A Day of Jihad

As you all know by now, there were at least four major jihad attacks today in various parts of the world. The headlines have been dominated mostly by the attacks in France and Tunisia, but two other deadly assaults by mujahideen were reported in Kuwait and Somalia. The Islamic State has been pushing for more attacks on infidels during the holy month of Ramadan, and these deadly incidents may in part be a response to their call.

A lone mujahid attacked a US-owned gas plant near Lyon in France. One man, the supervisor of the alleged perpetrator, was beheaded. His body (supposedly covered in Arabic slogans) was left near the plant, and his head hung on a fence next to Arabic banners whose text may have included the shahada. No one else was killed, and the suspect is in custody. His wife told the press that he and his family were normal Muslims, and had been observing Ramadan. (RT video)

A suicide bomber exploded during Friday prayers at a Shi’ite mosque in Kuwait City, killing dozens of people. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack. ISIS is a Sunni outfit, and considers Shi’ites to be mushrikun, blasphemers guilty of shirk, or polytheism.

Two gunmen open fire on a crowded beach in Tunisia, killing more than three dozen people and wounding an undetermined number of others. Most of the casualties were European tourists on holiday. One of the gunmen was shot by security forces. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for this attack as well.

In the fourth major jihad attack of the day, mujahideen from the Al Qaeda affiliate al-Shabaab attacked an African Union army base in Somalia, beheading women and killing at least thirty people.

The day’s events prompted to British Prime Minister David Cameron to reiterate his oft-stated belief that “Islam is a Religion of Peace” (see The Daily Mirror video of the PM’s statement).

According to Geert Wilders, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said something similar. Mr. Wilders responded (via Twitter): “There is a war going on and our leaders betray us.”

Vlad Tepes has been covering the breaking news on these and other important events all day today. Check the top few posts on his site; he has lots of videos.

Hat tip for Somalia and Tunisia stories: Fjordman.

27 thoughts on “A Day of Jihad

    • When we submit unconditionally to Allah, affirming that there is no other god and that Mohammed is the messenger of Allah.

      Easy-peasy, right?

      • “Peace” is stretching it a bit. There are always blasphemers, spies, traitors, homosexuals, drug addicts, public enemies, undesirable elements or simply people whose existence caliph finds inconvenient. And any day with public mass executions is hardly peaceful, at least according to modern civilization standards.

      • Islam is a religion of peace.

        Oh, yes. And …

        WAR IS PEACE.



        1984 has come and gone, but George Orwell’s dystopian warning is more relevant than ever.

    • It will come to us all eventually. [Muslims] equate peace with death. we don’t need to sign on with islam to draw that ration. It’s hard wired into the contract.

  1. Holiday ???? in Tunisia. Camron must be on some drug !!! Progressive Rabbies agree with him.

  2. Never, never will I ever submit to Allah, to these barbarians, never, never never.

  3. Hubristic ambitions. Nice term, Dymphna. Because they believe they are separate and apart from people. Islamists will never attack nice people because Islam says they won’t.But they did. Attack and murder tourists today in Tunisia. And beheaded a man, tell us his name? Why? Does the i6 year old who saw his parents and grandparents slaughtered today feel happy? Or anything? All comments on other boards are attack and avenge. Is that wrong? Is it wrong that anyone in the Free World wants to avenge today’s murders of grandmas on lounges? If it was my Gramma….

  4. Hi Baron, The following is just my Assessment:
    The June 26th Jihadi “Ramadhan Operations” fits into their broad strategy of coordinated jihadi terror assaults across differents theaters of conflict as I explained in Link 1, with the ultimate aim of demolarizing and eroding the psychological resilience of the populace as explained in Link 2. The AlShabaab raid on the AMISOM base was shocking even using the standards of alQaeda, alShabaab literally liquadated an entire AMISOM military outpost in Leego, Somalia; killing 70 soldiers and abducting 30 others (to probably kill them via decapitation on camera). Kindly revise your figure concerning the AlShabaab attack, but always remember that such attacks will continue to occur in Africa where AlQaeda and ISIS consider the country a goldmine. Also, on 26th June, AlShabaab raided a Kenyan military outpost in Dhobley, Somalia. Their attacks fits well into their grand strategy explained in Link 3. Regarding France, ISIS was just spreadings its ideal of persecuting Christians in order to promote and maintain Muslim Chauvanism just as their co-ideologues in Somalia are doing to Kenya as explained in Link 4.

    1. http://strategicintelligencefiles.blogspot.com/2015/06/Al-Shabaab-Ramadhan-Offensive-Altering-Course-Jihad-East-Africa-Somalia-al-Qaeda-military-strategist-doctrinal-theorist-Islamism-Uganda-Tanzania-Ethiopia-terror-campaign-Kenya-counter-terrorism-strategic-depth-counterattack-psychological-operations.html

    2. http://strategicintelligencefiles.blogspot.com/2015/05/Al-Shabaab-Psychological-Operations-Exhausting-Will-Kenyan-Citizenry-PSYOPs-Salafist-Takfiri-Jihadist-Somali-Muslims-Clan-Warfare-Christian-Persecution-Islamic-Chauvinism.html

    3. http://strategicintelligencefiles.blogspot.com/2015/05/Strategic-Objectives-Operational-Aims-Deep-Jihad-Eastern-Africa-al-Qaeda-Harakat-al-Shabaab-al-Mujahideen-Kenya-Horn-of-Africa-Islamic-terrorism-Islamism-Strategy-Savagery-Sharia.html

    4. http://strategicintelligencefiles.blogspot.com/2015/05/Al-Shabaab-Psychological-Operations-Exhausting-Will-Kenyan-Citizenry-PSYOPs-Salafist-Takfiri-Jihadist-Somali-Muslims-Clan-Warfare-Christian-Persecution-Islamic-Chauvinism.html

    • Thank you for the additional news and links. I don’t revise figures, because they reflect the information contained in the links I use. I don’t want to say something that isn’t borne out by the sources I cite. However, I welcome your additions and revisions in the comments.

  5. Every day another hundred fronts. This is the war of a hundred thousand front, just the way they like it. Here is the way I want it. I am a brave granddaugher man who would not have put up with this [odiferous material] for a second. He have said flamethrower. Lyon, [intemperate suggestions redacted]. Hey pirates did it. Australia is doing it. Tony Abbot has [manly equipment]. Does David Cameron? Do any of the EU Weenies have [organs of generation]? UN, EU, ACT NOW TO SAVE any of your pathetic reputation, we know you don’t care, which will only lead FRRE PEOPLE to act according to the US constitution.

  6. The Western political classes hastened reassure the populace that (a) these events had nothing to do with jihad and, therefore (presumably), that (b) they had nothing in common.

    OTOH Islam + Friday + Ramadan is a potent brew.

  7. “They do it in the name of a twisted and perverted ideology that we have to confront with everything that we have.”

    …and the name of that ideology? IT’S ISLAM, STUPID.

  8. Bought and paid for, Slave of Islam Cameron repeated the mantra for his Muslim masters – “Islam is a religion of peace”, taqiyya.

    The wife of the barbaric Muslim terrorist who beheaded the innocent French man made no attempt at Muslim deception like Slave of Islam Cameron and explained that her husband was a NORMAL MUSLIM.

  9. Over here in Britain we are under pincer attack. On the one hand David Cameron is doubling down on his “religion of peace” shtick and on the other all news outlets are bombarding us with the message to “support our servicemen” with armed forces day conveniently tomorrow.

    Support the armed forces?

    Most British people never stopped doing that. What about our leaders and media elite supporting our armed forces?

    What about a review of Sergeant Blackman’s case. He’s now been languishing in prison lonely and forgotten for 18 months. There’s a good piece on his case here:http://john-moloney.blogspot.com/2015/06/free-sergeant-blackman.html

  10. The media were wondering if there were a link between the 3 attacks: YES, it was Friday all over the world. These human sacrifices nearly always occur on a Friday afternoon after the noon prayers.

  11. I am laughing my gluteous maximus off that you even posted my intemporate words. You two are the greatest, I know other sites would have just cut me off, which truly I deserved, but thanks for showing that I was just angry. Hope you two are well in every wayl

  12. Stupid Question – Why would anyone in their right mind go to Muzzie country for any reason at all, especially vacation? Are you stupid? Are you mentally lazy?

    • Vacation in muzzie countries
      – Ignorance
      – Denial

      Tough lesson for the unfortunate who had to experience this attack.

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