The Cultural Enrichment of Freiburg

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Crime “increased by leaps and bounds”

North Africans terrorize green university town

Stormy times in the Green stronghold of Freiburg: the left-wing university town has been hit hard by aggressive criminals from North Africa for several weeks. The police don’t impress them.


After a massive wave of crime by North Africans in downtown Freiburg, the police and prosecutors have announced tougher action against the suspects. The police describe the suspects as “specifically young men, mainly from the North African region, who have often only been in Freiburg for a few days and whose identity is generally not certain.” If they were discovered “and handed over to the police by the shop detective and confronted with the charge, the perpetrators are usually unimpressed. Police officers are often verbally abused or insulted.” [You’ve let them in, you’ve handled them with kid gloves, and they will cut your throat in thanks. How stupid can one be?]

Arrest warrants have now been issued for 16 suspects by the Freiburg District Court. They were then taken into custody. “The public prosecutor’s office in Freiburg has filed an application for accelerated judgment against almost as many suspects. In this procedure, the main hearing before the Freiburg District Court takes place on the day of the arrest or the following day, or within a week in the case of more complex investigations,” the investigating authorities said.

North African suspects often give the wrong age [What a surprise that they are using the “Get out of Jail Free” card extensively]

Until the main hearing, the foreigners are in police custody or in custody. According to the authorities, accelerated proceedings can generally be carried out for suspects who are unlikely to face the main hearing if the facts of the case are simple and the evidence is clear.

The number of thefts of high-quality clothes and perfumes in department stores in downtown Freiburg has “increased by leaps and bounds” since the end of last year. The mostly North African perpetrators are often young people or adolescents. Others claim to be adolescents, which is obviously wrong. They have partially unclear identities and also stole wallets and mobile phones from citizens.

In Freiburg, the Greens were by far the strongest faction in the 2019 municipal elections. 26.5% of those entitled to vote voted for the party, followed by the SPD with 12.7%.

Afterword from the translator:

I’m sorry, but they asked for this with their votes, got it, and are now complaining that they have to pay the price? That happens when people place their sick ideology before their own well-being. I have no compassion for these self-righteous and sanctimonious idiots, although I feel somewhat sorry for those whose voices of reason were silenced by the ideological retarded and virtue-signalling adherents of this mobocracy.

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  1. They did vote for it but they have no understanding of “cause and effect”. They can no longer think, they are just sheep asking “Tell me what to think, what to wear, where to live, what to eat etc” That’s why “influencers” have so much power. They are the “judas goats” of the 21st century leading sheeple to their death.

  2. .

    With “We didn’t see it coming” the treasonous, social democratic power elite excuses itself over the current state of affairs in the failed state of Sweden.


    read here:
    GoVNews Feed 1/24/2023:

  3. As Hellequin GB himself (themself? what are its pronouns, I think we should be told, I am afraid of being cancelled else, irony:off) implies in the English of the last para., about 60% of voters did not vote Green or SPD.

    So the traditional conservative smear word “mob”, as in “mobocracy” (“mob rule” has been a Tory smear for decades) does not fit, as a mob tends to be the smelly urban majority which e.g. landed 1880 property owners feared as threatening their restricted suffrage, etc.

    The “mobocracy” in Freiburg in fact is homoglobalist, Ukraine-loving, jab-tard, bourgeois rule which has abandoned the “mob” to the “Putin-loving, anti-vaxxer, bigoted, racist” AfD party.

    The current German foreign minister Baerbock is not from Freiburg but she would fit in there like a hand in glove.

    And who says that Freiburg voters are complaining? Note that when the med student Maria was drowned and raped by an Afghan country-shopper in the Dreisam river that flows through the city some years back around 2015, there was no particular political reaction.

    I see that the contact person for all media enquiries at Freiburg police, Polizeipraesidium, currently has an apparently Turkish name, well, well…..

  4. A civilised country would start imposing capital punishment for these miscreants. But there are no longer any civilised countries in the West; perhaps apart from Hungary.

    Here in the UK, the self proclaimed party of law and order, the Conservative party, has for nearly 13 years supervised the infestation of our country by millions of invaders both ‘legal’ and illegal. And no amount of telling the rats in government to get rid of them all, has any effect on them. I don’t think these rats will stop until they are stopped but I don’t know how that might eventuate.

  5. With a promise of I’m wondering if sending all these animals back, why isn’t the NPD more popular amongst German voters? How much worse does the problem have to get?

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