Islamization and Hijacked Patriotism

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Islamization and Hijacked Patriotism
by Fjordman

I have just seen the film American Sniper, directed by Clint Eastwood, about Chris Kyle and his experiences as a very efficient sniper in Iraq. I was not initially planning to see it, but then I heard that it had been denounced by left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore. That is a recommendation in my book.

Chris Kyle had flaws just like the rest of us. He was not a saint. However, I do not doubt that he considered himself a true patriot. What my strongest impression was after seeing this film is how much the genuine patriotism of Western citizens is abused by the rotten Western ruling elites.

In one scene in the film, the character of Kyle, played by Bradley Cooper, explains why he is in Iraq. He wants to fight them (militant Muslims) in the Middle East, so that he will not have to fight them in New York or San Diego. That is an admirable sentiment. I understand his will to fight enemies who had attacked his country.

What Chris Kyle did not understand is that the natural patriotism of many Americans after the Jihadist attacks of September 11, 2001 was quickly hijacked. A decade and a half later, the number of radical Muslims in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Sydney, Paris, Berlin or Rome is higher than ever. That is because Muslim immigration continues unabated. After the deadly attacks in New York, Madrid, London and Paris, Western leaders publicly declared that Islam is a religion of peace. Muslim immigration continued as before.

What did the USA and the rest of the Western world really achieve in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2001 to 2015? I have seen claims that the USA alone has spent more than 1,000 billion dollars since September 2001 on fighting “terror.” Others suggest even higher figures. What was the result of spending all that money? Sponsoring the ethnic cleansing of Christians and other non-Muslims in Iraq? Making Afghanistan safe for opium production?

I have enjoyed a lifelong interest in astronomy and space exploration. I cannot help but wonder what we could have achieved if that money had been spent on something else. Let us say we spent a quarter of this sum on space exploration. For that money, we could now have had orbiters around all of the major planets in our Solar System, including Uranus and Neptune. We could have funded a new generation of robotic probes investigating some of the most interesting moons in our Solar System, such as Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Enceladus and Titan. We could have had many large new ground-based observatories, combined with a brand new fleet of space observatories in all electromagnetic wavelengths. We might even have had some money left over for a manned mission to Mars. Not just a one-way trip, but perhaps a return trip.

These opportunities have been wasted because Western political elites decided that they wanted to spend our money on trying to make Muslims less Islamic, while importing large numbers of them to the West.

Move forward nearly fourteen years, this time to France. On January 10-11 2015, millions of people across France marched to honor the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. The problem was that the real outrage of many normal citizens was once more quickly hijacked by the political elites and the mass media. As Robert Spencer aptly remarked: “Millions in Paris rally against nothing in particular.”

All the European leaders present, including French President François Hollande, assured us that Islam is a religion of peace which had nothing to do with the Jihadist terror attack. “The attacks in Paris are an insult to Islam,” stressed President Hollande, reiterating that “Muslims are the main victims of terrorism.” This closely echoes the words of U.S. President George W. Bush in September 2001 that “Islam is peace” and that “These acts of violence against innocents violate the fundamental tenets of the Islamic faith.”

This was nonsense then, and it is nonsense now. It neatly sums up why the Western world has been losing every day since then.

As one observer in France remarked: “Current social plan: we are one. No, really. Really we are. We are all nice and good when we are together. Islam is just another religion, and can be accommodated, integrated, in spite of centuries of evidence to the contrary. Negotiate with your executioner. We just have to keep calm and carry on believing the loony narrative that we can live together with a value system that seeks our destruction.”

I become more and more hardened in my long-standing conviction that Problem Number 1 is the lying, cheating Globalist Western ruling elites and their open borders ideology. Problem Number 2 is Muslim Jihadists and other hostile aliens. I remain convinced that the West has the intellectual, economic and military capability to deal with the Islamic threat, if we do so in a sensible manner. We are currently prevented from doing so due to our ruling elites.

We cannot deal properly with the Islamic threat until the useless elites and their damaging Multicultural, Globalist ideology have been removed from power throughout the Western world.


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30 thoughts on “Islamization and Hijacked Patriotism

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  1. I guess our elites have decided that Islam = peace no matter the magnitude of the evidence. Eg. the greatest evidence would be if everyone was dead, killed by Islamic terrorists and every murder was documented and filmed and all the Imans have attributed the deaths to Islam. Even here in this fanciful scenario, the progressives–even if they are mostly dead in the morgue themselves–will proclaim the innocence of Islam.

    This means that the progressive mind is truly wired incorrectly–like the flat earthers.

  2. If the “leaders” fail to name the enemy (Fundamental Islam, as such), fail to use their full might to destroy the enemy (up to and including a neutron bomb on Tora Bora to kill Bin Laden and his henchmen immediately) , and lie about the source of the enemy’s ideology (“Islam is a religion of peace”)- you lose.

    Wasting soldiers’ lives and the nation’s treasure on misadventures (Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, etc.) based on fantasies about what can be accomplished (“democratization”) among anti-rational, anti-democratic, totalitarian-loving religious throwbacks (Muslims who implement the Koran in their national belief systems and laws) is immoral, insane and treasonous.

    Until the leadership of the West is thrown out of power and replaced with warriors who know history and love their culture, people and achievements (Science, Art, Technology, Philosophy/Psychology, Literature, et al)- we lose.

    Islam knows its aims and is determined to accomplish them at any cost and by any means.

    The non-Muslim world is drifting in Candyland.

  3. Many years ago Fouad Ajami, an Iranian-American, wrote in the WSJ with an obviously heavy heart, that America’s nobly-intentioned military involvement in Afghanistan to remove the Taliban was an utter waste of American blood and treasure due to the ancient and intractable tribal conflicts there. He was utterly persuasive in his detailed reasoning. I recall the sum of American taxpayer dollars expended in Afghanistan at the time at $3 trillion. Happy to be corrected on that sum. And quite a few Australian soldiers have lost their lives there too.

    There was no real strategic US interest or Western interest at stake, no oil, no lucrative contracts for the “evil” Halliburton corporation. Just a desire that basically girls could attend school and women didn’t have to wear polyester burkas in the stifling heat.

    Afghanistan was/is an ill-starred foreign intervention that should serve as a salutary lesson: the West cannot and should not attempt to try to solve all the world’s problems.

    Fjordman is right in that the net result of Western intervention in Afghanistan is that it has made it safe for opium production: forget the historic “Golden Triangle” of Thailand-Laos-Burma; the Afghanistan based “Golden Crescent” has become the epicentre of world opium production and consequently the “ground floor” of the world’s heroin production and distribution industry. The upper floors of that industry are dominated by our lovely NATO partner Turkey which refines the raw opium into heroin and transmits it into Europe and elsewhere through the Turkish diaspora in Europe. Which is how welfare-drawing Turks in Germany, for example, manage to own luxury motor vehicles. Of course the Albanian diaspora gets a share of the trade too.

    Fjordman laments the opportunity cost of the treasure wasted by the US in Afghanistan in terms of space exploration. Fair enough. My opportunity cost equation, however, looks at the declining income and demographic shrinkage of the American middle-class. Take the fictional White family in the HBO series “Breaking Bad”. Not so many decades ago a high school science teacher, especially one living in cheap-real-estate Albuquerque, New Mexico, could have supported a wife and child in modest prosperity. Those days are gone. But they need not have. Apart from disengagement from futile foreign military interventions, cessation of American funding of the UN, UNWRA and cutting off of all foreign aid (including that to Israel – comprising 1.5-2.0% of the Israeli government budget despite the ridiculous propaganda* routinely bandied about) would be a great start.

    *On a lighter note PJ O’Rourke in “Holidays in Hell” relates how he was told in Lebanon by a Hezbollah goon that 67 cents in every tax dollar paid by him goes to Israel! This view, if not the exact percentage, is widely held in the Middle East.

    • The current inhabitants of Afghanistan are the descendants of the muslims who committed genocide upon the inhabitants of the country, prior to seizing its assets for the benefit of the conquerors. (Nothing much new there, then) But why should anyone think we could have “civilising” influence on these primitives?

  4. Has anybody else noticed that in common with all TV dramas etc and Hollywood films these days which are set in Muslim countries or involve Muslim characters, “American Sniper” though it has other Muslim named characters, has no Mohammads in it? Is this rule written or unwritten? I don’t know when it started but in the case of “Homeland” you have to go back to the first series in 2012 to find one – and that was a bit part. It’s almost as if the producers were afraid of using the name for some reason…

    • I have not noticed this, but I find it strange having lived in a Muslim majority nation for the past two years. There is a plurality of men named ‘Mohamed’ or some variation thereof.

  5. I think the French had the right idea when they responded to Muslim piracy in the nineteenth century by conquering and colonizing Algeria. Ultimately, the project was abandoned and colonialism is now considered taboo by Western elites. Yet, Muslims are allowed to massively immigrate to the West to colonize and Islamicize their host countries.
    To control a country you have to settle it and control its land. Muslims know this: Islam is based on conquest and domination of land (dar el Harb vs dar el Islam). If we are to effectively defeat Islam, that is the only way. I realize how impractical that sounds. Who wants to live in Syria? Yet, with adequate security measures, as the Israelis have with their settlements, it can be accomplished.
    If we really had intended to defeat terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, we should have stayed permanently, settled Westerners there and set up Western political structures. Instead we fell into the delusion that Islam was not the problem and that simply changing Muslim leaders would be enough. Since we were unwilling to do the job right, we shouldn’t have invaded in the first place.

    • I’ve lived in Algeria for the past two years. It is clear that little has been achieved since the French left (yes, left, there was no Dien Bien Phu or anything close to it here) in the early 60s.

      For all their faults, at least the French had a plan for this country that included the development of infrastructure, the development of local industry and agriculture, and the development of two-way economic trade.

      The current, native leadership is incapable of any constructive planning. The oil wealth is stolen for offshore accounts, European real estate, and mosque construction in France. There is no encouragement of local industry or agriculture, and most food and consumer goods are imported with the remainder of the oil money.

      The little that has been achieved since the French left has largely come from imported Western expertise, such as myself.

      • Thanks, Rap. I’m actually very pessimistic about the situation as I think the West lacks the self-confidence to carry out the tough measures required to survive. The immigration situation in Europe should never have been allowed to get to this point, but part of it was the allure of cheap Arab labor, and, as they say, nothing is so expensive as cheap labor.

      • In the early 1970’s Australia elected a Labor government that promised to make Papua New Guinea independent because colonialism was such a horrid paternalistic evil. Post-independence PNG just sinks lower and lower every year on all HDI criteria: incidence of rape, violent robberies, AIDS, etc. It only stays afloat economically due to copper mining by Western mining companies paying taxes and keeping the foreign trade ledger in the black.

        And then there is the marvelous outcome of removing the evil white colonial regime in Rhodesia and replacing it with Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. How well has that worked out for the African population? Google “Canaan Banana”, Zimbabwe’s first President – he was then Prime Minister Mugabe’s placeman – to get an insight into how quickly and deeply Zimbabwe went to ruin. I’d bet a high proportion of Zimbabwe’s Shona and Ndebele people over 50 years old pine for the bad old days of Ian Smith’s Rhodesia.

        • I would add South Africa as another nation that has trended downward following the end of white rule. I see Mandela as a noble, yet tragic figure who was largely unable to create a stable system that would not succumb to base tribalism.

          Mbeki and Zuma’s post-Mandela actions have also generated plenty of anecdotes that indicate things are actually worse for significant percentages of South Africans than they were under the deKlerk regime.

      • Western countries always leave the “occupied” territory better than it was when they arrived. muslim countries always “leave” the country worse than when they arrived.

  6. Good point about the movement of heroin through Europe, in the U.K. much of this trade is controlled by Pakistani-Muslim gangs; and the proceeds laundered through businesses they own or are associated with. Those being fast food places, restaurants, taxi firms and other businesses where cash transactions predominate.

    Regarding Fjordman’s excellent article, if you can’t or are unwilling to identify who the enemy is: you can’t prevail against them.

    • I agree there is a lot of laundering and trafficking taking place in Europe, but why would these folks waste time doing it at businesses the authorities are wholly unafraid to investigate?

      A network of mosques has been established for a *reason*!

      • They do it because they need to show where the money they have has come from, in the U.K. if you made (or attempted to make, as many places don’t accept it) high value purchases in cash (house, cars, boats etc); and that came to the attention of the authorities, you would need it to have the appearance of legitimate income. That it why they “clean” it through businesses which traditionally do a lot of trade for cash. They also own and are involved in dodgy bureaux des changes for this purpose too.
        I’m not aware of how money could be laundered through a mosque, but that isn’t to say they don’t do: anything illegal; corrupt or wicked they are usually involved in it somewhere.

        • PB

          This Muslim small cash business money-laundering phenomenon you identify is ubiquitous throughout the West. In addition to legitimate fronts for drug trafficking, there is the added advantage of income tax evasion and paying employees in cash so they may also draw down welfare payments. For the reasons you explain I very much doubt any significant drug-trafficking takes place in mosques.

          • Postscript: There is a Muslim-run convenience store several hundred metres from my home where I learned several years ago (I was at a nearby party and certain partygoers wanted some cocaine) that one can just walk in and ask for cocaine, speed or heroin. The knack is to just walk in and confidently ask as if you were asking for laundry detergent.

          • I once saw a Pakistani – Muslim taxi driver drop 3 lads off and then sell them alcohol out of the boot (trunk) of his car. This was in the summer, quite openly on the road outside a pub where about 20 people were sitting / standing outside. They really do think the laws don’t apply to them.
            I know of someone who went on a prison visit, there was a Muslima in front of him; when she was searched they found a knife she was trying to smuggle in. They took the knife off her and then just let her carry on with her visit. If it had been the person I know doing that, he’d have ended up in there as an inmate.

        • Patrick:

          From what I have read the concept of ‘zakat’ or alms for the poor is applied when it comes to laundering money through a mosque.

  7. Totally agree. The West is facing a two-headed monster; Western political elites and Islam. The people are not able to rid themselves of these elites by the usual means of the ballot box, and so we are unable to fight the second “head”. The situation at this point looks and feels frustratingly helpless. Yet I never want to lose hope.

  8. Patriots fight on two fronts: in the back: against the corrupt-and/or-naive political leaders and the media (an efficient 5th Column) – in front relentless and deadly islamic invasions.

    Humans, being what they are, need courageous leaders. I can see only 2 at the moment: Geert Wilders and perhaps the Canadian PM.

  9. Removing the present multiculti elite from power is a start. But for that to have any meaning, the replacement party must have a clear idea befoire the election, how to remove the existential threat to the West without leading to a civil war. It will be a civil fr war worse then any that has gone before it, as the replaced elite (the left ), will join forces with the forces of Islam.

    Thus, prior to the the election, the left has to be totally discredited, its ground troops defect, and it has no base whatever. In effect, the marginalisation of the left must start now.

    At this moment, I see no institution in the West, except a church remnant, that has the will, faith and fortitude, to see it through.

  10. We will either get over our squeamishness about killing enemies or this civilization will be dust within 50 years. Seriously. And what would constitute ‘getting over our squeamishness’? We have to be willing to [intemperate recommendations redacted]. No big deal, it’s war. And it truly is the same with regard to the mainstream Left. They marginalize and reject Western values so why should they be allowed to continue in their betrayal and sedition? Why not just start [intemperate recommendation redacted]? Start quietly and act when the opportunity presents itself. Just do it. Just start taking back our civilization from the Leftist traitors and the Islamic supremacists. To [redacted] is a righteous act.

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