10 thoughts on “Our Multicultural Rainbow Coalition of Suicidal Stupidity

  1. Right on as always! A truly eloquent spokesman for us non-believers, no one says it quite like Pat.

    • He’s a national treasure: the clarity and simplicity.

      On a more maudlin note, in Michel Houellebecq’s latest novel “Submission”, a French Jewish character says, upon the accession to the Presidency of a Muslim politician and the gradual imposition of Sharia: “I’m getting out of here – I’m leaving for Israel”, his non-Jewish French girlfriend responds with entirely understandable self-pity: “I don’t have an Israel to go to!” or words to that effect.

      This is what I don’t get about Europeans and their Islam problem: unless they’re young, educated and skilled, there’s no place they can escape to as matters deteriorate.

  2. Allowing muslim,s to stay in your country is like opening the gates of the castle to let the hun,s in

    • Why Europe does not learn a lesson?
      There was so much relief in the decades following WW2 that we believed WW2 to be the last war in Europe and it would also be a warning to anyone elsewhere to entertain those inner itching urgings for wars.
      We built “Lest We Forget” monuments, to remind us of the 6 million Jews and others who were mercilessly barbarically ISIS-like brutal murder.
      Today if you go on a visit to Auschwitz this is what you hear from your guide ” Many innocent people lost their lives here.”
      No mention of 6 million or the Jews.
      All this to save the tender gossamer super feelings of the gods-on earth muslim jihadis, the de facto gods of the west, who direct our policies, run our universities, design our clothes, provide us their purified allah blessed harshly, inhumanely killed meat.

      Pat if half of 7.3 billion so called humans were as alert and as wise and observant, and just, scrupulous and conscientious, we would not create a hell for ourselves manned by jihadis.

      The king who dies lately had 22 wives. The Pirate pedophile urged his jihadis to have 4 wives to take over the world. And we in the west facilitate that invasion by making sure they are well fed, well trained for slaughtering us and well provided with Stingers.
      In Washington there will be a competition to write an essay and a great celebration to praise the departed king and show how without him and his 22 wives the west would have perished.

      The west . . . what has happened to your brain? Where is your logic and knowledge? Why you have no position? Why don’t you listen to Pat and learn something? Why are you coursing to the trap laid for you by jihadis? You have no will no character. Nothing that can categorize you as humans worthy of anything you claim to be. You misunderstand freedom and equality. Y ou are led by the nose by jihadis. You act like you have been dhimmis for ever. You can’t decide anything unless you take permission from your muslim masters.

      Why are you so afraid and trembling? Donkeys shouldn’t be the leaders
      of lions. Your cowardice and sycophancy to muslims melts me. I have lost faith in God and Man (including those staunch feminists), who act like lions except when confronting muslims.

      Have we ever seen or heard of such abject cads ever in history, such treachery, such treachery and hypocrisy?

      You are safe and live in another world. You don’t visit no-go-zones. Fie on you.
      Anyone who votes for you is even worse than the British Traitor Class.

  3. to the point,clear and eloquent ad ever.Yesterday, our german president in his speech to the assembly of lawmakers equaled jew-hatred and islamophobia.
    This man is a learned theologist-reverend! This goes to show how stupid one can be….. or is it malavolent disinformation and if, in whose interest? Cui bono?

  4. Where is the spirit and idea and adventurism and invention and belief in ourselves gone? Apple and Microsoft and MacDonalds are still there but always having to be pulled down by the New Puritans of Political Correctness. Why? Our enemies may be poor and could never have invented the technology which we gave them to destroy us. Why? Did the Sixties really wreak such havoc on us our society through our schools and universities that we have come to hate ourselves so. Why? I believe that we western countries are the best, kindest and giving to the poor societies that ever lived. I believe their own countries leaders have so little belief in their people they steal everything we give and leave their own people with nothing. It might be time for Free Western Countries to practise tough love, starting with our getting out of the United Nations and forming a new one that only includes Free People.

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