Brother Rashid Gives President Obama a Lesson in the REAL Islam

Brother Rashid is a former Muslim from Morocco who converted to Christianity and now hosts an Arabic-language call-in program on television. Normally Brother Rashid (spelled “Rachid” here) speaks in Arabic, but the following video is addressed to President Obama, so it is in English:

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Hat tip: DF.

8 thoughts on “Brother Rashid Gives President Obama a Lesson in the REAL Islam

    • I think it’s just an illustration of the Muslim obsession with declaring their distinctness from kufar. Since they’ve chosen to wear infidel-style T-shirts, tote infidel-made weapons, employ infidel-invented media, etc. etc., they have to be imaginative in making clear how much they despise everything infidel.

  1. This guy is [an epithet]. Hej does not know what he talks about.
    About hes statement that Muhammad was not allowed to have prisoners is indeed very wrong. I am a muslim and I Will allways be, I have been taught both by my grandfather and my father but also in the mosque that Muhammad actually kept prisoners and promised them that they will be free men on condition that each one of them should teach a number of those Muslims who where illiterate to read and write. And so it became they became free men. Actually there is a hadith about this and it is famous but unfortunately I can not relate to the name of it because I forgot the name of it.

  2. Thank you for the information. How do we get Muslims to change away from this religion. What got you to change? Stay Safe!!!

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