England’s Ten Percent Club

Our British correspondent JP sends this very interesting comment left today by a reader on a blog post by Norman Tebbit, “Political correctness created the silence that allowed Rotherham”, published by The Telegraph. The commenter supplies a list of constituencies in England where the Muslim population was greater than 10% at the 2001 census, and then gives the 2011 census figure with percentage change. A second list supplies constituencies which have joined the 10% club based on the 2011 census.

I’ve reformatted the statistics in tabular fashion, but have otherwise left the comment as-is.

Reader comment by slippery_sam on 5 September 2014

A few years ago I collated a list of English constituencies where the Muslim population was greater than ten percent according to the 2001 census figures — there were 40 such seats. I have now updated these figures from the 2011 census…

The first percentage is the 2001 figure, the second is the 2011:

Constituency   Party   2001   2011   % change
Birmingham Hall Green   Labour   35.7%   46.6%   +30.5%
Birmingham Hodge Hill   Labour   35.8%   52.1%   +45.5%
Birmingham Ladywood   Labour   28.7%   35.2%   +22.6%
Birmingham Perry Barr   Labour   14.8%   22.7%   +53.3%
Walsall South   Labour   12.6%   18.8%   +49.2%
Blackburn   Labour   25.9%   36.3%   +40.1%
Oldham West   Labour   15.6%   24.6%   +57.6%
Pendle   Tory   13.4%   17.4%   +29.8%
Preston   Labour   15.3%   14%   -8.5%
Rochdale   Labour   16.8%   23.6%   +40.4%
Batley & Spen   Labour   14.7%   18.8%   +27.9%
Bradford East   Labour   24.3%   36.9%   +51.9%
Bradford West   Respect   43.0%   51.3%   +19.3%
Bolton South East   Labour   10.9%   18.6%   +70.6%
Dewsbury   Tory   12.1%   18.5%   +52.9%
Halifax   Labour   10.1%   13.5%   +33.7%
Derby South   Labour   16.0%   14.2%   -11.3%
Leicester East   Labour   10.3%   20.0%   +94.1%
Leicester South   Labour   19.3%   27.8%   +44.0%
Manchester Gorton   Labour   18.2%   28.8%   +58.2%
Slough   Labour   13.8%   23.8%   +72.5%
Wycombe   Tory   10.1%   13.4%   +32.7%
Luton North   Labour   10.8%   22.4%   +107.4%
Luton South   Labour   17.4%   25.3%   +45.4%
Bethnal Green and Bow   Labour   39.4%   35.4%   -10.2%
Brent Central   Lib Dem   12.6%   21.2%   +68.3%
Brent North   Labour   12.8%   17.5%   +36.7%
Ealing Southall   Labour   13.3%   18.8%   +41.4%
East Ham   Labour   29.0%   37.4%   +29.0%
Edmonton   Labour   14.4%   24.5%   +70.1%
Feltham and Heston   Labour   14.1%   15.7%   +11.3%
Hackney North   Labour   14.5%   13.9%   -4.1%
Hackney South   Labour   12.9%   14.4%   +11.6%
Holborn & St Pancras   Labour   14.1%   14.1%   No change
Ilford South   Labour   19.6%   34.9%   +78.1%
Leyton & Wanstead   Labour   16.6%   22.6%   +36.1%
Poplar & Limehouse   Labour   33.0%   33.6%   +1.8%
Tottenham   Labour   15.2%   19.1%   +25.7%
Walthamstow   Labour   18.0%   25.4%   +41.1%
West Ham   Labour   19.8%   26.8%   +35.4%
Westminster North   Labour   14.1%   22.6%   +60.3%

Dunno what happened in Bethnal Green and Bow for the numbers to drop 10%? Maybe a bunkbed collapsed?…

The following constituencies had the dubious honour of joining the 10% club. The rate of change is truly staggering… Pity the poor people of Barking …

Constituency   Party   2001   2011   % change
Barking   Labour   5.5%   16.7%   +203.6%
Birmingham Edgbaston   Labour   3.7%   7.0%   +89%
Birmingham Erdington   Labour   3.4%   7.8%   +129%
Birmingham Selly Oak   Labour   3.5%   7.3%   +108%
Birmingham Yardley   Lib Dem   8.9%   20.6%   +131%
Blackley & Broughton   Labour   8.9%   16.7%   +87.6%
Bolton North East   Labour   8.1%   11.7%   +44.4%
Bradford South   Labour   5.4%   12.3%   +127.8%
Brentford & Isleworth   Tory   8.2%   12.5%   +52.4%
London & Westminster   Tory   9.0%   12.3%   +36.7%
Croydon North   Labour   9.1%   12.9%   +41.8%
Derby South   Labour   9.3%   14.2%   +52.7%
Ealing Central & Acton   Tory   8.4%   13.4%   +59.5%
Ealing North   Labour   9.7%   15.5%   +59.8%
Enfield North   Tory   6%   13.5%   +125%
Enfield Southgate   Tory   8.1%   11.1%   +37%
Hammersmith   Labour   8.2%   11.8%   +43.9%
Hayes & Harlington   Labour   6.9%   16.6%   +140.6%
Hendon   Tory   7.9%   13.9%   +76.0%
Huddersfield   Labour   9.1%   13.7%   +50.5%
Hyndburn   Labour   7.3%   10.4%   +42.5%
Ilford North   Tory   6.4%   15.3%   +139.1%
Islington North   Labour   8.5%   10.0%   +17.6%
Keighley   Tory   8.4%   13.1%   +56.0%
Kensington   Tory   9.3%   10.9%   +17.2%
Leeds East   Labour   6.5%   10.6%   +63.1%
Manchester Central   Labour   6%   12.5%   +108.3%
Manchester Withington   Lib Dem   7.5%   11%   +46.7%
Mitcham & Morden   Labour   6.5%   10.7%   +64.6%
Nottingham East   Labour   7.7%   13.2%   +71.4%
Nottingham South   Labour   5.4%   10.1%   +87%
Oldham East & Saddleworth   Labour   8.5%   14.2%   +67.1%
Peterborough   Tory   8.1%   13.7%   +69.0%
Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough   Labour   7.9%   14.8%   +87.3%
Sheffield Central   Labour   8.4%   11.3%   +34.5%
Sheffield Southeast     6.1%   10.0%   +63.9%
Tooting   Labour   6.9%   10.7%   +55.1%
Warley   Labour   7.4%   14.0%   +89.2%

Rotherham? ‘Only’ 9%…

28 thoughts on “England’s Ten Percent Club

  1. These figures will be on the low side Baron, as there will be many folk in those constituencies here unlawfully. The number of those illegal immigrants won’t feature in any census figures. That aside, the figures are truly shocking. It would be interesting to ascertain the ethnicity of the MPs in the constituencies which are Tory.

    • The figures necessarily do not include the numbers for non-Moslem immigrants – from sub-Sahara, South America, China, India, Indonesia as well as from the EU. These other migrants will also be Labour voters.

      My country is now destroyed.

  2. “Rotherham? ‘Only’ 9%…”

    Why is this surprising? If you were an “Asian” wanting to bag some underage white booty, would you go looking for it in Birmingham Hodge Hill, or a place where the Muslim population was “only” 9%?!

    • Also, Rotherham is right next to Sheffield – 3 of whose districts have now joined the “ten percent club”, and gave rise to such notables as “Prince” Naseem Hamed, a boxing legend whose attitude seems to be the rolemodel for many of the “Asian” gangs… given such gangs also pride themselves on their “beemers”, or other high-performance cars, a grooming excursion to the less-“enriched” Rotherham would involve a driving time of just 20 minutes (according to Google).

    • Did he react publicly to Bradford West’s bludgeoned Galloway’s (Respect Party) declaration of Bradford as “Israel Frei”?

  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/6418456/Labour-wanted-mass-immigration-to-make-UK-more-multicultural-says-former-adviser.html

    “rub the Right’s nose in diversity” anyone?

    You got to give it to Labour. Labour is very succesful in importing their own voters. The Tory’s must be very happy with all these cheap workers for their company’s. To bad some portion of these new “workers” misbehave, but who cares!? Gimme cheap labour anyway 🙂

    Labour and the Tories are both equally desastrous for Britain. Their counterparts form a government in the Netherlands and they stink too..

    • Regarding the government’s ‘new’ immigration policy: “Britain’s borders are stronger than ever before…[t]he British people can be confident that immigration is under control.” Hahahaha! Yes, under control of the EU is Brussels and Strasbourg!!

  4. Geopolitical games and nuclear war with Russia and China may yet succeed to trump the muslim bananification of the now upside-down Europe.

  5. The numbers dropped in Bethnal Green and Bow because the diaspora within comes from there. In the recent past Churches became synagogues became mosques, and may be something else soon. That’s where poor people went to become wealthy people. Those who leave have succeeded. Those who succeed might just be assets, the lure of middle class hood bedazzles everyone eventually.

      • No. I’m afraid it is our responsibility to stay and fight.

        Young Private speaking just prior to the assault at Rorkes Drift:
        “Why us, sergeant, why us?”

        Sergeant’s reply: “Because we’re here lad, there’s noone else.”

        (Or words to that effect.)

        • That’s a great line from a great film with a superb cast, “Zulu”. I don’t think there is the remotest chance that it would ever be made today, if it hadn’t been then.

  6. Witness those astounding figures revealing how successful the intentional Balkanization of England has been thus far. The folks in Kosovo could provide some hints as to what lies on the horizon for natives whose politically correct heads remain firmly planted in the ground – while they still have it.

  7. And people wonder why the Scots want to break away from the South (the country once called England.)

    One thing: if the Scots vote yet at least they wont get banged up under Section 4 (or Section 5) of the Public Order Act.

    Years ago, I was going to London to see a concert at the Brixton Academy and I was warned that I would feel like a spot on a domino. They were not wrong – and look how “progressive” England has gotten since then. Isn’t multiculturalism just fantastic!

  8. Wake up people of the UK, wake up. as far as the jihadists wanting to come back home, the UK is not their home, they left to murder and rape, maim and kill under the IS flag. As long as it went their way they were happy to have blood on their hands. Now, they want back in. Trojan Horse, they want in to practice what they have learned. In the UK. Plus being clean and having access to everything they grew up with. This is merely a respite before they attack…again.

  9. Interesting that the figures in my former constituency of Hayes and Harlington appear so low when compared to others. There are no white faces to be seen on the streets there. Maybe the white people are out working. It is also possible that many immigrants names do not appear on the electoral roll -probably because they are illegal.

    I am going back for four weeks in October/November to see how bad it has become. I went back for a similar period last year and I, too, felt like a spot on a domino.

    • It’s mind boggling that we bombed our Serbian friends and ripped off Kosovo for the muslim enemy’s pleasure. We are now, sooner or later going to get diced and sliced. Wasn’t ignorance bliss and ego gratification and arrogance trippy – for a while.

  10. “Dunno what happened in Bethnal Green and Bow for the numbers to drop 10%? Maybe a bunkbed collapsed?…”

    Areas like Spitalfields, Whitechapel, Aldgate, Shadwell are becoming “gentrified”.

    When gay men were recently attacked in Whitechapel, being kept deliberately ignorant by the media of the long history of muslims attacking gays in East London, the victim thought that the homophobic attack occurred because of this “gentrification”.

    “We are just scared and afraid it might happen again and it just shouldn’t be like that. You get these patrols that make you feel like you’re trespassing in their area. I think it’s a clash as people are starting to move into multicultural areas.”

  11. I live in and around the places afflicted by this onslaught, unfortunately I am in Croydon North too often and have to suffer competing with the world for every imaginable public resource. The 41.8% increase Croydon North has had has seen a burgeoning array of halal outlets, leaflets through doors professing the need to buy halal pizzas, chicken etc. Walking to the shopping center from the a23 feels like doing so via the middle east, and this is meant to enrich us?

    I would love to see the figures for Lambeth if anyone has them. The gentrification of Brixton has meant that the resettlement of certain groups has made Croydon more dangerous than Brixton. Croydon needs gentrifying quick even if I have to pay £4 a pint. But the bigger situation is even though Clapham, Camden, Hoxton, Brixton etc are becoming in part more middle class they are still flanked by large tower blocks. Surely those with money will continue to support redevelopment of these areas as is happening in Brixton, so where are the people new labour opened the floodgates to going to go? Another point is many of the people in Brixton feel displaced by the incoming white middle class, oh the irony!

  12. The census results are based on forms filled in by residents and are therefore subjective. I would expect that in areas with large numbers of immigrants a lot of census forms would be ignored.

    It’s supposedly against the law not to return your census form but I’m sure state political correctness would ensure that no minorities are prosecuted for the offence. Therefore I would expect these Muslim figures to be on the low side.

    • Of course, Muslims ignore or reject our laws as they wish. Respecting our laws would mean assimilating into our society. They aren’t here to assimilate, but to dominate.

  13. Based on these figures there are more constituencies under Islamic control/influence (79) than the total number in Scotland (59) and Northern Ireland (18) combined. That is a lot of influence in the political arena.

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