In a follow-up to his previous post, Seneca III considers the possibility that the plain of Megiddo may lie just ahead of us.


by Seneca III

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.’s changing tone concerning the Israel-Hamas conflict and his latest oblique comment to try to restrain Israel’s intent to enter Gaza in force, attempt to recover the hostages and destroy Hamas in totality, is disturbing on several levels.

We know that whatever that near brain-dead old fool says is not of his own making, but that of whomever is pulling his strings behind the scenes, and they, being deep in the shadows, are virtually impossible to identify.

Nonetheless, do not his puppet masters understand that if Israel is not permitted to end this conflict with a victory achieved by the use of conventional means and weapons and is thus faced with inevitable extinction, it will not go meekly into oblivion but will do its damnedest to take all of its Muslim enemies with it?

Israel is understood to be in possession of somewhere between 100 and 200 nuclear warheads and a variety of means to deliver them, including advanced IBCMs. (Iran also has nukes, thanks to Obama et. al., but in limited numbers and with relatively unsophisticated delivery systems.)

The denizens of Washington DC and their doppelgangers in the rest of the Western capitals are but idiot children at play in the fields of the Lord if they are not focussing on that possibility, which could indeed be initiated by the demented Ayatollahs of Iran and their Republican Guard enforcers who have seized absolute control of that ancient kingdom and remain a global threat, always with one eye on an eternity of boozing and debauchery with self-replicating virgins forever on tap in the weird Muslim Paradise.

However, a contrary assessment might well be that Western governments, and, indeed, some Muslim ones, are fully aware of the possible ramifications of Iran’s pre-medieval mindset, and are also prepared to sacrifice Israel in order to avoid a wider nuclear conflict on a much larger scale.

These are tense times indeed, because the historic mental instability of the followers of the prophet knows no bounds.

— Seneca III, late evening in a dark and damp Middle England on this 23rd day of October in the year of our Lord 2023.

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11 thoughts on “Ragnarök?

  1. “Millions for defence but not one cent for tribute” (a policy which worked in the real world) has become “millions for illegal immigrants from Islamic countries but not one cent on our own citizens, and to hell with our nation’s defence” (the outcome of this policy is foreseeable.)

  2. The idea of Ragnarok is much more humane than the Abrahamic Apocalypse or the End of the World.
    Ragnarok is a process of purification. The planet will rise from the ashes beautiful and green. The Abrahamic end of the world is final.
    I am for Ragnarok! May the gods of Hyperborea be favorable to us!

    • There will never be an Abrahamic Apocalypse. There is no Abramid end of the world either.

      [ad hominem redacted]

      gods of Hyperborea don’t exist.

  3. Some of us believe that it might be the Gog and Magog invasion, Turkey and Russia mobilizing all Muslim nations to go attack Israel – a war which shall go nuclear, according to some interpretations of the Bible.

    Can’t really say it does not look like we are in a season for a proper nuclear war, which could definitely cause a time of trouble such as there never was, nor shall ever be again. A war that actually could kill all flesh from the Earth.

  4. In plain English: Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. That is it, but you forgot and ignored His word. Suffer, the die. Simple as

  5. If Biden had been president after Pearl Harbor, I guess he would have ordered the surviving ships of the Pacific Fleet to sink an equivalent number of Japanese ones and called it a day?

  6. when israel finish to bomb all the “human animals” out of gaza, they will become refugees and come to the west, so to be clear, literally liberating israel means invadeing all the rest of the world. i am not sure why america worned bibi not to invade too soon but to delay instead, but i guess it is because they are not ready for world war or they do not think bibi can do that (israel has been bomving gaza for decades now but they still have some “little” problem there).

    • The only times that Israelites have bombed Gaza is when the Muslims fire bombs at Israel from their schools and hospitals.

      Those children of Satan (Muslims) then complain that Israel has killed the mussie children and the ill in the hospital.
      Muslims are subhuman terrorists with no conscience and no love of human life..

    • The Israeli’s are far far too nice, If I was in charge, the liberal use of napalm and Willie Pete Would be the order of the day. Until none are left would be a matter of policy.

  7. The Doom, one might say, is thick enough to cut with a knife. However, the Doom IS the knife, and it cuts only one way. Like most who have stayed current with the latest razamatazz, I can see the flashes of the approaching storm, and have tried to prepare for it, best as I can, and tried to point the Doom out to others, mostly, to no avail. What fun. I especially treasure the ones who say they can’t do anything about it. It’s often like being in the horror movie, where the stalked do exactly the wrong thing, and wind up in the clutches of the monster. Human intelligence is such a frail thing. My curse is to watch Israel and Islam make that fatal collision, dragging us all to hell. I’d rail on about the right and wrong of who and what, but I think despite our tears, fears, and shouting, we’re going to wind up a smoking ruin.

  8. The wording above is quite similar to what the Russians said recently, namely that they will go nuclear if/when their very existence is at stake. To determine under which circumstances this might occur would require actually listening to them, which the West stubbornly refuses to do. Presumably, secret services and presidential advisers know a bit more than the manipulated public.

    In the end, this stance will be the same for every nuclear power. Only that some are more rational than others in determining the time when they see no other way. Muslims with nukes will carry out what their scripture says on the day they believe that they can pull it off. Kimchi head is like a paranoid schizophrenic, you can’t fully know when his fuse will blow but some understanding is possible with psychology and by taking off the blinds towards history (before they were so weird they got carpet-bombed like none other before, not even Germany. Imagine that.) Every nuclear power at least knows that fallout and EMP will effect back on themselves as well as the rest of the world that was not involved before. But there is only one who at different times blubbered that “we can conduct a limited nuclear war in XYZ.”

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