Why is This Not Betrayal?

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Why is This Not Betrayal?
by Fjordman

It is dismissed as a “crazy conspiracy theory” if one suggests that Western political elites actively support the Islamization of Europe and the Western world. Yet one might argue that this is not a conspiracy theory — or even a theory — merely an observation.

The more Muslims and people who champion Islamic ideas imported into a society, the more Islamic influence there will be in that society. This is basic logic: if you import large numbers of Muslims to a country, you get more Islamization. It’s pretty simple, really.

So let us ask a simple question: Do Western governments allow large numbers of Muslims to settle in Western countries? Yes or no? The answer is obviously yes, as we can easily observe all around us. Western authorities have for decades been in the process of importing large numbers of Muslims to our countries. Since more Muslims means more Islam, this implies that Western authorities actively support the gradual Islamization of our countries.

If you find this to be a provocative observation, then ask yourself the following question: If Western political elites, ruling authorities and mass media really and truly object to the growing Islamic presence in our societies, then exactly what are they doing to curb this growth, apart from some mostly symbolic gestures?

As long as they are not doing anything substantial to halt or even slow down Muslim immigration, they are in fact supporting the continued, gradual Islamization of our countries. There is no other way to put it.

What can be done?

A hard-line option might be to say explicitly that Islamic culture is incompatible with our culture. Therefore, Muslim immigration to all European and Western nations will be immediately and permanently halted. This will probably be seen as too provocative by many people, however.

A more plausible alternative might be to say that while many Muslims might be fine people as individuals, much of the Islamic world is currently in such a state of unrest and turmoil that we need to protect our own societies as much as we can from this. We are therefore sad to announce that we must, for an indefinite time period, suspend any immigration from this part of the world.

An even more moderate solution might be not to say anything about Muslims or Islam at all. Western governments could simply state that our share of the world’s population keeps dropping rapidly. Moreover, we have plenty of problems of our own to deal with. The unemployment rate in several southern European countries is above 20%, with youth unemployment exceeding 40% in some places. It does not make sense in this situation to import millions of more people when we cannot provide work to those who are already here.

With social problems and debt to take care of, we need to put our own house in order first. While we harbor no ill will towards other peoples and nations, we therefore regret to announce that we will have to suspend large-scale immigration from any part of the world until we have put our own house back in order again.

It is possible to understand why, for pragmatic reasons, Western authorities do not choose the confrontational approach and state openly that Islamic culture is incompatible with our culture. However, it is much more difficult to understand and accept why Western governments cannot choose one of the two other options.

They can simply state that due to the turmoil that exists in many parts of the Middle East and the Islamic world, we need to take steps to protect our borders more firmly. If we need to withdraw from certain naïve human rights conventions in order to reestablish effective control over our national borders, then we must do so.

Furthermore, the percentage that Western societies constitute of the global population and the global economy keeps shrinking fast. We are not all-powerful. Moreover, we have distinct national cultures that we would like to preserve, too. Our countries are the homelands of distinct peoples with a shared history, not empty bowls only to be filled by shopping and human rights.

As of today, this has also become an urgent security issue. Britain will feel the repercussions of the civil war in Syria and the rise of Islamic extremism within its own borders for “many years” to come, a top counter-terrorism expert stated in June 2014. At the same time, the former MI6 director of global counter-terrorism Richard Barrett told the BBC that it was “out of the question” for the security services to follow all of the Muslims who had fought abroad in conflict zones such as Syria when they return. There are quite simply too many of them now.

Similar warnings may be heard from the security services in Germany, France and other nations. Thousands of Muslims who are European citizens, from countries as different as Italy and Denmark, are currently believed to be Jihadist fighters in Syria, Iraq, Somalia and elsewhere. Some of them die there. Those who return, however, will often be more militant and deadly than they were before.

While not all of the returning Jihadist fighters will automatically turn into domestic terrorists in Western countries, it is highly likely that some of them will. Some militant Muslims return battle-hardened and with greater knowledge of how to kill those whom they consider infidels. It is all but inevitable that a few of them will decide to target us with deadly attacks. This process has already begun.

Yet despite all of this, large-scale Muslim immigration continues to Western Europe and North America as if nothing has changed. This is completely unacceptable. Even uneducated truck drivers I have talked to see clearly that we cannot continue to import many potential Muslim Jihadists from foreign conflict zones.

One has to expect that supposedly intelligent and well-informed people in positions of power should be able to see this, too. Are they remarkably stupid, or have they blinded themselves by fanatical adherence to an ideology of open borders, mass immigration and the dissolution of nation-states? Whatever the reason, the result is unacceptable.

It constitutes a massive betrayal of Western citizens to continue these failed immigration policies. In fact, harsher terms than “betrayal” could be used.

Yes, considerable damage has already been done due to decades of idiotic policies, but that is no excuse for doing nothing. When the fire brigades come to a house that is on fire, they do not conclude that they will do nothing and just let the entire city catch fire. They try to limit the damage as much as possible.

If damage limitation is the only thing we can do now, then let us at the very least do that. Every single step we take today to reduce the continued inflow of Islam-related problems means fewer or smaller problems for our descendants to deal with in the future. We owe them to do whatever we can.

We cannot base the future of our freedom, security and prosperity on wishful thinking. I am on the record as stating that I do not think Islam can be reformed, at least not if by “reformed” you mean something that is peaceful, based on secular laws, respects freedom of speech and coexists on equal terms with other religions. I would be very happy to be proven wrong in this regard. Sadly, there is little to indicate such an outcome at the moment.

Despite the talk about an “Euro-Islam,” there are few signs of any Europeanization of Islam, but plenty of signs of a gradual Islamization of Europe. There is no convincing indication of a general liberalization of the Islamic world, either. On the contrary, more repressive and aggressive versions of Islam are on the ascendancy from Malaysia to Turkey. Non-Muslims are being put under increasing pressure in many Muslim-majority countries. In a number of cases, they are in the process of being virtually wiped out by violent means. Meanwhile, unrest in parts of the Islamic world is spilling over into other regions.

It is deeply irresponsible of Western political leaders in such a situation to continue large-scale immigration from unstable Muslim societies. Our cities should not be turned into battlegrounds for clashing Middle Eastern tribes.

Serious steps must immediately be taken to halt the continued influx of radical Muslims and potential Jihadist fighters. If Western governments and political leaders fail to do this, then they fail to protect their countries and uphold their basic duties to their citizens. They should be held accountable for that failure.


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92 thoughts on “Why is This Not Betrayal?

  1. I’d love to see this published in the MSM. Or perhaps Pat Condell could make a video presentation of the content.

  2. “Since more Muslims means more Islam, this implies that Western authorities actively support the gradual Islamization of our countries.”
    Western politicians have become so stupid, so dunce. so [lacking in cranial capacity] … that it is necessary to point out to them something as obvious as the above statement.
    Politicians who are stupid, daring liars, unconscionable, stupid, immoral, unscrupulous … pave the way to devastating wars. And still voters go and elect them and call a democracy.

  3. The elites do not imagine that Europe can possibly be “Islamized”. They figure, rightly or wrongly, that the draw of secular life in Europe will prevail in the end, and that European Muslims will defect from Islam or give it nothing more than casual lip service.

    No one they know takes religion seriously. They cannot really grasp that anyone might. So they are quite confident.

    • Many Western elites seem to hold a schizophrenic attitude toward their own native culture: They disdain it enough to promote a massive infusion of “multiculturalism” and sneer at the “nativists” who want to maintain their culture, but they simultaneously believe that the parts of their native culture they really value are indestructible and so manifestly superior that the newcomers won’t even try to destroy them, but will gladly adopt them.

      I think you’re correct in observing that our Western elites underestimate the depth and power and durability of religious commitment among people from Muslim societies in particular. In the “progressive” worldview, people should become enlightened and less fanatical when they’re immersed in a secular-progressive society. For the offspring of Muslim immigrants to become MORE fanatically religious instead is so contrary to their expectations that they cannot confront the facts realistically. So they search for the explanation in some failure of the host society to be welcoming enough.

      Some American observers have fallen into this trap in assessing Islam in Europe: claiming that European countries have not done as well as the U.S. at “integrating” their Muslim populations, but we here in the U.S. are doing it properly, so no worries …

  4. “If Western governments and political leaders fail to do this, then they fail to protect their countries and uphold their basic duties to their citizens. They should be held accountable for that failure.”

    Then if they do not The People have every right to do what they fail to do- as in live up to our duty to protect ourselves and future generations. This article is a masterpeiece in understatement. What these “elites” are doing is mass extermination of cultures and peoples. Calling them “criminals” is an undertstatement.

    • Not nihilism – annihilationism.

      They want to destroy the existing order and replace it with something more feudal. If the native proles won’t get with the program, then they’ll be removed.

  5. To simply stop immigration at this point in time would be equal to what it is in medicine palliative treatment for a lethal disease. What is really needed is surgery – a deep incision that uproots the parallel civil societies the various muslim populations already created in the host countries. That is a direct result of the fact that in islam there is no secularism, religion and politics go hand-in-hand. The existing muslim minorities are numerous enough to step over the threshold from which they can exercise influence on the host societies without accepting integration into the latter. Islam does not integrate, islam absorbs like a vacuum cleaner anything and everything comes its way.

    • How can a ‘religion’ condone, indeed, even promote, murder and mayhem? I maintain that islam is only a violent primitive political system masquerading as a religion.

      • I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve often said that islam is a political power grab ideology disguised as a religion. What intelligent god would ever glorify death over life?!

        • Really? Death is necessary. In fact, we promote life over death which is killing our planet. Instead of accepting the inevitable, we aim to defy it. Mostly for selfish reasons. I do not support any “religion”. I support our only god… which is the planet we are killing. You are all caught in something fickle and finite. Petty at best. So caught that you fail to see the ‘big picture’. Good luck killing Muslims when you have no food to eat, water to drink, or air to breath. [Epithets].

    • Monostor- You’re not the first to propose such a “solution”, and I really wish it were so simple. However the scheme to remove Muslim minorities from democracies, even if a government were willing to try, would encounter numerous problems:

      1) Who wants to be the first Western-style democracy to begin what would be condemned as “ethnic cleansing”? You and I know that Islam isn’t a race, but our opponents don’t make the distinction.

      2) Who decides, and how, which Muslims are a danger to our way of life? Yes, I can already imagine some followers here arguing that they all are. Would they include Ayaan Hirsi Ali, for example? So you either try to do it fairly, which could take decades, or quickly, which would lead to great injustices.

      3) Where to send them? No point in bundling hundreds of “Dutch” Moroccans, say, onto a ‘plane to Marrakesh if the authorities there refuse permission to land (as they, and many other Islamic nations, probably would).

      4) The first country brave enough to introduce such measures would be ostracised by its fellow-democracies, even if some secretly sympathised, and economic sanctions would likely follow.

      5) Many of these potential deportees have citizenship of the countries where they live. How safe would our citizens abroad be, including diplomatic staff, if we failed to observe the standards we criticise other, less “enlightened” nations for ignoring (eg, Sudan recently)?

      6) The likely reaction of Muslim countries would be catastrophic for much of the global economy. The US, say, might survive without Middle Eastern oil; others wouldn’t. Meanwhile Saudi etc. could get by, if with difficulty, on exports to China, Japan and other countries not boycotted.

      7) There would almost certainly be a huge upsurge in terrorism.

      8) Last, but far from least: there would be massive, bloody riots among the Muslim population; many innocent people would die, millions’ or even billions’ worth of property would be destroyed, martial law would be imposed (and when, if ever, would it be lifted?).

      I don’t have a better solution, other than being much more rigorous in insisting on all the people in our countries’ adhering to our standards of behaviour, and it may be too late for that in some places. If anyone does have a better idea…

      • to: Mark H.
        no need to have such a defeatist attitude. initially small steps are needed to resist radical islam–which may then make our society more confident to take additional steps.

        For example the Prime Minister of Australia has stated fighters returning from Syria will not be allowed back in the country.

        • Australia has her problems, just like the rest of the West. But Australian voters seem to have grasped the importance of key elements of economics, culture, and curbing of p.c. think. They are our best hope.

      • Mark,

        There is no real PC/MC solution that gives Westerners a warm fuzzy feeling that so many people desire especially in the anti-jihad collective. Look the last time we had to be tough with Islam was almost 500 years ago. Even then a good part of Europe had no stomach for it. To be blunt, we’re not capable of realistically assessing the threat as it now stands. It will take a younger generation that will be directly exposed to Islam on our territory to formulate a strategy to deal with them.

        Now the gist of Fjordman’s article. Yes it is betrayal. The elites have canceled the social contract they have with the masses and are now a threat to their existence. What the elites now desire is simply demographic destruction of Western people and their culture and it’s replacement by Islam.

        That said, I’m actually surprised fjordman article was posted instead of him being banished.

        As to why it’s happening. It’s too long to go into here. But suffice to say, the dominant minority(ruling elite) has generally liberal(Marxist) ideologies across the board except when it comes to making money not to mention living in what amounts to a fantasy of their own making.

        Others admit their policies will destroy the West but in the short term their year end bonuses will be god like. Money over life and common sense.

        Some simply desire a state like Brazil where a small elite run everything and become fantastically wealthy. These people think Muslims will be nice and passive like current locals. Don’t think so.

        Be that as it may, we’re stuck with what we have as leadership. Things will get worse until we get a black swan event that the elites cannot paper over like they did in 2008 or maybe ISIS gets lucky and topples the Gulf oil states.


        (The Ancient Chinese aphorism which was appended to this otherwise excellent comment has been taken out. That fortune cookie wisdom is a decades-old virus which was inserted into otherwise normal conversation in English, spreading relentlessly. It is far worse than four letter Anglo Saxon epithets, which have at least the advantage of antiquity on their side. Were we to let the fortune cookie wisdom appear here on Gates of Vienna, why the Wicked Witch of the West would vaporize in front of your eyes. Sorry, anon, that you were unwittingly caught in the fan belt. Stuff happens even in boring times.]

        • Quote:
          There is no real PC/MC solution that gives Westerners a warm fuzzy feeling that so many people desire especially in the anti-jihad collective. Look the last time we had to be tough with Islam was almost 500 years ago. Even then a good part of Europe had no stomach for it.

          Immerse yourself in the history of Jihad conquests and what came of them, and you can see a future that has gone from possible to probable in the West, thanks to the utter ignorance and self-deception of our “leaders.”

      • 9) Really last–it’s just wrong. *We* (European natives) invited them in. The governments that *we* vote for, decade in decade out. Militant Muslims are exercising their natural right to make the most of the weakness, cowardice and stupidity of European electorates. I’d do the same in their boots. I’m afraid European electorates are just going to have to live with what they have done to themselves.

      • The laws are already there. If i would write a book in which i propose to kill or discriminate other groups? That book would be banned for- you guessed it right-hate speech. I myself would be brought to justice.

        Write a book that’s full of discrimination and the murdering of other groups. Say your prophet- lets call him mohammed- wrote the book and you are home free in front of the “law”.

        The laws are already there. All it takes is a prosecutor upholding the law.

      • Mark H, we are well beyond the point where an unarmed conflict can solve the current islam problem. It will be similar to what happened during the reconquista is Spain. The muslim occupiers will not leave voluntarily, the muslim countries will not take them back and jihadists from outside of Europe/USA will come here to fight, so the conflict will not be local but world wide. We are speaking of another world war here which will be far bloodier than WW2. I don’t doubt we will win that conflict, but the price will be high.

    • Monostor–

      Don’t know how this comment got by.

      All the “surgery” talk re “deep incisions” of immigrants – unless these folks arrived yesterday on a late plane – promotes violent prescriptions for the problem of residents who refuse to assimilate into the host culture. There will be no surgery and such remarks are dead ends and our blog gets blamed for your assertions…

      If such remarks come up again, they will be deleted.

      Your remarks are simply a wash, rinse, repeat of the same ol’, same ol’ conversation…the other end of this stick is “why can’t we all get along”…

      Meanwhile, why don’t YOU do this deep incision, YOU toss them out?

      We’ll stand and watch and wish you luck.

      • I’ve always held the opinion that their IDEAS should be fair game, and if they are examined and criticized at every turn then the Islamic ideology would have no currency in our societies. The govt doesn’t need to stop immigration, or take massive steps, or anything like that. Just let the man in the street speak his mind. Do that, and Islam will shrivel up and die in our country, like pouring salt on a slug.

      • the problem is that monoster is exactly right. cessation of the importation of muslims is desperately needed, but it will not save the west from Islamic genocide. after stopping muslim immigration, we need to apply the same policies to our resident enemies that islam applies to its resident infidels. if you don’t know how islam treats its minorities, perhaps you should find out.

  6. Hi Fjordy,
    I tried to donate with PayPal but it won’t let me log in. I can’t read Swedish so I’m not sure what the problem is.

  7. “Even uneducated truck drivers I have talked to see clearly that we cannot continue to import many potential Muslim Jihadists from foreign conflict zones.”

    I would respectfully quibble with you here; the word “even” should perhaps be replaced with “only”. The “educated” elites are a bunch of credentialed, semi-literate idiots who are capable only of outshouting those who disagree with them. Anthropogenic climate change is “settled science”. Islam is the “religion of peace”. I would much rather discuss these matters with my wonderful old Texan mother-in-law, who never went to high school, than with my PhD-in-hard-sciences-student-at-an-elite-American-university son any day. She’s a lot more intelligent and open-minded than he is.

    • Islamomania alone sufficiently renders the affected unfit for public office.

      Were I a Leftist, I’m sure I’d find others of my ilk who would alter this conclusion into a rhyming chant, suitable for all public appearances.

    • Your right there Lightbringer. The ordinary guys on the building sites seem to grasp the basic logic of the situation yet ‘ my cleaner is from Sri Lanka’ brigade just don’t get it.
      There is an inverted racism going on because many ‘educated people’ are prepared to allow immigrants in in order to increase the population but are not prepared to spit out that many babies themselves.
      ‘ let the brown people have a child …..I have my own life you know and nursery is so expensive’.
      However I do not think they even realise that is what they are really saying.

      • Let these so-called “educated” people go extinct. If they are stupid enough to buy into the nonsense of “meaningful corporate careers” their purse dogs and other assorted accoutrements of banality and superficiality they aren’t so smart and deserve to go bye bye.

        • I agree with your sentiment, anon. Men and women who worship money, careers and power deserve extinction. The future should belong to people who give a damn about their societies, rare as those folks might be in the Western world.

          And yet, outside of our bubble, tribalism is completely the norm. Amazing how stupid luxury has made us. Like gluttons eating ourselves to death.

  8. It may already be too late; even with the immediate halt of further immigration, the Muslim birth rate is astronomical, so it is only a matter of time until they are the majority in every country where they have a foothold.

  9. ‘While not all of the returning Jihadist fighters will automatically turn into domestic terrorists in Western countries, it highly like
    Ly that some of them will.’

    Really, ya think so? Young male muslims go overseas to become soldiers of allah and fight in the way of allah and when they return all of a sudden they become peaceful. Is that your premise?


  10. “Yet despite all of this, large-scale Muslim immigration continues to Western Europe and North America as if nothing has changed. This is completely unacceptable.”

    I fear that the problem is that the majority don’t see it that way – especially among the young, who are more & more conditioned to believe that “multi-kulti” is the only way forward. Their identity with their country may extend as far as cheering on their national team at the world cup which, as we can see in the case of this year’s European teams, do not lack “cultural enrichers” – even those who score hat-tricks or are their teams’ star players. Meanwhile, anything further back in their countries’ history is bound to be filled with “ignorant bigots” – even those who saved their countries from fascism, such as Winston Churchill.

    This is what the average Joe Bloggs on the street sees – while less catchy topics such as grooming, terror training in British forests or the Vatican’s “Imamgate” are swept under the carpet. The big challenge – how can we get the message across that, rather than just being the domain of discussion for “irrational, reactionary bigots”, “cultural enrichment” and all its effects may actually be something worth studying deeper for anyone also holding “liberal”, “tolerant” and “progressive” values?

    • I forgot to expand, about another factor that may hinder informing people – something else in the modern Western world, that really is – totally – “unacceptable”… a certain word beginning with “r” and ending with “-ism”. It’s a word that people say “No” to at every football match at the world cup – while strangely ignoring other words such as “cheating” (or, now, “biting”?). This word is so unacceptable, in fact, that people will tie themselves into pretzels to avoid having anything to do with it.

      Perhaps conveniently, anything critical of multiculturalism may also skirt perilously close to this word – and so people would rather leave the subject well alone…

      • Well, Green Infidel, any people at the World Cup who turn themselves into pretzels for whatever reason…enh. The World Cup is designed by our masters to keep our eye on the ball and off of reality.

        Real grown-ups pay attention to real events. And that mess down in Brazil -aside from the huge increase in criminality against the crowds gathered there – has precious little to do with reality. I will never understand why the pleasure of kicking a soccer ball around with your kids – or even in neighborhood games with adults – isn’t considered a “real” game, while to many minds The Distracting Mess is realer than everyday reality. It’s so sad.


        • Dymphna – I expect on your side of the Pond, the World cup has far less significance. But on this side, it’s hard to avoid. Especially as this year’s edition, being in Brazil, has been billed as “the one we’ve all been waiting for”.

          Many of my childhood memories are connected with it – and not all to do with the football. I remember well the songs on TV for Italia 90 and USA 94. My later interest in Brazil, culminating in visiting it probably also was in large part due to watching them at the ’94 and ’98 world cups. And the day I was born was also remembered as the day of a big victory for Poland in a world cup…

          As for it being “designed by our masters to keep our eye on the ball and off of reality” – well put, and something I’ve often been thinking… when all that matters is your team winning, why bother thinking about more mundane matters? And you have something to talk about all day with your friends – without getting into those other pesky subjects that the powers-that-be would rather you avoid…

        • The Romans institutionalized it. Then it was “bread and circus”, now it is television and frozen pizzas.

    • TruNews. Topic : J.R. Nyquist joins Rick for Part One of The Perestroika Deception. Did the Communist Party initiate in the early 1960s a top-secret plan to morally, financially, and militarily weaken the USA in order to bring America into a global communist New World Order?

      And how far back does this betrayal go? Here’s the link.

  11. Superb article. The problem with the vast majority of politicians from the mainstream parties, is that they are only concerned with being re-elected. They don’t look further that the next election cycle, whether it is 4 years, 5 years or however long. As long as they can keep putting their snouts back into the trough: then bugger the consequences of inaction with regard to the muslamic takeover of the West. Hopefully one day the traitorous lot of them, will be [specific intemperate suggestion redacted].

  12. Soon after 9/11, some big honcho in the U.S. State Department said we needed to bring more Muslims into the country, the better to “understand” them. The State Dept. is supposed to be staffed by people who are familiar with foreign cultures and well equipped to manage our country’s relations with the rest of the world.

    That’s when I knew we’re really in trouble.

    • If you want a look at how deeply corrupt our State Department is, visit Refugee Resettlement Watch and look at her archive of posts on what State and religious orgs have done under the radar, bringing in often-diseased 3rd world peoples – some from our own American “territories” and plunking them down in various cities and towns across the fruited plains. They give the locals about 6 months’ worth of help and then they’re gone while the small municipalities are expected to support and maintain the welfare and education of people who don’t speak the language and aren’t sure why they’re even here.


      Spend a half hour or so. Bring along a barf bag. Truly horrendous stories over the last eight years or so.

      Why do the Catholic, Lutheran, and Jewish relief agencies help in this criminal assault? Because it helps them stay in business. They could work full time on the dysfunctional underclass already here, but then they wouldn’t be able to just dump-and-run. Besides, the govt -i.e., State, is paying them for this. And like all bureaucracies they need to stay in business.

      Think of the whole thing as simply a Grease Factory. You know, a factory dedicated to making the grease that oils the machinery in the factory so it can keep its grease production going. It’s as simple and as evil as that. The banal kind of evil that C.S. Lewis warned us about.

      • I wonder when the Refugee Resettlement program will import the ebola virus into our country.
        It is only a matter of time.

  13. @Fjordman,

    In the UK we are past the Betrayal, British Boys and Lads are now the young jihadists that fight for ISIL. The British establishment is now SOFTENING UP the general public to affirm and tolerate a possible British jihadists homecoming spectacular as an over enthusiastic act of celebration and extreme loyalty.

    The enemy within is to be perceived as the bogeyman of young working class white men of right wing influence.

    • What exactly is “right wing” about not wanting to get blown up aboard the tube?

      • Guessing their definition of right wing has something to do with the right side of the brain not embracing suicidal tendencies. 🙂

      • Yeah, that’s a good question.
        Too bad it isn’t asked in confrontations with the left more often.

  14. Folks in America are becoming”Mo Brown” because of illegal immigration to the U.S. Catholic agencies allow immigrants a few nights of reprise in Mexico before heading further North. Since Priests, Bishops, Nuns don’t preach or promote birth control, the Catholic church continues to support another soul for Jesus in 2014. The only “saving grace” is that most of the illegal immigrants from South America and Mexico are Christian today. Yet our Department of State continues importing Somalians, Nigerians and relocating them to Minneapolis, Columbus, and Shelby Tennessee without the support and/or consent of the indigenous people; U.S. born citizens.

    Fjordman has given the Muslim-European problem intelligent thought and solution generating ideas. However, liberal politicians and socialists in office have severe myopia! They can’t see past the next election! Illegal immigrants have multiple children who will become citizen voters. And they will continue keeping the socialists in office until they gain numbers and vote in Imams and Sharia supporters. Things will have to get real bad for the nationalists and conservative votes to win future elections.

    Governments run by majority voting are doomed to fail badly Even a Republic formed government like the United States can get derailed if the socialists get into office using the democratic process. Nothing short of [redacted] will change the course of history. Muslims will outbreed Christians and eventually convert and/0r kill them off like they did the Hindus. Even the Buddhists in Bangladesh, Miramar are revolting today against illegal Muslim squatters. The peaceful Buddhists see the danger of allowing Islam to get a small foothold in a tranquil, peace loving community. As Muslim numbers multiply, so do their demands for mosques, halal meats, and everything Islamic to include Sharia law enforcement. We can all see the coming Islamic train wreck in less than a decade in Europe and possibly the United States with the state of Michigan as ground zero.

    • Time to bring your outdated views of what constitutes the beliefs of the average Catholic up to date with reality.

      Catholic families are only slightly larger in the U.S. – they are actually replacing themselves, though barely. It’s the mainline Protestant churches and the large urban suicidal “sanctuary cities” which are stuck on kumbiyah stupidity. Though the Catholic hierarchy is right in the same groove with them. But not average parishoners.

      There are any number of Islamic Ground Zeros in the U.S. Tennessee is one, so is our current government and its tentacles of bureaucracy spread thru Washington. Lots of seeds have been planted by the State Dept working with faith-based relief agencies…see


      Spend an hour there if you want to see how the machinery works – has been working long before Obama sent people to Central America to drag back all those illegal alien kids. He is on target – maybe ahead – with his plan for breaking the local education, welfare, entitlement systems. We mighta had a chance had he not been re-elected. Even Obama must have been astounded when he won in 2012. From then on, it was full steamroller ahead. And who cares what happens in 2014 by-elections? NO ONE can stop him – they’ve proved it.

      • Dymphna, I can agree partially with your response about Protestants, namely the Lutherans bringing illegals to America. However, I recently went through a Catholic annulment process in Oakland, CA. My spouse is Catholic. They grilled me on why we only had one child and who made the child-bearing decisions. These were Catholic representatives from the Oakland Archdiocese. The average American and European Catholic family is smaller, no doubt to some form of contraceptive, birth control. However, people living in third world South American countries only have the rhythm method if it’s used at all. Animals have inborn instincts to care and feed their young. Socialists transfer this responsibility of humans onto the community and society at large. Religious institutions like the Catholic church should end the hipocrisy of pretending the old ways are the right ways in having large families. Unless the Pope himself says that smaller family size is acceptable, people like me continue to get grilled and pressured to have larger size families, even in 2014.

        • Hi Mo Brown,

          Not to put too fine a point on it, but the RCC would NOT be ‘grilling’ you – and your (former?) spouse – and your annulment witnesses – if you had stayed married.

          It is ONLY because of your divorce – and presumably because your (former?) spouse hopes or intends to remarry within the RCC – that the RCC is engaged with you both in this manner.

          That said, you are both honorable and generous in spirit to participate in the annulment process for the benefit of your (former?) spouse.

          It may be that the RCC ‘grilled’ you because the RCC uses refusal to bear children (with children being seen as the greatest gift from God) as a basis for granting annulment.

          If you made the decision to limit your number of children, then it would be easier for the RCC to grant the annulment to your Catholic (former?) spouse.

          “A marriage may be declared invalid because at least one of the two parties was not free to consent to the marriage or did not fully commit to the marriage.”

          “Grounds for nullity include: Simulation of consent; that is, the conscious and positive exclusion at consent by either or both of the contracting parties of one or all of the essential properties or “goods” of marriage: a) exclusivity of the marital relationship; b) the permanence of the marital bond; c) openness to offspring as the natural fruit of marriage (canon 1101§2)”


  15. ” Why is This Not Betrayal?”
    It is betrayal. It is treasonous. But the problem is that only a few people diagnose that way. Definitions of words has changed. Westerners do not agree on definitions. Words like fascism, liberalism, conservatism, right, left, . . . etc. have different meanings to different people. We should remember how Cameron treated and said in his empty speech after the Woolwich slaughter. He reshaped every fact, presented us with strange rhetoric. Washing our brains, lulling us to sleep. No riots followed. No reaction. People do not discern subtle things. They can’t understand the problem. So they don’t get angry. So there is no reaction. Then no change happens. The same things are in place. Politicians are not brought to task. They continue with their policies. Because no one put them in jail or fired them they don’t know they are in error. They feel smugger. Now all western politicians once they are in office they can’t be removed, not even if they help muslim invaders take over their countries.

    • And you’ll notice one of their mantras is that we must all “stick together” which is just code for “No one step out of line question what I’m about to say – or else!”

      Anyone who questions Cameron’s lies is not “sticking together” and they are a threat … a terrorist threat … not the actual terrorists, who tell everyone time and again what their true motives are.

      Politicians like Clegg, Johnson and Cameron are the dregs of humanity. Liars and fantasists, they need to be [redacted] “firmly dealt with and appropriately punished”. As Professor Crispy, aka Crispin Sartwell, once said, experiencing pain in such a sudden manner will jerk them straight back into reality. Where the rest of us reside & where they ought to be, if they are truly interested in running OUR country and protecting it from REAL terrorists.

      • @ Nick, who said of Cameron and other politicians,

        if they are truly interested in running OUR country and protecting it from REAL terrorists…

        Ah, Nick, that’s the sticking point, innit? Because all of them, our political elite in the U.S. included, aren’t interested in running their countries. Their true interest is lining their pockets, and if that means “ruIning the country, well heavens: everyone knows about eggs and omelettes, right? We can’t expect them to act in OUR interest when it conflicts with their own…

        WHAT terrorists? Ain’t nobody here but us chickens. And they’re halal.

  16. The thing about truck drivers and other working people is they deal in reality. If a truck driver is leaving one town and heading to another, then he deals in facts and truth – he needs to turn right at the roundabout (not left) and he must drive 14 miles to the next town (not 24) etc … and if he gets something wrong then there will be consequences. He won’t get where he’s going and if he keeps it up he’ll lose his job.

    Whereas politicians have no connection to reality. They live in a fantasy world of their own making, and there are no consequences – to them – if they start working according to lies and wishful thinking.

    So you’d expect lorry drivers to have a better grip on reality than politicians – hence it’s not a surprise that lorry drives know better than politicians what a total nightmare islam really is.

    • Agreed: lorry drivers have a better grip on reality than do politicians. But those crony capitalist pols have a death grip on the electorate and in that they have a crystal clear comprehension of which lies have to be told to whom if they want to preserve their cushy lives.

      One of the best reforms that could ever happen in Western “democracies” would be the firm application of term limits all the way down. “Could” happen but never will. Just observe the mouth-breathers watching the World Cup with soul-deep interest. Even Google’s animation today on their search engine is the WC…as long as that is what’s on offer, the politicians can do whatever they want to whomever they want.

      Frightening admissions from Hillary Clinton about her ‘rough justice’ experience in her legal defense as a young attorney…she defended a pedophile rapist who left a twelve year old girl in a coma (and also unable to have children when she grew up) should make people gasp. But eyes are glazed as they shrug before turning the page or flipping on to the next story.

      Hillary is America’s best and brightest – a bit long in the tooth and short on good health – but the MSM is about to elect her Queen Hildebeast when the Naked Emperor’s time in The Chair is up…With bated breath we wait to see if he’ll let go his death grip on the chair in the Oval Office or whether he’ll issue another “Executive Order” appointing himself to an extra term. If there is some big sports event on, no one will even notice.

      (Yes, that *is* satire, but the MSM would probably play it straight for their Magik Negro)

  17. We have to show that the Islamic culture is harming us by careful research, government supported if possible. We must sway some politicians and media.

    We have to constantly argue and debate with them, our position being that we prefer our culture and do not want to lose it, and that their culture has to show more love–in general that is the problem–for it to be accepted.

    The above two actions may slow down immigration.

    Our goal should be to create apostates. Immigration is secondary because eventually, even if all the Muslims leave our countries, we will eventually need to create apostates– to prevent being encircled–and hope that they will begin a Muslim reformation. This should be our ultimate goal.

  18. I’m sorry, I don’t blame the politicians. They do what politicians do and always have done. Most of the blame lies with the electorates, who have, and consistently fail to use, their right to remove traitors from power. That makes them complicit. The current two generations of west Europeans, up to about age 50, is one great brainwashed mass of ignorant, complacent cowards. The results of mass immigration in Europe are what you would normally expect following a catastrophic military defeat–invasion and replacement of native cultures. No other peoples in the history of mankind have deliberately set about destroying their *own* societies, from within, by *inviting* foreign invasion, and paying for it themselves.

  19. Can we stop this nonsense that some mohameddans are nice people!? Nobody cared, or should have, that some Nazis were nice people. If you identify with fascists, you can’t be a “nice person”!

  20. “It does not make sense in this situation to import millions of more people when we cannot provide work to those who are already here.”

    Oh but it does, my dear Fjordman. The ultimate goal is obviously the demographic transformation of all Western nations. We are being replaced with others.

  21. In Britain and the USA the rule of law is not being enforced. Had it been for the last 5+ years the muslomiacs would not be getting away with the stuff they are doing. Treason.

    • Quite right, One law for all, that has been forged from Western Civilization concepts, should be enforced.

      Not the nonsense of human rights, given by the state with one hand and then taken away or broken by the other hand.

      Then the “mob rule” of enforced political correctness black mail, that is trying to smash freedom of speech.
      Freedom of speech to be guarded, protected and maintained and to be used, as per Pamela Geller and her adverts on buses.

      Draw Mohamed day and another

      Particularly as I have seen and read of about Father Zakaria Botros, a coptic priest. That is preaching and lectures done with a love in his heart that reveals the truth about Mohamed and the koran. Done with great decorum with a wicked sense of humour and questions for muslims.
      Also a great way for us to summarise a bit more of the frailties of Mohammad.
      His writings/videos and etc should be spread far and wide, and consistently.
      http://tinyurl.com/m9xql22 from Part (i)
      “curious hadith contained in Sunan Bayhaqi and which traces to Sunan Abu Dawud (one of the six canonical hadith collections), has Muhammad lifting up his shirt for a man who proceeded to kiss his entire torso, “from his bellybutton to his armpits.””

      If you need a laugh for the day do check it out and for other days there are part (ii) (iii)(IV),,, well worth to look and great simple summary of the peculiarities of islam.


  22. Why is this being done? The secular elites of western nations are waging war against Judeo-Christianity values, which is shorthand for Biblical values and worldview that comes when people know and love the God of the Bible. They want to destroy everything God stands for. They hope to achieve a secular utopia that retains every good thing that a society that Judeo-Christian values built, but without the moral demands that such a society places on them.

    At the moment liberal (er, now “progressive”) elites think that by diluting society with “diversity”, that is people from any culture excluding those from Judeo-Christian ones, they can maintain control but have a society that they can mold to their expectations. Little do they care, at the moment at least, that Muslims have other plans themselves. History shows that once Muslims reach a coherent level, they form a local ummah and start to aggressively demand their “rights”. In short they get so uppity that liberals cave and cede control.

    Liberal elites have unleashed a flood of immigration by peoples who have no intention of preserving or protecting the society or countries they immigrate to. France, which is so jealous of its language heritage that it has a government department to protect the language from modern invasion, like “hamburger”, has allowed so many Muslims that they have taken over areas of cities. The average citizen, who has volunteered to go to war to protect their national and cultural identity, is now sternly warned by government to allow this invasion to continue, in the name of “diversity”.

    Liberal elites are in the process of the greatest destruction of society and ultimately of human and financial wealth the world has seen since WW II. This is spiritual war in slow motion, by bureaucrats with clipboards and iPads, all perfectly legal you know.

    Happily, the average person is waking up, and starting to vote to protect their indigenous cultures. But this will not end well. A virulent religion can only be countered by another virulent religion. Soon, the Roman Church will be called upon for the tenth time by ruling elites to save them from losing power. This will not end well, as there are only a few ways to repair this and most certainly it will result in bloodshed.

    • It is out of such questioning that genuine and effective movements begin, BW.

    • My God, I hope not. The RC Church’s record on human rights is one of constisently denying them until forced to change (with some honourable exceptions).

        • It appears that you confuse the theology with the admittedly sinful men running the RCC. The theology is substantive.

          All men that promote all theologies are sinners, but NOT all theologies are substantive – and most are quite destructive.

          • Google “Concordat”, Egghead. Or “Papal Index”. Separation of church and state? Not in the case of the Vatican, so long as they can get away with it.

            If God exists, he gave us brains, and at least the illusion of free will, to work things out for ourselves.

          • Hi Mark,

            You would need to be more specific about the ‘human rights’ items that you criticize….

            By the way, the ‘separation of church and state’ is an idea that is often fundamentally misunderstood.

            The phrase is from a letter by Thomas Jefferson delineating that there would be NO national church but that each state in the nascent USA was free to form a state church.

            The idea was that each state would be governed independently by its leaders so that people might see DIFFERENT forms of government in action and in result and CHOOSE to live in a state with the form of government that was most suited to their individual belief system.

            The USA has a huge problem because our founders omitted to specify that religions should be Christian religions. This leaves the door WIDE OPEN for a Muslim Michigan to establish Islam as the state religion of Michigan, and I predict that eventuality will occur within our lifetimes.

            If a liberal is going to argue about the separation of church and state, then it should be asked what right a ‘separate’ Western government has to violently threaten to fine, arrest, and imprison Christians for 1) hate speech that criticizes Islam, AND 2) refusing to bake a cake or take photographs for a gay wedding, etc.? Yes, the West has now sunk to the level where a few privileged people may threaten others with jail and total loss of livelihood for simply refusing to bake a cake.

            As far as taxes, taxes are legalized thievery – and so both individuals – and churches – should be exempt.

            “In English, the exact term is an offshoot of the phrase, “wall of separation between church and state”, as written in Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist Association in 1802. In that letter, referencing the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Jefferson writes: “Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.”[15]”

            “Jefferson was describing to the Baptists that the United States Bill of Rights prevents the establishment of a national church, and in so doing they did not have to fear government interference in their manner of worship. The Bill of Rights was one of the earliest examples in the world of complete religious freedom (adopted in 1791, only preceded by the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen in 1789). However, the Bill of Rights contains no separation of church and state, only a limitation placed upon the Unites States Congress preventing it from establishing a national religion. The metaphor was used as an interpretation of meaning for the religious clauses of the First Amendment in the late 1800s and more commonly in the late 20th century. Scholarly research has often pointed to the fact that Jefferson was not present in the Congress that wrote the Bill of Rights, and that the intent must come from those legislators present, who did not discuss or use any concept of separation between church and state. The framers had intended to leave religious matters to the states, which continue to hold that prerogative.”


  23. In other words, if Christianity has NO separate and unique values from Judaism, then a new merged religion has been formed and Christianity has died. The implementation of Judeo-Christianism is as much a danger to Christianity as the implementation of Chrislam.

    Christians need our OWN religion that defends our OWN theology.

    • Thank You!

      Judeo-Christian is a nonsense word. Are there Christiano-Muslims? Shinto-Sheiks?

      There are Christians and there are Jews, 2 totally different religions that share some spiritual texts.

  24. If Christians refuse to fight for Christianity, then Christianity will die. No ‘works’ against Islam will save Christianity – or Christian souls – if Christians murder Christianity first by accepting the merging of Christianity with other religions – Judaism included – atheism included – Chrislam included.

    • If you claim to be a Christian, but follow an Arian or Unitarian or dual theology, and a Muslim demands that you submit, you will have no trouble doing do.
      Theologies that deny the divinity of Christ do not offend Muslims in the least.
      But such belief systems are not orthodox.
      Nor do they give God his most basic characteristic, that he is holy and unknowable.
      They turn God into a two-dimensional object, a name, with no mysterious element at all. Such a God is a made God, like in Islam.
      Christianity, to maintain its integrity, must make central the orthodox theology of Athanasius.
      Please note that all who do not keep Athanasian theology heartily despise and hold deep contempt for those who do.
      I’ve never seen a non-trinitarian who respects trinitarians.
      I’ve never seen a Unitarian show any respect for orthodoxy.
      Once they fly away, they go straight into the hot winds of hell– and they hate, hate, and hate.

  25. How to halt further Muslim immigration and ‘motivate’ the ones already in our societies to go back where they came from? Now here’s a suggestion, a relatively simple one .. start a grassroots movement protesting Halal slaughter with the aim of forcing our governments to outlaw it – no halal, no Muslim.
    If you’ve ever watched a video showing the cruelty involved in the ritual killing of animals you wonder how this practice could ever have been allowed in our enlightened and humane societies. Where are all those animal welfare activists, their petitions and street protests that we’ve seen years ago exposing the cruelty of furcoat-wearing women?
    Too one-track a solution? Then perhaps outlaw the Koran at the same time as literature inciting racial hatred and violence, like the Germans did with Hitler’s Mein Kampf. After all, Islam’s holy book calls for the killing of Christians and Jews. If you and I did that we’d be dragged before a judge.

  26. From Fjordman’s opening paragraph:

    It is dismissed as a “crazy conspiracy theory” if one suggests that Western political elites actively support the Islamization of Europe and the Western world. Yet one might argue that this is not a conspiracy theory — or even a theory — merely an observation.

    It depends. On one level, no one would deny that the Western political elites actively support the Islamization of the West. However, on the deeper level that delves into why they are doing this — and what this “Islamization” actually means in concrete ways — we begin to see the fault line of the bifurcation into conspiracy theory, on the one hand, and an analysis that strives to avoid conspiracy theory, on the other hand. (I tend to situate myself with the latter.)

    • Hi Hesp,

      Our leaders are importing Muslim immigrants to get access to Muslim oil – especially Europe (in the whole). Case closed. The rest is just made up excuses.

      If Muslims had NO oil, the West would NOT even be talking to Muslims – let alone admitting and supporting Muslims by the millions.

      • I don’t think that’s the only motivation. Muslims are also pushing to get in (and have been for decades), and because of PC MC (in unwitting symbiosis with Islamic terrorism) the West in addition to greed is anxiously cultivating a massive sprawling incoherent project of embracing diversity, embracing the Other (and the Mother of all Others has, in large part through Islamic terrorism and our PC MC reactions to it, become the Muslims).

          • I may be preaching to the choir here, but in my opinion (not made in a vacuum by the way – I have been to the sandbox three times) islam is not a religion. It is a mix between a totalitarian political system and a death cult.

            Okay, go ahead, throw your stones.

          • Ragnar–

            What gives with the stone-throwing assessment?

            Islam is indeed a totalitarian political system. Like most of those ideologies, it is also utopian. I’m not sure about the “death cult” designation being the case throughout all of Islam, but many are now being raised to adhere to the “death is better than life” doctrine, mainly because their lives and the lives of those around them are truly awful. Death would be a release.

            Islam is first and foremost a judicial system – it has a rule for even the most trivial of daily behaviors.

            Islam focuses on justice – i.e., “justice” is certainly NOT represented by a classic womanly form, immodestly dressed and wearing a blindfold, carrying a scale. Such symbolic representation is anathema to Islamic justice, which seems to spend a great deal of its energy on sexual transgressions & the meting out of sexually-tinged punishments. Obsessed? Probably.

            Islamic jurisprudence is founded on a tribal view of life; the well-connected, those at the top, are at liberty to break the rules as long as they maintain a veneer of devout behavior.

            Islamic life is so riven through with cognitive dissonances that eventually its strict adherents become crazed. And that is a normal, human reaction to chronic, unremitting harassment/fear.

            However, given all that, Muslims who remain a very small minority within a robust Western culture probably do quite well. *Their* Islam is so mild as to be mere ly ritual sans bloody torture and death. Those integrated Muslims are free to pick and choose the “nice” parts of the Koran…

          • Also, it would be of great value for the sake of general knowledge to study the very early (as in infants) mal-formation of the individual which occurs in all tribal cultures. They are not only harsh, they’re anachronistic; it is no longer necessary to live that way, though many in our remote mountain areas still do so.

            Given how public life is rapidly degrading, we may all be returning to those harsh rules. The tribal structure kills off individual creativity and compassion. Those are luxuries in a culture where tribal loyalty is supreme as a survival meme. More and more do I hear conversations about “how to survive” – chilling until you experience government as your personal persecutor/metering out justice instead of the remote provider of a few, necessary services.

  27. Can anyone give a historical example of a “diverse, multicultural” society that long endured with various races and major cultures living in peace, equal prosperity and mutual love and respect? To steal a line from the Highlander series; “there can be only one”. So which one shall it be?

  28. Ah, but it is a betrayal. Just like our politicians are rushing headlong to betray Americans with this amnesty for all the illegals from south of the border.

    All politicians are criminals.

  29. You don’t say anything that any conscious person is not already aware of. What’s your solution? What kind of pushback can ordinary citizens start to mount against the traitor governments that have allowed [these epithets] to infest Western countries? Why just make a series of obvious observations with no call to action to [recommendation redacted]?

  30. I just read a few of the comments & notice the leftists are out in force saying the same old same old, that if Islamic countries didn’t have oil the West wouldn’t being encouraging immigration blah blah blah … i.e. blame the West, it’s the West’s fault, which means it’s capitalism’s fault, blah blah the same old leftist nihilism & urge to destroy when their ideas have been shown to morally & economically bankrupt. Why will the Left never defend the West, never, not even when it’s besieged on all sides? Why always is it like this? Islam & the Left are the West’s great enemies, one external one internal. And everywhere we never condemn the Left, we never condemn Islam, not once not ever until we’re pushed into the sea …

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