Two Interviews With Rasmus Paludan

Long-time readers know that we’ve been following Rasmus Paludan’s career trajectory for a number of years, since his earliest days of provocative street theater in various culturally enriched neighborhoods in Denmark. He became internationally notorious after his Koran-burnings caused violent riots in Sweden last Easter. His recent burning of a Koran outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm has earned him a place on the ISIS hit-list.

Last week Vlad did two video interviews with Rasmus. The most intriguing news is that he (Rasmus) is planning to burn a Koran every week outside the Turkish embassy in Copenhagen until Turkish President Erdogan agrees to allow Sweden to join NATO. That’s an ingenious judo move on his part, and I’ll be interested to see what the repercussions are, if any.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading these videos.

Video #1:

Video #2:

For previous posts about Rasmus Paludan and the burning of Korans, see the Rasmus Paludan Archives.

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    Announced in SWEBBTV NEWS at 04:00:

    Increased arms aid to Ukraine – maybe, maybe even
    aircrafts, have been promised by an idiotic, completely
    unworldly Swedish Prime Minister – today Friday back
    from Kiev. Has also promised help to bring Ukraine
    into the EU. However, there was no mention of Kiev
    joining NATO.

  2. what the Swedish divers found requires such secrecy that they are not allowed to talk about it with their cat or dog in case the parrot overhears and squawks something while the German house-cleaner is in the room. Independence and subservience are indistinguishable and the dominant Power will decide the outcome. Turkey as usual is agitating for the purpose of obtaining concessions and inflating its importance.

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    Säpo (SWEDISH SECURITY POLICE) stops another Koran burning

    16 February 2023

    The police have denied permission for a Koran burning outside the Iraqi embassy, reports SVT News.

    “Overall, the Security Service assesses that Koran burning itself has increased, and may increase in the future, the threat of attacks against Sweden and Swedish interests in the short term,” the Stockholm Police Region writes in its decision.

    According to the application, the public gathering should have taken place on Monday outside the Iraqi embassy.

    A few days before, after “dialogue with the Security Police”, the police stopped another planned Koran burning outside the Turkish embassy.

    According to SVT, in both cases, the police authority concluded that there was no indication that serious disturbances could occur during the protests themselves.

    Säpo’s actions are criticised by the chairman of the Justice Committee, Richard Jomshof (SD).

    “The denial of a citizen’s democratic rights and freedoms is serious. Under no circumstances can we allow Islamists and terrorists to set limits to our freedom of expression,” he writes on Twitter.

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