Would a Transsexual Geert Wilders Be Hailed as a Hero?

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Would a Transsexual Geert Wilders Be Hailed as a Hero?

by Fjordman

have been watching the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner story unfold with some interest. Not because I think Mr. or Ms. Jenner is very interesting — I don’t. But the reactions sometimes are. He, or she, or whatever is the appropriate term is now reveals very interesting things about our society. Jenner is hailed as a hero, for making a sex change.

Contrast this with the anti-Islamic Dutch politician Geert Wilders. There are millions of people in The Netherlands and across Europe who view Mr. Wilders as a hero. However, that is not how the mainstream media usually portray him. Western mass media often present Wilders as a dangerous “right-wing extremist Islamophobe”. They do this even though he is the one who has to live with constant death threats from radical Muslims.

To Western media and cultural elites, Geert Wilders is not a hero for risking his life by standing up to an ideology that is a threat to European civilization and has been a menace to the world for fourteen centuries. Bruce Jenner is hailed as a hero by the same media and cultural elites. For cutting off his penis. The person now being referred to as Caitlyn Jenner insists on being treated as a woman. This presumably means that she no longer has a penis. (I don’t really need to know that particular detail, but I would assume it to be the case.)

Just being gay is no longer news. The Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn was gay, and he was still vilified by the mass media and eventually assassinated. Being a homosexual is no longer enough. You now have to be a transsexual to stand out from the crowd.

If Geert Wilders suddenly decided to remove his penis and start wearing a dress and shoes with high heels, he would magically be transformed from a villain to a hero. I am not even sure if that is entirely a joke. When the entire Western world starts looking like a Monty Python sketch, it is hard to tell when reality ends and the joke begins.

Now, what does all this say about Western society today? I would claim that it reveals a culture that is deeply sick and twisted. I am sure there are individuals who are transsexual, but why should we overtly celebrate that? Compare this to the polite and highly educated Swedish artist Lars Vilks. He is now homeless and under constant police protection because he made some drawings of a man who may or may not have lived in the seventh century AD. Yet he is not celebrated in the same manner that Jenner is being celebrated in 2015.

I have said many negative things about Islam over the years, and I stand by every word. Islamic culture is also sick and twisted, albeit in a different way. Islam is not the solution to anything. It just creates more problems.

However, at least Muslims are willing to fight. That always gives one a huge advantage over those who are not. Will a society that hails transgender people as heroes be able to defeat ISIS Jihadists?

My basic conclusion years ago was that Muslims did not cause our problems. They and other hostile groups are merely exploiting out weakness. That assessment still stands.

Yes, we have better weapons and technology. That shields us for now. But for how long? These days, they can buy our technology, the way Saudi Arabia does. Or, they can simply steal it. Millions of Muslims and other hostile aliens already live in our countries. Here, they can gain direct access to our technology. The Arab Jihadists who killed thousands of Americans on September 11, 2001 were probably not capable of building airplanes themselves. Yet they were perfectly capable of using our creations to murder us.

All order is ultimately based on force. Surviving as a civilization does not require technology alone. It also requires willpower and determination. These things stem from a belief in something greater than yourself. In a culture that has been emptied of real meaning and reduced to mere entertainment, this is increasingly hard to find.

People need something to fight for, not just fight against. In all honesty, few people will be willing to risk their lives for transgender rights.


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18 thoughts on “Would a Transsexual Geert Wilders Be Hailed as a Hero?

  1. Jenner has said in an interview that (s)he, has not had the junk removal surgery( my words for what he said) . He still likes ladies you see. Not giving them up. LOL .

    IMHO, all this stuff he has done is a publicity stunt for his upcoming “reality” show . EVERY SINGLE THING he as done thus far, to look like some man made-up to look like a gal is completely reversible if he choses. : – \

    Jenner is ALL about MONEY!

  2. Let’s face it, our dear Dutch gentleman is too wonderful for the liberal media to ADMIT that he is a TRUE HERO!

    God bless him and keep him safe!

  3. Fjordman- It is the so called “elite” that are sick and we are increasing sick of them. In England our young- especially those in the so called lower classes are incredibly angry. So they are in France and Spain. Don’t always believe what the MSM say about them. The Middle-Class are idiots and go along with the MCBS (Multiculti BS) but people are waking up. A catastrophe looms and a few more Moslem “incidents” and the continued oppression from the Stasi Peelers enforcing sharia and all hell will break loose. I know the Anglo-Saxon mind. The creature will take a lot but finally it will react. The”elite” are pensioners with 1940s ideas. They are passe.

    Even a few days ago I would have said UK was doomed along with Europe but there are signs this week that things have changed thank God!

  4. I doubt if our society (refering to my European society) has any will to defeat ISIS, due to the maddness of extrem multicultutalism now going on in Sweden and sure to infect the EU with this mental disease. The view from some of these morons now is that ” terrorists are people too”, so let’s give them plenty of space to do their thing, or some such rot.

  5. Geert Wilders IS a true hero. I think Pamela Geller is a hero, too. I would include the owners of this site, as well. People who are ready to tell the truth and damn the consequences.

    Sex change? bleah. who cares? Other than it is a sign of how perverted our culture has become, but we kind of all knew that anyway, didn’t we? what I find somewhat amusing is that all these people who are celebrating Bruce seem to be utterly unaware of how Muslims would treat “him” if they got their hands on him. It wouldn’t be pretty. ALthough with his wig and make-up he is kind of pretty.

    The world is ever weirder these days.

  6. Don’t be deluded into thinking the dreck the media serves up is “western culture”. Few people really care about Mr/Ms Jenner. It’s the same process that we went through when gay people became accepted… the same playbook, the same routine repeated with a trans person. It’s a distraction of zero importance.

    Of course, a media that gives a damn about the true and fading western culture would be nice… but there is no such media.

    Gert Wilders is a hero, it doesn’t matter if the newsreaders don’t want to see it. If we ever turn the tide back on Islam, his name will be one of the ones our children remember. And if we do, it won’t have been because of the media.

    • Spot on!!!

      Here in California I often watch the Mexican news programs at work, and there is zero mention of Jenner. They don’t care about freaks like him or any of the other abominations Hollywood tries to foist on us. And they aren’t welcome in most Hispanic neighborhoods either.

      The same way most folks in the Mid-West and those who work for a living, they despise freaks like Jenner who they view at best as parasites.

      In short this is just vile agit-prop generated by the elites and allies in Hollywood and New York.

      Still the MSM is as much our enemy as Islam. They are full of sick, evil people who despise traditional Western society and it’s people. They’ve made it clear those that hold traditional views are horrid people in their view, people who shouldn’t have rights.

      When we eventually battle Islam we will find the minions of the MSM standing with them against us – for a little bit until we let them know in no uncertain terms what we do to traitors.

  7. Fjordman-

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the Arab Muslim world doing any high-tech manufacturing anytime soon.

    I can’t go into detail, but I can say I have firsthand knowledge of how they go about manufacturing in one country. They struggle to maintain basic climate control for electronic component storage or the manufacturing floor. They’re not going to be designing and producing airliners or cruise missiles anytime soon.

  8. The real goal behind pushing some of these fringe phenomena toward general acceptance is that it reduces the resistance of the population toward Overton Window shifting, and provides empirical data on how to accomplish such shifts.

    If you can shift the Overton window for some issue that is just kind of bizarre, without much real discussion of the issue, then what other issue can you shift it for with a similar lack of interest or critical thinking?

    The reformed term for “social change” is “population control”.

  9. Probably the only people willing to actually fight for transsexual rights (including survival) are the transsexual themselves, and that’s OK. Under sharia, they’d be executed right along with the queers and Jews.

    • Actually, not.

      Once a man has gone in for the big snip-snip, he is no longer constrained by the requirement in Shari’a not to have sexual relations with another man.

      One politician in San Francisco had the temerity to complain that Iran had more generous benefits for transgender surgery than did California.

      True, as long as it is for the man->nonman direction in Iran. She just didn’t read the fine print that there you can get it for being gay whether you want it or not.

      • Iran is a leading country in the world for sex-change operations — there, the motivation is for dear life. According to human rights groups, Iran has executed some 6,000 gays and lesbians since 1979 to the present. But they are merciful: if the gay or lesbian undergoes the surgery, they can live…

  10. And to think I was excoriated in these pages not too long ago equating (somewhat inartfully) the LBGTQWERTWY agenda with the problems America is facing with Islam…

    how the worm turns.

  11. A gay Dutch patriot- Pim Fortuyn- was vilified as much as Geert Wilders.


    Fortuyn was assassinated (in 2002 as he ran for political office) by a Muslim-sympathizer “animal rights activist” for Pim’s opposition to intolerant Islam.

    So even being a member of left’s usual “protected class” didn’t trump Fortuyn being demonized as an “Islamophobe” and “fascist” . And set up for murder.

    • This is not really surprising. Anyone who gets involved with the left knows that there’s a pecking order on “protected” groups. Terms like proletarian and bourgeoisie have been replaced with terms like privileged and underprivileged or disadvantaged.

      The Muslims are most disadvantaged of them all, and everyone else is considered “privileged” compared to them.

      So if a gay man criticizes Islam then he is abusing his “gay privilege” to oppress the underprivileged Muslims. This makes all manner of rational logical thinking impossible which is perhaps the real purpose behind the whole neo-Marxist pecking order.

      If the people who are most beyond question also happen to be the people with the beliefs that are most supportive of despotism, well, you can see how useful that is and where it leads.

      • Yes. Muslims have become the #1 Privileged Minority Cause. All other liberal causes and concerns must take second place. If an openly gay (and wildly popular) politician like Pim Fortuyn shows signs of being anti-Islam, then he must be attacked.

        According to PC MC, which is dominant and mainstream throughout the West, gays, women, all other non-white minorities are thrown under the bus — if they come into conflict with the pro-Muslim agenda.

  12. 1976 Olympics. My ex-wife was on the US team and the hot guy was Cuban boxer Teofilio Stevenson. Jenner did nada for the women. Nothing changes.

  13. Happily I lived my life without knowing who Bruce Jenner was until a couple of weeks ago. I wish I could have remained in ignorance of him.

    Mighty pleased to see the POTUS thinks it appropriate to tweet his congratulations to a deeply confused and psychologically disturbed man for getting breast implants and dressing up as a woman. What next?

    Geert who?

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