Annalena’s Private Halal Army

A German program ostensibly designed to evacuate threatened members of the Afghan judiciary is being exploited to import sharia-imposing ulema instead. The peculiar thing is that the entire process seems to have been instituted with the connivance of Annalena Baerbock and the German government.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Afghanistan airlift: How Baerbock imports Islamists

With a special program, the federal government wants to evacuate Afghan members of the judiciary who are threatened by the Taliban. Cicero‘s research shows that this airlift has long since become a possible import route for Islamists.

Foreign Minister [Annalena] Baerbock would like to bring up to 1,000 Afghans to Germany every month. The Greens politician made the “airlift” from Kabul a priority for her department early on: together with questionable NGOs ( reported), the Federal Foreign Office organized an alleged evacuation route for allegedly endangered Afghans. As early as the end of January, it emerged that this was quickly being misused as a generous gateway for migration from the Hindu Kush to Germany — or that it was even designed that way from the start. Among other things, the Foreign Office put pressure on those responsible on site to carry out procedures quickly rather than thoroughly — even a missing passport should not be an obstacle, came as an order from Berlin. [The German Government, the mortal enemy of their own people. I guess the German Alps will soon be renamed the German Kush.]

Airlift from Kabul — instead of those at risk, there come those who are a risk [Don’t worry, what are a few thousand raped and murdered and homeless Germans in the grand scheme? She’ll be the next recipient of the “prestigious” Charlemagne Prize.]

As Cicero reports, the admissions program is also being used on a large scale by Islamists. The magazine relies on internal documents from the Federal Foreign Office that are available to it. They prove that radical mullahs and Koran scholars are entering the Federal Republic via the places intended for endangered lawyers, such as judges and public prosecutors. “According to the embassy’s experience, around 50% of this group are not judges and public prosecutors with traditional training,” wrote the German ambassador to Pakistan, whose embassy is also responsible for Afghan affairs after the Taliban took power, to the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. Instead, they are “graduates of Koran schools, […] trained in Sharia, in the religious legal and value system of Islam.” “Normal” legal knowledge is often only acquired in an expedited process, for example through “crash courses” which sometimes last only a few hours. “A well-founded legal education […] cannot be determined here,” writes the embassy.

Attached to the confidential letter is a list of ten case studies in which the Federal Foreign Office examined admission to Germany. In addition to the names of various men who want to enter Germany with their families, there are notes such as “Mullah with a connection to the Taliban” or “Mullah with a possible connection to IS”.

Did left-wing NGOs write false threat reports — for money?

The candidates are not proposed by government agencies, but by non-governmental organizations that act as partners of the Federal Foreign Office. However, their selection is highly controversial: Among the NGOs that select the possible candidates for the federal government is the “Kabul Airlift”, which is close to the “Mission Lifeline” smugglers’ association. In the present case, the group “New Judges’ Association” is also involved — a small left-activist group of judges who see their office as a political office and want to exercise it accordingly. Members of the Bundestag should also be involved in the selection process, reports Cicero. As the German ambassador in Islamabad wrote to the Foreign Office, there were indications that these so-called “danger reports”, which are intended to justify leaving for the Federal Republic, were often issued in return for payment.

The German ambassador in Pakistan urgently warns of the consequences of this abuse. “The granting of admission commitments for Sharia scholars supports the infiltration of our legal system by Islamist circles,” the embassy letter states unequivocally. The diplomat goes on to say that other migrants, who are genuinely seeking protection, would also be endangered. “From the point of view of the embassy, it is not clear why admission commitments can be given equally to people with a radical Islamic world view on the one hand and LSGTBQi+ members on the other.” [That is simple, they want to turn Europe into an open air halal slaughter yard that will make the invasion by the Huns in the 4th century and all the wars on European soil since look like child’s play.]

Afterword from the translator:

This green piece of scabies really does nothing else but ruin Germany. And the Germans are so incredibly stupid to keep voting for this crap? It boggles the mind.

Someone should check this for criminality. It’s human trafficking, definitely illegal. And since she does this on purpose, she also loses her immunity.

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  1. It’s a Trojan War, and “we” are the Trojans.

    You know that Troy was Rich, but the Greeks were comparatively poor? The Trojan prince Paris could go and get the wife of a Greek king for he was rich. But one day, the poor nations of the world became united in their hate for Troy, and attacked it. Though they couldn’t defeat it militarily, they devised a “Trojan Horse” – Horse being the ancient symbol of the Merchant Phoenicians, symbol of Trade.

    So – it was through Trade that the Greeks managed to make the trojans tear down their city walls, and let the enemy soldiers in.

    Nothing new under the sun.

    • Do we know so much about the Trojans? Hisrorians denied the place existed until its remains were rediscoverd in the 19th century.

      • It’s in the Illiad – Agamemnon had treasuries full of Bronze and Silver, but Priam of Troy had treasuries full of Gold.

  2. No offense to anyone, but women often do not understand the threats to society. They should never be in positions to wreak havoc on a country like this.

  3. When the S finally hits the fan, I do hope there is someone to show this traitor Annalena standing on a stool underneath a lamp post, with piano wire around her neck with fear and bewilderment on her face right before they kick the stool out from underneath her. I do hope it is filmed for posterity’s sake.

  4. This is absolutely disturbing!, I don’t know what will happen in this country but , it end up really, really horrific, if not change government now ( Grüne, SPD. ) it’s a disaster..

  5. I avoid the cities as much as I can, but the cultural enrichment is everywhere. At a village restaurant there was a group of gardeners led by a boisterous affable eastern European Jew. He explained loudly that the Rabbis told him to get married so that he could become one of them but he declined because he is gay. He has been working for the German authorities authenticating the claims of the eastern Europeans pouring into Germany since 2015 and he explained that the liars know that he knows that they are lying, but that everybody is the same and should be allowed in. So a person most in need of protection is betraying those who have given him that protection, and the room full of Germans who all heard what he said pretended that it did not happen. An ancient village with a monastery far from any cities with the new cultural-enriching owners of the restaurant who did not even know of the neighbouring village, with a middle-class middle-aged German frau enjoying the diversity of sitting under an enormous photo of a face covered by the burka. Another village isolated up in the woods with much Green activity where they obviously had to get themselves some more tolerance in the form of massive beard, with his burka covered womb and their many children-are-our-future in tow. Not unrelated, out in a village the young are still asking me with that air of desperation whether the people from my country see them as bad.
    I would recommend reading Stefan Zweig’s The World of Yesterday in which he describes Austria-Germany-Europe from the turn of the century through to post-WW11. Notably he describes the vacuum of the Weimar youth in the city where girls dressed as boys and visa versa and all engaged in sex and other activities that they did not want to do! I could not understand modern German history until now that I am experiencing what Hannah Arendt said of the Weimar republic – they were incapable of doing anything that was not stupid. Anything to make it stop. Anything.

    • Bring back the Kaiser I say, Willhelm II’s son should have taken over after WWI and all this insanity would not have happened.

      • Queen Elizabeth 11 represents the very best that monarchy could offer in modern times and she could not prevent the people from allowing their country to be overtaken by foreign interests that are massively antagonistic to their very survival.
        Bring back God I say. At a foundation level the God of the American Constitution and a people who are taught the requisite responsibilities.
        Amongst the amazingly long list of Kaiser crimes and stupidities is the Lenin train to the Russian Revolution

        • Make no mistake, Elizabeth II could have done something about the 3rd world invasion. She chose not too thus sealing Britain’s fate, just like western Europe of a now Balkanized people ready or not for massive bloodshed. You are correct where that train is concerned, the Kaiser should have strangled Lenin and saved us the misery of the last century. I blame Britain and France for WWI and their silly great games stupidity, thus ensuring WWII and the rise of communism.

  6. Paul Thomas: Zweig’s book, “The World of Yesterday,” is, indeed, excellent. Zweig’s life as a well known author was turned upside down and essentially erased by the Nazis. Zweig became a man without country, committing suicide in 1942, along with his wife, in South America.

    I also recommend Victor Klemperer’s “The Language of the Third Reich.” As with Zweig, Klemperer was an assimilated, German-speaking Jew, but Klemperer had an Aryan wife and managed to survive the war, including the fire-bombing of Dresden, and died in 1960. Klemperer was a philologist and diarist, and explained in great detail how the language of the Nazis penetrated and corrupted all aspects of German culture, citing examples from every area of German public and private life.

    Today, the distorted and perverted language of progressivism is the modern replacement for the language of the Nazis.

    • OK, but it is the sneering leftist intellectuals described by George Orwell who have full ownership of today’s Newspeak. Furthermore, Orwell’s observation that they would sooner rob the church poor-box than stand for the National Anthem has been borne out – since the time of Germany’s cultural enrichment the thousand year-old churches have new massive locks on these boxes and signs stating what the new security measures are but not the reason why they have suddenly been put in place. I have photos.

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