Which Party Best Protects Freedom of Religion in France?

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National, deftly fields a question from a reporter at a press conference.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:08   Mme Le Pen, recently in an interview
00:12   you said that the biggest threat against Jews in France
00:16   is Islamic fundamentalism.
00:20   My personal case: I am of the Jewish religion
00:24   I have never been attacked by no Muslim (sic); however, members of the
00:28   Jewish Defense League have attacked me several times,
00:32   2 of their members, having thrown a hand-made bomb at my car,
00:36   have been imprisoned for 6 and10 months. Strangely, no comments from your colleagues.
00:40   What is the position of the Front National on that militia
00:44   who, just like the Algerians who come with Algerian Flags.
00:48   come with the flags of a foreign nation
00:52   to encourage the departure for Israel?
00:56   What media outlet are you from?
01:00   I’m a correspondent for a Rugby news agency
01:04   and a media group in France called ‘Agence Info Libre’
01:08   Agence Info Libre… of course!
01:12   Yes, I did say what seems obvious to me: if anti-Semitism exists
01:16   in France today, it comes inarguably
01:20   from fundamentalist Muslims, that’s true.
01:24   Once again, I don’t consider that all Muslims will
01:28   develop anti-Semitism, let’s be clear about this.
01:32   And I consider that the Front National is the only movement
01:36   that opposes fundamental Islamism in a very clear way,
01:40   so it is the best shield for the victims
01:44   of this form of anti-Semitism. Now if there are
01:49   criminal acts by this or that member of this or that organisation
01:53   it’s up to the justice system to decide about this. I note
01:57   that there exist on French territory today (breaches?)
02:01   who call for Jihad, who incite to hatred
02:05   against Christians — not only Jews by the way,
02:09   Christians, non-believers —
02:13   and the Front National is the only one able to protect
02:17   freedom of religion for each one of our
02:21   French compatriots.

8 thoughts on “Which Party Best Protects Freedom of Religion in France?

    • me 2 !!! 🙂

      Yet you could not imagine the the defamation, the pack-attacks by the “Media” she and her party are “punished” with. “Extreeeeeeeeeeeeme faschist Right”, “Nazi” are the milder ones. She is certainly a leader – the only one in France I see demonstrating such quality.

      Looking at the present horizon, I actually seriously think that she is the only hope France has to get out of an increasingly deep hole.

    • I do like her too. Without idealising Mme Le Pen, I’d say she seems the sanest of all European politicians whom I’ve seen on TV. Most of her ideas are pure common sense. As a person, she looks more human, more normal than any other of the Western world’s public figures. Very strong too.

      M Ollande, compared to her, looks like a silly dirty-minded pigmy. Or, as the the French elegantly put it, “comme quelqu’un qui prive quelque part un village de son idiot”.

  1. One wonders what thought processes occur in the mind of such an interviewer. At the worst time for French Jewry for hundreds of years, this nincompoop seeks to establish, by way of dubious personal anecdotes, that Jews are at more risk of being attacked by the Jewish Defence League than by Muslims.

    • Jews in America are predominantly liberal and not religious. I suspect this is true in France. I find leftist are more interested in their politics and like obama label terrorists as criminals. Le Pens’ father in an anti-semite. I can only hope that even neo-nazis are more threatened by radical islam than jews. I like Marine as well. Her father is a problem.

      • “Jews in America are predominantly liberal and not religious.”

        A people MUST have a there – there – in order to cohere as a group.

  2. A self hating Jew … what a surprise. I love Marine; she’s gutsy, and doesn’t apologise for her opinions. Exactly what every western country needs.

  3. That’s maybe a tad late, but anyway. The uncertain translation is actually wrong: she says “prêche” (and not brèches=breaches), which would translate as sermon.

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