abroad,
0:17:54   [mumbles] and that is pathetic.
0:17:57   [Wilders] That wasn’t said all that well, but I will respond briefly
0:18:00   to your remark, or make an attempt.
0:18:04   If we in The Netherlands were to shelter everyone
0:18:08   meeting your requirements – those being insufficient food, or insufficient education –
0:18:13   then we should shelter all of Africa in The Netherlands. The we should shelter millions of people.
0:18:19   If that were the criteria for refugees, we should close down our country.
0:18:22   We can replace our entire population with Arabs and Green Left people. If that’s what you want, well, that’s not what we want.
0:18:27   That our country would be bombarded by Arabs and Green Left people. We don’t want that.
0:18:31   Secondly, I already said it: those aren’t all refugees.
0:18:35   If they really were refugees, they would remain in safe Greece
0:18:39   safe Germany, safe Austria. For they are safe there.
0:18:44   If you continue to flee from those safe countries to our country, safety is not the issue, but rather the dole.
0:18:50   That’s what’s it all about. [Klaver] Chairman, my point is, and I really try to remain polite, Mr. Wilders,
0:18:54   you make that very hard, but I’ll try. [Wilders] Xenophobe is very polite. [laughter]
0:18:59   [Klaver] I found it an apt observation, to be honest.
0:19:02   If you exclude everything, if you don’t want to take the trouble
0:19:05   to examine the motivations for fleeing here,
0:19:09   then I can come to no other conclusion that you fear everything foreign,
0:19:12   that you say: stay away. You should not do that, Mr. Wilders.
0:19:17   You are one of the leaders of this country, Mr. Wilders. We’re facing major problems. More and more people flee here, whether you like it or not.
0:19:24   We need to keep popular attitudes under control.
0:19:28   The police should show courage, and show everybody that we have to live together
0:19:33   Not reject everybody as if they all are fortune-hunters or terrorists. I expected more of you.
0:19:39   [Wilders] Mme Chairman, the biggest task for us Dutch is
0:19:43   to resist Mr. Klaver, who wants
0:19:46   to accept everyone who’s hungry.
0:19:57   Again: we should have to accept tens of millions of refugees
0:20:00   if those criteria were to be met. That’s sheer ranting nonsense, we might as well shut down our country tomorrow.
0:20:06   I daresay that nobody in our country apart from a few Green-Left people want that.
0:20:13   The moment we want to improve their lives in Africa, what everybody wants there is also a responsibility for the region itself.
0:20:17   I myself said earlier: they’re bursting with rich countries there.
0:20:20   From Qatar, the Emirates, Saudi Arabia,
0:20:25   who hardly do anything at all or indeed do nothing at all. People who can help them,
0:20:30   who have to money, who have the means, who have a common culture.
0:20:34   It’s their responsibility, not ours.
0:20:40   [Kuzu] Chairman, I’d like to remind Mr. Wilders that much is being done in the region. When we look at Syria’s neighboring countries,
0:20:47   a large stream of refugees is coming from those countries. We see Iraq, we see Turkey, we see Lebanon and we see Jordan. Countries sheltering millions, hundreds of thousands of people.
0:20:58   But there is one nation not sheltering refugees.
0:21:03   I want to ask Mr. Wilders if he knows which country that is. [Wilders] Well, quizzes, I’m not into that. You’re going to joke about Israel, I presume.
0:21:09   However, do have a go. Give me your answer.
0:21:12   [Kuzu] Chairman, Mr. Wilders is right. It is Israel.
0:21:17   That’s a prosperous country. It’s a rich country.
0:21:21   It’s a country within the region. It meets the requirements, all criteria offered by Mr. Wilders, he has given us here.
0:21:28   It is known to us, to the whole of The Netherlands, that Mr. Wilders maintains good relations with Netanyahu and Lieberman.
0:21:35   Is he willing, according to his very own criteria, to make a phone call to Netanyahu or Liebermann to ask them
0:21:44   to contribute to easing the refugee problem of the moment? [Wilders] Chairman, my point is that the regional countries who share the culture with the Syrian refugees,
0:21:53   who share the language with the refugees,
0:21:56   who share the religion or ideology with the refugees, that they have to add their support. I’m not talking about the Jewish state of Israel.
0:22:01   I’m talking about the Arab Islamic countries surrounding it.
0:22:05   It’s their ethnicity. Their people, who must offer shelter and pay for it.
0:22:09   I can’t understand that filthy rich Gulf states, where the police drive around in Lamborghinis,
0:22:17   That they accept 237 or so refugees. It’s a disgrace. It’s a disgrace. [Kuzu] Chairman, now Mr. Wilders has owned up.
0:22:25   If he’s talking about not importing culture then we’re talking about the same region,
0:22:32   with the same customs, a different religion, correct.
0:22:36   According to Mr. Wilders all are fortune-hunters.
0:22:40   All are people who want to profit from our welfare system.
0:22:44   Or they are all terrorists.
0:22:48   Mr. Wilders, that simply doesn’t fit in The Netherlands.
0:22:52   You’re talking about parliamentarians who should do something.
0:22:57   I want to say: you, Mr. Wilders, should stop sowing hatred.
0:23:01   [Wilders] Right, Chairman. Let’s be fair:
0:23:04   The Netherlands will become less safe, poorer, and above all
0:23:07   less Dutch, because of the Islamic asylum tsunami raging over our country.
0:23:16   This coalition. This coalition of VVD and PvdA has, according to the polls,
0:23:20   barely 30 seats left.
0:23:25   They make decisions lasting for generations.
0:23:28   That’s unheard of. They facilitate the Islamic invasion.
0:23:33   They import thousands upon thousands of Muslims,
0:23:37   who all can and will bring their families.
0:23:41   As well as THEIR families. Chairman, 40 years of failed integration. The elites haven’t learned anything from it.
0:23:54   Pim Fortuyn spoke about wasting our time.
0:23:58   This cabinet opens all the fire-hoses and sprinklers full blast.
0:24:05   Chairman, I already said it:
0:24:08   Every refugee cost us €36.000 annually.
0:24:11   Money spent on people who didn’t contribute a single cent to that.
0:24:18   More than half of the refugees from Syria, Somalia and Iraq in The Netherlands are on the dole.
0:24:24   As is one out of every three Moroccans.
0:24:30   That’s a promising thought. Chairman, The Netherlands wasn’t invented to be Mother Theresa for the whole world.
0:24:38   Our country wasn’t founded to be a resting place for imported Muslims.
0:24:43   We aren’t here for migrants looking for iPads and All-Stars.
0:24:47   We are here for the Dutch, who regretfully have to wait forever
0:24:53   to get social housing. Why? Because refugees get preferential treatment.
0:24:59   Chairman, the open borders also threaten our identity,
0:25:04   the continuation of The Netherlands.
0:25:07   Open borders don’t bring prosperity.
0:25:11   To open your borders is as foolish as leaving one’s door open in the Schilderswijk [Muslim slum].
0:25:17   Next morning your house will be empty. That’s reality. Open borders also threaten our security.
0:25:25   I already said it: Every day again the Islamic State sends terrorists our way.
0:25:30   Hundreds. Hundreds of them are moving amongst us. How is it possible that we don’t close the borders?
0:25:36   How is it possible the prime minister is holding back from making The Netherlands safe?
0:25:41   How many potential terrorists are sheltered in Dutch refugee centers?
0:25:50   Ready to strike. Ready for their 72 virgins.
0:25:55   Chairman, the pink dream of free traffic of goods and people
0:26:00   proves to be the nightmare of free traffic of weapons, criminals and jihadists.
0:26:08   Terrorists armed with Kalashnikovs are in our trains looking for infidels to kill.
0:26:15   Unchecked. Undisturbed. The security services fail.
0:26:20   European governments fail.
0:26:24   For there is no bigger taboo than talking about closing the European borders.
0:26:28   Which is the one thing we badly need to do right now.
0:26:34   However, nobody wants to do that, except the PVV.
0:26:37   Even the liberals of the VVD call this nowadays a pipe dream.
0:26:44   That, Chairman, that is the reason why the borders remain wide open.
0:26:50   And a bloody attack in our country is only a matter of time.
0:26:54   The question isn’t whether but rather when an attack will happen. Or where.
0:26:58   Precious time is wasted by the prime minister.
0:27:03   Seconds are ticking away, Mr. Rutte.
0:27:07   Lives are in danger.
0:27:10   [Kuzu] Those wearing blinders in this room will be partially responsible when blood starts to flow in The Netherlands.
0:27:18   Chairman, this is beyond the pale, but I would like to ask Mr. Wilders
0:27:21   if he realizes what his words in this room are causing in our nation?
0:27:26   Doesn’t he realize he incites hatred? That he is sowing hatred?
0:27:33   [Wilders] What do you think my reply will be? [laughter]
0:27:39   The only measure being taken are roving brigades who won’t stop a refugee.
0:27:47   Even stronger: refugees are driven to shelters, or brought there in coaches.
0:27:55   Those roving brigades aren’t roving welcoming committees, but refugee shuttle services!
0:28:00   That’s what this cabinet is doing.
0:28:03   [Kuzu] Chairman, I understand Mr. Wilders doesn’t dare to answer my question,
0:28:08   or he will fall through immediately. But I’ll give him a helping hand.
0:28:12   Because of Mr. Wilders’ statements, 40% of mosques in The Netherlands have been attacked.
0:28:16   When Mr. Wilders declines to take responsibility,
0:28:20   and I can hear them whine in box X [PVV box], box X of Xenophobe… [Chairman lectures Mr. Kuzu to behave himself and stop making unfounded accusations]
0:28:35   Chairman, am I talking bout anyone other than the gentleman standing behind the rostrum?
0:28:46   [Chairman] That you have to read back in a minute. Continue.
0:28:50   [Kuzu] Chairman, a message from PVV supporters. What they say is that all Muslim must go away, that they have to be beheaded and the PVV will conquer all.
0:29:00   Here is a photo. I’ll show it to you [the PVV faction], for they are screaming right now.
0:29:07   A star of David, a swastika, Geert Wilders on a mosque in Veenendaal.
0:29:13   Does Mr. Wilders deny he doesn’t sow hatred in this country?
0:29:19   [Wilders] Chairman, you know my answer. I won’t go into that kind of nonsense.
0:29:25   [Kuzu] Chairman, I can only think of one answer. That answer is ‘yes’. Mr. Wilders has done this for eleven years from within the PVV party.
0:29:30   That has to stop. For he said himself that when something happens, Mr. Rutte has blood on his hands.
0:29:36   I say to Mr. Wilders, when an attack happens on a refugee center, as happened in Germany
0:29:42   then you have blood on your hands!
0:29:46   [Wilders] Chairman, our borders aren’t closed at all with those fake roving brigades
0:29:52   Just a big Swiss cheese. Through which everyone can enter.
0:29:58   Meanwhile, millions of people in Syria, Iraq and Libya are ready to travel to Europe.
0:30:04   They flee in droves to our country.
0:30:10   But, I said it during the debate, the Muslim countries don’t respond.
0:30:18   Qatar shelters exactly 133 people.
0:30:21   As a comparison: in Drenthe [province], the small village of Orange. Orange shelters 700 people.
0:30:28   I have a very easy question for this cabinet: Why should a hamlet with a population of 140 shelter more people
0:30:38   than the filthy rich Gulf state Qatar? That’s ridiculous.
0:30:43   Chairman, 3,100 refugees weekly.
0:30:47   If this continues we’re talking about 150,000 people.
0:30:50   That Mme Chairman, multiplied by €36,000 per person brings me to a budget of €5 billion.
0:31:00   When everyone reunites with their families, we’re talking about a budget of €10 billion annually.
0:31:08   Which is what we will lose on that asylum tsunami.
0:31:12   I wonder how we are going to pay for that? Who’s going to pay for that? Will the native Dutch have to pay for it? Where do you want to shelter them all?
0:31:20   At this moment COA need three new refugee centers every week.
0:31:28   In every village, in every city we see the consequences of refugee centers.
0:31:34   Allow me to show you some examples. In Orange, the village I just mentioned, those imports do not want to hand money to a woman behind the counter.
0:31:40   Allah doesn’t allow it. Therefore, now a man has replaced her.
0:31:48   In AZC Oude Pekela a big fight occurred. A knife fight in the Winterswijk center.
0:32:01   Christian refugees in the Gilze Rijen center were threatened.
0:32:04   In the Budel center a fight with metal bars took place.
0:32:08   Child abuse in the Bellingwolde center.
0:32:11   The undersecretary for Justice said: we have plenty of space left over.
0:32:21   He’s looking for brave mayors willing to damage their towns and villages even more.
0:32:29   Chairman, The Netherlands is already overloaded with refugee centers.
0:32:36   Native Dutch who want to refurbish their houses have to wait for months to get a permit.
0:32:39   Refugee centers, however, can be build without any regards for zoning plans.
0:32:48   Chairman, many dozens cities in our country already have a refugee center.
0:32:54   The situation is inconceivably worse: it’s a massive invasion.
0:33:02   Thousands of Dutch not only have refugees, but in all likelihood, terrorists in their backyards.
0:33:09   The citizens of all those cities are in danger.
0:33:13   Here in Parliament, we have to support those people.
0:33:16   It’s an assault on the safety of thousands of families,
0:33:20   and that, Chairman, is why I will name all those cities with refugee centers, one by one.
0:33:30   Alkmaar, Almelo, Almere, Amersfoort, Apeldoorn,Arhem, Assen, Azelo,
0:33:42   Baaksen, Bellingwolde, Bergen aan Zee, Breda, Budel, Budel Dorpsplein, Burghem,
0:33:35   Delfzijl, Den Helder, Doetinchem, Drachten, Dronten, Echt, Eindhoven, Emmen, Gilze,
0:34:10   Goes, Grave, Gulpen-Wittem, Heerhugowaard, Heerle, Hoogenveen, Kawijk, Leersum,
0:34:27   Luttelgeest, Middelburg, Musselkanaal, Naaldwijk, Nijmegen, Oirschot, Ommen,
0:34:43   Ootmarsum, Oranje, Oss, Overberg, Overloon, Rosmalen, Schalkhaar, Sint Anna Parochie,
0:34:59   Swijkhuizen, Ter Apel, Utrecht, Veenhuizen, Velp, Venlo, Vledder, Wageningen,
0:35:13   Weert, Winterswijk, Zaanstad, Zeist, Zweelo and Zwolle.
0:35:26   [Pechtold] And we are grateful for them all! [wide applause]
0:35:45   [Wilders] Chairman, we’re going to have a fun evening, for I have another list! [laughter] That’s the list of cities in danger of getting a refugee center.
0:35:54   But that list is secret. The COA, the organization in charge, we asked them which cities they are negotiating with.
0:36:02   COA refuses to give us that list.
0:36:06   COA wants to keep this list secret.
0:36:10   COA doesn’t want the people of our country to know their cities are negotiating with them.
0:36:21   We, as the PVV party, called every city in the country.
0:36:26   We investigated who’s negotiating with COA.
0:36:31   We think the people have a right to know.
0:36:35   We think The Netherlands should know how much worse it will get.
0:36:40   I hope the prime minister has the decency to listen to this list
0:36:45   instead of playing with his phone.
0:36:50   The people here can shout ‘bingo’, if they want. They can do that. Laugh all you want about the problems of the country
0:36:55   The cabinet endangers millions of people.
0:36:58   I am proud to represent those people.
0:37:01   Regardless how many jokes you make or applaud [against me]. Chairman, here is this list. Here’s the list of cities
0:37:05   either in negotiations with COA, or independently investigating where a refugee center can be built.
0:37:22   I’m going to read this list, one by one.
0:37:25   Aalburg, Aalsmeer, Artkarspelen, Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Baarn, Baarlo, Barneveld,
0:37:40   Beemster, Bergen op Zoom, Beuningen, Blaricum, Borger-Odoorn, Borselle, Boxtel,
0:37:54   Bunnink, Buuren, Bussum, Castricum, Cuyck, Culemborg, Dalfsen, Den Haag, Diemen,
0:38:09   Dokkum, Dordrecht, Druten, Duiven, Ede, Enschede, Ermelo, Franekeradeel,
0:38:26   Geldrop-Mierlo, Geemert-Baakel, Gennep, Gieten, Gorkum, Gouda, Groningen,
0:38:40   Haarlem, Hardenberg, Haaren, Hattem, Heerenveen, Hellendoorn, Hengelo,
0:38:50   Hengelo bij Bronkhorst, Hilversum, Hoogezand-Sappemeer, Huizen, Hulst, Kampen,
0:39:01   Kapelle, Laren, Leek, Leerdam, Leeuwarden, Leidschendam-Voorburg, Lelystad,
0:39:15   Leusden, Maasdriel, Maasgauw, Maasluis, Medemblik, Mentorwolde, Montfoort,
0:39:30   Muiden, Naarden, Nieuwkoop, Nissewaard, Noord Beveland, Nuenen, Gerven en
0:39:43   Nederwetten, Oltambt, Ommen, Onderbanken, Oost Gelre, Opsterland, Oude Pekela,
0:39:53   Peel en Maas, Rekkum, Rijsbergen, Rijssen-Holten, Rijswijk, Roermond, Rotterdam,
0:40:07   ’s Gravendeel, Schouwen-Duivenland, Sliedrecht, Sluis, Sneek, Soest, Spijkenisse,
0:40:20   Terneuzen, Tholen, Tiel, Twenterand, Tynaarlo, Uithuizen, Veendam, Veere, Venray
0:40:38   Vlaardingen, Vlissingen, Waalwijk, Weesp, Werkendam, Wezep, Wiechem, Woerden,
0:40:52   Woudrichem, Zaltbommel, Zeevang, Zeewolde, Zevenaar, Zoetermeer, Zuidhoorn,
0:41:06   Zuidplas, Zutphen and Zwijndrecht.
0:41:12   Mme Chairman, nearly half. Nearly half of all Dutch cities are in danger of getting a refugee center.
0:41:20   COA said it’ll be more.
0:41:28   That’s how The Netherlands will metamorphose into one giant refugee center.
0:41:36   [Samson] Chairman, he mentioned indeed nearly all cities. The cities offering shelter,
0:41:40   and the ones contemplating it.
0:41:43   That shows how widespread hospitality and compassion is in our country.
0:41:49   How widespread that is, to shelter people fleeing to our country. My question to you is: what does that tell you?
0:41:55   That this list is so large, despite your caterwauling, ranting
0:42:03   that such a long list exists, contemplating sheltering those people. Doesn’t that make you think?
0:42:11   Wilders [loud banging] This, Mr. Samson, shows that the gap between the governing elites and the people
0:42:19   is wider than ever.
0:42:22   I promise you, Mr. Samson, if we could elect mayors,
0:42:33   he would have to account for what we are doing here [in Parliament].
0:42:37   We wouldn’t have 90% of those [proposed] shelters, for the people do not want them. [jeering]
0:42:47   [Zijlstra] Chairman, I find this embarrassing. There is a huge problem.
0:47:53   Human dramas on the Mediterranean. People in our country worry gravely about
0:42:56   what’s coming towards us. Both issues have to be taken seriously.
0:43:02   We have someone [pointing to Wilders] who is clowning around.
0:43:05   Solve those problems in the region, we won’t do anything.
0:43:08   Without taking the responsibility that other parties take:
0:43:11   ensure decent shelter. Behind me parties are applauding when someone addresses legitimate concerns
0:43:21   in a completely wrong way, but nevertheless a legitimate concern.
0:43:25   All those parties should be deeply ashamed. Stop it! [jeering]
0:43:28   [Wilders] You know, Mr. Zijlstra, fortunately there is a Party For Freedom!
0:43:36   For your party, the VVD, failed completely. Your party calls closing the borders a fantasy. You don’t do anything at all!
0:43:42   You’re coming up with schemes discarded by the EU itself.
0:43:47   The only thing that would work is do what the people want.
0:43:52   Do what the polls show clearly:
0:43:57   Stop it! Enough is enough!
0:44:00   No Islamic invasion, no more refugee centers, close the borders!
0:44:05   That’s what the people want. You should be ashamed for doing the opposite. [Buma] Chairman, I can only support Mr. Zijlstra’s response to Mr. Wilders’ words.
0:44:16   He has a long list with cities with refugee centers. He pushed that aside;
0:44:24   it’s not his business.
0:44:27   He pretends this is a completely new phenomenon.
0:44:31   However, we’ve been dealing with this for a long time.
0:44:34   I’ll ask him a question, and answer it myself:
0:44:38   During the time you were ‘gedoog partner’ [not part of the government, but supporting it] and shared responsibility for the refugee policy of that cabinet,
0:44:44   I never heard you mention, I’m happy to say, a list of 65 cities with refugee centers.
0:44:52   Looking back, it isn’t exactly new what we’re doing now.
0:44:56   I want to call on you not to present a list showing us how bad the situation is.
0:45:02   We had refugee centers and we will have refugee centers.
0:45:05   That’s a large responsibility. Also for the future.
0:45:11   The way you debate this problem only makes it worse.
0:45:17   Our political responsibility is to reduce the problem.
0:45:23   [Wilders] Chairman, my colleagues seem to be shocked by this list.
0:45:26   I can well understand that. What Mr. Buma said: 50-60 refugee centers, that was indeed correct.
0:45:33   My list, my second list, adds 120 centers to it.
0:45:39   That’s new. That means that every one out of two cities in The Netherlands
0:45:46   half of our cities, are stuffed with refugee centers.
0:45:49   Today, in Nijmegen: 3,000 refugees.
0:45:54   I’m receiving mail from people living there,
0:45:57   elderly people, who don’t dare go out on the streets anymore. That’s terrible! People are blindsided by it.
0:46:07   COA, the organization for refugee centers, said: this is just the beginning.
0:46:12   Many more will come. Soon, the whole country will be loaded with centers.
0:46:16   That’s what I mean by an Islamic invasion.
0:46:20   You were the one speaking about Christian values.
0:46:25   Just forget about them. The country is overrun with Muslims
0:46:28   who don’t adhere to those values.
0:46:31   Who fight in refugee centers and who like nothing better than
0:46:35   taking over our country. [Buma] One thing about the way Mr. Wilders talks about Christian values.
0:46:43   If he uses those words he talks about … [interruption from Wilders]
0:46:49   … he adds to those values to stop others from fleeing to our country.
0:46:57   Christian values also mean to respect others.
0:47:01   Respect for cities handling this difficult problem.
0:47:04   And, at least, respect for this Chamber’s search for solutions.
0:47:08   I find it very difficult to hear you talking about Christian values,
0:47:12   pretending to know anything about them. You only point out others doing worse. That has nothing to do with Christian values.
0:47:23   [Wilders] Mme Chairman, this is cultural suicide taking place. It’s cultural suicide, pure and simple.
0:47:28   Mr. Buma of the CDA party stands up front to commit cultural suicide.
0:47:36   CDA. That once stood for Christians. Now it stands for Christians Serving Allah!
0:47:44   [Roemer] Mme Chairman, Mr. Wilders has the right to be worried. To express his worries
0:47:48   to express his opinion. I’m not shocked about Mr. Wilders’ list.
0:47:57   I’m shocked by his tone. He insulted almost the whole country. In which he generalizes about everything.
0:47:02   Everything and anyone not born in The Netherlands is bad,
0:48:06   is a terrorist. What happens with your argument – what you said during the last half hour is
0:48:17   that people in the country are set against one another. You are in my house, you do this, you do that.
0:48:23   You polarize everything, hurting people in their values.
0:48:27   That’s mortally dangerous in a society where we have to find
0:48:31   solutions that don’t polarize people.
0:48:37   You should distance yourself from those arguments. You should come up with solutions. Rather than insulting everybody.
0:48:42   [Wilders] Mme Chairman, what Mr. Roemer just did
0:48:45   is to insult 50% of his electorate. For 50% of his own electorate, the SP voters,
0:48:51   Don’t want more refugee centers. They don’t want that.
0:48:55   That’s shown in all the polls. They want border controls. The borders closed.
0:49:00   That is what your voters want.
0:49:04   We can’t handle all that. I am proud
0:49:09   that my eleven colleagues and I, that at least one party speaks the language of the people.
0:49:15   That dares to say what the people think. What you all do not dare to say. You do not represent the people.
0:49:23   You are all politically correct cowards!
0:49:26   [Roemer] Mme Chairman, I want to debate any argument of Mr. Wilders’.
0:49:29   Every argument that claims to solve whatever problem.
0:49:33   A lot of which he is responsible for himself.
0:49:36   Together with Mr. Rutte, when he supported that cabinet [Rutte I]. Not enough social housing available? That was your policy.
0:49:42   Budget cuts on integration? It was your own policy.
0:49:48   Many of the problems you caused yourself. What worries me, what makes me angry,
0:49:53   is that you generalize about everyone.
0:49:56   It doesn’t matter to you if someone has lived here for 25 years.
0:49:59   Should he happen to come from Afghanistan, then he is no good. [Wilders] Where did you find that nonsense?
0:50:10   [Roemers] The only thing you did in the past half hour is to set people against one another.
0:50:14   Villages against one another, cities against one another.
0:50:19   Far away from any solution, for which you are guilty. [Wilders] Mme Chairman, I cannot say anything else but to call Mr. Roemer a big liar.
0:50:25   For he abridges words I might have spoken.
0:50:30   Whatever I said, I don’t take anything back. No matter how often he walks to the microphone, he says things I never said.
0:50:36   About Afghans living here for 25 years. You are a big liar.
0:50:40   I want to leave it at that.
0:50:46   That is exactly the reason why we speak via the chairman.
0:50:52   [Roemer] This says it all about Mr. Wilders.
0:50:55   He not only insults the people in the country, but everybody. Obviously, he doesn’t see anything.
0:50:59   It’s his only argument. He wants to exploit that.
0:51:02   That he can do. However, do come up with realistic solutions
0:51:05   benefiting the country. Don’t set everybody against one another.
0:51:09   [Wilders] I have realistic solutions. I don’t set up anyone.
0:51:12   I say what millions of people think.
0:51:15   Which is that we cannot handle 3,000 refugees per week.
0:51:19   That we cannot handle 150,000 refugees every year.
0:51:23   That the €10 billion can be better spent on welfare, Mr. Roemer.
0:51:27   That we should instead spend it on pensioners’ housing.
0:51:32   That we should spend it on small and medium enterprises. That we should spend in on The Netherlands! That is why I stand here!
0:51:36   I was not elected by refugees from Eritrea or Afghanistan.
0:51:40   I was elected by the Dutch. Those people I represent here. You think I feel ashamed? I am proud of it! [loud jeering]
0:51:52   [van der Staaij] Chairman, for the people watching at home, this is the general political debate for 2016.
0:52:01   All they hear is lists, shouting, but they should hear about main policy issues [for 2016].
0:52:07   I thought the debate was more credible when we were talking about Christian values.
0:52:12   I would like to hear something positive from Mr. Wilders.
0:52:17   What are Christian values that he finds we should stand for? And that we are proud of?
0:52:25   [Wilders] One of those Christian values is to stand for our own people.
0:52:29   That is what we need to do. [general laughter] That’s a Christian value. And the best one.
0:52:43   [Chairman] Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Wilders want to reply. Go ahead.
0:52:47   [Wilders] Apart from standing for your own people, and I find it significant
0:52:51   that everybody laughs about it,
0:52:54   is – and this should be a priority – is to guard our country from Islamisation.
0:53:04   That is what we have to accept. What is more Christian than fighting
0:53:11   to keep those Christian values? I assure you, if we don’t do that, stand for our own people,
0:53:24   no more Islam, then the first group to be martyred by Islam will be the Christians.
0:53:32   Standing for those values means saying no to refugees from those countries,
0:53:38   saying no to new mosques, against new imams,
0:53:43   that is to stand for Christian values.
0:53:46   [van der Staaij] Chairman, I fear those Christian values are hollow if we don’t know what they stand for.
0:53:55   We’re becoming afraid of the world around us.
0:54:03   There is not merely a single Christian value. That every person is our fellow being, not a piece of vermin.
0:54:10   [Wilders] Vermin they are most certainly not. But I do say to you, and I repeat this,
0:54:14   What you want, your party wants, is that Christians remain functioning in The Netherlands,
0:54:20   so you have to ensure Islam doesn’t become any more dominant that it is already.
0:54:25   For your party, your people and Christian values in The Netherlands shall be the first to be martyred.
0:54:30   If Islam has its way.
0:54:33   [van der Staaij] Chairman, one doesn’t have to convince the SGP about Christian values.
0:54:39   I also see that many people in Europe, in our culture, rebel against that Christian past.
0:54:48   Even in the PVV I found no supporter of typical Christian values.
0:54:55   Such as protection of human life [referring to a GP ban on abortion]. Stand for the day of the Lord [Sunday closure law].
0:54:59   Or conscientiously objecting civil servants [who oppose homosexuality]. What about Christian values?
0:55:02   [Wilders] Mme Chairman, one can share Christian values, even if one isn’t a Christian oneself.
0:55:08   That’s possible. Millions of Dutch do exactly that.
0:55:12   If we want to keep them unimpeded, without [other values] being forced upon us, we should stop Islam.
0:55:23   What we have to ascertain, and it surprises me that the SGP doesn’t realize,
0:55:31   Is that when Islam become dominant in The Netherlands, that the SGP, the CU, that everybody supporting Christianity or Judaism,
0:55:37   shall hang from a high tree.
0:55:41   [Slob] Chairman, does Mr. Wilders know, in all those places and cites he mentioned,
0:55:47   amongst others, what happens in churches?
0:55:53   [Wilders] Yes, and what I say here is what also happens elsewhere.
0:55:56   There will be, no doubt, within churches, outside of churches,
0:56:01   Those who do appreciate new refugee centers.
0:56:08   Those people are represented by the entire Chamber, apart from the PVV faction. We represent here, we support, the millions who say
0:56:19   ’We don’t want and cannot handle this at this moment’.
0:56:22   First of all we have to make sure our elderly are walking around
0:56:26   in diapers in a nursing home. First we have to create jobs for our own unemployed.
0:56:31   That’s what we have to do. That’s why we were elected.
0:56:35   Those should be our priorities. I am perplexed that nobody, really nobody here in this parliament,
0:56:45   apart from the PVV represents that electorate.
0:56:48   And I am proud to do that!
0:56:51   [Slob] Chairman, at the beginning of his argument he said he represented all the Dutch.
0:56:59   [Wilders] I never even pretended that. [Slob] Later you read a huge list undermining this.
0:57:13   But I can say to you: that in all those cities, Christians and non-Christians
0:57:16   try to do their very best to help people in need. To people who need help for a while.
0:57:25   I’m very proud of those people.
0:57:28   [Wilders] So you should! But if there are too many of them [refugees], that’s the downfall of The Netherlands.
0:57:32   Mme Chairman, almost half of Dutch cities are threatened with refugee centers.
0:57:41   The Netherlands changes into one giant refugee center,
0:57:44   with, regrettably, a lot of terrorists in it.
0:57:48   The Dutch may toil to feed them. Supply them with free health care, etc.
0:57:57   It was once a bubbling brook. It is a raging torrent now.
0:58:03   Streaming through our country.
0:58:07   Nothing and nobody is spared. Apart from, of course, the Grachtengordel [upscale Amsterdam neighborhood].
0:58:16   Thus, Chairman, our beautiful country sinks deeper into the morass.
0:58:21   Orchestrated by the elites who greeted the invasion with flags and dolls
0:58:27   Who cheer when our own people are being replaced.
0:58:33   It’s still The Netherlands, but will soon be Hollandistan.
0:58:37   It still is home base of the Dutch. But soon an Islamic state with sharia and the Koran.
0:58:45   This is cultural kamikaze. A cultural suicide.
0:58:50   A national suicide. Led by and cheered on by everyone in this House,
0:58:59   excluding my party. Chairman, while it’s crystal clear what needs to be done.
0:59:03   I said it: not one single refugee. Not a single one.
0:59:07   A second solution: shut the borders. Tight. Closed to refugees and terrorists.
0:59:15   Not temporary, but permanent. The Netherlands must leave Schengen. The Netherlands must
0:59:19   leave the EU and regain control over our own country.
0:59:24   Thirdly, jihadists, I said it often enough, please let them go,
0:59:30   but don’t allow them back.
0:59:34   Fourthly, begin administrative detention of dangerous people
0:59:39   who cannot be prosecuted under common law.
0:59:42   Make The Netherlands safe.
0:59:45   Chairman, it’s time to state colors [make up one’s mind]. Those colors should be, according
0:59:49   to my faction red, white, and blue.
0:59:52   Looking the other way is no longer an option.
0:59:55   We have to make a choice now.
0:59:59   The question is: do we choose for freedom, or do we sign the capitulation of The Netherlands?
1:00:08   We can only keep our freedom if we act as true patriots,
1:00:11   when we focus on maintaining our own identity, when we focus on the unique beautiful character of our country.
1:00:18   This country. It’s the only country we’ve got, Mme Chairman.
1:00:21   Our Dutch interests must come first. The flag, number one.
1:00:27   No longer listen to what Brussels wants.
1:00:30   No longer Greek interests. No longer African interests. No longer the interests of Lebanon.
1:00:36   No longer the interests of Islam. Only one interest: our very own Dutch interests.
1:00:42   Fortunately, we see emerging patriotism on more places in The Netherlands.
1:00:48   We see that in growing resentment against refugee centers.
1:00:52   We see that in growing support for the GeenPeil referendum.
1:00:56   A referendum about Ukraine.
1:01:00   I want to say to everybody: sign it. All of you! We see it in the polls.
1:01:04   We’re laughed away here in this house, but the polls show my party
1:01:08   to be the largest of the country.
1:01:14   Reality in The Netherlands is not what the NOS or RTL or Umberto Tan
1:01:25   or Jeroen Pauw or all those other soggy characters wants to fool you with.
1:01:33   The reality is that millions of Dutch say no to more refugees.
1:01:38   For the Dutch aren’t crazy.
1:01:42   This, Chairman, is merely the beginning.
1:01:45   For, I assure you, The Netherlands is awakening.
1:01:48   Patriotism owns the future.
1:01:51   The Dutch understand that we are facing an Islamic invasion.
1:01:56   That we have to fight that invasion.
1:01:59   That if we don’t do that, that invasion will fight us.
1:02:02   What we really want is that we ourselves stop that invasion.
1:02:07   That The Netherlands emerge stronger. That we emerge stronger [from this invasion] than ever before.
1:02:15   [Klaver] Chairman, Mr. Wilders succeeded in about half an hour in splitting The Netherlands.
1:02:25   For what is the message to all the people he represents?
1:02:28   I don’t think he will [ever] agree with me. I want to shelter many more people.
1:02:34   But he isn’t right, because he doesn’t want to shelter anyone. The fact remains that many people will flee to our country. They will need shelter.
1:02:39   They will come into our society. What you are doing now is creating two societies. What is your message to your followers?
1:02:45   What should they do? What does that patriotism mean? Refugee centers will be opened. It is our duty as politicians
1:02:52   to work together peacefully.
1:02:55   What is your message to your supporters? [Wilders] Join the resistance.
1:03:00   [Klaver] Join the resistance? What do you mean by that? [Wilders] Resist! Fight it! Go to those refugee centers, or information evenings in the city
1:03:09   where everything is decided. I just read a huge list
1:03:16   that the COA wanted to keep secret! They wanted to keep it secret, for they feared that people would join the resistance.
1:03:22   I’m talking about democratic non-violent resistance. But don’t accept it any longer.
1:03:26   The PVV isn’t the biggest party in nearly all polls without reason.
1:03:30   We do represent the voice of millions in this house.
1:03:36   It is incomprehensible that the remainder of this house doesn’t do that.
1:03:39   You all no longer represent The Netherlands.
1:03:42   So I say to everybody: we represent your point of view,
1:03:48   And resist, in a democratic way, those refugee centers.
1:03:54   [Klaver] In a democratic way resisting. What if the city council, in a democratic way decides a refugee center must come,
1:04:00   for everywhere it was democratically decided, what is your message to your followers?
1:04:09   [Wilders] Never vote for Green-Left! [huge laughter]
1:04:12   We are democrats. We use non-violent methods. We’ll never do otherwise.
1:04:15   But we will be heard? And do I hope that all the Dutch watching Mme Chairman [realize]
1:04:21   a faction of just twelve persons in fact represents what at least half of this House
1:04:26   is supposed to represent, according to the polls.
1:04:30   I see the people waking up.
1:04:35   And there will be reckoning, in a democratic way, for all those
1:04:40   who do not represent the people.
1:04:44   [Klaver] Chairman, I think that is democratic. But I think also it is our responsibility
1:04:48   as politicians that we live together in peace.
1:04:52   Also when people from the outside flee here. Also when people need our support.
1:04:56   That’s the worst, for me: I didn’t spot one iota of humanity. Nothing.
1:05:08   Not one little bit of sympathy for people who have to flee violence, repression,
1:05:12   out of hunger. Nothing.
1:05:15   I really hoped for a tiny speck of it, even during your tirades. But no. Sad.
1:05:21   [Wilders] Chairman, to conclude I want to address you
1:05:24   as well as the members of parliament and the cabinet.
1:05:27   I say to you all, I said it already but will say it again:
1:05:32   You are not The Netherlands.
1:05:36   The heart of The Netherlands hasn’t beat in this hall for a very long time.
1:05:42   The real heart of The Netherlands beats outside [this hall],
1:05:46   where our people are, where our people live. That is the real Netherland[s].
1:05:51   In the name of all those Dutch who you no longer represent here, I say to you:
1:05:59   do your duty. Stop looking away. Stand for your country. Choose for our people.
1:06:03   Go stand on the right side of history.
1:06:06   Fight for our future. Stop the Islamic invasion.
1:06:09   And let The Netherlands remain The Netherlands, please.
1:06:13   Thank you, Chairman.

34 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: “This Is Cultural Kamikaze”

  1. He may as well talk to a brick wall. The people will eventually decide and the men scoffing at him will be held to account one way or another. The whole situation is surreal. They don’t care about the Dutch or any other European. It does’nt make sense therefore you have to conclude that there is a mass collusion going on by the European elites.
    How can you call yourself humane if your humanity is not even directed towards your kin. A humane view takes into account everybody involved and the way things are going us and the illegal immigrants are all heading down the drain.

  2. I’ve said it here before, the liberal/left paradigm is no longer able to answer the questions asked of it – this ‘debate’ is a perfect example of just that.

  3. Geert Wilders did everything humanly possible in waking up the Dutch…if they watched the televised session and/or read this Blog.

    The massive list of current & future refugee centers in the Netherlands is mind-boggling, insane! Allowing the young, male “testosterone bombs” into their cities & hamlets is cultural suicide. Islam has not reformed since the seventh century! Each town will have a parallel society unwilling or unable to assimilate into Dutch society.

    The Baron is right…Geert has the charisma & debating skills to wake up the Neverlands and the rest of Europe before they become predominantly Muslim; another hell hole.

  4. They now want to chuck old people out of their own larger homes!!! I mean Private” homes” not homes or centres for the elderly but family houses. Where are the security forces for Christ’s sake? This nothing short of a European wide Communist revolution using the Moslem invasion…..It is also Genocide.

  5. Poor Geert, is all I can say,
    (Pechtold) “Madame Chairman, it escapes me why a man 18-29 should be a rapist, as Mr Wilders says….”

    Wilders is trying to reason with lunatics! (Lunatics who know damned well what is happening and are either brainwashed zombies or despicable, cowardly traitors–or both.

    • The Prime Minister playing with his smartphone reminded me of the Roman Emporer Nero who was said to have played the lyre while Rome burned. Most of the politicians attacking Mr Wilders sounded like they were fiddlers too. The Dutch legend about saving Holland by doing a quick repair job on one of its dams I imagine was on a few minds.

  6. Japan won’t let any of these Muslim garbage in. China does not. India does not. Many countries know exactly what this ‘refugee’ nonsense is. They have been invaded in their history and recognize it as such. They are wise.

    • This is Islamic brotherhood. This is Islam. From the Islamic elite who have robbed the people blind for centuries and brainwashed them into believing all their social and economic problems are the fault of the Jews, the West, and or the World.

      “Kuwait and the other Gulf Cooperation Council countries are too valuable to accept any refugees. … It’s too costly to relocate them here. Kuwait is too expensive for them anyway, as opposed to Lebanon and Turkey, which are cheap. They are better suited for the Syrian refugees. … it is not right for us to accept a people that are different from us. We don’t want people that suffer from internal stress and trauma in our country.” — Kuwaiti official, Fahad al-Shalami.

  7. And today 22 european governments -including the Dutch- used their EU vehicle to press Poland, Romania, Hungary and The Tsjech republic to take in more muslim and other invaders. Finland did not vote.

    It’s like Wilders says. These are no longer parliaments. No longer governments. They dont represent the people. Therefore these parliaments need to go! Starting with the 136 traitors we see in this fake Dutch parliament.

  8. Green Leftism is a Mental Disorder. Islam is a Mental Disorder. They should live together in the “snake pit” of institutional mental hospitalization where the “poor disenfranchised ” refugee/invaders can oversee their bootlicking, pathetic, altruistic enablers. Muslims…either at your feet or at your throat!

  9. Among a plethora of disturbing comments and reactions from Wilders’ fellow politicians, I found the laughter and ridicule that greeted his comment that he supported the (supposedly) Christian value of “standing for one’s own people” (paraphrasing here – the actual quote is at 52:20) to be the most egregious and, again, disturbing. Perhaps this is not a Christian value per se and giving some of them the benefit of the doubt, perhaps part of the reaction was to do with this inaccuracy on Wilders’ part.

    But I rather think that the laughter was because they found the idea of supporting their own country and the people who voted for them, to be amusing – quaint and old-fashioned, a relic of that horrible and shameful colonizing, exploitive, imperial, Christian-Judaic (gag) past. A progressive, modern nation has no need for such outdated ideas as borders, or looking after the interests of its own citizens before those of other people; what a backward idea.

    In their mockery one can glimpse the underlying contempt for western culture and traditions, which lurks beneath the manipulative, emotional platitudes about “helping others” that they spew.

  10. Fascinating and appaling how stupid the other politicians argue.
    Hypocrits and idiots, they dont even try to discuss this matter seriously.
    Its a similar situation like in most western-european countries.

  11. The sniping and the sneering really says it all about those who sit in that chamber and who once represented those who voted to allow them to sit there. The arrogance and moral superiority of those doing the sniping and the sneering of a man who is today’s Winston Churchill, is nothing more than treason wrapped up in distorted compassion for a dangerous culture that is blatantly obvious in its own moral superiority of those it considers as infidels.

    Reviewing all that has occurred over the past 50 odd years it is very difficult to not arrive at the conclusion – that the Western political process to correct the wrongs of a government drunk on hubris and gone insane in replacing their own kind with the artificiality of ‘human rights of refugees’ – that the time for peaceful political correction has now passed us all by.

    I have only one complaint concerning Mr Wilders handling of that truly remarkable debate – he failed to call out those who sneered and jeered his honesty for what they all are – Traitors, and who by their own actions and words stand condemned as such!

  12. “0:59:34 Fourthly, begin administrative detention of dangerous people
    0:59:39 who cannot be prosecuted under common law.”

    Wouldn’t this be used against outspoken people like Mr Wilders?

  13. This man is a hero and an example to all of us who resist Islam. He shows us how easy it can be to speak bravely against all those who would smear and belittle when you have the truth on your side. The way he took on all comers and chopped the legs out from under them was so very impressive. I don’t recall ever seeing such barnstorming oratory in a parliamentary setting. Go Geert!

    One last point to whomever it concerns: bone up on Christianity and use it to defend your Judeo-Christian culture. Christian compassion seems to be one of the last refuges these scoundrels will use to justify their evil deeds.

    • I was amazed that they referred to Christianity so much when so few Dutch go to church anymore. I thought they were post-Christian.

      • I’m not sure it’s the most effective argument, either. While I appreciate some aspects of our Christian heritage, I’m anti-islam partly because I want gender equality and gay rights to be safe, as do many modern Europeans. Many of us have struggled against homophobic, sexist aspects of Christianity and don’t want those back. Yes, he needs to emphasise the aspects of Christianity that give us our culture (esp music, art, some of the great teachings of Jesus – I say that as an agnostic), but also the liberty and equality of secular society that we need to protect.

    • Roemer “what you said during the last half hour is that people in the country are set against one another. You are in my house, you do this, you do that. You polarize everything, hurting people in their values. That’s mortally dangerous in a society where we have to find solutions that don’t polarize people.”

      Why is the west failing? why is Chrisendom failing? Because you are always looking for solutions that don’t polarize people…You have values and beliefs or you do not. If you are willing to abandon them because someone elses holds different values or beliefs you have NO values or beliefs.

      Jesus Christ “Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. “For I came to SET A MAN AGAINST HIS FATHER, AND A DAUGHTER AGAINST HER MOTHER, AND A DAUGHTER-IN-LAW AGAINST HER MOTHER-IN-LAW; Matthew 10-34-36
      He stood and fought for His Fathers values and beliefs…He did not stand unapposed or cast the values and beliefs He held sacred onto the garbage heap to appease pagans and heathens…Why do people in western nations?

      You defend and believe in the values, beliefs, and customs that created the greatest most prosperous nations in the history of the world, the ones being invaded by citizens of failed states, states that failed due to their values, beliefs, and customs, and in the process you will be opposed by those that do not share you’re values.
      There are NO solutions that will not pit one man against another…NONE

  14. Geert Wilder’s, one of my heroes in this sick, sad, topsy turvey world, how terrible for him watching his truthful words, by his own colleagues, thrown into a blender and giving people of the Free World: CHAOS. I could only watch three quarters of this and wonder at the stupidity of Dutch smug and arrogant polititians today. They have obviously forgotten my ancesters who saved and freed them from Nazis in WW2, when they were starving and eating grass and tulip bulbs. Oh yes they were. There is only Dutch monarchy today because Canada took them in and even put Dutch soil under Queen Juliana’s’ bed in an Ottawa hospital so the next royal child could be born Dutch. My 94 year old nurse Godmother was there. Today the children and grandchildren of those starving Netherlanders, yes they mind thousands of the graves of OUR DEAD, who did NOT have to go and help them, for our Remembrance Days, but, sadly, having availed themselves of the gifts the Free World bestowed upon them post WW2, have become arrogant and forgetful of who they really are. When Geert Wilders challenges them with history and truth, and that they are IMMEDIATELY facing the same or worse future, they only want their chance to be the best pigs in the barnyard, thanks George Orwell, all they can do is squeal. Baron and Dymphna, thanks for posting this fight in the Dutch Parliament. And God Bless Geert Wilders brave speech and comebacks against this nasty parliamentary crowd. They do not know their own history. I do not know how he finds the strength to always stand, speak and fight. I will always stand with Geert.

  15. I must say that I have both never been so impressed by a man as GW – and at the same time – so utterly dejected at the “argumentation”, playing with phones, sneering, jeering and outright idiocy on display in this broadcast of the proceedings of the Parliament.

    I am afraid to admit; what I kept thinking during my viewing of this was the following:

    “What will these spineless, foolhardy, treasonous EU Cretins have to say when a major terrorist atrocity is unleashed in the coming days? What will they have to say – when indeed – even their own children, wives, fathers and mothers are slaughtered in some bloody spectacle?”

    The truth is, they will have nothing to say. They will cower in their “upscale neighborhood of Amsterdam”, continuing to insist on their moral superiority.

    This is how Germany descended into madness. This is how the Jews were slaughtered, while the world dallied. This is how Western Civilization is brought to its knees – by a bunch of lily-livered, PCMC dolts.

    God help the Netherlands.

    And the rest of us.

  16. I watched open-mouthed. Apart from how powerful and concise a speaker Geert is (even as an Englishman reading subs) – i was most shocked by his fellow politicians.

    Such a bunch of sneering, self-important, soulless wretches i have never seen. Traitors, the lot of them.

    And as someone said, PM Rutte, nonchalantly playing with his mobile, may end up being the very definition of his arrogance and stupidity. “Fiddling as Rome burns” indeed.

    • It reminded me of how Farage his treated when speaking in Brussels. Truly a lone voice of sanity in a sea of deceitful colluding bureaucrats. The main difference though, is that Farage takes aim directly at the EU, whereas Geert focuses seemingly as far I can tell, on Islam. I think both are needed, but no doubt in my mind, that dismantling the EU is a first necessary step to putting a stop to Muslim immigration.

  17. Thank you so much for posting Wilder’s address to Parliament. I played it for my 16 year old grandson and he was spellbound. He continually asked me to pause the recording, so he might comment on the interaction between Geert and other opposing party members. He was very impressed and understands why I admire his bravery and intellect so much.
    I have great hopes for my grandson!

  18. I’ll admit I was swayed by Geert’s argument until I heard the opposition completely destroy his position with their ineluctable logic:
    People are in distress,
    If we are good people we will care about them and take care of them.
    We care about them.
    Therefore, we are good people
    (We are better than you, hater!)

    Sorry Geert who can withstand such logic. The impending cultural peril notwithstanding.

  19. This is what cultural suicide looks like. Save magazines and books about Europe. Save recordings of Bach and Vivaldi and Wagner to play for your children when you tearfully try to describe for them what Europe was once like before it willed itself out of existence. I’m speechless after watching those cowardly, self-loathing leftist apparatchiks willfully offer their necks to the scimitar of invading hordes. God Bless and protect Geert Wilders. Perhaps he, and those of his kind, can affect change in Europe before it’s too late.

  20. this man is a saint! Talking to a brick wall for more than an hour. Members of parlement should spend a week in a sharia controled environment ,them willl see who will be laughing!!

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