New Ructions in Rosengård

The culture-enrichers of Rosengård are at it again. With the weather getting a little nippy, they’ve been setting cars on fire to keep warm. And all because an Iraqi named Salwan Momika set fire to a Koran — maybe he was trying to keep warm, too.

For the header of this post I considered using a photo of a burning bus left over from last year’s Easter weekend Koran riots in Rosengård. I mean — what difference, at this point, does it make? However, in the interest of verisimilitude, this time I’ve used a screen cap from a video of the latest mostly peaceful protest in the culturally enriched neighborhood of Malmö.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Insikt24:

New immigrant riot in Rosengård — car fires and rock throwing at police

September 4, 2023

On Sunday evening, there was once again an immigrant riot in the problem area of Rosengård in Malmö. Several cars and environmentally certified buildings were set on fire, and extensive rock-throwing against police and police vehicles took place. The number of violent perpetrators who gathered to create riots was about 100 persons. The immigrant riot occurred on the same day that Iraqi Salwan Momika carried out a Koran-burning in Malmö.

Another immigrant riot has broken out in Malmö’s leading problem area of Rosengård. This time several cars were set on fire, and police and police vehicles were attacked by immigrants who threw rocks. Environmentally certified buildings and a parking garage were also set on fire, which caused four properties to be without water after a water main was damaged. The number of people causing violence at the location to create riots is reportedly about 100 persons, many of whom were masked. Police had to deploy extra resources to try and curb the riots.

On Sunday the Iraqi Salwan Momika carried out another Koran-burning. This time the Koran-burning, occurred for the first time outside the Stockholm area, more specifically, in Malmö. During the Koran-burning there were disturbances, where many people attacked police, tried to attack Momika, and several persons were arrested because of this. Only hours after the Koran-burning was carried out, a riot also broke out in Rosengård. Riots in Rosengård are something that happen all the time. Koran-burnings last year are one such example, which Insikt24 earlier reported on. The trials of the immigrants who caused the riots are still in progress.

6 thoughts on “New Ructions in Rosengård

    • Mein Kampf ” burning serves no useful purpose. It only provokes violence ”
      Typology of thinking in the West..
      That’s you are where you are now..
      In Poland we burn and uproot all Evil immediately….” that’s the way “..

  1. The fact is that muslims cannot live peacefully alongside non-muslims. Indeed, it seems that muslims cannot live peacefully at all. Even in muslim states such as Saudi Arabia peace is only maintained by a ferocious police state and frequent executions of dissenters.

    The solution is clear. We need to be separated. Both sides will benefit.

    • Wrong ! All Swedish territory belong only to Swedish born Swedes..
      Orks aberrations can separate themself as much as They want , in theirs own country of origin ..
      No parallel societies in Europe ..Period..
      That’s what They want..

  2. I have swedish frieds, who are convinced Salwan Momika is an agent for the regime in Teheran. They believe, he is not a christian, but a shia muslim. It is not so far fetched, that the iranans are helping their russian friends, and surely the russians are not amused, if Sweden joins NATO, and this way closes the northern flank of NATO to russia.

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