“This not a by-product of the policy: it is the policy”

Last Saturday Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation spoke at a demo sponsored by MARIAS (Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia) at Downing Street in London. He discussed the Islamization of Britain and the rest of Europe, paying particular attention to rape gangs, Jew-hatred, and seditious mosques.

As he says, “The problems with Islam are not a by-product of the policy: they are the policy.”

The quality of the audio in this footage leaves something to be desired, so Vlad Tepes has subtitled the video with the text of what Mr. Boby is saying:

For those who prefer to read the text, a transcript is below the jump:

00:03   Hello. Thank you.
00:05   Since we’re in Downing Street
00:09   I think is appropriate to talk about the big question everyone asks, which is
00:13   ”Why are they doing this — why do they allow this?”.
00:17   I think the answer is: Because they want to. It’s in their interests. It serves.
00:25   It suits their interests to do so. It keeps people a little bit ground down,
00:30   makes them a bit more manageable, a bit more docile,
00:33   a bit easier to rule.
00:36   These problems are getting out of hand, though.
00:39   The problems with Islam that I’ve talked about,
00:41   they are not some unfortunate by-product of an otherwise benevolent policy;
00:46   they are the policy. And they’re getting out of hand.
00:50   Three things: the rape-gangs; the anti-Semitism, the Jew hating;
00:54   and thirdly, the seditious mosques.
00:58   Dealing firstly with the rape-gangs. We wrote — you may have read —
01:01   the definitive report on this. It’s called “Easy Meat”.
01:05   It deals with the background, the history, the methods,
01:09   and the cover-ups and denials with those gangs.
01:13   We were called hatemongers for estimating that there could be 10,000 girls
01:16   victimised by these gangs. And it appears we underestimated
01:20   the number of victims by a factor of about 100.
01:26   Because the latest estimate by one MP is one million girls
01:30   victimised by these gangs.
01:33   That’s an appalling number. One million flattered, seduced, raped, exploited,
01:37   and then enslaved and destroyed.
01:41   As genocide is to murder,
01:45   that crime is to rape. It seems to me it’s that serious.
01:49   And it has everything to do with Islamic doctrine. Islamic doctrine is very clear
01:53   about calling for the enslavement of unbelievers.
01:57   And sexual enslavement is something to be used
02:01   within warfare against unbelievers.
02:04   The Koran itself, the Koran alone, mentions 14 times
02:08   ”Those whom your right hands possess”.
02:12   That is principally people who are taken as slaves,
02:15   sexual slaves, in war.
02:18   The only reliable figures we have on this — because no reliable figures have been gathered —
02:23   the only reliable figures we have are the court cases, the court convictions.
02:27   And what they reveal is that for this crime — the localised, on street,
02:31   rape-gang, crime —
02:34   Muslims are approximately between 100 and 200 times likelier
02:38   to commit this crime than a non-Muslim.
02:42   It is as serious as that.
02:46   You can’t really call this “crime”. It’s not about sex either. No normal man gets pleasure
02:50   raping a child with a bottle or a baseball bat,
02:54   or nailing her tongue to the table. That isn’t really common-or-garden crime;
02:58   that’s more about rape as conflict, rape as subjugation.
03:03   It needs to be stamped out immediately.
03:06   It’s not a crime that you learn lessons from. It’s not a crime that you
03:10   set up a commission of enquiry about.
03:14   It’s a crime you stamp out yesterday with any legal means to hand.
03:17   And if you don’t have those legal means then you make sure you get them
03:21   pretty fast.
03:24   The politicians instead, as we’ve seen, tend to cover it up, tend to deny it.
03:27   In particular what they deny is who is doing it and why.
03:31   It’s an embarrassing price for them to pay, but it is an acceptable price to pay.
03:35   Because the problems with Islam are not an unfortunate by-product
03:39   of an otherwise benevolent policy:
03:42   the problems with Islam are the policy.
03:47   Secondly, the Jew-hating that we see. We are seeing an outbreak of that
03:51   across the whole of Europe.
03:54   The Koran is much more anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish
03:58   than was Hitler’s Mein Kampf. It mentions hatred of Jews many more times.
04:02   And we also see the common denominator for jihad in the West at the moment:
04:07   ”Go and kill a cartoonist. Go and kill a filmmaker.
04:10   Go and kill a free-speech activist.
04:13   And then — always — go and kill some Jews.
04:16   Find a synagogue, find a Jewish owned supermarket, find a Jewish-owned hostel.
04:20   And kill yourself some Jews.
04:23   And the politicians respond to this by saying: “It’s an extension of the Middle East conflict.”
04:26   That is nonsense.
04:28   That’s like the two enlightenment philosophers who went out one evening
04:32   — they got drunk on brandy and water that evening.
04:35   The next evening they got drunk on whiskey and water.
04:38   And on the 3rd evening they got drunk on gin and water.
04:41   So on the 4th evening they decided “It’s obviously water that makes you drunk”.
04:45   That’s the way the politicians are dealing with this problem.
04:48   And we saw it after the killings in Denmark and the killings in Paris.
04:52   Politicians getting up and saying: “We have to stop anti-Semitism — we have to stop it”.
04:56   And the one thing they won’t do is to stop anti-Semitism.
05:00   Because as any teacher, any parent, any psychologist knows,
05:03   if you are to deal with bullies,
05:06   you have to confront and identify that bully. You have to pin that bully
05:10   and push back. You have to identify their motives.
05:13   And that’s one thing the politicians will never do with Islam.
05:16   And that problem looks likely to continue. And it’s wrong.
05:19   It is wrong because people suffer.
05:22   Jews across Europe are realising that maybe they don’t have a future here,
05:26   maybe they should go.
05:29   It’s wrong, secondly, because it persecutes the eternal victim. And we see that again:
05:32   Jews afraid to report this crime
05:35   for fear of making it worse. And that’s how it happens:
05:38   one group find they can get away with it — so Muslims see that they can get away with it,
05:41   they don’t get directly confronted — and other groups will join in.
05:45   We see that in Europe, we see that in France. And that is wrong.
05:49   Thirdly, it’s wrong because it is wrong to persecute
05:52   or to harm people who bring benefit.
05:55   And Jewish people bring benefit.
05:57   I’m not Jewish so I can say this:
06:01   Jewish people are a light among the nations.
06:04   If you find that offensive, it’s not me that you find offensive,
06:07   it is the Nobel lists that you find offensive.
06:10   It’s the rolls of charitable giving that you find offensive.
06:13   It’s the prison census that you find offensive because it has few Jewish names on it.
06:17   You have to be careful about this, because a country, a nation
06:20   that loses its Jewish population is a nation that is ground down.
06:24   It’s a nation that’s heading for trouble. And that again,
06:27   that is an embarrassing price for politicians to pay,
06:30   but it is an acceptable price to them because the problems with Islam
06:33   are not a by-product of the policy: they are the policy.
06:38   The third thing is the problem of seditious mosques.
06:43   As you know, I have some interest in this.
06:46   I have some credibility to talk about that.
06:53   We set ourselves three objectives as regards to new mosques in this country.
06:57   Firstly to slow the tide,
07:00   secondly to stop the tide,
07:03   and thirdly to turn the tide. We have slowed the tide.
07:06   We have started work on stopping the tide.
07:08   And if any of you wish to offer your help, it will be very welcome. Please do.
07:12   Why are we doing that? Why should you do it?
07:15   Why will your descendants be grateful if you do that?
07:18   The reason is simple and clear: it is that a mosque is used
07:21   for the public propagation of Islamic doctrine.
07:24   And the public propagation of Islamic doctrine
07:27   is contrary to English law.
07:30   The reason it is contrary to English law
07:35   is because Islamic doctrine calls for violence,
07:39   hatred, warfare, and enslavement towards unbelievers.
07:43   There are loads of quotes. It’s on every other page.
07:46   I can read two quotes: “When you meet with the unbelievers strike at their necks
07:50   and when you have made a bloodbath amongst them, bind them firmly”.
07:53   I think we can say that’s encouraging war.
07:56   And the other one: “Make war against the unbelievers until they pay the infidel poll tax
08:00   — that’s you and me, until we pay a poll tax to the Muslims —
08:03   with willing submission and feel themselves subdued”.
08:06   Verse 47:4 and verse 9:29.
08:09   If you allow that to get preached, if you allow that to get propagated,
08:13   you are not going to have a civil society for very long.
08:16   That is incompatible with civil society.
08:19   And the evidence we see from around the world is that the public propagation
08:22   of Islamic doctrine is probably not even compatible with Islamic society,
08:27   from what we see on our TV screens every night. So our society’s got no chance.
08:31   What are we doing about it? What do we do?
08:34   We help poor, vulnerable neighbourhoods that are exposed to Islam.
08:38   We give them legal help to use the system
08:45   to resist applications for new mosques.
08:49   The law calls for that, policy encourages it, and the system requires it.
08:53   We simply help ordinary neighbours to do their duty
08:57   within the system, within the law.
09:00   And we are vilified for that. We are simply cleaning up the mess
09:03   that politicians have made and which they are unable to clean up.
09:07   You’d think they would just let us get on with it. But no.
09:10   We are vilified for that. And the reason is
09:13   because the problems with Islam suit you
09:17   if you are a politician.
09:20   They are not a by-product of the policy: they are the policy.
09:24   That’s not conspiracy. This isn’t about conspiracy.
09:27   It is simply observing that ambitious people do
09:30   what it is in their interests to do. Like most of us do, most of the time.
09:34   It’s about self-serving groupthink. It works, so it grows.
09:38   If you doubt this, if you think this is untrue, ask yourself
09:42   what is the corresponding benefit to Islam?
09:45   How does anyone else benefit from it?
09:48   If you doubt that, ask yourself: why do we see record numbers
09:51   of immigration every year,
09:54   particularly Islamic immigration? And this at a time
09:58   when politicians say they are having to fight for every vote.
10:01   And every poll that is conducted reveals there’s about a 60% or 80% majority
10:05   of people wanting tighter controls on immigration,
10:08   particularly Islamic immigration. And when immigration is
10:11   among the top two or three issues of every poll.
10:15   Unless the politicians don’t want to fight for those votes.
10:19   Again, if you doubt this, why is it that the authorities
10:22   go bent when they’re dealing with the problems with Islam?
10:25   It’s not simple incompetence. It’s not simple blindness.
10:28   Incompetence doesn’t explain
10:31   the uniformity of these policies across the whole of Europe.
10:34   It can’t explain that. Usually if you’re incompetent there’s some variety.
10:38   This is something that is actively sought out.
10:41   It is not a by-product of the policy: it is the policy.
10:45   And you don’t have to be a genius to work this out.
10:48   Every violent boyfriend, every wife beater, every neighbourhood thug,
10:51   every tinpot dictator understand this: if you grind people down a little bit,
10:54   if you make them more dependent, if you deny them their sense of identity,
10:58   then they’re going to be a little bit more docile,
11:01   a bit more easy to rule. And if you happen to be
11:04   one of those politicians, that is in your interests.
11:08   So don’t expect politicians to deal with these problems.
11:13   They won’t. You have to do it yourselves.
11:17   They will talk all the time about public interest,
11:20   but their actions will be about self-interest.
11:24   About self-serving. You have to do it yourself,
11:27   and do it within the law. Do it using the law.
11:30   If you ignore the law you are likely to find
11:33   that it may not be worth winning in the end.
11:36   If you use the law you will find it to be a potent weapon.
11:39   You’ll find yourself more likely to win.
11:42   And that is what we do. That’s what we’ll continue to do.
11:44   Thank you.

For more on Gavin Boby and the Law and Freedom Foundation, see the Law and Freedom Foundation Archives.

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  1. Steely, icy, calm logic. His style is perfect. Thanks to Vlad too. This group will help England and is about as persuasive as one could get.

  2. I wish people would learn to hold their phones horizontally when recording video. Most people don’t have rotating video screens, and even when they do they usually don’t want to rotate them just to watch an improperly shot video 🙁

  3. why do “they” keep letting these savages into their country? That is the biggest puzzle and I just don’t get it. Of course, we are letting them in, too — I guess Dearborn, MI is a no-go zone and has been for some time. Not sure where else, but it just makes no sense to me.

    Let the savages live in their own benighted countries and let civilized people live without the predators.

    It’s an evil religion.

    • I don’t think “they’ have much say any more other than to keep the “grand we” in cash checks and balances. Especially in the USA where the borders are getting kinda like welcoming points for the next amnesty build up. “They” are working on a drone I heard?

    • We are *thinking* under an ancien regime with quaint ideas like sovereignty and intact borders, etc. Many of us still do live that way- we’re expected to produce passports and visas, etc. if we travel from place to place. Meanwhile a new world order is taking place underneath, where massive numbers of people come and go (many of them pushed by economic chaos and corruption). If we see these newcomers, often illegally bought here, we simply observe their movements in the “news” as though it were happening somewhere else. There is a growing gap between the rhetoric and our own quotidian reality.

      Day-to-day life hasn’t changed but the foundations are shifting. When those foundations finally succumb to fault lines and tectonic pressures, only a small few will have been aware ahead of time.

      Obama came up with a splendid idea, at least from his point of view: decimate the military and use all those “old” bases for storing illegals, many of them minors but not like any children we would understand. Do you remember this incident last summer?


      Lawrenceville has a closed Episcopalian black college/seminary. IIRC, the bureaucrats who run the Diocese of Southern Virginia, penitent racists all, were quite willing to let the immigrants have the place. When the residents of Lawrenceville noticed the new activity at the school they made inquiries and then began a push-back via their Board of Supervisors. Here is a meeting in which the residents of Lawrenceville tell DHS to leave.


      There is an eloquent man about 5:50 or so. He speaks for many Virginians.

      I wish all towns had the chance that Lawrenceville did, the chance to say NO.

      • The ancient Greeks understood that when Democracy fails, it is most likely thru BRIBERY. That is, the leadership is paid off (not necessarily with $$$$$$$$$) to ‘look the other way’; and thus ignore the needs of the ‘polus’. In what used to be called “the West”, this detriment takes the form of massive population transfers of an influx of Islamic “warrior class” young (black) men. (In the US, it’s a mixture of Islamists and Mexican-Central Americans.)
        When their numbers reach critical mass–5-7%–they do what invaders always do.
        It seems that the cover-up of such behaviour is even reaching the level of public consciousness–too late I’m afraid as the cover-up is so pervasive.
        The crunch will come soon, as the HUGE financial burden of these non-productive yet hostile invaders grows apace. Right now, our zero-per cent interest-rated inflation fuels and covers the cost.

        Not much longer.

      • Thanks Dymphna , the first paragraph really resonates . Most people have pursuits , jobs or even whiffling activities like golf to occupy their time .The real social societal changes are already well in place yet go largely unremarked in popular culture . For the community organisers (cum POTUS) among us , its just time to sit back and wait for the ancien regime to collapse completely . I am afraid we have been conditioned and ‘how’ to hold our tongues for fear of being judgemental , bigoted , self opinionated blah blah blah.
        Well that’ll do no good . The Obamas’ and the one world types are a few holes up and we are well into the back nine . Silence , from here will be the death of us !

  4. Gavin Boby is a superstar. He has a track record in England of holding back the tide of mosque construction – practically 100%.

  5. All of this is coming to America very soon. The Muslim-in-Chief with his “Task Force of New Americans” is bringing in Muslims by the hundreds of thousands and placing them in “receiving communities”. These new Americans are viewed as “seedlings” and will grow into giant trees which will displace the autochthonous peoples and will become a “Country within a Country”. This is what Muslims do. They enter our country and do not assimilate. The Obama government reclassifies these people as refugees who are then entitled to all the benefits of citizens. This is part of the invasion and eventual overthrow of our country. Stealth jihad which is assisted by our own government. The Muslim Brotherhood states that we will help in the overthrow of our own government with our own miserable hands. Obama is helping to make this come true.

    [redacted names – admin]

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